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 radhakrishnan42 on Jan 6, 2018
Several accumulated issues for last 4 years of incomplete building and without any statutory approvals.
We bring to light through this esteemed forum about hanco developers of palakkad kerala who are cheaters and apartments which were handed over without completing. Anybody raise complaint then he would retaliate by not completing the works.
Major issues;
Builder gave possession when the works were not completed. External painting and in several apartments painting is not completed. Any number of emails and letters sent to him has no value.
Car parking not allotted even after registration.
Fire authorities did not gave approval since he cut short some basic rules.
Water and electricity through commercial meters connected
Not handed over apartment to owners association.
The main entrance has been changed leading to cars not smoothly enter the complex. There is traffic jam created due to this.
Culprit :
Fraud and unsafe builder of palakkad mr. Ananthanarayanan hariharan and
Vani ananthanarayanan, hanco property developers private limited“ and hanco medical equipment’s, janaki kripa”, mani iyer road, chathapuram junction, kalpathy p o, palakkad – 678 003, kerala

We go by case by case:
Fire issues:
Fire approval is stopped by fire and rescue services, trivandrum, kerala. Anybody can contact them for the facts and why it was stopped for nearly 3 years.
The residents of mountain mist apartment in palakkad, kerala wish to very seriously take up the matter through fire and rescue services department (Frs) trivandrum, kerala against a fraud and unsafe builder of palakkad mr. Ananthanarayananhariharan, md, hanco property developers private limited“janaki kripa”, mani iyer road, chathapuram junction, kalpathy p o, palakkad – 678 003, kerala
Fire and rescue department gave us a notice that they observed and that it was the responsibility of hanco developers and ananthanarayan and his company, builder is to follow the specified rules and regulations in both the nbc (National building code) and the kmbr (Kerala municipal building regulations). The builder says that he paid lot of bribe to get initial noc and now has to pay further bribe to get approval.
• the fire and rescue department has decided to make it mandatory for builders to provide safety certificates and a detailed sketch of security measures, along with sales deeds to home buyers. Of the 27 apartment owners 17 have registered and none of them received the above mentioned copies along with sale deeds. The builder refused to give us when insisted, stating as not required.
• without the fire safety in place, few owners are residing at their own risk.
• the generator is installed in car park open area, which is fire risk area and any fire emanating from the generator will burn all 27 cars in building.
• the fire fighting pump is not iso, some cheap one from coimbatore.
• since the firefighting system installed by a contractor, el fuego systems, v/1150, c - block, palakkad, kanjikode west, palakkad – 678623 and these contractors mislead the builders. Now the contractor informs residents that builders did not pay and so quality work not carried out considering safety.
• the entire pipe and piping system –holds the hose reels and supports that are welded directly on pipe and is not easily maintainable.
• there has been obstructions near the installation of firefighting equipment’s
• the lightening arrestors were not installed at the time of handing over and is passing over the cable tv antennas and can be a fire hazard. Builder is playing with the safety of residents.
• since the mountain mist apartment is located in calicut highway, and if there is a major break out of fire then the fire engines will block the highway. Builder says that he has given enough bribe to concerned personnel of fire department.
• in mountain mist apartment developed by mr. Ananathanarayanan hariharan a new first time builder has flouted nbc rules completely. An investigation will reveal the corruption and the flouting of rules.
• mandatory design changes have not been complied with, at all leaving the building in “high risk zone”.
We request the matter be investigated thoroughly and only after occupancy certificate/fire clearance the residents be allowed to stay. Those persons involved in corruption be taken to task so that such incidents of corruptions are taken care of in future.
The main consideration to inform this to all concerned is due to relaxant, immature attitude of the first time builder, mr. Ananthanarayan hariharan who has no knowledge of the construction and rulesand playing with the safety of the occupants/residents.

Above complaint raised by hanco engineers and later a nri customer was targetted. The fact is that fire services investigated and found 100% truth.

Cheating government on tax related issues:

We are informing you about the “tax racket by the builders in palakkad kerala”.
The builder who is a cheat and fraud, mr. Ananthanarayanan hariharan, md, hanco property developers private limited“janaki kripa”, mani iyer road, chathapuram junction, kalpathy p o, palakkad – 678 003, kerala has collected following from the potential buyers of the mountain mist apartment in palakkad.
Aa) vat
Bb) service tax
Cc) workers welfare fund,
The above tax money was collected before the “completion certificate” was handed over to residents. At the time of registration, the builders have not paid the vat/service tax/workers cess to government [state/central].
To further cheat, he has taken money from potential buyers without any agreement and then registered after collecting vat etc
The modus operandi is - vat and service tax is not applicable on ready to occupy flats.in short, if completion certificate is issued then vat and service tax is not applicable for so called “under construction flat”.
So based on above the builder collects the money before the “completion certificate “ is ready and puts all the money in their account for which he never pays any income tax nor the money is paid to state / central government.
We checked with the above builders auditors and staff (Ms. Sindhu. P) who agreed that their managing director mr. Ananthanarayan hariharan is not paying vat and service tax to state and central government. Further he refused to give a copy of the vat and service tax and workers welfare fund paid to government along with a copy of the receipt.
He has sent emails to several buyers to register at lower price to cheat government of tax or stamp duty. One subhash of pallavur had eventually cancelled his bookings in 703c. Subhash is lucky because he saved 5 lakhs in this deal, but he told all residents he would expose anantha narayanan.
Builder has to issue 2 separate payment receipts i. E. One each for vat (With tax invoice no and tin) and service tax (With tax invoice no and st registration no) which were never received and the builder is not willing to give the receipt as he has not paid to the government.
Our government must make sure that the buyers of apartments are given proper receipts of all money paid. So far there is no rule with hanco so called boss ananthanarayanan.
Here in this case the builder evaded tax in lakhs and made easy money by making black money. Can the income tax department investigate and bring this man to book. Investigation must look into proper receipt of funds and the receipts given. Here in this case the builder cheated the government for his personal benefit and amassed wealth to the known source of income.
The pan number as received from their office is :
Hanco property developers private ltd aacch9425r
Mr. Hariharan ananthanarayanan acbph0025m
He has several bank accounts of which two revealed by the employees who were sacked by him.
M/s. Hancoproperty developers [protected] punb0428300
H [protected]
His wife has 6 more accounts and he has 4 more accounts, as disclosed by staff sindhu.

Lastly, this fraud builder has taken more money from customers via cheque and extracted cash through hand so as to evade tax and cheat government and the customer. The registered value is less for some customers. Those who paid complete amount was registered with lower rates. The government must fix registration charges as common to all for a particular location or unit. An investigation will reveal.

Will any competent authority investigate and get the black money back which belongs legally to government and make a fool proof method so that fraud people like mr. Ananthanarayan hariharan dare to cheat the government [state/central]

He threatens and send threatening mails that he would sue for defamation. But reality is that if police check his emails then he will be behind bars for cheating government.
Car parking allotment :

Worst apartment –hanco developers of palakkad in kerala where the builder has handed over the owner with one car park each but never alotted one to each owner. Now mr. Ananthanarayan of hanco developers says ” park anywhere” after owners paid 2 lakhs for car parking
Mr. H. Ananthanarayanan, hanco property developers private limited “janaki kripa”, mani iyer road, chathapuram junction, kalpathy p o, palakkad – 678 003, kerala
We would bring to the notice of the public, as a knowledge sharing about the scrupulous builder hanco developers headed by a developer mr. Ananthanarayan who have not handed over car park after registration, allotted neatly to the individuals who purchased. Every day the owners/residents look for a car parking area. Mr ananthanarayanan of palakkad kerala wish to keep control of car parking’s.
Car parking is not marked and alotted to owners.
This problem was shared to media and other media reporters who advised to bring this builder to justice for the owners /residents who paid separately for car parking. Normally the car parking is allotted as to the registration basis or priority basis who registered in the order of preference. Here this “garbage developer in the name of hanco” is allotting to his relatives and friends and has no standard for allotment and we reported to the media who took over in settling through various websites.
His caretaker - damodaran reported –ananthanarayanan has cheated the owners and don’t wish to alott car parking at all, as of the 27 apartments there is only 16 car parks available below the building.
But at the same time, if any pool proof method is not followed by the builder, in allotting car parking space to the purchasers and discretion is given to a builder, there is every possibility of the builder showing discrimination in allotting parking places among the flat purchasers and they may allot car parking places at their whims and fancies. The builder has to see that no inconvenience is being caused to any of the purchaser of the flats, while allotting and marking of parking spaces.
The apartment was handed over in january to may 2016 and the status is seen in below pictures.in year 2018, still several unfinished works and media persons already visited –enquired and now wish to make this matter public against the cheat builder – mr. Anantha narayanan.
Damodaran, the caretaker has told that the builder is against 3 residents and he wish to trouble them to the maximum. He has intentions to make owners sell their apartment and drive them off.

This developer and builder and self-proclaimed managing director, thinks he is too clever and suppress the owners who paid their hard earned money and bought one units each.
Other major issues: any one is free to visit this mountain mist apartment and carry out his own investigations
• occupancy certificate is not issued and resident’s staying at their own risk.
• fire clearance is not approved. Fire clearance stopped due to information received by hanco engineers, who were sacked and reported to fire services trivandrum. The diesel generator is put in the car parking space which is a fire hazard.
• electricity is not approved and clearance not sought, even after 2 years of possession of the apartment.
• water connection is also not ready and people use the bore well water, paying extra electricity charges. He charges 750 rupees every month of using the commercial meters. He is cheating residents and owners.
• painting of the building is not completed –see photos as on date. He had a case with a painting contractor as he did not settle his money and contractor left the job unfinished.
• car parking is used by his friends to park two wheelers and keep the building materials

We had given ultimatum and he does not respond and let him wake up now to tell facts why the handing over was delayed.

deficiency in service in apartment
deficiency in service in apartment
deficiency in service in apartment
deficiency in service in apartment
deficiency in service in apartment
deficiency in service in apartment
Updated by radhakrishnan42, Jan 06, 2018
The posting is very valid and genuine. I booked in Mountain mist apartment in olavakkod in year 2014 and as on date there are only issues flying around. He has handed over possession without the completion certificate.Water and electricity connection as on 2018 January is not connected. We are paying via commercial meters. Fire department people are visiting almost every month and have told the residents to vacate the apartment since fire approval is not complete.We contacted this fraud ananthanarayan, the builder who has not completed the work at all.If you go to each and every apartment i.e 27 apartments you will find only defects .some buyers who are old and retired are suffering as they don’t know what work is completed and what is not finished. The building painting is not completed .Several bathrooms works are left unfinished.Car parking not allotted to anyone and he says –“Park anywhere”. The caretaker Damodaran admitted that Ananthanarayana want to trouble few owners who are working against him. He does not wish to form association and hand over the apartments.Oncewhen I went with some issues he abused me, stating that for the money we paid, that’s all he can do…nothing more.
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The complaint is about the Mountain mist apartment, Thanav Palakkad.The mentor and builder is Ananathanarayan Hariharan who has a office in Kalpathy palakkad.I worked in Hanco for a short period and finally discomfort working here was due to harassment by this bad soul, Ananathan Hariharan.

The number of people leaving theHANCO company used to be a talk among the staff. Many staff have been fooled into a job here only to lose it in a few months.
Then they are stranded because they cannot go back to their previous job. Mountain Mist apartment in Thanav, olavakkod, quality got destroyed because of this sole entrepreneur Hariharan AnanthaNarayan (Hanc0)

He is looking at staff upon which he can put the blame for company's
short comings. As for example, we are given a schedule to complete the
work but not give us the materials in time. Labour payments are delayed
by as much as three weeks. We cannot stick to the schedule and thereby
unnecessarily pressurized. Dignified staff walk out when his language turns fowl.

Another factor is Sindhu, an administrative staff. If you don't have a good relationship with her, you are out of Hanco. There is a bit of story circulating about her and M.D which has been found on one weekend by the driver in his office.Driver promptly informed all other project caretakers and then the matter and now everybody cleaning dirty linen in public.

There was a complaint regarding the fire safety issue .
The blame has come upon painting contractor. It was interesting to note that I was also under his scanner for a period of time.It could also be one Saju, M.M painting contractor whose payment of 4 lakhs has been withheld owing to poor quality
of painting in the exterior. In reality, the plastering quality is poor and not his work.
Plastering became coarse, because coarse m sand was given to the contractor
to save a few hundred rupees.
As mentioned earlier, he wants someone to put the blame on and this time it was Saju.

When Saju, asked for his due, he responded with threats and fowl language.
He threatened that a fake complaint of harassment of his staff Sindhu andusha Sriram will be
lodged in the police station if he asked his money.The conversation was recorded
inSaju's mobile and he promptly lodged a complaint in the police station.A criminal case
is in place against Anantha narayananHariharan for cheating and threatening.

Car parking after registration must be handed over but he never allotted one as per in the order of bookings or registrations. Ramachandran –a resident was the first to occupy the apartment and he troubled and abused him when questioned about various approvals and occupancy certificate.

There are a lot of people whose money has been withheld. There are looking to contact the
labour department for a possible settlement.Staffs are not paid their last month salary when they
leave as well.

They are up in arms, because he does illegal construction. He waits until the completion certificate
is issued and then erects car porch and balconies without their knowledge.They might bring it to the
notice of the authority.
Fire department Trivandrum has taken a stern view on this and investigated based on complaint and each and every version was true.I had accompanied the fire officers when the infos were circulated by one Hanco engineer.Now he targeted a NRI buyer named Prakash who also questioned Ananthanarayan earlier.Ananathanarayanan Hariharan in order to tarnish somebody’s image, finally this time an NRI buyer, who hardly visits once in a year.This stupid man tells all residents that NRI buyer sent email to fire services but in fact the NRI buyer was abroad. His apartment several minor works and paintings are still not completed, but since was staying abroad he had no time to visit and discuss to resolve his issues.

I was forced to write email (This #### MD who phrased words against preparing replies )to the NRI customer when actually there was unfinished works in his apartment .I have preserved those email with me so that it was nothing but compelling the customer to leave the apartment so that he can sell the apartment at higher rates.Later what happened I don’t know.

For all his misdoings the completion certificate is awaited. Looks like it got longer than anticipated.
If he took sportingly Mr. Sreekumars advise, he would not have been dragged to streets like some residents did now.One Ramachandran and family a gentleman who occupied first as resident was also harassed.

The car parking was architects mistake without looking into what all could be accommodated, now he spend atleast 5 times the money for closing the Fire defects and grease their palms also when ever required. The caretaker Damodaran told in Native Malayalam – “Sir is finished “. The Ananthanarayanan driver also knows all the facts and issues and he told Damodaran that just because of abusive language several people are leaving the Hanco company .I heard that it was caretaker who is trying to help residents and giving all infos to residents after he met MD.

For the rubbish quality, his reputation is finished and reviews are made everywhere in the websites.He is not a member of CREDAI or RERA applied.

Through this forum I can tell this gentleman- Dear Sir, Please change yourself so that you live a quality life and let others live peacefully and hand over the apartment to customers in a peaceful manner.Remember sir, that now you are well known to all and don’t forget customer is God.So amicably settle the matter.This year your EGO must be thrown in Kalpathy river and start a new beginning .
This Ananthanarayanan of Hanco Palakkad –a self-created destructive human being with a dirty mind. He has send me two emails with two different registered values .Later I heard that he is cheating government, from other buyers also.He says no need to pay government stamp duty and show less amount. I paid about 30 lakhs and he wish to show 25 lakhs for registration. Why income tax is not cornering him and all ill gotten money. During demonetidsation time he asked me to change about 3 lakhs through other means. When I refused he started abusing me.Another resident Ramachandran says that this anathan Hariharan is a totally fraud person and he has been cheated badly . Bathroom fittings were substandard. The builder says jaguar fttings but substandard old defective pieces from Coimbatore was installed.
In short I can tell the public not to buy any property from him. Anybody still doing so is at their own risk.
Hanco Property Developers Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 31 March 2011. It is classified as Non-govtcompany and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ernakulam. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 10, 000, 000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 6, 401, 000.It is inolved in Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering

Hanco Property Developers Private Limited's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 30 September 2016 and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31 March 2016.

Directors of Hanco Property Developers Private Limited are Vani Ananthanarayanan and Hariharan Ananthanarayanan.

Hanco Property Developers Private Limited's Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U45200KL2011PTC028080 and its registration number is 28080
We list below as an owner and resident of Mountain Mist apartment Thanav olavakkode Palakkad kerala, that Mr.Ananthanarayan Hariharan has cheated all prospective buyers .some are his relatives so keep quiet and pass on information to him. Other buyers whose hard money must not be lost will retaliate until he hands over property with all quality work as promised. Why AnanthaNarayan of Hanco developers Palakkad along with his wife vani narayanan had cheated customers and what is his modus operandi

Here in this forum, his threatening words like defamation will not work out as now he has to deliver what he promised. WE contacted our lawyers who insisted to put in the forum and complain in websites until he hand over completion certificate immediately. He does not reply to emails so I think public and customers must put genuine facts in websites that will deter him from handing over substandard products in future. Construction started in 2013/2014 and its 2018 the completion certificate is still in thin air.

Charging for the parking/open space- When one of our readers, wrote in to us complaining that his builder Hanco developer, AnanthaNarayan Hariharan is asking for a ridiculous price for every parking space, we decided to dig into the issue. What our research revealed was not surprising in the least-the practice was indeed illegal. What was surprising was the fact that this practice has been struck down by the Supreme Court itself in a 2010 verdict where it was clearly held that any open spaces usable as parking cannot be sold separately as they are common areas. Ironically, despite the verdict, as his experience clearly shows, this practice has not subsided at all, with harrowed consumers across the country forced to pay exorbitantly for what is rightfully theirs! For a detailed analysis of this point, see Don't Pay for the Parking Space, It is Illegal!
Infact he has not handed over parking lot even after 3 years of registration.His intentions are not clear.
Delay in Handing Over The Possession- One of the most commonly reported issues, with innumerable consumer forum verdicts against it--delay in handing over the possession of the houses continues to be the proverbial thorn in real estate consumers’ lives. The wait for the consumer can sometimes be as long as 10 Years, and even then it takes a harsh consumer forum verdict to ensure the handover. Is it allowed? Of course not. As we said earlier, consumer forums across country have been relentlessly taking a stance against such delays, the most recent one being a verdict by a Palakkad Consumer forum Consumer Forum Penalizes Builder for Delay in Handover of Flats. But the vicious cycle refuses to break, being repeated by some other builder, in some other place.Ananathanarayanhariharn has delayed more than 2 years and who is going to bell the cat.
Delay in completion of the project and resulting fiscal setback borne by the consumer- What is worst in case of the delay by builders like Hanco developersin Palakkad kerala in completion of a housing project is the inevitable, resulting fiscal setback which is ultimately borne by the consumer. The builder-buyer agreements have penalty clauses but they are not mandatory.
The wide chasm between the promised and the delivered- It isn’t very un-common place to find consumers cribbing about the layout and designs being different from what was promised or shown in the catalogue. What is worst is when the this habit of denying the promised extends to denial of basic amenities, leaving a bunch of frustrated consumers in its wake- with houses that leak, doors that creak and windows that rattle. Is it allowed? Do we even need to answer this? And of course you can drag your builder to the consumer court- trust us, it is really worth the effort.Ananthanarayana Hariharan already in court in 3 different cases. He says the court cases are not new to him and adds that lawyers walk down to court and not him.
Denial of basic amenities- Denying electricity and water supply is a fairly regular practice for the builders. The consumers are forced to pull strings, pay money and resort to all sorts of tactics to ensure they get two things that are an absolute must and their primary right for survival in modern times. The builders like Hanco developers in Palakkad with AnanthanarayananHariharan, get away with it, mostly- till someone gets a consumer court into picture and then, all hell breaks loose. As was seen in the case where Thane Consumer Forum sentenced a builder to two years of imprisonment along with fine for denying a building water and electricity supply. For details, see Consumer Forum Convicts Builder HancodeveopersFor Denying Water And Electricity Supply.
As we had mentioned earlier, the horrifying reality of the real-estate sector from a consumer perspective is far too gory to be summarized in a list—any list. And there is some good reason behind the analysts and industry-watchers across country crying hoarse about the need for a Real estate Regulator to be brought into place.
Court Cases against Ananthanarayan, - In Palakkad court there is a case against sreenivasan. We have attached the court status which is going on.february 2018 is the next hearing .

He threatens and send mails to customers that he would take to court, but in fact there is several cases against him and Hanco developers and builders. Let him finish the existing cases then commence with new defamation cases, which he will lose 100% as he has not delivered what he was supposed to at the time of signing agreement and even after giving possession letter. He gave false possession letter and with several defects which he promised to close up within 1 week but as after 2 years we see the defects not completed. If he is a Builder to be trusted would have completed and earned good reputation. In fact he lost most of it, playing against the customers and he underestimated the power of a common man.
Yes, there are lots of negative feedback against this developer and its projects. After reading various negative comments in various forum sites, I had changed my mind and went for another option in the same locality and affordable rate. They are totally unethical in their interactions and it is disappointing to a transaction with them. There is complete lack of management between various departments and they do not mind about the clients.

Hanco developer and builder is in fact a first time startup builder of 2011, AnanthaNarayan Hariharan is playing with the sentiments of consumers and making the original complainant and his legal heirs run from pillar to post to get possession of a flat.
Here it is displayed the "modus operandi" of builders and promoters like Hanco developers of Palakkad and AnanthaNarayan making easy money, who take possession of owners premises by giving false promises and then try to exploit the owners.
If he goes to court he will lose defamation suit for sure aswell as the civil and criminal case. He must return the money to prospective buyers who are cheated.
People booked the apartment when prices were low and now he is selling at higher prices .so he says –if you are not satisfied I will take back and sell at a higher profit to others
I am from kallepully and this man is a fraud as mentioned by several people of Palakkad and Thrissur and kochi.public is warned that his another project shivam has several issues in approval and quality .buying SIVAM is at their own risk.
Regarding Car parking allotment, he is trying to trouble the customers for the time being. He has to mark them slots with flat numbers etc.Also hanco engineers reported that he makes modifications after completion certificate is obtained. Till today no water and electricity approvals is sanctioned.
After having paid so much money why did not alott the car park even after 2 years of possession. Some vested interest is there. Now we find that he has allowed outsiders car park along with two wheelers in the apartment.He must be taken to task in court. Understand there are more than 4 cases against him in court.
How did Fire department kerala give him approval when generator is kept in car park acting as a major fire hazard when petrol cars are parked nearby. Now this is for the Fire and rescue services to rethink before any fire accident happens.Several fire approvals mandatory were not completed at all.Just wait for dooms day and everybody wake up like Mumbai fire.
Mountain Mist apartment is in a horrible state.First check the status like completion certificate and other approvals, all are In doldrums.
He has diverted from the original plan and removed the door from utility area from all apartments. now he sayshe would refund Rs10000 to all but never refunded . Please visit his website .afterseeing my post he will remove the photos.Even till today please visit and see whether the apartment complex is painted. 4 years are over and he has a case with police and court from painting contractor saju.
Another issue is that if you confront he will send his woman staff to confront and later sue for molestation. If you ever meet anathanarayan be prepared to take video and audio recordings as molestation cases he may try to put on you.
False assurances about provision of various amenities by Ananthanarayanan Hanco developers Palakkad kerala
• Delays in handing over possession even after making full and final payments without any defects and unfinished works.
As a resident we find the Lift is always breakdown and sometimes wait 4/5 days to get the defects rectified. Specially older persons like us have severe knee problem to climb 6/7 floors.
• Clandestine sale of disputed properties which do not have a clear title. One Subhash one to control the apartment as he is the land owner. Damodaran told that Subhash used to park car anywhere he feels like.
• Wrong measurements and usage of sub- standard materials.
• Charging of more money than agreed. He sends two format cost for registration to cheat the government of stamp paper duty.
Car parking not allotted and says to park anywhere to those who paid money and unpaid too.
• Construction not completed within the promised duration.
• Not giving promised / booked plot / flat. Several deficiency in apartment –external and internal
God knows when he would finally hand over the apartment .
This guy Anantha Narayan Hariharan of Hanco Palakkad is a known fraud and never attended any of the defects in apartment .You can verify from each owners who purchases with valid proof, what he carried in each apartment and what he played with few customers to trouble them.He is seeing this day because now customer is king and when he comes out in full form the builder is finished.
He owns, Hanco Property Developers Private Limited, Hanco Trade and Exports, Hanco Builders and Hanco Medical Equipments Private Limited and all are in loss and some closed.
He wanted to save few thousands of money and now he is paying I lakhs to rectify through consumer court .
Few questions for him:
1. Has he handed over completion certificate to all registered owners.
2. Why he carried out registration without completion certificate? Why was he in hurry?
3. Why car parking was not allotted even though possession of flat was given?
4. Why fire and water and electricity approvals not completed before possession.? Let him come out with all approvals and hand over the copy to all residents who are occupying now?
5. Why Fire approvals took more than 3 years and how fire services kerala Trivandrum allowed residents to stay when fire approval was never handed over?

Immediately after receiving the possession, we lodged a complaint, which was replied by the builderitself . The complainant complained about minor defects and incomplete works in his flat, which were never attended. The record reveal that those defects were not rectified and continued till the legal notice was given and the complaint was filed. This is a continuous cause and by no stretch of imagination, it can be said that those defects have been ever rectified.
On inspection it was evident that there were numerous cracks on the walls of the house. Cracks were found in many places in the hall and the kitchen. The Hanco developer Palakkad Engineer inspected the flat and also the terrace. On inspection, the Engineer noted that the quality of the cement mortar used in the construction on the inner and the outer walls were not of the best quality. Such use of the inferior quality of the mortar has led to the peeling of the plastering on many parts of the building. Further the cracks in the building are also because of the inferior quality of the mortar used in the construction.
Traces of water seepage were present in the hall and the kitchen. The corners in the roof of the hall and the kitchen had seepage traces. The engineer also felt the wetness of the walls and confirmed seepage from the terrace.
The weather roofing tiles in the terrace were not in place, the tiles were peeled off because of poor plastering. The water from the over head tank overflows as it is not properly covered and the water also seep through such pores which is evident from the photographs.
The engineer also noted that the plumbing and sanitary fittings were not of the standard quality and the same were not in working condition.
There were unfinished electrical circuits in the flat which the engineer felt as unsafe during rainy seasons.
The engineer also noted that the door frames were not affixed properly. The plastering near the door in the terrace and peeled off due to poor plastering which the engineer felt it as unsafe. The main door also had a cut in the lower region as said in the complaint.Painting was not completed and the painting contractor served him court notice. The police and court has served him warrant for misbehaving with painting contractor.
Besides this the engineer also found that Sump provided is getting filled with external water due to the seepage in the sump walls.” The Hanco engineer was sacked finally .Did the builder or developer escape from all these.

It, therefore, clearly goes to show that there were certain defects in the construction. Now Mr.AnanthaNarayan Hariharanplease rectify in all 27 flats you sold after taking so much money.
Looking forward to a good 2018
If the overall sentiment in the industry is any indication, 2018 will be a good year with increased inflow of investments, better regulation, ease of doing business, and accountability for all stakeholders.
The effects of all the policies and reforms implemented over the past couple of years will finally yield results in 2018.
Consumers will have the right to expect high levels of professionalism in the real estate industry.
This will increase the demand for housing, and encourage fence-sitters to become homeowners soon. All in all, RERA holds the promise of organized growth for India's real estate sector.
Last warning for Anantha Narayan of Hanco builder and developer and other Medical export /imports business.
Improve and rectify defects or close your real estate industry and other defective business.
We want somebody from the real estate industry to investigate the apartment and check all related papers and see how he cheated after handing over apartment.He is no CREDAI member nor RERA. We have already complained with RERA in Thiruvanthapuram.In short whole india knows by now and let him go ahaed with defamation suit as he always say.Customer is king. His next project SHIVAM is gone to Himalayas now.
One sreenivasan has informed residents and issued his notice to all his projects in palakkad .attached for your info.Case against ananthanarayan is in court palakkad. some of the photos taken from his website .He will definitely take of photos as case against him will be there in court by several buyers.

Hi, This is regarding the Mountain Mist apartment, Thanav Palakkad and the builders are hanco developers from Kalpathy. I know this man Ananthanarayan hariharan for last 15 years as i am a resident of kalpathy. This person has a deceitful mindset and before we discuss about construction, lets see him and his company. You you check with that office girl sindhu, she has the list of more than 50 people being removed from their own company. He demands work completion without any resources or manpower. This guy will buy you porotta and tea and pay rupees 30 and tell the whole world that he paid . One of his customer was very clever, since he started blabbering, he returned that money via NEFT. This was informed to us by their own staff sindhu. All disgruntled staff now coming out with woes.

Regarding the quality of construction, he has no quality sense at all. His modus opearndi is to get completion certificate and then make all changes he need.

Likewise he is not handing over car park because he has only 16 car parks instead of 27 car parks.later he will make temporaty sheds and give car parking outside the building. The hanco engineers told us .

For his future projects whoever is entering contract must be careful and everything must be taken in written as he will cheat as how he did for Mountain mist apartment residents and owners.

I heard he has already 4 court cases. one sreenivasan has gone to all his project and served /shown his notice . Like wise saju the painting contractor took him to court and police station.

as many have mentioned - dont go to his office and discuss otherwise he bring female staff to confront and later molestation charge against you.
I am writing this to make other people aware so dat they are not fooled like how I have been fooled.These people are only sitting there to make money and make people's life miserable. They only give u fake commitments.The staff + the builder who constructed Mountain mist apartment in Thanav Palakkad by Anantha narayanan are crap, once u get into their trap by being their customer, they will never pick up ur endless call. U get any simple problem they will threaten u to return the money and will not damn about ur hard earned money.No emails will be replied as after giving possession lettertheir responsibility is over.
If they dont reply personally, in todays world there are several ways to make the builder reply.They will reply in public-stating that we are the most trusted and reliable builder and someone tried to defame us.etc. Real fact is that in person or personally they don’t wake up but in public they will come to give their clean chit replies that they are the best. So posting in this forum like my fellow residents have commented .Now he has no face as he is known to all in India and abroad.He has already 4 consumer court cases and more expected due to his ignorance or willful negligence.

Kindly stay away from this cheater builder- Hanco developer with the rubbish guys-Anantha narayanan Hariharan and Vani ananthanarayan. Don't get lures by their sales tactics because in the beginning u will feel its cheaper than the market value, but by the time u get the possession u will go thru all types of hell and difficulties.
Don't buy flat with this guy, his name is ananthannarayan Hariharan of Kalpathy Palakkad, he shows a different plan, but contruct different flat, measurements are different, plan diagram is good, but resulting flat size is wrong after construction. And flat size becomes angular instead of straight.
since the developer has not obtained completion certificate and occupancy certificate from the local authorities.in this situation, how can developer force me to take physical possession without obtaining completion certificate and occupancy certificate from the local authorities? Still there is not even electricity connection available. Further, he is telling that he will provide me temporary electricity from his own.

is it legally right to take possession of any flat without taking completion certificate and occupancy certificate? If not, it is humbly request that every possible legal action may be taken against the said developer as many of others similarly situated people like me may kindly be delivered with justice by getting the possession of flats alongwith penalty to be paid by the developer for the delayed possession.
Car parking money was allotted but never demarcated and handed over . Damodaran his caretaker –tells residents wherever there is Space Park there. Also in car park generator is placed and he insist to park near generator. If the car catches fire who will be responsible.Ananthanarayan has instructed caretaker to inform residents to park anywhere.
The issue is that he has only 16 car parking against 27 and he will construct illegal structures later after completion certificate is received for car paring around building and allot them. You can see thebuilding as on 2018 january, posted in his website. All illegal structures will come after he receive the completion certificate.

Please be aware from such builder and do not invest in their property as they do not respect
the agreement to purchase and take advantage of innocent buyers.
There are several complaints from his earlier projects.Ananthanarayan hariharan and his wife Vani Hariharan has built some villas in pallakad and cracks have appeared and not rectified at all. similarly in the finished project there are cracks in the building and he has not rectified at all. The support system or maintenannce is given to Usha Sriram who does not have an iotta of sense about defects and says all will be done.

Hanco Engineers are prevented by Anathanarayan to complete any works after possession is given. Substandard quality works and several works are not completed at all.

He claims himself to be the most reliable and most trustworthy builder and now the buyers are in open.There are two whatapp groups as of now. one group with his relatives and friends and others are sufferers.

Car parking has become a menace with only 16 parks as planned and he is waiting for completion certificate and then makes illegal structures to hand over car parkings. The last chance to handover everything was sent to him 2 years ago. Now we are taking him to consumer court .see his website where he posted the car park plan .Please check whether he has completed covered parking . His engineers informed that he will carry out illegal constructions after the completion certificate is received.

Deficiency in service- Let the authority check apartment by apartment and then they will know the facts and truth about existing defects.

Srreenivasan and sreekumar had told all that he has to handover rectifying all defects.
why the buyers registered the property without completion certificate ? subhash K K the land owner told all buyers that they made a mistake in taking over apartment without any approvals- Fire water electricity...and others. The fire approval was stopped by Fire services Trivandrum when they found lot of deviations made by ananthanarayan hariharan of hanco developers.Several people wanted to sell their apartment but it was too late.

The caretaker by name some Damodaran also discouraged people from not to buy this apartment . Thus the total market value is less.

The main gate planning is different from intial plan and there had been atleast 7 or 8 accidents as car cannot be turned into the main entrance freely.

anathannarayan is waiting for the completion certificate as informed to buyers and after that he will erect illegal car sheds, which fire department will oppose and the brunt will be taken by the owners association whoever takes over.

The flat value will be lost by then.
This ananthanarayan hariharan and his wife are shameless people and developers born to cheat people in Kerala. His website says he stand for 125 crore people but he opened his webiste to cheat 125 crore people and cheat them. His office staff usha sriram and sindhu is still posting in website that mountain mist apartment is for sale and not completed as on 2018. they posted incorrect informations in various websites. The fact is that they are trying to sell defective apartment without alocating car parks while registration.

Public dealing with all these staff beware . One viswanathan who earlier worked with hanco informned alll loop holes. He told us that one preethi who was working told that Ananthanarayan will get completion certificate and do the additional illegal works in apartment complex.

We will inform all authorities immediately.
Honestly I would like to tell you my experience with this builder.They have attitude issues specialyy Ananthanaryan hariharan of hanco property developers in Palakkad

1) management is very weak to deal with clients.Any defects shown is not completed promptly and he likes to receive wrath of customers as he is very egoistic person.

2) Those who are in USA/UK and want to buy property, dont invest your money with this builder. For long distance client they are not prompt for any kind of reply.

3) They are not prompt to reply your emails. Very Very poor customer relationship management.

4) Never keep any kind work transparency.Painting is still not competed /several apartments defects not rectified/car parking not alotted after giving possesion and lastly completion certificate is still not received.

5) As of now we are not sure we are getting possession/completion certificate on time or not.

6) Please do not invest money with such builder where you have to run all the time behind them for work status but still you dnt get any kind of reply.

7)They will be prompt till agreement after that they dnt care about customer.
We had really liked the location and believed in everything that was told during initial discussion around quality, timely delivery etc. but have really unpleasant experiences. They haven't followed through on any of the promises made. First the possession dates itself were moved significantly. Then when we started receiving emails for possession, we noticed lot of work half done, improper alignments etc. We showed everything to their rep and he agreed, sent detailed email with photos clearly depicting the issues more than a year back. we have been following up since but haven't even received positive acknowledgement for months now. It appears they cared about everything until they got all the money but not even responding to emails now. #reallybadexperince, #customercheating. #feelingcheated.

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