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Indian Army — kochhar institute, bangalore

 Peter Eltham on Sep 13, 2017
I have a booking for 3rd february at kochar instititue and paid a booking fee of rs1000 to hav. P velhangam (Phone number - [protected], [protected]) late last night on 12th september, we got a call that our booking has been cancelled because an army officer wanted to book the venue for the same date. When asked for a refund, the havaldhar threatened me with the military police.
This is the discrimination the other ranks face when what rightfully belongs to the other ranks is being encroached on by the officers.
My comment on the website was immediately deleted.
The officers...
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Indian Army — an active army soldier at artillery centre nasik road camp, playing with national security

 Bhartiya Naagrik on Sep 9, 2017
Subject: an active army soldier at artillery centre nasik road camp, playing with national security

Respected sir,

1)     let us know first, are army soldiers, during their service, allowed to do their private business in any civil area/market place while residing in army quarters suited in army campus?  if yes, then who would be responsible for army campus security or national security? whether that particular soldier or the department who permitted him/them to do private business.  and if no, then who allowed him/them to do private business in civil market place? 
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Indian Army — discriminations in healthcare

 gstji saini on Sep 8, 2017
Today i visited command hospital western command, chandigarh for my mother's ultrasound test. We reached there around 9 am and given medical exam slip at the x-ray/ultrasound reception. We asked for any token number and they said "just sit in waiting room. We will call you". There were 3 waiting rooms specific to the medical test. We waited for 3 hrs long and then the doctor enter into the room (For eye patients). The doctor was looking for someone (His relative who were present there from an hour). Doctor just checked that person (He knows his name without viewing any slip) and after that he left...
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Indian Army — sexual abuse

 bidnhu on Sep 6, 2017
I beg to pledge my complaint against mr. Sumitran kv army hawaldar mobile: [protected]. We know each other in childhood as we are relatives and he came for marriage proposal i have been rejected. Very long time after i have talked with him after all as he is my relative. But that time he informed me that “when i rejected he has tried for suicide and he drunk some poison, accordingly he is suffering some health issue which cannot be resolved. Actually this was his track to get my sympathy. But to realise the same i have been taken long time. When i started to refuse this relation he mentally torture...
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Indian Army — class column is wrong filled change the class column [Resolved]

 Om Computer and om namah shivayaTelecom on Sep 4, 2017
Requested sir,
I have filled the application form in indian army and trade gd and final submitted. But application form in class column is wrong filled named (Jat). Please change the class column is right name filled by name (Jatt sikh). Please unlock my application form and thankful to you for this.

Thanking you.

Name harwinder singh
Mob no. [protected]...
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Indian Army — surrender of policy no aps 621139l prematurely

 Swayam Mishra on Sep 2, 2017
From : ex sub major
Pramod kumar mishra
Vill - kaligali (Opp kali temple)
Po - chandini chowk
Dt - cuttack, odisha
Pin 753002

To : the additional dte general of army postal service
(Pli cell)
1 cbpo
C/o 56 apo

Surrender of policy no apo 621139l prematurely


1. With due respect i beg to state few lines for your kind action please.

2. Ref to 903 fpo letter no 903/pli/corres/fpo dt 11 mar 2017.

3. I have surrendered my policy no apo...
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Indian Army — rent a nuisance

 kartheek m on Sep 2, 2017
We have rented a house to army personnel thinking that he would take good care of our house. After 10 days into the house, he said he wants to vacate because he was allocated quarters. According to the agreement he has to give 1 month prior notice. We asked him to vacate on a particular date. But he wants to vacate immediately, which we said it breaks the agreement. He has to forfeit the advance in good terms. Then he decided to stay at the house just to kill the advance. Later he started creating trouble. He was loitering in the house, started maintaining it in a bad state, burned one of the underground...
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Army Officer — family issue

 T. Hemalatha on Aug 23, 2017
Respected sir,
Am hemalatha, w/o t. Rajesh (106 inf bn para, 10490355h ptr). We did love marriage. After my first baby birth i became very sick. My husband and their family members didn't take care on me. My parents saved me. Now i had 2 sons 3yrs son & 6mon son. He is not taking care on family. If i ask amount for children he says y should i & also he use abusing words. If i ask y ur doing like this he says before marriage ur family members insulted me so am taking revenge on u. I went to army office in chittoor for justice they told to visit bangalore unit. Am already a bp patient i can't...
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Indian Army — changing my name in my account

 Abhilash Yellampalli on Aug 21, 2017

My login id is

I had change my name in my account as mentioned in aadhar my account my name is like this abhilash yallampalli and i had to change my name to yellampalli abhilash
So that i can apply for various posts.
While filling application form it is showing that your candidate name is not matching with aadhar card. Kindly change my name as mentioned above.

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Indian Army

 Ramkrishna paramhansa on Aug 10, 2017
जय हिन्द

सर् मैं अपना पासवर्ड और सुरक्षा प्रश्न - उत्तर भूल गया हूँ । मुझे join indian army N.C.C ENTRY का फाॅर्म भरना हैं ।

Name- Ramkrishna Paramhansa
Fathers name- Murlidhar tiwari

email id-

Mobile no. -

सर् मेरा पासवर्ड मुझे बता कर कृपा कर मेरी...
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Indian Army — army personnel misbehaving with relatives of army personnel working under him

 Anita Nagi on Aug 8, 2017
Army personnel rajbir posted in tenga valley is misbehaving with relatives of army personal working under or with him. Continous calling at odd hours to sisters and mother of his co worker and abusing them by using inappropriate language, making dirty comments and harrasing them. Having record of the conversation as he called from his registered number. Whole family of co worker is under fear and threat. Also received inappropriate call from major raj.
Its a request please help us with formal channels where we register complaint agaist them....
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Army Postal Service — non receipt of original pli bond

 17arjun on Aug 5, 2017
Dear sir,
My name is rajput arjunsingh panchamsingh, serving in indian air force.
I have taken pli policy in my training period in air force station sambra, belgaun in jan 2010. Since then i haven't received my original bond. And when i inquired about my bond at different apos/fpos they told me to apply for the duplicate bond against loss of bond with signatures of witnesses and counter signed by unit officers in proper channel.
But my senior officers have refused to sign claiming that it is not service work and it individual's personal interest.
What should i do now?
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Indian Army — employment assistance under priority ii a category to dependent of disabled soldier

 sandeep kumar 786 on Aug 2, 2017
The central govt. Of india as well as state govt. Of jandk only help to rich peoples. A militant have been surrendered and they will get government job as well as rs. 10 lacs for his surrendering the militancy, but the genuine person does not have any job because he is an indian. That i am dependent of disabled soldier and i want employment assistance under priority ii a category and i am genuine person and i am eligible for employment assistance, but nobody helps me because i am an indian and no support, back money behnids me. For the last one year i am approach all authorities for justice i. E....
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Indian Army — troop are abusing my expired mother

 P Kanthi Kiran on Jul 30, 2017
Respected sir,

I am p kanthi kiran worked as faculty for army and officer in ncc, i am being harassed by your lady troops as substitutes of different criminal people as well as people of the same troop are abusing my expired mother. I bring this to your notice that these people are doing the same form my childhood for there superstitious belief. Your superstitious beliefs are killed my parents and ancestors.
So i demand sufficient fine from them if you, for your superstitious belief. I am hindu. This how your troops will do human trafficking with people. I don't have any emailid...
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Indian Army — spreading of caterpillar

 puchkupaku on Jul 29, 2017
We salute the indian army for their work. We are sorry to disturb you by lodging a complain because our daily life became painful we are the resident of berhampore, murshidabad surrounding the boundary wall of (South-west portion) of 9 bengal bn ncc. Due to negligence about take care of the filled, castor bean plants with plenty of weeds has been grown up during this rainy season. From those unnecessary jungles of castor beans plenty of caterpillar are spread-ed by lips and bound for last 7 days. Local authority of your concern are not taking necessary steps....
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Indian Army — how to change wife name in my army documents

 e_ sP!R!T on Jul 18, 2017
I am a solder in indian army, my wife's name is incorrect in my army documents. Please suggest me a procedure to change the name so that it does not create problem during retirement while applying for pension. Name of my wife in all other documents such as aadhar card, pan card, voter card etc is correct but not same in army documents. I am worried that it will create problem while making pension documents. Please guide me to resolve this issue....
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Indian Army — electricity bill

 meerakakkar on Jul 19, 2017
Dear sir/ma'am,

I am writing from jodhpur army area. Here instead of monthly, we get quarterly electricity bill. This cost us electricity very expensive. I would request you to look into the matter asap. The price of per unit cost is being charged according to their slabs. If we calculate out monthly bill, then it comes under lower price slab, which increases significantly if we combine three months bill. I just want to request to pls charge us according to the government rules.

Meera kakkar...
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Indian Army — Change my wifi name i can't loan from bank

 sandipkumar927 on Jul 5, 2017
Sir, with due respect and and humble submission sir i was a army officer retired from 2008. My wife name incorrect in my army document. So at firt to change her name i was court affitavity her name but no type result would be show. So their are various type of problem creat how can i correction my wife name plz give me suggetion for that. How can i change her name in my army resiment?...
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Indian Army — Harassment and ungentle behavior

 Chaudhary Parth on Jul 1, 2017
A person named Mr. Manishkumar Parmar who is on duty of Indian army is living at civilized area (c-203 nilkanth heights naroda-dehgam road, ahmedabad, contact no. +91 [protected] )which is against rule.
-whether Indian army provided and granted him quarters in army campus still he intentionally live in civilized society and doing a job of cashier at nilkanth heights .
-whether it is rule that army officer have to be on duty 24 hours then also he is living at home around 20 hours at home .
-many complains took place against him at nearby police station but he shamefully wore...
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Indian Army — Military hospital

 Biotherm on Jun 27, 2017
In 2015 my sister sarita saikia student of army institute of nursing guwahati was operated for piles treatment at base hospital guwahati assam, which was a minor operation ut dye to high anesthesia dose she got heat seizure and was admitted for 2- 3 months in hospital under treatment. Due to this age also now suffers memory loss and she is now totally dependent on us. She don't tenner anything and the hospital uncharged are also not doing anything. She has left her studies too. No college and no memory. And still the officers are not helping us. It's been 2 years. Army hospital has ruined her life...
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