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My first payment to the company was done on 10th july'16 for a full time maid. I was quoted 14000+18% gst of which i made a payment of 50%. I was looking for a 24 hours nanny for my baby. My criteria was clear that i needed someone between the age group of 35 to 45 years preferably above 30 since my baby is infant. I have mentioned that on the official form that i had filled. The first nanny sent to me was a 49 year old lady who herself faced issues sitting and standing and surely cannot be expected to handle a baby. I spoke to the agency and they sent me a new lady (Maya) the next day. Within the first 20 days this lady took 6 days of leave and i had to request the agency for a replacement. Please note apart from leave, the lady maya would constantly be on calls and i had made a complaint regarding the same with kaamwalibai agent anjali. Three days after maya's joining, i made the payment for the balance 50% of the amount. Post maya, after a follow-up of 2 days, i was sent a 24 year old girl (Sonali) who arrived at my house at 7.30 in the evening. The next morning she said that she was unwell but the agency insisted on sending her for the job. The agency confirmed a replacement and sonali left. For 2 days post that i was not given a replacement and finally a girl (Ashwini) who is 23 years of age was sent. Ashwini is a complete novice. She struggles to hold the baby, doesn't know how to bathe them, is not alert with babies.

In the meanwhile, on 5th august, i asked atul (Kaamwalibai) for an additional additional maid for 9 hours who is willing to travel to both vikhroli and ville parle. Only if fulfillment of such criteria was possible they should ask me to pay. Atul confirmed that this was possible. Over the next 7 days, i have just been following up for maids. Maids who showed up for interview clearly mentioned that they were not aware of the criteria of travel to both locations. The agency insist otherwise. After shortlisting 4 maids, none turn up on the day of the service. It is 7 days now and on calling up your agency, i am just given excuses. I am constantly told, agency will revert and no one calls back from the agency.

The company sends random women just to show a line up of interviews and then no maid shows up for work is blatantly cheating your customers. If i have agreed and shortlisted a few maids, why have they not turned up? I has shortlisted kanchan, gautami, sarita but none showed up. I was also told that the maids have worked with the agency in the past but every maid insisted it was the first time they interacted with the agency. Everytime i have insisted on a refund the agency said they will call back and they dont.

Do not work with these guys
Updated by Juilee.d Aug 20, 2017 While my conflict with Kaamwalibais continue - I would like to explicitly clarify here that none of the complaints here are against the maids. The responsibility of meeting the criteria is the agency's responsibility and they have to ensure they send a person who fits what was promised. The maid's sent performed as per their experience and hence cannot be blamed. It was the agency's responsibility to send a maid of the experience they had committed to while promising the service
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Dear Customer,

I first of all would like to Thank you for removing your precious time to write to us speak with us and for showing our areas of improvement know I would like to highlight a few points and I think you would agree with them as well.

1. Your first criteria was for Nanny and wanted a Maid aged above 30

We sent the maid you personally interviewed the maid and after you were satisfied you agreed to keep the maid whom you claim to be for the age of 50 and was unable to Sit or Stand
We only fulfill the clients need and selection is completely based on your choice if you were not satisfied with the 1st lady you could have rejected and we could have arranged another maid for you instead

2. Replacement was sent to you post your approval for the first maid and even for which you were not happy and we still agreed and we sent a third maid as an replacement

3. Third maid also was interviewed by you if you were not happy at the time you could have said no and sent the maid back to us and we would have arranged another replacement for you because we abide as per our T&C and it was clearly stated to you the refund is not possible once you start of with the service.

4. I personally had a word with you and sent you an email as well however it doesn't seem to be enough or a satisfactory resolution to you.

5. Even now you placed a negative review for our company whilst our MAID is still at work at your location and we still have not denied or disagreed to anything you asked for except for the refund which is not possible as the services are already started for you and it can not be done.

I yet again Thank you for your time and patience and hope things go well ahead for you for any other issues please feel free to call us or email

Best Regards
Mikos's reply, Jan 21, 2019
Please stop cheating people of their hard earned money. Your company is a fraud. You have no shame that you can even cheat a 90 year old lady of her money
I am writing this review to caution anyone who thinks of dealing with this agency. They are complete fraudsters. Their executive Ms Iram had called me up telling me how great their service is and how they will find a 24 hour maid for me I told them I am no hurry and I want to interview the candidate before they send her yet they FORCED me to make a registration payment they wanted 15, 000/ plus GST luckily I paid them 5, 000/- and I told them I will only pay the rest on satisfactory working of the maid . By that evening I got a call from Atul their manager who told me I am sending the maid to your place now, again in a forcing manner and you will have to make the balance payment tomorrow . The maid who came was an old lady aged between 50 plus years and she had been discussed different terms and conditions. The next day while doing some work she slipped and injured her foot and as a result she wanted to leave . From morning the next day Iram was continuously calling me and asking for the balance payment to be made. I told her when the maid is not ready to work how can you ask for a balance payment ? I reiterated that I am not in a hurry I can wait kindly find me someone good . Again, by that evening she called me and started forcing me to keep someone else who they had arranged telling me it's month end and they want the entire payment in their account, that is when I realized that they are cheats and my money is going to waste when I checked online I read various reviews of different people they have cheated with the same modus operandi. I asked them for a refund and told them that I donot want to deal with youll, after which their manager Mr Atul, called me and promised me a refund, and everytime I ask about it I get standard answers about it going to their HR department ( as if they even have one) . I am planning to file an FIR against them . I would caution anyone to think 100 times before investing your hard earned money with these cheaters.
Mikos's reply, Jan 21, 2019
I would also like to join you in filing an fir against them
rahulsingh7779's reply, Oct 5, 2019
Hi, My family and me are the recent victim of their pathetic service ! My number is 9892316148. I have decided to take this matter on legal front... If anybody already have legal thing going on please discuss with me...advise.
I would once again like to add my complaint to all the others who have been cheated by this fraud agency. If they are not even registered how are they being allowed to function? Action must be taken against them for cheating so many people. They are just a bunch of crooks and scamsters
Hello all, I am experiencing similar problems and am feeling cheated. Would like to connect with you all personally to know more and how action can be taken against them. Would be thankful if you girls can write a hello on [protected] We can then connect and take things forward.
These people are fraud.

We were promised a maid to look after my 1 year old and do household work a month ago, after paying 50% agency fees, ie., 7500 Rupees, its been a month we have been following up with them.

since last week they have stopped even answering calls from our numbers after we told them that we need out money refunded, they answer only after we try calling them from other number and do not even speak politely like they did initially.

We were asked if a 19 year old girl will be ok to take care of my infant, she has worked with Isha Kopikar for 2 years and is currently studying (Which she will be doing whole night).
These people lack understanding and empathy and only play with peoples desperation and money.

Kindly avoid them and i just hope i get my hard earned money back
rahulsingh7779's reply, Oct 5, 2019
Guys lets join together as my family and me are the new victim of there pathetic service.
They gave false information/false commitment and attempt to fraud ... our requirement was for my twin babies who are 3 months old... all blunder happend ... long story not able to post completely here.

My number # 9892316148
I spoke to Reshma at Kaamwalibai in December and told her clearly what my requirements for a 24-hour full time maid were: a middle aged lady to manage a house comprising two adults and two teenagers. I reiterated several times that I woman who could cook basic stuff and the rest I would teach the rest. I could give 2 days holidays a month as is the norm, which the agency agreed to.
They told me to that a full-time maid would charge INR 16000 and that is what their charges would be too. I was asked to pay 50% advance following which they would share profiles of candidates and I would interview the shortlisted candidates and then recruit them.
After payment, they told me that due to New Year's Eve they do not have maids as many have gone to the village! I should have realised then that they were a con job but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
In Jan, they started sending me some maids' photos on Whatsapp with their names, the village they were from and their experience. I spoke to one maid, Meena Moghal Aaje, from Nashik and she agreed to the work and the salary. The agency sent her that very evening and I was told to pay the balance 50%, which I did.
When Meena started working, I realised she does not know cooking or any housework at all. I had to teach her everything from scratch, which was painstaking. After 10 days, she said she wanted to take her promised leave of one day. She vanished for a week and would give weird reasons for not coming.
I kept Reshma from Kaamwalibai informed about Meena's absence and asked for a replacement. She kept convincing me to wait till Meena returned and continue with her.
A week later Meena returned but she was unapologetic about the unscheduled holidays, so Reshma told me to let her go and they would send another replacement.
One week later, around 15th Jan, they sent another woman, Ratna Jadhav, who came with loads of attitude, demanded to see my house and then informed me that she will come to work the next day. The next morning, when she did not turn up, I called her and she said she'd have a word with the agency and inform me.
Ratna told Reshma that she needed Rs 20000 to manage a 2BHK!!! Which was not agreeable to me.
It is more than a fortnight and I have not got a maid from this agency. All I get is assurance.
Now Reshma has asked me to contact Iram, who sent me a couple of profiles of maids that did not suit the requirements I had clearly mentioned.
This is what I have understood of how Kaamwalibai works:
1. They get a couple of women from far flung villages.
2. They send them to work without checking whether the women can do the job or briefing them.
3. When one maid quits, I feel they just play a game of shuffle and send whoever is there just to live up to their so-called assurance of replacement.
4. They do not have any database of maids
5. Other than a PAN card and Aadhar card, they do not do any verification of the maid.

Avoid these con people at all costs.

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