Livpure — Mental harassment post dismantle request for more than a year

I had rented a Livpure smart RO water purifier and was using it for almost a year until we had to move out from Bangalore on 10th August 2020. We have tried contacting Livpure customer support stating the situation of moving out well in advance on 28th July 2020(2 weeks time for dismantling). First of all the customer support agents were not responsive, unreachable most of the time though we managed to let them know also I have mail proof that stating clearly that after the mentioned date(10th August, 2020 - Attached email proof below) we will not be Available as we were leaving our rented flat so that they can collect the water purifier. Even days before leaving the flat I tried contacting also mailed them so that they can collect the water purifier stating clearly that after the 10th of August, 2020 we will not be able to help them with this as we Handed over the keys to Nestaway(we used to stay in rented Flat provided by Nestaway) and until this, there was no respond, service visit from Livpure and they didn't collect the water purifier.

Now it's been more than a year since we left the flat and suddenly I started getting random calls from Livpure stating they came for dismantling at my flat and over quite a few times I helped them as much as I could providing them all the contacts what I had of Nestaway people and owner's number as well. Suddenly it became Harassment to me getting calls, SMS every day for same reason repeatedly over and over again from different persons, and in the end, they started threatening me with a Legal notice(screenshot attached) which they sent me over my WhatsApp number and started Harashing mentally asking for 14, 000 rs with Notice.

It's a clear case of their mistake and carelessness of Livpure which has caused them this issue and for that, they can't Harrash me every day for the thing which is not in my Hand. I have helped them in every possible way that I could before leaving the flat on 10th, August 2020 even after leaving the flat even after a year sitting in my Hometown far from Bangalore. I want justice for me from Consumer Court on this matter, this Legal notice asking for 14, 000 rs and repeated calls, SMS from Livpure is Mental torture to me.

Attaching all the email proofs and legal notice below.
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LivPure customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Aug 01, 2021
Updated by Sayon Mazumder
For reference Livpure user Id - 20987

Complaint comments 


Yes the same has happened with me. I was using it in delhi and asked them to tske it with 1 month prior notice. Now they have sent me 16k ro and 6k subscription charges notice. What a shame. They want to account us liable for their mistake. Let's make a group of all those affected. My mail id is valley.[protected]
hari7x7's reply, Oct 20, 2021
Same going for me too. Post returning the product they are sending legal notice.
dharya somani's reply, Nov 15, 2021
Same is happening with me.
please connect so we can help each other.
Deep21aman's reply, Nov 18, 2021
Hi Mates, I am also facing the same issue, Please assist me how to handle this.
What happened with all of your cases? Can you please update me? I have the same issue.
Abhipiku's reply, Nov 18, 2021
I also facing the same issue. Could you please update me what will happen?? Such a shame ful act by such a company.
I got today a legal notice on my whatapp. I have raised a complaint in this website and hope this resolves soon. I would be happy to hear from others who are facing the same issue and what steps have they taken further. My email id is - [protected]
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 12, 2022
I am not able to see your email id. I am facing the same issue. don't know what to do now. kindly connect to fight back.

[email protected]
Sharma Koneri's reply, Mar 4, 2022
Did you got resolution.
Is the issue fixed.
I am facing the same issue as well. I had requested livepure team well in advance to collect the RO, which they failed to do so. Livpure customer service is very poor with improper communication,
unavailability of customer care executives.
And now, i have received legal notice to pay the amount. If anyone had any progress with this issue, Please post here the help the others.

my email is - muthyala lohith0 (without spaces) (space is inserted to avoid hiding of email od)
Same thing happened with me. Their technician collected the device on 10th august 2020 and their customer care started calling me after 6 months assign if I returned. Now, i have got a whatsap message notifying legal notice.
I am facing the same issue, their executive had picked up the RO from a rented flat in which I was staying on July 2020, and they have been constantly calling afterwards to ask if I have returned or not. Now they have sent me a legal notice.
Sharma Koneri's reply, Mar 4, 2022
Did you solved this issue
Alshukla's reply, Aug 9, 2022
I am also facing the same issue . Today i got legal notice .
Even ro has been returned by me on 12 April 2022
Gaurav25837's reply, Jun 19, 2023
Hey, is the matter resolved now?
It's the same issue with me too. I contacted them so many times that we are moving out, but they did not come for removal of the purifier. We moved to a different city. And now they are making a claim of Rs16000 for purifier and Rs5000 for subscription charges.
Even i am facing the same issue. I had requested Livpure team in advance to collect RO which they failed to do so. And now I Have received legal notice to pay the amount even after repeatedly telling them the return date. it's an kind of harassment they are making on Us.
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 12, 2022
Hi Tilak,

I am facing the same issue. Please help if you know the solution by now.
Dear all,

Today I received a legal notice from Liv Pure demanding 15 k plus 6000.
My friend was using the RO and he already told them to collect the RO in 2109. But none of the customer care representative responded neither they have collected the RO. After 1.5 years, I received their notice as we have vacant that premises due to COVID in 2019. And now they are demanding for money. But a scam. Let's all align together and file a complain against them in consumer court for the scam and harrasment, they are doing .
Sujay Rao 007's reply, Feb 12, 2022
Hi Abhi,

I also got the notice today.
Can u please tell me what steps have you taken to resolve it?
Dear Mr. Sayyam Mazumdar,

I am also facing the same issue. Plz do the needful how you resolve it.
Same here my email id [protected] . My name is Aditya . They send me WhatsApp legal notice . Who cares, I will send legal notice from CONSUMERS FORUM COURT will demand 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs for their NEGLIGENCE and Torturing ( mental harassment) . I won’t care even, because we have consumer court . Let him come to our place . I too file section 420 and breaching of TRUST, we have raised mANY TIMEs to take the ### device useless one . They never call us or pick up intime .
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 12, 2022
I am facing the same issue. Please help if you know the solution by now.
Gaurav25837's reply, Jun 19, 2023

Is the matter resolved now?
I am also facing the same issue.
Same thing is happening with me in bangalore. They picked up RO 1.5 years back. Now they are asking for the machine. Sending people for collecting the machine.
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 12, 2022
I am facing the same issue. Please help if you know the solution by now.
Livpure also harrasing me from last two years, i have called on customer care they are not picking call, also complain through there livpure app but did not get any response . Now getting legal notice on whatsup demanding money or he will case against me.
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 12, 2022
I am facing the same issue. Please help if you know the solution by now.
kp1989singh's reply, Feb 17, 2022
@saxenanoop do not afraid with legal notice, if they take any action we will fight against him in court . do not reply any of the messages, just ignore calls, email and messagees.
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 21, 2022
@kp1989singh thanks for your reply. you can also connect me through email. My email is my user name plus
Hi everyone. I also got this notice today. What are the steps you guys are taking to resolve this?
kp1989singh's reply, Feb 17, 2022
do not afraid with legal notice, if they take any action we will fight against him in court . do not reply any of the messages, just ignore calls, email and messages.
saxenanoop's reply, Feb 21, 2022
I am facing the same issue, you can also connect me through email. My email is my user name plus
Same thing is happening with me in Hyderabad
Same thing happening with me. There is no other way out than for us to collectively bring them to question. They have harrassed me for an year now. One of their customers messaged me about how he had to pay a hefty amount to them. This company wants us all to pay for their fault. This seems to be their business model. First they install faulty machines, then when you ask to cancel subscription they don't respond and in between they harass you with calls and yet dont attempt to take THEIR ro back and suddenly after an year they send you legal notice and try to extort money. This is pure cheating. The only way is to drag them to courts collectively and see how many people they can question for their own fault. Else they will keep extorting money from common people like us.
Hi guys, did anyone got solution from consumer court. They are closing our incident without action.

I have returned machine last year and more they sent me legal notice.

Do we have any solution.
Please include me in all the message.
Hi people if you have recieved legal notice and are intending to fight it, please whatsapp me @ [protected]. I also received the same legal notice. We should collectively fight this together. Let us form a group and complain together to the consumer forum. Thanks
Hi Ashish,

I'm facing similar issues where the machine was uninstalled almost 3 years ago and they are harassing me now with a legal notice and pending charges for the last ~2 years. I have multiple email threads where I have raised this and they haven't replied to a single email thread. This is their strategy to make money.

Was your issue/ complaint resolved? What are the next steps?

I have sent this email to them, They are harassing me everyday !!!

Hi Livpure support Team,

This is to make your notice that I am getting harassed with your unwanted calls again and again with a false complaint on me and asking for the same thing that I need to return the Livpure machine.

Everytime I get a call for the same reason I used to say the same thing " I have returned the machine already in the year 2020" and why suddenly around 1.5 years after I am getting calls from your team to return the machine ??? Also I am writing emails to the Livpure Team again and again and also calling to your customer support number to make a complaint about this kind o[censored]npleasant calls from your Team.

Okay, finally I will write all the background of my issue clearly for your better understanding. And I expect to have a clear and final solution to this issue.

1. I have registered for Livpure rental RO service on 2nd June 2020 and paid Rs 275.

2. Product delivered to my address on 6th June 2020. After calling several times and sending multiple reminder emails they finally installed the RO after 15 days on 17th June 2020.

3. On 18th July 2020 I made the next payment of Rs 375 as its monthly rental RO.

4. I have sent one email on 19th July 2020, that I am leaving my hometown due covid pandemic, so I wanted to unsubscribe and the machine can be dismantled and can be handed over to you on time. But due to some reason my plan was cancelled and I replied to that email on 20th July to ignore it.

5. On 24th July 2020 I finally planned to move to my hometown and booked my flight tickets and again sent one email to you to unsubscribe my subscription and dismantle and return the machine. Also I called to the customer care to inform the same

6. I got a call from Livpure then after that one person from your livpure team came to dismantle the machine, and then one more person came to pick up the RO machine. After returning the machine also I called Livpure customer care and got confirmation that I don't have any pending payments and everything is cleared and the machine has successfully picked up.

7. Then on 16th August 2020, I got a recharge reminder email for Livpure RO, So I wrote again to the customer support email ([protected] and asked them that why I am getting the emails again I have already returned the machine and unsubscribed already. Then I received a response from you like " Kindly let us know if the machine is reverse picked up or not ?" and then I replied that yes it's already picked up by your livpure agent. then after that there is no response from you and the respective ticket was closed from your end. [ Screenshots attached for your reference ]

I am surprised why the ticket is closed without any feedback or confirmation !!!

So after that I have not received any email communications from Livpure, no calls from Livpure, no recharge reminders, also in the Livpure application I was not able to fetch the data of the machine which was installed for me.

8. So now, on 21st Dec 2021 I just referred my friend to Livpure rental RO from my Livpure app, She has registered to it using my referral link.
Then after that these strange things happened.

- Then after some days starting from  January 2022 suddenly on my number I started getting calls from Livpure agents that I need to return my machine !! I was shocked !!

- Seriously what ???? omg ! I said I had already returned the machine around 1.5 years ago ! Why are you asking now ?- Then after that, everyday I got harassment calls from your Livpure agents and livpure customer care people that I need to return the machine, and I used to say the same thing again and again that I have already returned the machine on the year 2022, its been 1.5 years plus !!!

- I have no Idea what is going on !! I have successfully unsubscribed and returned the machine in the year 2020 and suddenly after referring to my friend to livpure, I started receiving these calls to return the RO machine !!! Where have you guys been for more than 1.5 years ?? after referring to my friend you suddenly woke up or what ????

- They are taking more than 15 days to install the RO purifier after the payment and also taking around 10 + days to dismantle it after we request. and they are closing the tickets with no proper feedback or solutions.

9. This is getting very much irritating and I am getting harassed by your frequent unwanted calls, now I got a whatsapp message from your Team with an attached notice. Like wow, seriously ! it's clearly your mistake and you are sending notice to me !. [Screenshot attached]

This is clearly your Team's mistake, they have no responsibility and have no proper tracking system. and even they are closing the ticket without any proper feedback and no proper response to our email. Everytime they will say " We will forward to the concerned team and you will get an update at the earliest " [Screenshot attached for your reference]

Now I will go to consumer court to file this complaint against you "Livpure Team" and I have full faith in the Indian judicial system.

This is not only me who is suffering, I got to know that you harassed so many people with the same false allegation. you can check their comments in this link:

subbaiah123's reply, Jun 3, 2022
I am facing a similar issue. They have not collected my machine. Pure harassment. I have raised consumer forum complaints.
Gaurav25837's reply, Jun 19, 2023
Is the issue resolved now?

I am stuck exactly in a same case. It’s such a mental torture from Livpure team.

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