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 Amit Sharma on Nov 20, 2012
i have received a phone call regarding that my data usage is high and that total unbilled amount is 1800 something.

when i check my data usage online it shows only 100 mb has been consumed for billing period starting from 7 nov 2012 till date...

havent recieved any message from reliance that i have comsumed 100 % of alloted 3g 2 months ago i use to recieve these messages telling me my dATA USAGE BUT NOT NOW...even for last billing period it shows that i have only consumed only 300 mb.....but they have sent me bill for 2.3GB i.e
rs 1300...the customer care of reliance is not registering my complaint they are saying the bill charged is for right amount...and that no correction is required

amit sharma

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Krishna enterprises
55, Friends Puram, Bodla-Paschimpuri Road,
Sikandra, AGRA-282007

March 17, 2008

In regards to:
Service Assurance Cell
Reliance Communication Ltd.
Navi Mumbai-400710

Dear Sir:
Subject: Wrong Billing on Telephone No. (0562)-3290476

It is to inform you that during scrutiny of my
telephone bills it is found that Rs.99/= is being charged for “FULL
VP PACK” since September 2007. It is either due to any mistake at
your end or due to some other reason not known to me.
In past neither we have applied for “Full VP Pack” /
neither any other extra facility nor we are using such type of
facility on our telephone No. (0562)-3290476. Such type of charges
without my concern is illegal and against your firm’s reputation.
So kindly stop “Full VP Pack” charges with immediate
effect & adjust / return excess payment being collected (since Sept.
2007) by you in this regards.

Sunita Saraswat
(0562) 3290476
Respected authority,
I am Keya Ashvin Shah from Surat.We had taken Tariff plan WFLC50 for reliance fixedline phone and a broadband internet connection tariff plan WICF 299 on a number 0261-3065886. on 1st january 2008.on the name of my father Mr. Ashvin M. Shah.
Then we had cancelled the tariff plan WFLC50 and had taken tariff plan WFL231GJ .on 3 rd March 2008, on the number 0261-3074285. The person who came for the cancellation of plan had just filled up cacellation form but had not taken the instrument of WFLC50 your staff had changed the instrument for WFL231GJplan.
In the latest bill dated 11-04-2008 your company had charged us Rs 56.18 for the plan WFLC50 which we had cancelled already.and Rs 4.80 for our call at Baroda which should be charged zero as per second plan.So in and all we have been charged Rs 60.98 more.
When we talked with your customer care executives Ms Chaitali and Ms Leena, Ms Leena told us that we had not cancelled the plan WFLC50 which shouln't be possible as i my self signed on cancellation form. Moreover THE PERSON who came for cancellation plan had given the report that he had talked to me on my mobile and i told him that we didn't want to cancel the plan . But i hadn't got any call from any reliance member.
Then one of your executive Mr Keyur came on 22 nd april in the morning and he looked into the matter and accepted both the mistakes.He told us to go there and pay less amount but my father told him to write permission note about that which he denied comlpletly.and told us that he would call us in the evening.But we hadn't got any call from him yet and we are trying the number he had given, which is also coming switched off.
we have to pay the bill before 1 st may 2008
so please please please look into the matter .
Do reply us as soon as possible.
Waiting for your favourable reply.
Thanking You
Keya Shah
1)latest bill date: 11-04-2008
2)latest bill no. : 281081918290
3)billing account no.:100000107233008
4) Address: Mr Ashvin M. Shah
B-301 Vedant Appt. Opp. New avenue
Appt. Anand Mahal Road Adajan
5) contact no. :0261-6504764

Reliance Communications — Wrong Plan, Threatening, Poor service

Dear Sir,
I took Reliance Data Card on 6.12.2007 from a Reliance representative named Anurag Sharma (Mob. no. 9311122077). Mr. Sharma came to the address i provided to sell this reliance product. On 12th of Dec. Data card got activated. On 14th it got disconnected, after lot of call I got to know that it was deactivated because my address was not right, as told by the reliance person. It was the same address in which one of the reliance representative sold the data card. Even after several calls no one came to verify the address, and it reactivated on 18th Dec. On 19th Dec it again deactivated because of the same reason. After several requests it got activated on 24th Dec. But even then no one came to verify the address.

On 6th Jan 2008, the connection was again deactivated, the reason I was told that I will have to pay the bill as my one month is over. After more than a week I received a bill of different plan (I asked for "Freedom Night" but the plan got was "Swift 40") with much more than expected amount because of different plan. Overall I used the service just for few days and was asked for the payment of full month. Addition to this I was told by the reliance representative that there will be no any charge other than my monthly rental plus the excess use. But my came with many other charges.

Whenever Reliance people called for reminding me the bill payment, I asked them to change my plan and send me a rectified bill. But they never did it. Instead, they sent me another bill with monthly rental for the next month. Then they threatened me for the bill payment and mentally harassed by sending payment reminder followed by legal notice.

I have deposited the money to avoid any actions from them. The final amount that I paid included the monthly rental when the service was blocked. Now the data card (Cost Rs. 2800) is of no use

Dear sir it was a mental torture for me. Please do the needful to have justice.
Dear sir/mam,

I have a Post paid connection with Reliance Communication.I am facing problem regarding the bills that are send to me.When I received a bill for the period 11.04.2008 to 10.05.2008. I found that an additional rental of Rs.175 was charged to me.I called to the Customer Care regarding this problem, firstly they told me that you have send us a request to activate this additional rental through a SMS. But when I denied for sending any SMS and I requested them to lodge a complain regarding this problem, they said that we can not lodge your problem as our system is running slow.

I called them twice again they answered the same that their system is running slow.

(One remarkable thing is that calling to Customer Care is like reaching to God, any time at least a 50 tries makes it to connect to the Customer Care )

Then again I tried some other day and they lodged my complain this time. The complain no. given to me was 69211293.

Two days later I called them then they said that it was our mistake and you will receive awaiver of Rs. 175 in your next bill.The matter ended there.

Now in the next bill for the period 11.05.2008 to 10.06.2008,

Instead of receiving awaiver of Rs.175 I received a waiver of Rs.110 but that is not the problem Rs. 65 does not matter.But again I have been charged arental of Rs.101 for some plan which I don’t know.

Today again I called to the Customer Care, after making again 100 tries, my call gets connected and now the Executive again tried to make me understand that you must have made request to activate the plan, which I didn’t.

I did not made any request to activate any plan.

Dear sir, I do not have much time to make a check to the bills all the time.

It is the companies responsibility to send a correct bill.

In the bill there is a no. of anodal officer, I tried that no. too, but I am not getting any response from him too.

So, please take some action, so that I may not face any problem regarding wrong bills.

My mobile no. is 09334117663

Warm regards.

Vishal Kumar
1, Gola Road,
Mo: 09334117663
Dear Sirs,

We are unable to understand as to how such a big company like Reliance cannot attent to our most legality saving letter awaring you & saving also from very unwanted happenings, because your Bills being regularly recieved do not concern us at all.

These numbers must be of another party, which you have failed to feed in your records. The usage of such numbers can lead to some serious repercussions or legal accident can be committed as well. Therefore the matter be taken up seriously: -

1. Cancellation of our name in your records of Billings.
2. Findout/Locate the real consumer to be yourself safe from all angles.
3. Inform us your high positioned executive to whom this problem can be explained as well.

Thanking you,

Your Sincerly,
For Remedies Pharmaceuticals (India) Pvt. Ltd.
107, Aradhana Bhawan,
Azadpur Comm. Complex,
Delhi - 110033
Dear Sir,

My name is Manpreet Singh Ahluwalia and I also took a reliance data card in June 2007 number: 9312745819, this card was working fine till 18th Sept 2007 when I left for US. I came back on 18th Dec 2007 and tried to use the card again till that date allmy payments were made on time irrespective of not using the card for these 3 months. When I tried to se the card to connect it was not working again I had to go out of Delhi for 5 days so was not able to go to the service center to get it worked on.

In Jan 2008 I went to reliance web world from where I got this card and they took 8 days to tell me that the card is no more in working condition and I will have to submit the card in the service center.One of the employe of the webworld who had provided me with this card ( Pravin, Cell No: 9313111987) Guided me to go to Krishna Park Near Janak puri to your service center. On 12th Jan 2008 I provided this service center with the Data card and they told me to come after 1 week to collect it back.

I kept on visiting them for 5 months and they always use to say that Reliance has stopped making these kind of cards so its taking tie to get replaced in the men time I got numerous calls from your collections department and I always use to tell them about this issue and at the end they use to wave off the old dues plus give me assurance that they will get this issue resolved.

In Sept I got the last call when I had a brief discussion with the representative and told him to terminate the servoces as its of no use that I keep on calling you guys and you guys calling me to try to resolve this issue and asked them to clear all the pending due which were not there since the card was never used after 18th Sep 2007.

Today 8th Dec 2008 I get a call at my home landline where in I am asked to call on 9990064725 when I call this number they ask me to come to the court due to non payment of my bills when I tried to talk to them regarding the issue they say that the bill is 5-6 months old and that I have to pay the bills.I disagreed with them and have mentioned that I will no come to the court cause first of all they never sent me any Notice and on second hand when I have already asked for the termination of services why they are calling me.More over I have already filed a complaint in Consumer court regarding this issue and as per my statements above I still have the Job card recipt with me which states that the card is with them since 12th Jan 2008 I always ask your agents to provide me with the fax number where in I can fax you guys this recipt as it is very hard to read what all is writen on the job card due to the printing font but never got that.

Today also I called on your customer care number and the person assiting the call clearly mentioned these words" You have submited the card at our service center but since you gave that card to an indivisual who was there so that is your issue as we (Reliance) will not take the responsibilty of that even if that person is using this card the docit number of this conversation is 1003041716 you guys can very well listen to the recording which is done of each and every cll your agents get on daily basis.

I have also writen a mail to on 8th Dec 2008 and have asked them to provide me with an NOC and also to ask these people to stop calling my place and Harassing my family I would like to finish this topic here only as I also dont have time to keep on moving from to there just cause of that Rs4000 card which at the end was a complete loss for me and also a pain for me.

I dont want to take this issue further through the help of consumer court and would like to end it here only and would expect the same from your end. More over would like to say that please ask your so called Lawers to be more polite with people as some times the company can also be at fault if you want you can get in touch with me on +91-9818215597 to discuss over this issue in more depth.

Hoping to get a quick and appreciated responce with in next 24 hours.
I have lost my data card since three months and i have requested to switch my monthly billing plan into safe custody long time back. but till date my dta card has not been transferred to the safecustody and te company is continiously sending me bills every month even though i am not using the services.
Dear Sir,

I have reliance mobile and using prepared card of reliance i dont know why my balance going in negative eventhough not use the out going calls.

My mobile No is --- 9326444375

please stop the neagtive balance .


Shivaji Sapate
Dear Sir/Ms.,
I took Reliance Broadband service WICF400 unlimited download scheme from 01-12-2008. Due to very low download speeds (4-9 Kbps instead of 75Kbps) I had to migrate to WICM299 (1gb free download rest paid) scheme w.e.f. 08-12-2008. Even then I got very low speeds (less than 33Kbps. instead of 2000 Kbps). I had
made several complaints (#82587935, 82813828, 83654774, 83872838, 84541152) via telephone to customer care, email, reliance web site. Their service personnel has made several calls without any improvement in speed.
Finally I terminated my service w.e.f. 10-01-2009. I had paid Rs. 500/- as one time charge in advance, however they charged Rs 1500/- as one time charge for January 2009, and again raised bill for February 2009. with 1250 as one time charge. total charges according to them is Rs 3, 411.05/- which is gross miscalculation. For this I had emailed them in the last conversation with their representative over the
phone we had agreed to call it quits if I returned Their instruments and they would refund me Rs 500/-.
My broaband charges should be
WICF400 plan 02-12-2008 TO 08-12-2008 Rs. 90.32 (as per their bill)
WICM299 plan 09-12-2008 to 10-01-2009 total =939.36 Gb which is < 1gb should be Rs 299.
Land line charges for 2 months Rs 112.36. Therefore total is 501.68.
Today 23-06-2009 I got a legal notice form their lawyers threatening legal action in 7 days on non payment.
My Reliance BB subscriber Id 231435406211 & land line id 3330277215
A/c # 100110189154 billing A/c # 100000110837175.

I shall be eager to give any further information.
Thanking you for any advice.

Ujjal Banerjee
BD 99 Salt Lake
Kolkata 700064
Mobile 9051989826
We have a Reliance Data Card Postpaid connection no 09352320036. company well send my last month bill form 27/5/2009 to 26/6/2009 was Rs 975. this bill is wrong . i was already informed and complaint customer care on date 30/6/2009 and complaint no 102511811. but no result. so I well informed you that please help me for take my right bill. thank you.

Reliance Communications — Billing done even after termination


I had terminated my connection in March 2009 and I paid the March month's bill in April. I got the confirmation from the customer care rep that the connection has been terminated. In May, I got the bill and I promptly called up customer care and informed them that the connection has been terminated. They acknowledged and apologized and told me that it's a mistake from their side and will be taken care of. This repeated till june and I was really pissed off at them. Then, it stopped. I thought everything has been resolved and was happy about it. But now (in August), they have sent me a notice from their lawyer stating that I have cheated them by not paying the money and they will take legal action against me if I don't pay up. What the hell is this? Extortion? I want to take a strong action against these guys. They have no regard for the customer and they should be made to pay for this.

Please let me know you advice in this matter.


Reliance Communications — Exceeded bill

I am using Reliance postpaid Tarrif 440 plan in which they give facility reliance to reliance local as well as STD free unlimited talk. From last 3 months i was getting bill exceeded bill. They never give call details bill to cunsumer. Anyhow i talked to customer care and he replied you have to pay 25 rs. extra per month if you activate this facility .I lotd them give me last two months call details bill. They sent me last handmade excel copy. I really socked to see my bill details, they added charges even reliance to reliance talk. Then I mailed to customer care about this they never corresponded with me via mail or phone.
One message to all, Those who are planning to switch over from other GSM to Reliance, you will be regretted whole life.

Reliance Communications Ltd./Netconnect Broadband+ — Services disconnected even after payment

The services to the Data card purchased by me were disconnected without any intimation and on checking found that it was an over usage then the Limit (which was never explained to me) I paid the due the services after that were never restored, I tried calling the NODAL officer of Reliance communication but could not reach the number as it was engaged for more that 3 days.

A mail was sent to Nodal officer 2 months back to which till date there is no response to my surprise

Need to find a solution to this. Numerous discussions with the customer care executives bore no fruit, I need to file a case against this in consumer court where I would like to share all the data and recorded discussions with CC executives and there highhandedness in resolving the issue.
i am not recived my bill pls send me my bill

Reliance Communications — wrong billing even after closure

my reliance no.09301823243 had been closed on 1-9-2009 after paying an amount of Rs.1063.(Recept no.MP/BPL/09-10/10900/A/277182)on dated 01-09-2009 as required by their concerned authority at Waidhan(Singrauli)(MP) against bill amount of Rs 913 due on 1-9-2009.

Now after a gap of more than 4 months on 28th January 2010 they have given a bill amounting to
Rs 902 vide bill n o. 29357481668 dt.09-01-2010.
On making complaint to reliance communication on 29-01-2010 they have responded on 02-02-2010 that "termination form is to be filled up " for termination which was not told to me earlier on 01-09-2009 when the payment of above amount i.e Rs 1063 . was made for closing the connection.
Please look into the matter and advise me how to proceed further.
S C Saxena
Same Experience
To, Dt:24-3-2010
Reliance communicatios Ltd.

Subject:Wrong bill of CDMA Mobile no 9370151919 for the month of 7-1-2010 to 6-2-10 and 7-2-10 to 6-3-10 A/C Shreenath Industries

This has reference to my complaint given at your local authorised Reliance sotre situated at Gulshan Plaza, Badnera Road, Amravati (M.S) 444601 where the request refgarding the plan change was made on 24-12-2009 from my earlier plan to new plan of Simple PPS 199 and along with this the add-on R-R free plan was also requested. But after going through the recent bills issued from 7-1-2010 to 6-2-10 and
7-2-10 to 6-3-10 it was observed that only the plan was changed and add-on plan of R-R was not activated. I dont understand how this mistake happened at your end.
In the meanwhile I have visited the above mentioned local Reliance store concerning to this issue and having given this letter about my greviance they admitted that mistake has happened at their end and they would forward this to the higher authorities and in fact they have forwarded my compliant to higher authorities and we would be intimated by them or by telephonic call. But still we have not got any response from them.
So you are requested to delete all R-R calls from the above two bills and give credit of the same.
Sir, this mistake has happened at your authorised Reliance store which is situated at above address and due to this mistake I am being penalised.In fact as mentioned earlier they(R store) are accepting the mistake.
Sir,we are having this mobile phone since last more than 7-8 years. In fact since the Reliance launched their service in Amravati.
Being your old and loyal customer you are requested to consider our request sympathetically and give the justice to me. In the meanwhile I am paying the current bill under protest.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Shreenath Industries
Ramniklal G.Mehta
I've Shifted from delhi to pune in the month of April and given a request for service termination. However they had disconnected only the Landline service which was free with the Broadband. I was under an impression that both the services had been terminated but bill continued to come to me. I made a payment thinking that it will settle my account and I will not get bills thereafter.

Now I have come to know that they had disconnected only the landline and not the broadband and I'm liable to pay bills till date which is highly unacceptable to me.

Please advice what needs to be done
Would like to bring to ur notice of some errors in my bill.

SymBhakti30Subscription 24-09-2010 to 24-10-2010 30.00
*RWorld Usage 27 133.00
Premium Messages 3 9.00
Horoscope 1 3.00
Indiagames Games Rs 5 25 125.00
RW HgamaRtone Rs 5 1 5.00

There were similar errors in my last month bill, but had ignored as a one time error and paid in full. Will advise you that this needs to be corrected immediately and my queries satisfied.

Reliance Communication — offer not deliver as per terms

offer as per the term is not given to my mobile no. . Even i have compliant to reliance customer care but they not solve the my problem . There reference no. is 144597171. plz do the needful. Thanks . Rajan Sharma

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