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 priya1a on Oct 10, 2019
I am also joining a big list of customers who purchased the provcharts software from silambarasan for huge money and got cheated finally. The potential customers who would like to purchase the provcharts software should consider the following points before investing rs, 40, 000 in buying the software and these below points will prove without doubt that provcharts is selling a product with fake promises and doesn’t provide any claimed profits.
1. Ask provcharts for a free one week demo. Which many stock market software sellers provide so that you can check one week performance yourself before buying one year version for rs. 40, 000. I am sure if you use one week, you will find that provcharts doesn’t give any profits and you will not buy a one year version.
2. Ask them to give one month version for rs. 4000. You can use one month to check and see if it generates profits as promised. So you can limit your risk and loss to rs. 4000 instead of investing rs. 40, 000 for one year version. I am sure provcharts will not do this.
3. There is no feedback section enabled in their facebook page. Which could list all the good and bad about provcharts
4. There is no comments section enabled in their youtube page. Which could list all the good and bad about provcharts
5. Silambarasan conducts just 2 hours training in front of people and shows how the software works. If you attend his class ask him to execute trades (Buy and sell any good script like nifty, bank nifty, crude oil, gold….) in front of his students with his own money/capital in his demat account. Which he will not do. I am sure he does not trade with his software. He just sells fake software to people around tamil nadu for rs. 40, 000. If he can get 20 clients a month he will get rs. 8 lakh profits per month. This is his business formula. Ask him for his past week, month year contract notes. Ask him to show his demat account ledger balance.
6. As his website promises around rs. 50, 000 profit per month trading in crude oil, gold, silver, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminum, nifty, bank nifty and silambarasan trades in 10 lots in each every month, he must be making around rs. 50 lakh a month. If he trades in 100 lots each he must be making rs. 5 crores a month. So as per the estimate he must be making anywhere around rs. 60 lakh to rs. 50 crores a year. If silambarasam trades in his own account with his software continuously for the last 7 years or so which he claims he is selling the software in the market, he must be the richest person in tamil nadu. Then why he is travelling to every major city in tamil nadu and selling a software for rs. 40, 000 and instead he can make crores trading in his own money with his own software.
7. Ask him to show his or his clients bank balance, demat account balance or everyday profit contact note/mtm etc… which is the real indication of profit generated in the stock market. Which he will never do. He just sells software which he doesn’t use for trading him selves.
8. The screen shots of the charts shown in green and red for buy and sell in his website is just a smart manipulation of time frame settings in mt4 software after the market closing. Which you will understand only when you buy and use the software for a week or so. If you use continuously for 30 days, you will never get any profit and it will wipe out your investment completely. That is the reason why he doesn’t give free trial or one month license. He sells one year version for rs. 40, 000 and people invest rs. 40, 000 only to find it will not work after few days or weeks and will never renew after one year.

fraud stock market software
fraud stock market software
Updated by priya1a, Oct 10, 2019
There are many people who purchased the Provcharts software from Silambaran and got cheated after using it for a month or so continuously using it and have faced massive losses has given negative review in this website., I also wanted to include the below listed points
1. For any people who are planning to buy Provcharts software from Silambarasam, who is charging Rs. 40, 000 for desktop version and mobile version and the training class ask him to show profit/loss screenshot of everyday MTM or contract notes and end of month ledger balance on his own trading/Demat account like Zerodha, Upstox, Sharekhan, Angel Broking, Goodwill, Ventura, ICICI securities, Kotak Securities …..I am sure he will not be able to show any profits that he has made because he does not use his own software to trade in his trading/Demat account
2. In his website he has listed Sep-2019 MCX profit as Rs. 11, 64, 920 and NSE (Nifty & Bank Nifty Profit) as Rs. 2, 58, 950. If he trades on 10 lots in each script in MCX and NSE (Nifty and Bank Nifty), he must have made close to Rs. 12-13 crores in Sep-2019. Ask him why he is just selling software for Rs. 30, 000 to Rs. 40, 000 and not trading in his own demat account to make close to Rs12-13 crore profits every month in his own demat account. Ask him if any of his wife, friends, relatives, customers are trading and making such huge profits and ask him to log into his demat account and show his profits in his live class. The profits shown in his website is exorbitant and 100% fake and many innocent people who are new to the stock market fall prey to his fraudulent techniques and lose money.
3. Guy, think like this. If he makes Rs. 12-13 crores by just trading in 10 lots in MCX and NSE as per his website, in one year he will make close to Rs. 140-150 crores. He claims that he is selling this software for the last 7 years. If he has invented a very smart software and it has generated a huge profit for the last 7 years, Silamabarasam must have made close to Rs. 1000 crores by now. If he had traded in 50 lots, he must have made close to Rs. 5000 crores and if he has traded in 100 lots he must have made close to Rs. 10, 000 crores. He must be one of the richest person in Tamil Nadu.
4. In his live class ask him to give one week free trial of the software or just one month subscription for Rs. 3000. If you are buying a one year license for Rs. 30, 000+ mobile version for Rs. 7000, ask him for a one month 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the software and which he will not do it.
5. In his website he has listed many scanned copies of his clients with name and signature who attended the class and got impressed by his speech and has given a written feedback. Why not he is not showing his clients profit/loss in their demat accout with different brokers and different client codes? There is no proof of profit generated by using the Provcharts software
6. Why not he is not showing any profits generated using Provcharts software in his website, Facebook, Youtube, Makkal TV program. Just software and charts and levels do not guarantee profits in stock market. Real profits in demat account and ledger balance will speak for profits.
7. Who ever got cheated by provcharts should start giving complaints to police department stating that he is publishing fake and misleading details in his website without any proof of profits. If more people start give complaints, police will take action and he will have to stop publishing lakhs of profits every month in his website without any strong evidence and no more people will fall prey to his fraudulent activities
8. I am posting the same review in Facebook comments on his charts. But it gets deleted after some time. His Youtube channel does not accept any comments from customers. His facebook page does not have any customer feedback/review.
9. Ask him for a MTM screen shot for few lakhs everyday like shown below in the image if he is trading in his own demat account and montly ledger balance for few crores profit
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