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Sony Ericsson - Service and repairs

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  Apurv Singh
I had got the Joy stick of my Sony-Ericsson K750i repaired from a Sony-Ericsson service center in Gurgaon, but after 2 days of that the phone display went white, and when I took the phone back to the service center the manager refused to handle the phone he said that the phone may have got damaged due to the software getting corrupted or some problem in the main board of the phone, how ever he confirmed that the Cap of the Joystick was not fixed properly. The cold response from the the Store manager made me write to the Sony-Ericsson customer service mail id, how ever I did not get any response from them.

The Service station name and Add is
Mobile phones India
114, central Arcade, DLF City - II
Gurgaon - 122002

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no customer support - Sony Ericsson

respected sir

i bought a Sony k-530i mobile 6 months back. there was some problem with the keypads so i gave it to the service center in the working condition. the next morning they called me up and said that there is a problem with the motherboard and they need 25 days to repair it. so i asked them that i gave them the mobile in a working condition so how come there is problem with the mother board overnight. but they didn't responded to the query. so what i did next was i contacted the main support center(Bangalore 080-39011111) and inquired about it and they asked me for 48 hours for the respond which i gave them. the next time i called them they said me that i have to go for the motherboard replacement. then i asked them if i have to go for the motherboard replacement why wont i go for the full replacement of the mobile. and i asked or it. as per what they have said me there is a provision for the full replacement. so i asked what are the conditions for they said me if the handset cant be repaired then they go for full replacement. so being a computer science student i asked them that if you are changing the motherboard that means you are not able to solve the problem so you are going for it. so they replied me that there are problems which exists even after the motherboard is changed that means the problem is with the body. are they joking with me? replacing a motherboard means they don't have any option so they are going for it. then way not to replace the full handset if they have a provision for it as per they have said and i have attached a conversation regarding this in the mail please go through it. i spoke to ajay, nafish, and harish regarding this and all contradicted with each other. so what should i do now? i demanded them a seal pack mobile for replacement. i am a student staying far away from my parents and mobile is the only means of communication between me and my parents and i cant afford to buy a new mobile and as i have already mentioned i am a student, i cant bunk my classes and go to customer center again and again..please give me a permanent solution to it.

Vishal Singh

my sim card call details - sony erieson

my sm card no is 9789540464 last three incomin & out going details please sendto my e.mail adress
my sim card no is 9789540464 last three month incoming call and outgoing call details please sendto the my e.mail adress
Dear sir,

I bought sony ericssion 350 ifrom wave tel chennai on 5.7.2008

I am facing lot of problem speaker not working, ear phone sound very low, bluetooth not working, photos not storing,

pl let me give your best srvice centre in royapetteh, chennai who can solve the problem completely

i have bought k810i mobile ih hyderbad.but it got repiar with in two months so i have given it sony eriscson sevice centre to repair.but from one month they did not gave any correct information about when they replace my mobile.they said that mother board what ihave to do reply me soon as u can
I have given my K530i cell to change the charger pin in sony erricson service center. It has been 10 days but, I didn't get my cell back. I have logged complain to support center (SE1491-2092) and i got reply from them that, its in progress, I have asked them for tentative date but, they said they will update me once problem will be fixed in cell. I don't know their SLA but i m waiting since 10 days just to change normal pin. It's very bed experience with sony erricsson service center and I hope some will look into the complains and take necessary action in this regards.
there is no network at all when i enter from maharashrta to karnataka in maharashtra it was working properly, though i am in coverage area it is showing out of coverage area please help me my model is normal T616

Keypad light automatically on and off - Sony Ericsson


My name is raju, i have purchase a sony ericsson handset K-790i on 24th april, 2008 & given it to service center on 16 april, 2009, to check the key-pad light is working automatically time to time and many times i looked that its light not working (APNE AAP KA MANMARGI HO GAYA HAI JAAB MAN MAIN AATA HAI TABHI KEYPAD LIGHT JALTI HAI) My question is that How the service center solve this problem


My Name is : Raju
My email id is :

Mobile not working properly - poor service responsibility - Sony Ericsson - k790

I have purchased a Sony Ericcson K-790 cell phone on 25.08.09 Invoice number ERIC/1388. From January 2008 I have some problems in the cell phone and I contacted your service on station on 4th Feb 09 (near new bus stand) and they re installed the software. After one month same compalint repeated.
>Again I contacted your service center on 21 st April. They told they have to replace key pad but its was not in stock. I was told to come on 24th April. But the next day (23rd april)the keypad problem automatically got normal. So again I went to service station to rectify software problem. Again they do some thing and given my cell.
>But from 23rd evening itself my phone has the same problem that the software running randomly to bluetooth, connection wizard etc. For that I again went to your serivce station today. There is a staff named Mr. Raja told that they cant receive any mobile today.
>As I am came from Dharmapuri for this purpose, I conatacted Mr. Sivaraj and he guided me to go to their shop. Again I went there and Mr. Raja checked the cell normally and told me that come to tomorrow. I requested him to receive the mobile and deliver it tomorrow or after the promblem is rectified. But he refused to receive the mobile,
>I have purchased the mobile for around Rs.11, 000/-. But the service which I received is very very poor and irresponsible one. Am I come to your service station daily to rectify my porblem? The mobile is in the warranty period. I doubt that the service people are just passing the days of my warranty period. I was totally dissatisfied.
Still no action taken on my cumplaint. Exellent customer care!!?
My Cell Phone which i purchased from Big C outlet at last year i.e. 2008 year was missed please block the Cell Phone immediately.

Model : J120i

IMEI Code: 35260202-151539-7-07

confirm cell block to my email id which i mentioned immediately.

please inform me customer care email ID
My mobile set has been stolen at Machhiwara near by area ludhiana and Khanna(Punjab), could you help me for tracing .The details are as under

Sn T26008RCPC

balbir singh
my sony ericsson k850i ill get mad with the service bec the lcd no stock they said ill wait 2 months what kind of phone is this disposable?!!!

W580i serviced for 5-times in 1 year & 4 months - Sony Ericsson

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

This is infrom you that myself Ritesh Singh Chauhan, who had purchased W580i on 24 Nov. 2007.
In this span of time i faced problem for 5 times, where the servicing was done by SALORA service center - Delhi.
My mobile gone under servicing 4 times under warranty period. The time of responce or resolving the problem was atleast 10days in each case by SALORA team. and each time i lost my important contacts as the motherboard has been changed or the mobil has been formated. As a Sales person its bing a great loss to me...
Finally Last April when i found my mobile dead again, I took it to SALORA and they asked for the chargable service..
i reminded them as my last service was done in Dec-2008 so my warranty should be extended for three months as infromed by their employee. But they deniad and asked for chargable service.
I agreed on it.
Now its being more than a month and i had visited SALORA thrice but still there is no good signs for the same.
After looking all aspects and finding no other way out, i am knocking the doors of consumer forum..
So, please guide me way out because its a harden and big money for a middle class like me...

Thanks and Regards
Due to some technical issue I had submitted my sony ericcson mobile phone to my nearest service centre located at 106A, Raja Dinendra Street, Shyam Bazar Kolkata on 18th April 2009.
They had asked me to come after two days to collect the mobile phone from their centre & accordingly I reached there on 20th Apr 2009 and again they told me to come after two days. Still I haven’t got my mobile from the service centre, 16 days have already gone every time they asked me to come after two three days I don’t know what to do now.

Details are being furnished hereunder :

Model No: W9010i
Compaint ID : SEO0932212934
Problem Description: Auto on off and while slider open set become off, Hang problem, Charging problem

I would like to bring this happening under your observation so that you can take necessary action and get this issue solved at the earliest

Seeking for an early response from your end.
My name is Kishore.
I have bought a Sony Ericsson K770i mobile on 4th April 2008. Before three days of completing warranty period the mobile went dead and its not switching ON. I didn't have enough of time to give it for service by 4th of April in Sony Service Centre. I had given it to Excel Enterprises, Sony Authorised Service Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad for service on 22nd April 2009. Initially it was told that there might be some software problem ad would be rectified by payment of money as it crossed the warranty date. Later after a week the Service Centre Engineer said that software is OK might be there is a problem in some chip and I agreed for repair of hardware as well. After three days he said that its not problem of chip, the mother board of it needs to be changed may then it would work and it would cost 3/4th of the mobile original cost i.e Rs 9000.00. No even once the mobile was mishandling like falling down or falling in water and the Sony Ericsson mobile life is so low, that I am made to scrap it in an year after buying it for Rs 12000.00. More over the Service and Sale staff in the neither Sony Ericsson Authorised Service Centre nor the Sony Ericsson Authorised Sale Centre have the basic courtesy to speak to the customers politely. While buying any thing from them they speak so politely telling every thing works well but when it comes to service they just keep kicking the ball from their court.

I am really shocked to learn this that
1. Sony Ericsson reputation is being shatterred and tarnised by the staff like of Excel Enterprises, Sony Ericsson Authorised Service Centre.
2. Sony Ericsson Mobile is not a reliable Handset. After buying a mobile for Rs. 12000.00 and even after being handling it carefully, its dead within an year. Moreover the service required is changing of Mother Board which is a silly answer from the Service Engineer and it costs Rs. 9000.00, which is really unbeilivable.

I am thinking of hiring a lawyer. If there's anyone who could help please contact me.

display problem and they're telling dat display have not came from d company - sony ericsson w 580 i

0n 21april2009 i gave my mobile w580i in gallery at vashi in bsel tech building bcoz d display has been lost
now they r telling dat the display has still not came frm d company
my mobileno 9969624150
waiting for ur early reply

Mobile loaded with problems from the very first day & refusal to replace the handset even before 24 hrs of purchase - sony/s302

The date of purchase is on 2/2/2009 . Myself, Narendra purchased the handset from the outlet with invoice no P.B.SP/55903 in the Univercell outlet on sheshadripuram.
& IMEI no 35653602196299 .After paying the bill i just found out that the phone just got hanged & showed it to your employees for which they just got it formatted and returned immediately saying that the battery is only 30% charged and it would not repeat later. The next morning ie on 3/2/2009 ie within 24 hours i approached your outlet with the handset which got hanged permanently in menu asking for a replacement for which they didnt heed to my words & asked me to get the software upgraded in the sony service centre in Malleswaram. The next day i started using the mobile and found out that the loudspeaker was noisy, display was flickering frequently, phone would hang permanently, the photo colour was green in the evening. They just asked me to take back the cell with me and would order for the parts and later would call me up to get the mobile for repair. Later on 16/2/2009 i called them to enquire when they asked me to get the handset to the service center. It was on 16/2/2009 i deposited my handset with the service centre 19/3/2009 ie after 33 days i received my handset with the camera flex replaced & swap done(356536020636463) & for this the complaint id was ses09nmc11498. They took my sim card and inserted in the cell to check the working when the display went blank. they just took an hour time and returned the handset which was switched off and asked me to charge it and then to switch it on . The next day ie on 20/3/2009 i went back to the service centre with the handset now in a condition of blank display and deposited it with them on the same day ie on 20/3/2009 and till to date i havent received any call from them, whenever i contact them there is a ready made answer that the handset has been sent to chennai. My request with you is to look into the matter. My cell no is 9739325782. I just invested Rs 7000 on the handset almost three months back & the handset in the condition, i had to purchase an other handset for my regular use. THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM YOUR COMPANY .Please reply me for this mail. Thank you. The service centre name is Numeric communication services, Malleswar
i have purchase on mobile model number of sony ericson R300 in 25oct 2008. now the mobile was so many problem in purchase on the date to now a days. sound effects and suddenly switch off . last week suddenly switch off my mobile so ill on the mobile it's completly dead so i ll complient the authorised service centre (purasaivakkam chennai - 07) and he is said the mobile its deffects on water so mother board changing cast of Rs.2000. i have purchase on the mobile rate is Rs.3600 in 7month only. what will produce the mobile in customer.recenty rly to me

mobile model number: R300
IMEI Number :354525027608007
battery number : 08W27
Can someone please advise what Cyber-shot means?
I have just bought a Sony Ericsson C510 and I don't think the cyber-shot is working.

I gathered that Cyber-shot was the name of the camera but it also capture still pictures of moving images...

Unfortunately my Phone does not do that...

Thank you

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