Sony India Customer Care

Sony India Customer Care

Sony India Pvt Ltd

No 14/43 Hameedia Centre 2nd Floor, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600034
Landmarks:Near Featherlight Showroom & Oxford Book Store

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1800 103 7799
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+91 90 2912 0629

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Sony India — Request servive our t.v

 jayakumar330 on Nov 27, 2015
Dear sir I bought sony led t.v 24' p412B for the date 26/01/2015, my t.v have not showed the display and registerd complaint on 9/11/2015 complaint register no 28817528, some of the technican came on 13/11/2015 checked, board to be replaced, it take three days, after long call they came on 20/11/2015 and changed the board but not checked the board properly without any T.v display and closed the complaint, and same day i enquired the customer care again the register the complaint complaint no is 29161230 date on 20/11/2015, without attended the complaint the closed the complaint number, again...
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Sony India — Service agreement complaint

 bb2naircc on Nov 27, 2015
I have brought Sony Bravia 46" LED 3D TV 3 yrs back. Since warranty is voided and i am facing a technical defect now, i have logged a complaint to sony India. With the complaint number Sony india committed 48hrs to fix defect with the charges linked with service, and i have agreed the same. Even after a week with multiple call from my end, I have not received the response. When i call they use to say, engineer is not available, engineer is sick, and some times they not use to attend the call. complaint ID: 29188142 (22nd Nov 2015) Sony India Service center Sri Sai electronics, Raigadh....
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Sony — Illegal charges demanding by sony service centre

 sunee on Nov 26, 2015
I have launched a complain regarding my LCD on toll-free no .They have given the request id29062734 &send their engineer to my checked and finally told that 3500 to 4500 will be costing.After that we have paid the visit charges and handed over the LCD to service centre.After two days surprisingly they told over the phone that the cost will be around 8500.These service centre is doing the very important work of looting the costumer.I have not brought back my LCD from service centre now U want the justice.who has given the freedom to them for cheating with the customer....
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Sony India — Sony earphones

 ramana_95 on Nov 26, 2015
I recently bought a Sony MDR earphones from amazon. It was functioning fine till a few days back. Then, I took my earphones to an authorized service center in Goa. They changed the shop location and were arrogant enough to leave it entirely to me to navigate to their new showroom. I somehow landed there and gave my earphones. At first they accepted it and told me this should be replaced. I was fine with that. They took the earphones inside for a few min, and came back after loosening the pin. I know for sure it(the pin) was perfectly fine when i gave it to them. At last they have REFUSED to take...
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Sonye Tek Marketing — Defective water purifier & free gift

 mram2k on Nov 25, 2015
Purchased a 7 stage water filter (Aqua grand+ RO+UV) on 14.09.2015 from Sonye Tek Marketing through the authorized dealer Mr. Ravi Kumar M, Sonye Aqua World, #751, 8th Main, Bhuvaneshwarinagar, Hesarghatta Road, T.Dasarahalli, Bangalore-560057. Mobile: 9945599333; 9880388887. He has promised that there is a free gift "Gas Geyser" along with the purchased filter as festival offer on occasion of Ganesha Chaturdasi. On 15th Sept'15 the filter was delivered without the assured free gift. After installation, we found that it was a defective piece. After informing so many times to Mr. Ravi, he has...
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Sony India — Sony wx80 camera/zoom button not working, black spot in lcd, hdmi socket lock not working

 sameer7oct on Nov 25, 2015
I purchased Sony WX80 camera on 19 Feb, 2015. It is under 2 years warranty.
just after few months use, its zoom button stopped working properly, it gets stuck in between while zooming in and out.

There is a black spot in LCD pannel while zooming. HDMI socket is not working. its not getting closed.

We gave the camera to Chaitanya Electronics(Sony Authorized service center ) in Chinchwad pune on 7 Nov, 2015. But till now there is no response from them. We called many times, but everytime the response from them is different. Sometimes they say it will take 1 more...
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Sony India — Sony xperia z ultra support / replacement related issue

 vijendranagotkar on Nov 23, 2015
Hello Sony Support,

Date of Incident: 14th Nov 2015 14:30 hrs
Client Number: 022-60601440/68888070

Regarding Replacement of my New Sony Xperia Z Ultra headset.

This is Vijendra Nagotkar from Mumbai and my mobile number is 9769801503. Job No is W115111403315. Sony Ticket Number 1-22503159043.
Due to issue on my Sony Xperia Z Ultra i had submitted my Phone to Sony Authorized Service center (HRR TELE Commotrade Pvt Ltd, Dadar, Mumbai) on 14th Nov 2015 at 2:30pm. And as per service center they were suppose to revert me on 16th Nov 2015 also...
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Sony India — Service Request not fulfilled for 1 week

 s.thomas.india on Nov 23, 2015
My laptop is under "On-site Warranty" period. There is no display on the Laptop. I had registered the complaint with the Sony Customer Care on Tel. No. 18001037799 on Monday, 16th Nov. 2015 vide complaint No. 029038695. They had told that within 48 hours the Engineer will visit. But nobody turned out. Then again I called on Thursday morning, i.e. 19th November 2015. That time they had given the Contact No. (011-26261324) of the Service Centre M/s Club Electronics, South Extension, New Delhi. When I contacted them they told that by the evening the Engineer will visit us. Regret to inform...
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Sony India — Phone heating pblm, voice low while talking, usb cap get loose every 3 months

 Muffadel Jawadwala on Nov 22, 2015
I'm using Sony Z2 phone from last 1 yr & I've come across many problems in the phone, I've given this phone in the service center and this is my 4th visit in last 1 yr.
Currently the phone has heating problem, voice of the opposite person is too low while talking, the USB cap has been change before and now again it became loose and came out.
I've got a sony Z3+ plus 2 months back for my wife and a sony R56C TV a week back that means I really like the brand and been loyal towards it.
However I'm very disappointed with sony Z2 and I'm requesting...
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Sony India — Heating of phone & voice disturbance & poor signal catching

 Anuuj Bhatia on Nov 22, 2015
I bought the new Sony Xperia C 5 ultra dual phone from relaince Web shipra mall from saless executive named Sunil and the handset gaps been having problems of over heating, poor/no signal and voice breaking. When I went there I was asked to go to Sony service Centre vaishali and than there I was told that appears software has been updated and it vl work well which did not happen aphasia. I have gone through physical and mental trauma and have not been able to communicate at important places and times and I m still again struggling to get a right handset...
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Sony India — Poor Service

 mvinoth5 on Nov 20, 2015
Complaint regarding Poor Service.

Sony Authorised Service Centre.
Clarity Service(Block AA9, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40)

Complaint against Clarity service, Anna Nagar, Chennai. There's a problem in my Sony 32 inch LED TV which I bought 2 years back. Display is slightly blue in color. I contacted service centre for immediate action. Engineer from Sony Authorised service centre(Clarity Service-Block AA9 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai- 600040) came to my house to inspect the TV, He told display needs to be changed. He didn't tell the price properly...
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Sony India — Cheating with customer at service centre

 sunee on Nov 20, 2015
My LCD of Sony is not working so I have launched the complain to customer care centre.They have assigned the Engineer of cool India of Gwalior.Engineer come's and check the LCD and after fully examining he said that the total cost of parts' and other charges will Rs 3500 to 4500 but we have to brought the LCD to his we have paid the fees of the concern engineer and went to centre with LCD by own sources and handed over the LCD to the Sony centre.After two days they says that your estimate will 8500.Now how it is possible that if the engineer says that total expenses will maximum 4500...
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Sony India — Harassment and threatening by the Sony mobile service station

 mukti.prusty on Nov 20, 2015
Hi, I gave my mobile(SONY XPERIA ZR) in the sony service station in saheed nagar, bhubaneswar, Odisha on 11th November 2015. My mobile has some sound problem only and apart from that it was working perfectly fine. On 12th Nov 15 when I went to receive my mobile it was broken on the display. When I charged then it was working when I gave you but it it not functioning now, that time they said it was broken earlier. But actually it is not they just want to get relief by pushing me. In the work order it is nowhere mentioned it was broken. It is their duty to inspect the mobile when they receive and...
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Sony Mobile — Delay in product delivery

 atulajit on Nov 20, 2015
Sony service centre mansarover complex bhopal has committed that after repairing the mobile( Sony xperia m4 aqua dual) will hand over on 4th no. 2015 which was handed over to them on 9th oct.2015 then committed on 7th nov. 2015 then on 13th nov. 2015 again committed that at any cast will handover on 20th nov. 2015. when i spoken today again Mr. Vinod(sony circle hr head) has told will check the status and inform you after that they have stop lifting my call. I have spoken to many senior officer they are replying that they can't help me on this matter. my mobile in warranty till 10th july 2016....
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Sony — Pen drive 16GB

 shubh mishra on Nov 20, 2015
As i seem at flipkart that pen drive of sony is of 16 Gb and of USB 3.0 but when i collect it via order no OD404455896975788000 ... it is of USB 2.0 so i want to return it and want pen drive of USB 3.0 as discribed in specification of this product at your site flipkart india......
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Sony India — Suspicious warranty policy

 subhram Jyoti on Nov 20, 2015
The service of sony is seriously hesitate ting me. i had by an Sony xperia t3 on 25th april 2015. On 20th nov i just change my sim but after that mobile shows that no sim inserted. After that i go to the Sony authorize service center(IMMORTAL SERVICES, lAXMI NAGAR, delhi). Its very bad to use any Sony product ; because your warranty policy is not transparent. So i advise you all please avoid to purchase Sony Mobiles....
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Sony India — Sony xperia z ultra mobile issues

 Dhaval Koradia on Nov 20, 2015
I bought a new brand Sony Xperia Z Ultra on 22nd June 2015. Hardly used it for 2 months and was fedup of using it due to issues with touch and network.
1 - Touch Issues - Irresponsive Touch, Automatically the key is pressed continuously even when I keep the phone and not even touch it
2 - Network Issues - The network used to drop every now and then.

I got the phone replaced from the Borivali service centre. A refurbished phone was issued to me that too I had to compromise the color. Previously I had bought a black phone. However the company provided me with a white phone.
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Sony India — Not providing good service

 simplemdhu20 on Nov 20, 2015
This complaint is regarding the certified sony service centre of "M/s. HAPPY CARE SERVICES", Nayapalli, phone model is Sony xperia M2/DS.IMEI is in warrany period.i gave my mobile for software update only.but they charged Rs170/- due to the red of water demarkation option in Mobile.There is no problem in my mobile.only i wanted to software it right to charged money in my warranty period only for sofatware update?...
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Sony India — Sony xperia dual m2

 gsivory on Nov 19, 2015
I purchased Sony Xperia Dual M2 mobile on 27/12/2014. Within 10.5 months, it started giving issue with charging. I got it checked from Sony Service Center "INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY", Vizag, job No: W115110703075 who confirmed that there's a liquid ingression i.e. water has gone inside the phone & hence the mother board need to be replaced for which charges of INR 6500 need to be paid as warranty has expired (due to liquid ingression). When I checked, none of the documents, enclosed with new phone, indicates that warranty of Sony mobile expires if there's a liquid ingression....
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Sony India — Sony bravia panel replacement

 hanumantappa tagaragunti on Nov 19, 2015
3 years back we brought Sony bravia 32 inches within 1 year panel replaced because of panel problem and again just after warranty again the same panel problem with tv we are totally dissatisfied with Sony company it's their service to replace it...
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