LG Electronics Customer Care

LG Electronics Customer Care

LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd

P NO - 51,Surajpur Kasna RD, Udyog Vihar
Greater Noida
Gautam Buddh Nagar District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1 800 180 9999
+91 12 0256 0940
+91 12 0256 0900
+91 12 0256 0941
+91 99 5305 0430
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.
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LG Electronics Complaints & Reviews

LG Electronics — No warranty proof for customers

 howrupravin on Nov 28, 2015
I have no written warranty(1+9 Year) proof for a product I purchased. Product Name: Home Appliances Category: Refrigerators Model Number: GL-B292SGSM Serial Number: 510NRHY0757601 Purchase Date: 25, Nov 2015 Vender Name: Poonam Electronics Vender Location: Valsad, Gujarat Let me know how and where i can get written warranty of 1+9 year on my specific refrigerator model. Vender is not giving written bill/documents for 1+9 year warranty on purchased/specific model. There is no information/details on LG product owners manual for 1+9 year warranty on purchased/specific model. In...
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LG Electronics — About tv troubleshooting

 mithun444 on Nov 28, 2015
Had complaint lg customer care for repairing of my tv on 8 nov complaint no RNA151108009008 their technician visited us but couldn't resolve the issue after that i had mailed twice to their customer care but nothing is working for last 20 days we had been harassed by the lg service centre as no one is replying back. Mithun maniyar 9822980710...
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LG Dishwasher — Bad product and inadequate service

 jayG on Nov 26, 2015
bought LG dishasher in Aug 2014. Earlier I was using IFB for many years. Since the last one year the Dishwasher has been giving continuous trouble. The cleaning is poor, the water does not heat up, there is no drying etc. etc. The dishwasher was taken to the workshop by your staff on the 18th nov, after they could not repair it from a complaint opened on the 13th November against complaint no RNA151113063881. Still the dishwasher is not working properly. Your area incharge Rahul is evasive and is not able to provide a solution. HOW CAN THE QUALITY OF ANY PRODUCT BE SO BAD....
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LG Electronics — Parts not available in LG store

 quadrihussain on Nov 26, 2015
I have a LG make Micro Wave Oven, Mod- MC7649DW, Price-Rs.9300 is got faulty. I had launch a complain in LG Customer Care(Customer Care No.18003159999, Complain No.151121010426) on 21st November 2015. They attend the problem same day. After verifying the Micro Wave Oven by LG Technicians they told one of the Micro Wave Oven part is got faulty and that part is absolute from LG stores.So they suggest you dump your Micro Wave Oven. Their concern person MR. Arka Ghosh suggest me the below said options. Now we have two solution which we can offer: Option-1: As per our depreciation policy we can refund...
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LG Electronics — 2 yr old washing machine sold at a fresh price

 muteeb on Nov 25, 2015
Dear All I bring to your kind notice that i purchased LG washing machine, top loading, automatic, Model No. WM WFT8519QL through ACE Electronics, Unit No. 225, The Great India Mall, Sec 38A, Noida-201301 through invoice No. 1136 dated 22 July 2012. My warranty for three years expired and i approached you for another two years warranty which was rejected by LG on the ground of the condition that the machine is 2 years old so already 5 years complete and the warranty can not be awarded if the tenure exceeds 5 years. It was never communicated to us that machine is 2010 made otherwise we never...
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LG Electronics — LG G4 - Dead in a week's time - RNA151123091694

 Rajarshee Angira on Nov 25, 2015
Hello Guys, I recently purchased LG G4(FLAGSHIP DEVICE) after watching a lot of reviews where everybody was saying it is a very good phone. No doubt on paper the specs are very good and so I also bought the device. I bought it on 1st november from their authorized retailer. I worked fined for 5 DAYS and after that . 1. Started to lag(that too when bare minimum apps were running on device) 2. Images clicked by camera started to disappear. 3. Further. the camera started to split in two halves. 4. The entire screen started to split in two halves vertically. 5 And finally the device refused...
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LG Electronics — LG Mobile

 sudiptoghosh on Nov 25, 2015
I had purchased a Nexus 5 mobile in July 2014. 3 weeks back, the phone stopped working and would automatically switch on and get off repeatedly. I took the phone to the LG mobile service center in Kolkata - Suva Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. on 7th Nov and after initial checking, was told that the issue is most likely with the power button, which should become ok if the button is replaced. Since they did not have the button, I was told that the button would be received in 3-4 days and then my phone would be returned. It has been 18 days now and every time I keep on repeatedly calling them,...
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LG Electronics — Non-working of 32 inch lcd tv - discontinuation of parts

 SB9 on Nov 25, 2015
We purchased 32inch LCD LG on 29/11/2009 with product details given below.
Model number: 32LH35FRCTR Serial number: 910LTFJ002683
Last week we had problem with LCD (Only sound with no Picture) and lodged complaint with customer support dated 21/11/2015 (Ref: RNA151121036023) and the technician named Brijpal visited our place.

I was surprised and shocked with the response from your technician regarding the problem. Initially we were told that some part is damaged and he will arrange for the same but after couple of days we were told that part cannot be arranged since...
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LG Electronics — Microwave oven

 Shrinivas Rathod on Nov 24, 2015
The control panel of two year old microwave oven product with extended warranty is not working . Technical support person took the pannel three months back for replacementrof the same. Now since the spare is not availableavailable theythey want to replacereplace the oven with depreciation as it was in anc. What is the annual depreciation for twotwo year old product....
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LG Electronics — Customer service issue in LG India

 Akash Chandrakar on Nov 24, 2015
Hi, There are several instances (approx 4-5 times) in a gap of few months when the service person confirmed that its an issue with the magnetron and hence magnetron has been replaced due to non-heating. Last time when it was replaced i.e. the 4th time, the service person said there won't be any issue. It was working for 1 week after which I was outstation for a couple of months. Now when am back to Bangalore and started using the microwave oven, after 15 days, the same issue has occurred i.e. non-heating. In 1 year magnetron has been replaced 5 times which highlights that either defective products...
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LG Electronics — Repair of washing machine

 Harsh_Parekh on Nov 24, 2015
We had purchased a washing machine in 2008 that had a 5 year warranty. A couple of weeks ago, the washing machine stopped working and we had called customer care for an enquirer. An individual in charge visited our home and said that one part(the display panel) was not functional and by replacing it, the machine would work again. We asked him to do the same and we would bear the costs but we were informed that the particular part was not manufactured anymore. We called customer care and were transferred 3-4 times to higher-ups after which the manager of some sort rudely told us there was nothing...
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LG Electronics — TV operational problem and defiant customer service

 shadab khan on Nov 24, 2015
Hi I have always been a loyal customer towards LG products and am currently using several of its products. I had purchased 3d tv 42LW5700 3 years back with an expectation of firm product quality service. This expectation could not last long as my TV, which has not even completed 4000 hours on record, has fragmented lines on the display. While purchasing the product I was assured of average 20, 000 hours lifespan of this TV. Not to mention the fact that I have spent a whopping INR 86K for purchasing this product and now it is of 0 value to me. After contacting the service centre my worries...
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LG Electronics — LG Split AC Service

 kadhir34 on Nov 23, 2015
I bought this LG AC in 2010 for Rs. 18990 and I have opted for AMC. My current AMC is valid till 10th April 2017. Two weeks Back my AC cooling was not proper and I raised a service request. To my Horror i have been told by the service people of LG that the Condenser of the AC needs to be replaced and there is no spare parts available for my model. The service people told me that they will provide me around Rs 6400. and i will be forced to bye another LG AC minus Rs. 6400 and they will not give this Rs . 6400 in cash or check to buy another AC of different brand. I have paid around Rs. 15500 till...
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LG Electronics — Life of LG refrigerator - Only till warranty

 dikins on Nov 21, 2015
Dear LG Team, With a remarkable pathetic quality of products and service, on what moral grounds has LG started campaign of OUR INNOVATION YOUR TRUST? Trust, that LG will siphon your hard earned money once you own one of its products. THANK YOU. I committed a mistake in July 2013 of owning a LG Refrigerator (Model No - GL-278PNG4.APGZEBN) and I am indeed sorry for it. I never knew LG would make me pay for my mistake so severely. They say “Experience is the hardest kind of teacher” and LG made sure people like me who get carried away by brands need to be reprimanded in a similar manner....
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LG Washing Machine — Mother board failure

 tskumar06 on Nov 21, 2015
Dear LG, I was puchased as said washing machine FA8068NDP on 29/10/2012, upto last week run without any issues after that we have faced motor not running problem. After that the same has been complaint registered and customer service person was came inspected and informed that due to mother failure the problem was caused.Also they told that the replacing product cost will be Rs.6000. Actually in my home all my home appliance are LG products only like AC, Fridge&TV since five years but not even any problem faced except this washing machine. Infact my friends was told me that dont buy LG washing...
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LG Electronics — TV repair not responding

 vishnu d on Nov 21, 2015
Very dissatisfied and dissapointed for having purchased a lg led tv, some major problem within months of purchase, service people not responding properly, more than 4 days, the problem as not been attended yet. i think i chose the wrong brand and made a mistake. kindly repair the tv asap, or replace with a new one because i will constantly feel bad whenever i see the repaired television. and moreover there is no direct no to compain and some call centre guy is attending the call and responding insanely. LG has given direct email id to pres and media to communicate regarding advertisement,...
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LG Electronics — Our 16 hp outdoor unit, model no.Aruv160lt2 air conditioner not working.

 Ammul Goel on Nov 20, 2015
On 23rd June, 2011, we have purchased 13 LG Air conditioner from your local dealer Madhura, air conditioner & Refrigeration, Vaiduwadi, Hadapsar, Pune. All 13 sets were installed in our office known as Pushpganga Ventures, Office No.501, San Mahu complex, 5, Bund Garden Road, Pune.
Since the installation to August, 2015 normally these 13 sets of Air conditioner worked in normal condition but at the end of August and starting of September 2015, these all sets of ACs not working properly.
Therefore, we called your local dealer Madhura, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration then...
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Lg Refrigrator — Damage product

 rishi@ on Nov 19, 2015
I purchase a refrigerator (LG REF215L GL D2) on 5/11/15 but the product which i received is badly damaged from that day to till date i dint getting any replies or message so i want to look into this matter other wise I will file a case against Reliance Retail Limited...
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LG Electronics — Lg water purifier is a crap product. Needs monthly maintenance costs rs 5000

 chandumalur on Nov 19, 2015
I am facing many issues with LG water purifier. Service executive says water quality is poor. Since the water quality is poor, I have invested 23000 on this water purifier otherwise I would have bought some other brand with lesser price. More over your installation engineer will test the water quality before installation. If they would have told either I would have cancelled that instantly otherwise I would have gone to better product from LG itself. Now it is not my mistake. My water purifier will not run more than one month after service. Now the warranty period is also over and spending around...
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LG Electronics — Fridge not working - and lg technicians are incapable of fixing it

 Jaibaabu on Nov 19, 2015
Hi There, I bought an LG fridge 11 months back and it is actually not working...I have raised complaints and technicians have visited Rk fix it twice and they say everything is fixed and it wud work fine...but the situation is the same...looks like the technicians or really incapable and LG doesn't support its customers...this is the first Time I have gone for a LG product and this will be the last I have done this mistake......
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