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Emirates — Not allowed to board international flight for invalid reasons

 panka40 on Jul 18, 2013
I along with my family had valid shenegen Visa from Belgium and we had planned to travel to Switzerland on 29th June 2013 thorugh Emirates. My visa had a stamp which requested me to report to embassy before 03rd July 2013. This request was to report to embassy after my visit to shenegn states. The emirates officer on duty did not allow me and my family to board my flight as I had not visited the embassy; he insisted that I should have visited before my planned travel. He insisted me to cancel my flight to avoid no show. As it would have cost my entire 6 lakhs investment to go to a bin, I shifted...
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Emirates — Fraudulent Job Offers

 Justin Jose on Oct 22, 2012
Respective Sir,
Let me wish a Warm Greetings to all of you.
I Justin Jose is a citizen of India basically a Keralite, Born, Brought up & residing at Gujarat, India was desiring to work at abroad. I have been offered a Job from an International Company M/S. Emirates Group of Companies. The Designation offered to me is as an "Assistant Terminal Manager" at Sydney Airport, Australia to work on behalf of the said company. The person who had offered me a job introduced himself as a staff of Emirates coming in a class of A+ Category. His name is Dr. Shine Sathiabalan (Cardiologist...
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Emirates — Served an expired drink on board

 senthilvel.r on Aug 16, 2012
When i returend back from Schipole to chennai via Dubai on 26th of Jan 2012, in the Connecting flight from dubai to chennai i had a bitter lemon tinned drink, i had the drink when i checked the manufactured date of the drink i was schocked to see that it was an Expiered product, i made a compain to the head steward and even wrote a complain on papers they provided.
i got reply from customer.affairs@emirates.com but they just apolagised and they were not worried about the cause of intake of the expiered drink and very lethagicallt they told that they can give a voucher for 35$ that could be...
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Emirates — Missed One Laptop and Mobile in Check in Baggage

 sande42 on Jul 31, 2012
Baggage Ref:[protected].

Dear Sir/Madam,

One laptop and one mobile is missing in my check in baggage.
Laptop Detail: Dell Make, Lattitude, office laptop.
Mobile: Motorola make with Airtel sim inside.

The Baggage is Checked in at Buffalo airport in Jetblue (Ref:[protected], BSXMKQ 27 Jul 12; 1435 BUF/IJY; BUFJFK B6 7; JFK DXB EK 202; DXB BLR EK 568).

Traveling Details:

I started travel on 26th July @ Buffalo through Jetblue. Because of climate condition Jetblue arrived JFK Newyork...
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Emirates — Hopeless Service

 Avinpri on Jun 7, 2012
Was traveling from Dubai to Houston on the 27th of April, first of all the service experience started with my wife requesting for ear bud , which she requested for by saying cotton. The air hostess ( if one can call her that) , looked back at her blankly .. No excuse me mam ... Then she finally comprehends what we want , when we repeat our request as being for ear buds ... She then comes back and hands the same over ... With her two penny worth comment " this is not made of cotton " ... I really wonder whether Emirates even trains their air hostesses or they are just proud of saying they...
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Emirates — Poor customer care hotline

 anilkumarrene on Jul 25, 2011
Ticket No:[protected],My son NIHAR.[protected]i cancelled)
Flight No :EK533 and EK 225
Customer No:[protected]
My travelling date 27/July/2011
My Husband Mr.ANIL VASUDEV KURUP he left to USA on 24/July/2011 .
Because of emergency i want to prepone my ticket before 27th(any dates).
For the above i tried to call your customer hot line for three days (day and night).when i get a line i explained my needs but they couldnot understand what i am asking for, that much inexperienced.whenever i get the call each time some new...
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Emirates — Disgusting behavior of Mr. Asif Bandasale

 mpurewal on Feb 19, 2011
My aged Parents were flying Business Class from San Francisco to Dubai (EK 226) on 7th Feb 2011. At breakfast my father Mr. GS Purewal (seat 10K) asked to see what was available in Vegetarian. Mr. Ashif came and gave him a vegetarian tray. My Father immediately corrected Mr. Ashif, and asked for Non Veg breakfast, and clarified he was only enquiring on what was available in Veg. The VERY RUDE Ashif, picked up the vegetarian food, and said NO. if you want to eat then you will get vegetarian, as you asked for that. Finally, he did not give my father any breakfast!!!! Mr. Ashif, this is Business Class,...
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Emirates — please confirm this offer is fake or genuine




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Emirates — Lost and Damaged baggage

I am a frequent traveller and heard good reviews about Emirates. This was one of the primary reason for me choosing emirates for the travel of my wife and an infant. The travel was from New Delhi to London Gatwick via Dubai. However this turned out to be one of the worst travel experience. I have following bad experiences to share

1. There was absolutely no assistance available at Dubai airport. No stroller service and no transport service to ferry her from one terminal to other, to catch the connecting flight, She was left to manage the luggage and the kid on her own( From terminal...
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Emirates — appointment letter

 pradeep dube
sir i had got appointment letter by the name of emirates whose details are as given. plz convey further information

Terminal 2 Departures Hall
Manchester United Airport,
Post code M904QX, England,
United Kingdom


JOB REF #: EAG-68/29674


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