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Intimeservice — bill not given and excess billing

 Basavaraj Ad on Nov 24, 2018
I had requested the company to repair hotstar geyser... The person came and repaired coil and charged 3650/-. Which appears to be excess billing... I asked for bill he told it will be sent by mail... So far bill not received... When i called up hus number (Shivakumar) he not lifting phone... I enquired and realised that the coil charges are only max 1000/-.. Appears to be fraud company...
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Intimeservice — toshiba led tv

 Roop Menon on Nov 23, 2018
I had contacted them via their website for tv repair they came and took the tv on 19/11/2013 saying it will be checked, no calls and no information about the cost/repair. Absolutely nothing after constant phone calls they said that the panel is damaged and they will be delivering the tv back, no sign of it till 23/11/2018. They're not picking up the calls. This is a fraud company that is run by thieves, time for some police action....
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Intimeservice — geyser

 bishakhacool on Jul 15, 2018
Fraud company, my complaint number 454221, before coming they were very sweet, but after they visited and took some of the geysers part, they are disgusting, completely fraud technicians, for a coil and thermostats change they were charging 2300, when we ask to tell the cost they were unable to split there bill information, very bad, and customer support also not available, very bad I will ensure that how much I can I will tell to the people about this company in social sites, so that many people gets save from this fraudulent company....
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Intimeservice — fraud numbers and fraud team

 Phanindra.annaparthi on Jun 20, 2018
Last week i raise a incident in and they assigned a technician in Hyderabad with Service ID number 442565. His name is Shake. His mobile number is [protected]. He has come and visited home and checked the TV, he said mother board is short circuited and needs replacement. He asked me 4000 as advance to get motherboard. He took the TV with him and till now he didnt turned back. This is almost 10 days. He responds in whatsapp saying will be delivered next day. Never ever give or call these fraud people.

Bangalore customer care number is [protected].

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Intimeservice — lcd tv repair

 P. Narasimha on Feb 20, 2018
Dear all,

I had asked the repair of my lcd tv through intimeservice on 02.02.2018. They had assigned one service personal. His name is mr. Manju gowda - +91 [protected]. After my two days of follow up, his service person came and told that they have to take it for service center. Approximate charge will be rs 5500/- for power supply. Before replacement of parts, service center person will call us. But without taking our concern, mr. Manju gowda replaced the power supply unit and called within an hour and half, tv was ready and bill amount rs. 7200/-. Asked to pay rs. 6200/-
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Intimeservice — more charges

 prash2011 on Jan 11, 2018
As i had requested to replace the door lock of washing machine and manju had came to repair and he has charged rs 3650 for door lock and rs 450 for his visiting charges
While i have rechecked the door look of washng machine it was only rs 650 when i again asked the customer care they told you should contact manju (Repairer) and he said i will return it back and till now i had followed up him like anything still he has not returned the amount.

Please i request all not go for these kind of services and they are not from the original customer care centres all inbetween services...
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