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Sakthi Masala — complaint about beetle in product

 Mahendra Kumar Ganesan on Aug 19, 2018
Dear sir/madam,

Greetings from mahendrakumar, we using sakthi masala product from past four years. Today morning my mom opening the packet beetle/worm is there. Manufacturing date july 2018. Before expired itself beetle came not only in samabar powder it's came in garam powder this not a first time we face same issue late two/three time. I am highly disappointed with your products. Please take care of customer and product.

G mahendrakumar.
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Sakthi Masala — sakthi chilli powder

 D. Pankajam on Aug 28, 2017
Hello sir

 we are regular customers of sakthi chilli powder. On 26th august 2017 we bought a 200 gm pack of sakthi chilli powder from a local indian store.  on 27th when i opened the pack and transferring it to my jar found the colour was dull, and smelt different and highly disappointed to see such things from a reputed company.

I am attaching the pics of the lot number and opened pack for your reference. I am not sure whether its edible. Kindly revert back for this query. ...
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Sakthi Masala — Expiry did not change

From m. M. Stores, pallapatti, karur (Dt). I purchase sakthi masala all items for retail sale. Sakthi lemon powder, briyani powder is expiry. So i ask to change that items my dealer but, he told did not taken back any items in sakthi masala in company. That items are puchase this year june&july month.
The dealer name is sri sakthi murugan agencies, karur.

And company rep not visit my store at last 2years why?...
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Sakthi Masala — Sakthi masala rasam powder 50gr pocket

On 26th of April 2016 i bought shathi masala rasma powder 5 pockets from one of the super market in pondicherry .

After came home we used two pocket and balance three pockets we opened on 27th of may found insects inside the pockets (lots of worms) .

We sent mail on 31st of may to sakthi masala as mentioned in the pocket but still no reply .

Batch no - MM12SSEXV
PKD - 09/2015...
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Sakthi Masala — Quality of the stuff

 Arunagiri Velu
I bought a Sakthi Masala Chilli Power pocket 500 gm on 26.11.2015 from a reputed departmental store at Chennai. I have opened this pack on 27.11.2015 and found it contains some other brown colour powder, some thing like a wood scrap powder. So, I called the Sakthi masala HQ and reported it on 28.11.2015 by 11 a.m.. The man who attended the call said that the concerned person is not in the seat and assured me to call me back within one hour. But I have not received any call. so, once again I called them by 3 p.m. The same man picked up the call and repeated that the concerned man is not in the seat...
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Sakthi Masala — lemon and puliyotharai mix

when i brought the sakthi lemon rice powder ... i got tamarind rice mix in it. when i brought tamarind rice powder there is no basic puli taste itself inside it... what actullay happining in the packaging unit and manufacturing unit of sakthi masala... irritating peoples...
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Sakthi Masala — Quality

I used to buy Sakthi Masala. Recently I used sakthi mutton masala, curry masala and fish fry masala. However, I used these masala powder with rice, without any meat or fish. For example, cooking rice with mutton masala. To my surprise, I get the smell of meat when I eat. Once I cooked rice with fish fry masala and after eating my hand had the bad smell of fish.
I wonder, whether sakthi masala people add mutton bones in the masal or fish bones in the masala to add smell and taste.
Will some people in charge can check and identify the secret of mutton smell and fish smell in their masala...
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