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Cafe Coffee Day Customer Care

Coffee Day Global Ltd.

#23/2, Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore North
Bangalore District
India - 560001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 102 5093  (Head Office)
1860 500 4422  (Helpline)

+91 80 4001 2345  (Head Office)

Additional info
601-A, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Sonkatch, Madhya Pradesh
+91 74 8902 6943

Sapna Sangeeta Road
UG 2 & 3, Mishika Tower, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
+91 74 8902 3634

Inside Aura Mall
Aura Mall, E-8, Arera Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
+91 93 0015 9802

Hiland Park
Metropolis Mall, Hiland Park, Em Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal
+91 93 3788 0730

SP Mukherjee Road
135G, SP Mukherjee Road, Kolkata, West Bengal
+91 93 3230 1613

Raja Dinnendra Street
118, Raja Dinendra Street, Fariapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal
+91 93 3371 6859

Dattani Square Mall
Inside Dattani Square Mall, Shop No. 7 & 8, Thane, Maharashtra
+91 93 4458 4334

Rustomjee Business School
Inside Rustomjee Business School, Rustom Irani Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Phoenix Paragone Plaza
Shop No. U-40, Phoenix Paragone Plaza, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Peninsula Business Park
Peninsula Business Park, P5, Food Court, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
+91 93 4458 2635

11, Akshata Building, Opp Sahkar Plaza, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Multi Function Complex
Amazing Hotel, Multi Function Complex, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Mon09:30 am - 06:00 pm
Tue09:30 am - 06:00 pm
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Fri09:30 am - 06:00 pm
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Cafe Coffee Day — unethical behavior

 varun2143 on Dec 14, 2018
This is likely the worst cafe i’ve ever been to, was sitting & working politely with my 4 coworkers, two of us ordered coffee & the others didn’t want to. The store manager ‘rahul’ comes up & informs that we can’t sit in the cafe till each & everyone of the group places an order and then asks us to leave the cafe.

Never heard of a cafe, restaurant or even bar where it is necessary for each & every person of the same group to place an order.

Most of all the place wasn’t even busy, with lots of tables empty. With this kind of attitude of the employees those...
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Cafe Coffee Day — scam of charging for coupon without customer concern

 Kartik Kabra on Dec 12, 2018
On 10th DEC 2018 4:08pm i visited ccd store at canaught place shop no. 4 DMRC Rajiv chowk. New delhi.
I ordered creamy cold chocolate @ 189. And in bill they added ccd season treati @4.76. without intimating me. Once I asked why they charged 4.76rs. cashier Priyanka said it already added in system so this coming in all bills. I ask her to refund than she said it's non refundable. And the store manager Sandeep apologize and said this charge is deducted because they giving coupon ( pic of coupon is attached). He handed over me the coupon after the argue. And i guess this happened with lots...
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Cafe Coffee Day — rude staff & pathetic technology service

 tarundua87 on Dec 9, 2018
If ccd is not able to manage its technology, then its better to have services from third party vendors. Swiggy, zomato can you support you and atleast save you in some front. There is no need to push your application, if your pos is not capable enough to properly integrate nad communicate customer orders.

Anyhow, the staff training ccd really require to take care of. It's quite familiar situation with your outlets that your staff is rude enough to answer any situation. I do not understand what ccd really spend to educate and train its human resource. They are in business of hospitality...
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Cafe Coffee Day — adulteration of water

 Om Sai Ayyappa on Dec 8, 2018
I got a bottle of water from ccd, phoenix mall, chennai. The water had a very bad taste. It definitely tasted like tap water. The staff are definitely refiling sold bottles and are selling them off. The seals on the bottles are bot visible. Its a shame to pay for water and find that even it is adulterated. Kindly take action on the store and see that its set right....
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Cafe Coffee Day — non availability of coffee powder

 SATYANARAYANA RAO D.V. on Dec 4, 2018
I am residing at pragathinagar, opp: jntu, kukatpally, hyderabad. I use to purchase coffee powder of mix of 70:30 sometimes 60:40 from a coffeday shop located in kphb colony, hyderabad. For the last several days (Almost one month) the powder is not available at that shop. The boy at the shop says that there is no stock of coffee beans. Could you please look into this and explain the reason for the shortage of coffee beans.

D. V. S. N. Rao
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Cafe Coffee Day — fraudulent bill by ccd

 drdeep2018 on Dec 3, 2018
Hello team,
Yesterday 01.12.2018 i went to cafe coffee day, dd mall outlet, gwalior and ordered two items

Sizzle dazzle brownie (Price 239)
Vanilla cappuccino (Price 138)
These price i have quotes are according to the menu that ccd guy provided.

But when i got the bill, it was of 394 and that guy had put 5% gst twice. First on product price and then on total bill. When i countered him and asked about this, he started justifying saying that price has been increased from today and menu has not been updated. But he was not able to produce proof.
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Cafe Coffee Day — my resignation letter is not accepted

 Sunil bti on Nov 28, 2018
My name is sunil kumar
Empl. Code = a118305
Worked at comand hospittal (Panchkula) in cdx
I given the resignation at 21.05.2017 for 6 months ago. But my full and final settlement has not been received yet.
And if i am talking about this thing to h. R. (Mr. Munish kumar) no one is giving a response. Please send the amount of my full and final or my working days in cafe coffee day.
Mr. Manish kumar from h. R. Depoartment is not accept my resinging letter withaout any resseon....
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Cafe Coffee Day — demanding for order of 300 rs

 Prajwal Gowda A P on Nov 27, 2018
We are not doing any meetings here and we are coming and giving the order and we sit and talk but they are behaving like we are doing ### . Zonal head is not allowing us he is using bad behaviour . To achieve there target they forcing us to order and serving with the bad quality of food which is expired ...and the person named vasanth (manager)is forcing us to order 500 per hour from each person ...kindly look into it ... as a educated we know ccd is to sit and spend time together .

Thank you

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Cafe Coffee Day — doe eps date is not updated

 gan1993@ on Nov 24, 2018
Dear sir
I am ganesh bharat sarode from pune (Maharastra). I have left the job before 2.5 ago but my doe eps date is not updated. Thats because my pf application has been not submitted. And realiving letter is not giving to me. Please it is needful
Empoyee id - a139087
Date of joining - 27/02/2017
Reraleaving date - 07/09/2018
Contact no -[protected]...
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Cafe Coffee Day — rude behaviour and shut down before time

 jmaggarwal on Nov 22, 2018
Your new cafe at dalhousie road pathankot opp shani mandir has repeatedly shown disrespect to the customers visiting, including mine own experience for two times.

Yesterday that’s 21/11/18 at 10.35 pm we reached with family and on seeing the car approaching the sardar guy on duty rushed to switch off lights and there were two customers already sitting. He didn’t bother to their experience and order was yet to be taken for them also.

On enquiring he said he shall like to know what order it is and also take away only might be possible, at 10.35 pm the cafe he wanted...
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Cafe Coffee Day — problem with combo meals

 arultk on Nov 19, 2018
Please note about the new combo meals introduced in cafe coffee day whenever i visit various ccd in mumbai and navi mumbai i am being handed over with the different menu other than the combo menu

When i specifically asked then the sales person always says the stock is out supplies are not coming so on and so forth. This happens with every cafe coffee day which means the business model of combo meals is just to attract customers and handover hand them over another menu just to make hire bill

As a customer we never write to the company to start for a combo meal at a lower...
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Cafe Coffee Day — im complaining about the ccd store at agra near taj mahal

 Ritu29 on Nov 18, 2018
Hi, this is ritu agrawal from moradabad. I am visiting agra as a tourist with my husband and two kids. So i visted your store near taj mahal twice. And i noticed that the staff with yelling and shouting and giggling among themselves regardless of the customers being in the cafe.. We had to literally shout many times to grab their attention when we needed any thing. It was really disappointing to see this kind of behaviour at a branded store like “cafe coffee day”.
Kindly look into this matter for your own brand image being spoilt at a tourist prime city like agra.

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Cafe Coffee Day — excess billing for product which I did not purchase [Resolved]

 Shamayita Mukherjee on Nov 14, 2018
I went to ccd santoshpur (Pin 700075) with my sister on 14.11.2018. We ordered a devil’s own, choco cookie milkshake and garlic bread. The ccd guy asked me if i wanted cheese on my garlic bread and i said yes. The bill amount was rs. 766. I was surprised but nonetheless decided to eat the food first. Before leaving the cafe we asked the ccd representative to give us the bill. On the bill an extra item was added: oatmeal and honey cookies, which we had not purchased. When confronted he said that it was an adjustment! Moreover, the bill was stamped in a manner that made the item “oatmeal cookies”...
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Cafe Coffee Day — tissue paper [Resolved]

 Quality Time on Nov 13, 2018
With the coffee generally should serve tissue paper. That s the standard of ccd but they served toilet paper roll sheets instead of tissue paper. Payment of a coffee goes more the 100 bucks don't the cafe coffee day can't purchase tissue papers for the customer. These are not the standard of a renowned coffee shop.
What kind of worst service it is?...
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Cafe Coffee Day — received half bottle of shake [Resolved]

 Tarungoel5 on Nov 11, 2018
I ordered 4 items from ccd global limited but after receiving an order from the delivery boy, found that frappe (Shake) was half empty in the bottle.
This is how ccd treats its customers when the order is placed for delivery.
Upon asking the details from the delivery boy, he told whatever the outlet people gave to him, he is just delivering the same.

This is not at all acceptable, that too from the merchant like ccd. What to expect from others???
Attached are the images of the food bill and that half filled bottle of shake....
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Cafe Coffee Day — got too much dark coffee [Resolved]

 Shreya Bhatnagar on Nov 10, 2018
I ordered 3 coffees for 369 rs. It was totally too dark that i can't even drink. And the thing is when i got my coffee then after the service boy said to me that our coffee machine is not working well. They should informed us earlier. After tasting it i puke immediately. It was totally wastage of my money. I want my money back. I hope you people take it as your priority....
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Cafe Coffee Day — pf issue [Resolved]

 Feroz ahmad wani 19990 on Nov 2, 2018
Dear sir
I would like to inform you that i worked in cafe coffee day 4.3 years but only three months show to me in the this connection i request to hr lot of times but he told me last six months it wil update 10 days but he gives me only excuse. I am suffering because of pf issue. So i request to u pls solve my problem as soon as possible otherwise i will go to labour commissioner....
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Cafe Coffee Day — delay in security deposit refund [Resolved]

 CafeBox on Oct 23, 2018
Hi Team,

I have returned the rental coffee machine to CCD authorized distributor "Vasudha Agencies" with complete accessories in June (20/06/18) month since I had to shut down my Cafe Business due to some personal reasons.

Coffee day is suppose to refund the security deposit of Rs.25000/-, am continuously following up with concern sales in-charge regularly but nothing happened till now

Its been six months now, Coffee day team is just giving excuses every time with unacceptable reasons. I have waited enough & decided to raise this issue in this forum.
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Cafe Coffee Day — place being used as office space [Resolved]

 Akshay.1804 on Oct 22, 2018
I suppose this cafe is not for office use. Here this cafe is fully occupied by a single company where they are discussing everything and also client meeting takes place here. I don't blame that but what about the people who seek relaxation and peace of mind.. If this has to continue just allot them a private place in somewhere the cafe itself.. That will be off great help to those who just want a peace of mind and happiness. This is along ecr stretch and some places in and around everywhere chennai. I...
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Cafe Coffee Day — unexpected bill and misguided by sales executive [Resolved]

 R n d on Nov 8, 2018
Today I am misguided by ccd sales executive at lake mall Rashbehari Avenue and paying Rs 4332.00 which is unexpected from like this type of reputed organization. And I am not getting proper clarification of my bill from them. I am enclosing the bill which is painful for me. The sales executive totally misguided me and unnecessary billing charges from me....
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