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Salil Kapoor — salil kapoor fraud -cheating

 gayathiri2019 on Jun 18, 2019
Salil kapoor 45000 following guy is very big fraud.
Freelancer photoshooter.
Rented studio,
Free lancer makeup man.

No company address.
No gst

He is taken from 5000 for photo shoot thru paytm. After that he is not picking my calls.

Very careful guys, he dont have any proper register number.

Big cheating guy in this world. he will do shoot only 2 peoples. Another 8 peoples he will cheat, ....
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Salil Kapoor — disney photo shoot children

 Manmeet649 on Feb 26, 2019
Salil kapoor is a biggest fraud and a gay #. He took money from all the parents in hyderabad and also made us buy disney jewellery and shoe, gowns fir the kids and after the shoot never sent the pictures of children. Whenever asked he would say he has liver problem. There are many complaints against this guy.
In future parents please don't fall prey for this #....
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Salil Kapoor — fraud salil kapoor

 Meera1610 on Jun 5, 2018
He is fake and he needs to be taught a lesson. He fooled us too by collecting inr 3000 for model card and issuing fake receipts, when we confronted him, he started threatening us and using abusive language. He has himself made fake accounts and he comments himself on his pages. When you meet him, he will forcefully like his page from from your profile and share videos too. Too clever person. People stop coz of kids involvement but such people needs to be taught a lesson for sure. He is a big fraud!...
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