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Savari Complaints & Reviews

New Delhi, Delhi
I hired a taxi fro savari for a fixed rental charge for fixed kilometers.Trip was taken from madurai airport to rameshwaram....

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Hi all, this is my first hand experience with savaari. Please read and save yourself from this fraud company.

I had booked a cab from pune to mumbai for my return journey on the same day. The car booked by me was a sedan but they had arranged a hatchback. I called them up one day prior to correct this issue. At first, they did not makd changes, but later, apologised and arranged for a sedan. The cab was booked for 7 am the next day. But, the driver came at 8:15. He was ill mannered, loud and very badly dressed. It looked like he was drunk the last night and had just woken up. The car was dented, scratched and foul smelling. But since we had a flight to board from mumbai, we didn't complain and somehow managed. Anyway, we sat in that car and the journey started. Within just a minute, it struck upon me that the meter has already been started. But, it should have been started from my house. It was already started by the driver from his house. I told him to reset to zero, he argued and said that the meter was to be started from his home and not mine. I was speechless. If he travels 50 kms from his house, will i pay for that? What kind of cab service is this? I had to literally fight with him and make him get the meter reading to zero.

After reaching mumbai, he 'ordered' me to start the gps on my phone. I asked him why and he replied that he did not know the route. I didn't argue because i had a flight and would be more late due to the fights and arguments. Savari call centre people had earlier told me that they would sens a well spoken, knowledgeable driver. But this guy did not know any of the routes. I started my mobile and guided him using gps. Somehow we reached the sahara airport. There he started again with his tantrums. He demanded money for parking. But, a parking was actually not needed. I saw many other vehicles and confirmed with them. Nobody had a parking and waiting in the lane for about 15 minutes was not a problem (Without parking receipt). Again, we had to talk it out and waste time with him for demanding unnecessarily.

After see off (My sister had a flight), we (Me and my senior mother) wanted to head back to pune. Suddenly, on the way, the driver felt dizzy and started vomiting. He fell sick. I asked him what had happened to him. He replied that he had not slept well and was doing back to back shifts. I was shicked to hear this. How does savari send such drivers? Do they force the drivers to drive even if they were ill or half drowsy and asleep?

We did not know what to do in that situation. Should we allow him to sleep? If yes, then what are the chances he will wake up before it is too late? How will we reach pune at night? If we don't allow him to sleep, he may be sleepy and not be able to drive. We may meet up with an accident. We were thinking what to do. Meanwhile, he stopped the vehicle in the middle of mumbai traffic three times. He was puking all the way.

After a few minutes, he decided he could not drive further and suddenly stopped the car at panvel petrol station without seeking our permission. I asked him why he had stopped, he replied that he wanted to sleep! In the middle of nowhere, at night, the driver of the car stopped midway and slept inside the car.

By the way, i was a single woman travelling with my mother, a senior citizen. It was a very bad situation to be in. After just a few minutes, the driver started snoring and fell fast asleep.

Do you know how much time he took to wake up? Two hours. Yes, he woke up after two hours. I was trying to wake him up, but he could not. I had called savari too, but the number was not getting through. I tried again. The call got connected and i asked them for assistance. They said, "we will see what can be done".in such a situation, according to me, a company must reply promptly and address the issue at the earliest. But, after my call, the call centre guy (Abhinav kumar singh) called me up after a good half an hour. And you know what he said? Exactly this: "sorry we cannot arrange a car for you. Please make your own arrangement and go from there. We have no other cars or arrangement". I was really really shocked by this irresponsible statement. They left me all alone at that nightly hour.

And guys, hold on. More shamelessness from savari is coming ahead. I woke up the driver and told him to leave me back to mumbai. I took this decision because he was very sleepy and drowsy and i firmly believed that it would be a huge risk for him to drive till pune in this situation. As i was in panvel, mumbai seemed closer and hence i asked him to drop me till mumbai again. The driver started apologising and said that he was not sleepy anymore and will take me till pune. But i was adamant as it was my life at risk, and asked him to take me to mumbai only.

But again, that shameless savari call centre guy called up and told me exactly this: "i told you to arrange your own car and now you are taking this driver again to mumbai? You should have got down to panvel or somewhere near by or you should have stayed in a hotel near by. Why are you taking him back to mumbai? If you are doing that, then i will call up and ask the driver to drop you whereever you are".

That bloody shameless call centre guy didn't take into account that i was alone with my mother, at night 11 pm and in a deserted area. He was not at all embarrassed by what he had told me.

When i finally reached mumbai, the driver started demanding money. I did not pay him and he dialed his owner (Car's owner) number. The owner wanted me to give him a second chance and asked me to take the same car for the next day drive to pune. He said that the same driver would leave me to pune. I declined the offer. After reaching pune, i shared my entire story as a feedback to savari. But, no body from savari bothered to call me up even after this nightmare. Finally, after five days, i got a call from the savari founder (Manik shah). This guy simply apologized for the inconvenience. He said he will take strict action and get back. He sounded serious. But, as expected, and as it happens in india, no proper action was taken. He called me after two days again and offered me a cheap 1000 rupee voucher. And said, "we have not taken any action against the call centre person or the driver etc." i could not believe a founder of a company talking like this. He also added, "the call centre guy may have been rude with you but we have checked his other calls with other customers and he seems to be a nice guy." this statement, ladies and gentlemen, coming from the founder. Anyone else in his position would have kicked that call centre guy out. Looks like the call centre agent is more dear to them than the customer. I could have gone to the police and raised a complaint for misbehaviour and leaving me mid way in the middle of the night but i did not do that. They should be thankful to me that i did not take such strict action. And in return, they offered me a cheap 1000 rupee voucher. Such an unprofessional and cheap attitude.

So guys, please please be careful of this company. Beware.

It has the most, dirtiest of cars.

It has the most i'll mannered drivers.

The drivers lack courtesy and knowledge of routes.

The company call centre will not help you if you are stuck mid way. They will shamelessly deny any responsibility.

The founder himself displayed a cheap and unprofessional attitude.

The call centre guy name: abhinav kumar singh.

The shameless founder name: manik shah.

The above is a true incident. I have all the photos and voice recordings with me. I am sharing this story where ever i can, to save people from such irresponsible and unethical fraudsters. Only travel with this service if you are hoping to die, waste your money or if you want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for reading.

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