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Dog Menace is increasing in Bangalore. I stay in Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore. Yesterday I was coming back home after dropping my wife at 1130 PM, I came through my normal route and I see 3 dogs and I turn back and try other route and here I am welcomed by 10 dogs, I returned and praying to God try the last option and see 2 dogs but luckily they were near my home and I could just park and move, Its a torture for bikers. cant we kill these dogs
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

Dog Menace

The stray dog menance has become too much to bear in J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase area. There a pack of 10 -15 dogs on road attacking the people coming on road, children also fear to go out, they are also attacked. There are no authorities to catch these dogs and set some relief to the people around this area.

Concerned authorities please contact Secretary, Wilson Garden House Building Cooperative Society, Opp RBI Layout, J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase for further info on dog menance in this area.
Stray dogs are a lot of nuisance in HULIMAVU---BEGUR Main Road linked to our KRISHNA LAYOUT HULIMAVU. They chase the vehicle riders and the children. The riders are scared. There is no action by the BBMP in the matter except to castrate them.The residents want total eradication of these stray dogs. Pray action.

Residents Welfare Association Sri Krishna Layout
Hulimavu B.G.Road BG 560076. Phone [protected]

The Managing Director,
BMTC, Bangalore-560027.

Subject:- Irregular schedules of BMTC Buses for & from Hulimavu.
Reference:- Your reply letters; BMTC/KS/TM/ADM/1687 dtd.11/08/2011 &
BMTC/KS/TM/ADM/3079 dtd.12/12/2011.

Respected Sir,

During the General Body Meeting of our Association on Sunday 20/05/2012, many of the residents complained the following inconveniences of the BMTC bus service for/from Hulimavu;
1. There are very old buses likely to be condemned are plying for Hulimavu and they are breaking down often, besides the seats are torn and the glass windows are broken. (Bus No. KA-01-F1145 is one of the example).
2. There is no time table for the arrival and departure of the BMTC buses at Hulimavu. The Buses are stranded for a long time for 30-45mins and the crew of the buses say that is the scheduled time when they start. Many buses depart at their own timings one after the other while there are no buses at the hour of need. There should be a proper control to regulate the buses at hulimavu bustand.
3. There are no buses between 12 noon and 3 pm for Hulimavu. All the buses meant for Hulimavu, 369, 369C etc., directly go to the Depot-34 without coming inside and then closing for the Depot. For this we requested the proper watch by your traffic personnel, but nothing fruitful action is taken so far.
4. There is a need for direct bus to Shivajinagar, for this also we requested earlier. But no action.
We request kindly to provide us a timetable of all the buses plying for/from Hulimavu to/from KR Market & KG Bustand. We also request introduction of some more new buses for our place.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

S.M.Sampath R.K.T.Shastri K.G.Vilop
Ex President President Jt Secretary & Advocate
Ph. [protected] [protected] [protected]

There is no Kaveri Water supply in our Krishna layout HULIMAVU of Ward NO 193. The pipeline is laid and many residents have paid the required charges to BWSSB and anxiously waiting for the supply.Now all sources of water supply are dry and there is acute problem .Hence solution prayed.

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    I am a resident of 9th cross, Magadi Road Bang-560023(Near aiyappa Temple). The garbage pick up vehicle visits our locality on weekdays days and very often it does not come for 1 or 2 days. The garbage is dumped in from of our house by the locals and during rainy days mosquitoes are bread. After several complaints, BBMP is yet a take a action to stop public from dumping garbage on the road and are kept piled in front of houses in the hope that the BBMP will take some action and corporator at least visit the area once in their tenure to address the issues.

    The condition of the road is pathetic and has allowed vehicle garage, vegetables cart to operate on the streets(they park the vehicles all over the road) which cause the local residents to take out their vehicle. Every time, we have to request or quarrel with the local to take out their vehicles from the road so that other vehicles pass easily.

    I have attached few photos for your reference. I am hoping this compliant would fetch some positive result and help us in having green environment and demolish slums.

    Please take some corrective actions and help us lead healthy life (which we deserve).

    Garbage menace
    Garbage menace
    Garbage menace
    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

    Garbage scattered over the road


    I am a resident of Thavarakere near madivala.
    Chocolate factory Road, near Spurthy Hospital.
    Street near us is always scattered with garbage.There is a large garbage dump near the gate.Please help us as it smells horrible.There are other places also where garbage is dumped.The residents are also very much responsible for this.But where will we dump the garbages.Please arrange for a Large basket which hav lid,so that it cannot be opened.And the residents should also have sense that they should not be throwing the garbage on to the road from the top of their building.We want our city clean.
    With great expectations.


    Garbage dumping in front of our house — Garbage

    Uneducated people dump Huge Piles of Garbage & Trash(Garbage stuffed inside plastic covers, empty plastic covers, plastic bottles, Plastic trash & Trash stuffed inside plastic covers & throwing it in front of our house on 9th main, Coffee Board Layout, Hebbal - kempapura, I guess we as residents don't have any Civic sense at all.
    Huge Quantities of Garbage & trash continue to be dumped here on 9th main, Coffee Board Layout. I think this is the reason why our country lacks Civic sense. Please educate people not to dump plastic covers & Garbage.
    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your notice that Garbage collection in Koramangala 5th block is higly irregular. The people responsible here demand money each month and inspite are never regular with their duty. Repeated complaints to them has not yeilded any results and the supervisor's here turn a deaf ear to our complaints. Besides the garbage collectors dump the trash in a park located here and take their own time in clearing it, which causes a fowl stench and makes living unbearable.

    Sir, I request you to kindly pay your attention to this and have this sorted out. We would be very thankful to you.

    H.M. Maben.

    Resident of 4th Cross, 5th Block Kormangala, Bangalore 95

    I stay in Banaswadi 5th D main Road, 2nd cross (HRBR Layout) near the Police Station.
    I have few similar complaints which needs immediate attention to keep the beautiful area healthy.

    a) Site no: 213, 5th D main, 2nd cross, Kalyan Nagar (II nd Block)- This plot is vacant and never is cleaned by the owner. We do not know whose the responsible authority to get it cleaned. The site is full of trees, garbages, which promotes unhealthy environment. People use the plot for throwing garbages. Please help to get it cleaned.

    b) Garbage collectors from BBMP are useless.Moreover there are no Garbage storage places in the area and people use the corner area of the beautiful park and vacant sites for throwing all garbages. Its such a pity for the civilized society to overlook these and BBMP to not take any actions since years.

    Since i do not know where exactly to point these for complaints, putting it in the notice with the hope that something will happen.

    Reident of Kalyan nagar.
    Plastic Cover Menace here in Residential areas Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka Residents here see that Plastic Covers are being thrown in front of Our House Gates & Our House Compounds, also Plastic Covers are being thrown beside our House Compounds & beside & in front of Residents House Gates. This has become a rampant Nuisance here, Though There is Garbage Collection door to door, there are Plastic Covers being thrown in front of Residents House gates & House Compounds, This Nuisance is happening even at night time when Residents Switch of the Light, Plastic Covers are being thrown in front of Our Houses, We hope the Residents associations here will take a Serious Look into this Nuisance.
    This Complaint is Regarding Plastic Covers being Dumped in front of Residents Houses Purposely being Dumped along with Garbage, Plastic Covers Containing Garbage being Carelessly Purposely being Dumped in front of Residents House in Residential Areas near Hebbal - Kempapura, Bangalore, Karnataka. We Residents feel that the Residents Associations her have failed to Control Plastic Cover Garbage Dumping Menace. Plastic Covers along with Plastic Covers containing Garbage are Found Carelessly Purposely being Dumped in Front of Residents Houses In Spite of Having Door to Door Garbage Collection here. Inspite of Repeated Complaints addressed by Several Residents, We Residents find Careless Dumping of Plastic Covers & Plastic Covers containing Garbage.



    Dear sir,

    In our area no clear garbage dumping places & Even BBMP peoples also not coming properly to collect garbage. If they come also they will come in the afternoon and they will collect 20 RS per house.

    Please say them to work properly

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      Unknown — Encroachment on pavements [Resolved]

      The pavements on the street of 30th Cross between 3rd main and 4th Main Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore is totally encroached...


      The road between Varthur lake all the way to Marthahalli has around 10 speed breakers in and around them. They are in the worst condition possible, and most of them are put in places not even necessary. There is one speed breaker in Tubrahalli bus stop which has been placed after a junction! Why do we need to slow down after passing a junction?????

      Just 10 meters before this speed breaker, there is another shabby mountain on the road. As I live not very far from this, I have seen at least 10 accidents cause due to the pathetic condition of the road here over 6 months

      What sense does that make? Who decides where a speed breaker should be put. 90% of them are useless, and cause damage to the cars, bikes, people and cause unnecessary pollution. Recently there was an article that said Whitefield is the most polluted part of Bangalore ([protected]/bangalore/31090885_1_wh... We'll obviously, its because there are over 20,000 speed breakers here, and 90% are illegally constructed!!!

      Then there is a stretch which connects Old Airport road (Near CV Ramanagar) to Jeevanbhimanagar. Oh! What can I say about this road, there are grand canyon type of craters on this stretch, the size that can eat an entire car!

      Jeevan-bhimanagar has another 10 speed humps within 400 meters. See people, we have only 2 lanes to drive on, out of which the left most section is used for garbage, parked motorcyclists and stray people, so we're left with Busses, Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Taxi's and cycles to travel in one lane. Now after all this, if all of them have to keep breaking every 30 seconds to cross one of these speed mountains! its going to take a lot of fuel and time to cover a ridiculously short distance. This not only causes financial losses via damages to the vehicle, but also aggravates any tax paying citizen to wonder, whether we are paying 19% road tax for Motor Vehicles in Karnataka (Highest in the country), only so that the BBMP can waste all that money in piling up Tar to inconvenience and sometimes "Kill!" the local law abiding citizens of Bangalore.
      Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

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        Dear Sir,

        We are the residing in Residence No.24, Pragathi Residency, 2nd Cross Amruthahalli, Near Padma Tent, Jakkur Road, Bangalore-560092.
        BBMP has started the drainage work & road construction 4 Month ago which are yet to complete. Now the current situation is, we can not walk and drive on that road as the Drainage Material are lying on the road side and the road condition are very bad.
        We the residence people from Amruthahalli are herewith requesting to finished the drainage & road construction work as early as possible to avoid the road accident and difficulty while driving and walking on road.


        Amruthahalli Residence People.
        Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

        Road construction

        I think the poor condition of roads in Bangalore is no new thing, but I am appalled at the state of indifference it has amongst the organizations responsible for it. This complaint is regarding the state of roads (I don't think we can call them roads) in Amarjyothi Layout near Domlur. Right before the lane that goes to the lavish EGL campus, there is a lane which houses some residential and commercial set-ups. From beginning to the end of this lane, it is an absolute insult to call this a road. Recently there was some pipeline work done mid-way on this lane, which you can still make out, since there is a mound of earth piled on one side of this road. Thanks to Bangalore rains, this has been converted to slush, where often you would see a car's tire caught-up, and the driver screeching to get out of it! The road culminates in a day-care on the left where kids of age-group 1-6 years come and go everyday. You can imagine how those little kids walk through that mess, with constant riks of falling over and hurting themselves from the countless stones (read: almost rocks) on the so-called 'road'. I fail to understand why can't the organizations understand that their job doesn't finish with the laying of pipelines. The safety of the people is almost as important, perhaps more, than their core jobs for which they came in the first place. If the responsible authorities, or anybody else is listening to this, I request you to atleast make sure you are taking care of your 'responsibilities'... it doesn;t take much to do that! You would sleep more peacefully @ night if you know you are making a difference to this country. Lakhs might be supporting the Anna Hazare movement today against corruption, but please ensure that you do your basic jobs 'well' before moving on to the other menaces.
        Extremely bad conditioned roads in amruthalli.. Which are causing accidents as we are not able to balance two wheelers in this road.. Kindly do the needful with the same.. Thank you..

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          Dear Sir,

          I am a senior citizen aged 72, residing at No 33/22 , 17th cross, KanakaNagar, RT Nagar Post, Bangalore 560032 along with my wife aged 63, having a house on a 30' x 40 ' site and I have left more than 3 ft all around . But my neigbour on the left side has constructed a house encroching 13' 10 years back. Now he is continuing the construction for additional 2 floors , where in he has encroched total 28ft and even after repaeted request from us he is continuing the construction blocking the necessary air passage (eventhough he is having a site measuring 60'x40')

          As we are aged and difficult to approach the different departments and hence we request you to kindly look into the matter and ensure that bylaws are followed as per the rules for a 60 x 40 plot

          Thanks and regards

          Narayana Hebbar
          Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

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            repair works to open drainage in Rajajinagar 1st stage 5th phase 2nd main road ( Mahaganapathynagar) is incomplete since last 1 month. The contractor has done incomplete work and absconded. The slabs to cover open drains are laid haphazardly and not cemented.
            Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
            My Name Is Ibrahim I Gone For Lunch In
            Madina Restaurant
            Opposite Hp Petrol Pump Beside Photo Studio
            Nagwara Main Road Kg Halli Ward No 31 Kushal Nagar Bangalore -560045
            I Order Chicken Kabab And Rice, In Rice I Got A Big Size Cockroach I Complaint To Waiter And Owner They Changed The Rice and provide me other one About This Matter I Complaint In BBMP Health Department[protected] on Monday, ‎June ‎18, ‎2012, ‏‎3:53:12 PM One Lady Has Pick My Call I Told Every Thing About Restaurant Also cooking place is Too dirty. she has taken the complaint against Madina Restaurant Opposite Hp Petrol Pump Beside Photo Studio Nagwara Main Road Kg Halli Ward No 31 Kushal Nagar Bangalore -560045 and gave Complaint number (91608) and told me our health officer will call you and Raid in that restaurant .after two days No Action will Be taken and again I called to BBMP asked about my complaint she said we are sending the squad again I called she told same lines.
            Dear sir i complaint about ( In kadugondanahalli the garbage dump yard is not available before 3 month
            ago you have orders to remove some tippers and lorries of removing garbage,
            we need more tippers and lorries to remove the garbage from our ward no 30
            and this is a month of holy Ramzan we are facing this problem daily people
            are arguing to ours so we are requesting to you please move tender of
            tippers and lorries for removing garbage ) and i copied the email address from of
            BBMP Mayor
            BBMP Deputy Mayor
            BBMP Commissioner
            BBMP Special Commissioner Admin
            BBMP Special Commissioner Projects
            BBMP Special Commissioner Finance
            BBMP IGP
            BBMP Advisor to CM
            BBMP Advisor to commissioner
            BBMP Chief Finance Officer
            and i mail through G mail But my Email has not deliverd i got this

            Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


            Technical details of permanent failure:
            Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. (state 13).

            ----- Original message -----

            DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;
  ; s=20120113;
            MIME-Version: 1.0
            Received: by with SMTP id vy5mr41769910pbc.156.[protected];
            Mon, 23 Jul 2012 23:48:23 -0700 (PDT)
            Received: by with HTTP; Mon, 23 Jul 2012 23:48:23 -0700 (PDT)
            Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 12:18:23 +0530
            Message-ID: <CAHb2CEhrWhwYyU=Fceu0YuEeyyzMNGgKrT033Nr+[protected]>

            My Question is Why The BBMP are Doing This ?
            Lets Do Some thing About BBMP
            Cleaning of vacant site at Sadashivanagar
            Sub : Cleaning of vacant site at Sadashivanagar
            With reference to the above subject, I would like to bring to ur kind information that there is a vacant site next to my house no. 557, 6 main, Sadashivangar which belongs to Nagesh.He does not keep the site clean.Also the site is full of plants, weeds and also it has become a breeding place for mosquitoes.During night times the scavengers urinate in this vacant site and it causes stinking smell to the neighbouring houses.The neighbouring houses also dump garbage onto this site.

            Also the Chief Minister Sri B.S Yediyurappa has told the general public to complain directly to the higher officials if they come across any vacant site not clean.These vacant sites have become a big menace as they are seen as haven for poisonous creatures like snakes and scorpios. They also help mosquitoes breed. Now I heard from the newspapers like Deccan Herald that the BBMP has decided to exercise power given to it for the maintenance of vacant sites. As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation (KMC) Act, it is duty of the owners to keep the sites clean but if they fail the municipal bodies have the power to clean up the site and charge money from the site owners.

            The BBMP has decided to charge from Rs 1.10 to Rs 3.5 per square metre to clean up the site in the event of site owner refusing to clean the site. If the site is uneven, BBMP would landfill it and would charge up to Rs 68 per cubic metre of soil.

            Palike has decided to levy cleanliness charge while collecting property tax. In case if the owner refuses to pay, Palike would file a case in the court and make the site owners pay the charge with penalty. The Health Department has been asked to take care of the cleanliness in their respective area and take up cleaning vacant sites.

            So I hereby request u to kindly instruct the concerned person of BBMP to get the site cleaned at the earliest as monsoon season has already started. Hoping for an early action from ur side. Inspite of me lodging the complaint several times to BBMP control room & Health department so far no action has been taken from them. This is for your kind information & further action.

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              I am resident of Basava nagar for past 5 years. And many a times they are digging roads for different pipe connections, God knows why so many times they have to dig. And recently, about 3-4 months back, they dug basavanagar main road which connects to Old Airport Road. And here is big problems with that road,

              1. When rain comes, it will be full paddy, all vehicle are getting slipped
              2. And half the area of he road got dug and there is lot of traffic jam for the vehicle as it's main road
              3. Due to this dug soil, lot of dust raises and very uncomfortable to drive..

              If they are already dug the road, why they still didn't lay new road, If it;s gully roads, I understand.. but this is main road where daily lot of traffic moves. If some one looks that road, they will understand the situation better.

              Main digging happened from basavanagar main bus stop to rameshnagar.
              Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                 B.Suresh kumar
                Dear Sir

                I am the owner of building No 701 IIIrd Cross AECS Layout Knundhanahalli Bangalore 560037, behind my building a new building has come up with illegal construction of toilet adjoining the compound wall and door of the toilet is facing my kitchen , we do not know how this plan has been improved.

                This is an hygiene problem which calls for immediate action.

                Thanks & Regards,
                B.Suresh kumar,
                Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

                Illegal use of residential building as commercial

                Several houses in jayagaar 7block 12cross is being illegally used as commertial offices and spaces resulting in parking of cars and several two wheeled on road blocking the road. The authority should look into this natter and take necessary action against the owners of the house
                Bbmp should take neccessary action toward this
                there is a building construced on 35 * 50 site is has 3 floor of which it has 21 houses with only 3 feet main entrance to move inside to the respective 21 houses with a populations of more than 80 people with on parking space even for a two wheeler to park inside which is very inconvinent for the public to pass through this road as the road is only with 10 to 12 feet width on an average they park about 15 to 18 two wheelers and autos cars and sometimes even tempos and make conjuctions for the movement of the traffic if questioned, owner uses false language to the public with all this they are building and additional house on the terecess
                this building is suitated on 12th main E block subramanyanagar rajajinagar 2nd stage near kaveri tiles oppsite to socare residential hostel color of the building is steel grey. i request BBMP COMMISSIONER to see to the above matter which inconvience the public and its impossible to belive how bbmp is sleeping by seeing this illegal structure

                Unauthorized construction

                The Janata Cooperative Bank on 8th Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore is constructing a 4-storey building right on my compound wall violating all norms.

                N G Kesari
                24/1, 17th Cross
                Malleswaram West
                Bangalore 560055

                Katha / PID / Survey No. : 7-35-24/1
                I am living in 1286 13th cross Indiranagar 2nd Stage Bangalore. From past 1 year we the neighbours of No.1276 14th cross Indiranagar 2nd stage have been mentally and physically undergoing lot of problems due the construction of a house situated in 1276 after demolition of the old one. The neighbours of the house 1276 are all senior citizens who would like to have a peaceful life. But the owner of the house 1276 is constructing house in the heart of the city violating all the bye laws of the corporation. Suddenly a structure or wall will appear obstructing the basic necessity of a human life that is air, light and good ventilation. The owner of the house 1276 has not even left an inch on the four sides of the site. We the neighbours have asked the owner to construct according to the bye laws of corporation but he doesn't care. I dont know how the bbmp officials have left this building without any action which has violated the bye laws of corporation and affecting the public on the face of the building. I request the BBMP Commissioner in the wake of the directions given by the high court in the article of the newspaper "The Hindu" dated 13th september 2012 to take action against the persons who have violated the bye laws of the corporation.
                dear sir i lived at ram nagar market pyare lal building
                where illegal construction is going on, on the roof of the pyare lal building, ram nagar, pahar ganj new delhi110055
                all the member of this building are at danger becouse this building is poor.

                i requested u to please stop this construction ...

                ram nagar, pahar ganj
                qutab road
                new Delhi - 110055
                Dear Sir


                I the undersigned residing at No. 21, Ebzibha Nilayam, Saraswathi Street, Subbana palayana, Maruthi Seva Nagar, Bangalore -560093 PID No.[protected], would like to bring the following information for your notice and request you to take needful action immediately

                The person residing at the opposite of my house has started his building construction encroaching at least 5 feet towards the government road.Already some residences in this street have encroached their buildings towards the road. Its creates lot of inconvenience.

                As far my knowledge, I know its violation of the rules . Please take necessary actions.


                k sunder rajan

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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  I live at Valmikinagar at Mysore road, Opp to Gopalan Mall. Since few months there has been dogs menace just behind my house. These dogs keep barking and crying the whole night and hence sleepless nights.
                  Can BBMP please get these dogs out from there?

                  For more info please email me at ravi.[protected]

                  Ravi Megharaj
                  Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
                  Hello Sir,

                  Even after frequent complaint from our residence who have posted over 10+ complaints in Spandana portal of BBMP - there has been no action taken.

                  Today my Son who is just 1.5 years has become a victim of the stray bite.
                  Request you to take necessary action against BBMP for not doing thier duties even after repeated complaints from our neighbours and self.

                  My address is
                  Ramesh SA
                  #337, Royal Lake Front Residency Phase 2,
                  Kothnur PO, J P Nagar 8th Phase
                  Bangalore 560076.
                  Phone no [protected]
                  The Nos of the stray dogs have increased manifold in the recent months that going for a early morning walk is dangerous. secondly they spread the garbage all over the roads.
                  Place : Immadihalli, Whitefield Bangalore 560066.

                  Col J H Mayne
                  dear sir,
                  i am a resident of the M S PALAYA, bangalore-97.
                  we are facing lot of problems due to the stray dogs in our cross. the dogs are pulling the waste from the near by garbage disposal [ no proper garbage disposal also] and bringing it near our house and opening and litering the place.
                  and i also want mention that there is no proper light system in our area....................
                  THANK YOU
                  no action taken
                  Hi BBMP Team,

                  We are residents of Sultanpalya (Manorayana Palya) behind Reliance fresh, next to church. Its been very disturbing nights over here as the stray dogs assemble in groups of 10 or more and start barking late at mid nights almost every day.

                  I find the reason for the same could be a number of chicken / mutton outstalls in the area and its respective waste disposed off near by. Please have concerned people look into this matter and help us have soem peaceful nights afetr hectic days. Thanks a lot of all your help in advance!

                  A suggestion for effective control of stray dogs in bangalore- stray dogs caught in bangalore city can left in any of the protected forests like bannerghatta as food for the wild. I hope this suggestion will be looked in seriously. thanking you:
                  laggere, bangalore
                  Hello Sir/Madam,

                  This is to intimate once again that after frequent follow ups the stray dogs are in huge numbers, which roam about and cause nuisance by chasing & biting, not only the children but also the grown ups .

                  When we start our day from a morning walk, we are encountered with these dogs sleeping just in front of our houses, not only barking but tend to chase us.

                  The aged people who sometimes slip and fall down due which have problems with their bones etc.., WHY cant the official not consider these problems too, instead they come out with other reasons, spelling out that these animals have been treated by injecting vaccine etc...

                  But cant this problem not be solved, where some Councilors had come up with a interest of taking care of these canines in a big shelter along with the assistance of People for Animals.

                  Now a days people take care of the animals, but the Government should also help us in getting rid of the stray dog menace where small school going kids are chased down and bitten.

                  So i request the concerned to come together and work towards eradicating this problem of stray dogs .

                  During some season where the dogs tend to mate & give birth to young ones, the time its literally hell to all the people in the locality, where these dogs act as though they are mad and we are unsafe during this period.

                  So i request the concerned officials to look into the matter and take up the necessary action at the earliest.

                  Awating for a quick response

                  Thanking you & Regards
                  There are lots of stray dogs near my house (Vinayaka Street and Lakshman Murthy Nagar) causing lots of problems to commuters, children are in danger because of Hugh number of dogs fighting, screaming and barking..
                  Dear BBMP,
                  Please remove all the stray dogs from my lane, they are nearly 10-12 stray dogs in my lane who bark all through the night and sometimes they attack also, address is: 1st A Main, P Chakallappa Block, 1st Main, 5h Cross Near Jai Maruthi Wine, Kasturinagar Bangalore 560043

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment