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[Resolved]  Airtel — International Roaming Bill and Harrassment

To Whomever it may concern:

This is regarding several communication i had with airtel representatives. I was on tour to thailand and Phillippines during 12th November to 4th December. When I came back it was told to me by one male airtel staff that my bill is around Rs. 53000. He also mentioned me that the total incoming calls received were around 260 to 270 and total timing duration in Thailand was around 8 hour. I was very much astonished with that call. I was surprised how can it happen.

I checked my bill there is very much descrepency regarding the calls I received. Many of the calls i received only for one time during the whole day but it was given in bill that i received the same call 5 to 10 times during the whole day. There are other several things which were under my dis-satisfaction. I received the call from the same male representative again. At that time I asked for these several explaination. Before answering and giving clarification the call was disconnected. This happened many times. After this I called to the same number from my landline number and asked what is the problem when i ask for the clarification why the call is getting disconnected again and again. He was having no answer. He also mentioned that my credit limit is Rs. 15000. Then I asked when my credit limit is Rs. 15000 how can the bill be raised to Rs. 53000. He was not able to answer this also. I can trace the mobile number on which I spoke regarding this and recall the name of male representative also.

I have been travelling to many many countries for last several years. I have been to Europe, Gulf, UK and other Asian countries for several times. I know the duration of stay in these countries and calls made during that period. All the time bill was not exceeding Rs. 20000. Initially I was not taking the local mobile number of the country where I am travelling but after some time I started taking the SIM CARD of the visiting country. Due to this the bills started reducing. I am sure by my vast experience that this much huge amount bill cannot come by any means whatever has happened. I am very much sure about this. I asked several of my friends who have been travelling with me and during my visit to several countries. They are all very much surprised to listen that I got this much amount of bill raised from Airtel. They all suggested me to go to consumer court and media.

I called airtel customer care on 6th January and Spoke with Ms. Nutan. The complain number 20101171. Duriing the discussion Nutan also cleared me that my credit limit was Rs. 15000. I complaint to her regarding following: -

1. When my credit limit is Rs. 15000 then what was the interest of Airtel to raise the bill till Rs. 53000.
2. According to me the total duration of my call from thailand only about 1 hour or near to that but according to Nutan it was around 8 hour. I asked for explaination regarding that also
3. There is some mistake in the Sim Card or may be a technical problem by which my call is getting disconnected even before i can listen anything from anybody. This happens many times during the international visits
4. There were several calls from Airtel landline staff regarding my landline bill payment of someother things. I asked these person not to call me again becoz i am on international roaming but they did not listen to it. At onetime I even abused due to this harrassment. But I got it repeatatively call from Airtel landline...a big harrassment to me.
5. I do not agree to the bill raised up to Rs. 53000 by any means whatever is the justification because i have studied my bills of my travelling to the same and other countries several times and came to the conclusion that this bill cannot be accepted by any means.
6. I also complaint regarding communication with male representative and call disconnection with that person.

She told me that your querry will be answered within 48 hours. But up to today 19th of January i did not get any call from any representative of Airtel. I even asked her to send a senior executive to me personally to meet me and discuss but I did not get any call and nobody came to meet me.

Today I called to Airtel customer care again. First person was Ms. Mini Roy. I complaint regarding harrassment being done to me and same things I discussed with her as with Ms. Nutan. She checked and then she clarified that there was miscommunication regarding my credit limit by Ms. Nutan. This is really disgusting. She also told me there was call from airtel on my mobile and other attached mobile but nobody was answering the call. This is totally wrong. I asked for the complaint number from Ms. Mini many times but before she can give the complaint number the call was disconnected again. (may be deliberatvely)

After this I tried to speak with Ms. Manju...She also could not give me complaint number and the call was disconnected.

After this I spoke with Mr. Sandeep. This time the airtel person was well prepared to tackle me in the way a professional company should do to avoid the complaint and to harrass the person. He discussed with me the problems and inspite of my several request he was not ready to give me complaint number. He also told me that my earlier complaint is removed because of no answer by me and my other attached mobile. This is surely done deliberately. After spending so much time I got sms from Airtel my total charges are Rs. 55000 which is nearing my credit limit of Rs. 61000. This is also deliberate method of tackling the customer who complaint on the date 6th January 2009 and asked the question that why my bill is raised to Rs. 53000. This is a case of fraud and 420.

Again with Mr. Sandeep the calls were getting disconnected. Mr. Sandeep mentioned that there may be some problem in the Sim card due to which calls are getting disconnected. There can be some technical problem of airtel also he mentioned. I requested him several times to give me complaint number but he was not ready to attend me properly and avoiding deliberately. He was tackling me very smoothly to defend the parts of airtel. He even told that if he finds my complaint feasible then only he will lodge the complaint and give me complaint number.

I have recorded all the communication with him and other due to harrassment to me. I even called one Consumer complaint NGO representative to witness what airtel persons are telling and avoiding the complaint. Mr. Sandeep called back after some time (may be after negotiating the things with airtel higher staff) at this time representative from NGO received the call and then he told her that he now wants to give the complaint number.

He ultimately given me complaint number and that is 20297446 on 19th Jan. 2009 and this will be attended till 22nd Jan. 2009. He also clarified and taken my point that after so much harrassment to me he will write in the complaint that some senior staff from higher authority should visit me personally and sort out the dispute matter which now firing with all fuels.

I should tell you that this is disgusting and very big harrassment to me by airtel. I had problems with airtel regarding my charges many times but all the time it was small amount. But It is true that all the time I was dis-satisfied with airtel charges. This is causing harrassment and problems to me.

Whenever a bill come to me even for amount Rs. 5000 my call is getting barred immediately after non payment of bill and message comes to me. This was being done for last 7 or 8 years. I have record with me. But this time this was not barred deliberately and one message is sent to me surprisingly telling that my charges are Rs. 55000 which is nearing my credit limit Rs. 61000. First time this has happened in the history of airtel mobile with me. I can see the reason behind this...why it can happen now when it has not happened in the past at any time.

Finally I conclude that day by day by the government policy and other means the charges are reducing. I can assume that the bill came when i travelled to Europe in 2006 and bill when i travelled to same place in 2009 will be having significant difference to the level of charges and its tarrif plan. I cannot accept the wrong charges indicted on me by airtel which is by all means wrong. Also all the above communication suggest that big harrassment is being done on me for last 45 days or more.

Still I am looking forward for sorting it out but only with senior staff. Who can sit with me accross the table and come to reasonable justice at that time itself.

For Mobile Number [protected]

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Sir, I understand your situation. And knows how bad you are feeling. But listen when we travel abroad. Our Home Network (Airtel) Has nothing to do
The Roaming network charges you and in some countries even missed calls and incoming SMS are charged
Missed calls are charged for the CLIP service. i.e; for showing you the caller Identity
All Intl roaming Bills are charged in USD or in Euros which when converted to indian Currency makes a Big Amount . Bills are charged according to the document AA14 (Global Roaming, GSM Association)
Finally the foreign network passes a bill to home network and then our home network charges an additional 10-15% of the total bill. This is how the Roaming Works
I would like to tell about your credit limit problem...This is how
As i told earlier bills are generated within a period by the foreign operator .this can be weekly or monthy
During roaming Home network MSC doesnt know your bills or your status. Of a sudden they get the foreign bill and they charge you. This has no relation with credit limit. But Yes one thing i agree...They should Inform the customers the billing standards and policies while roaming
Which no network does in India
If you are disappointed with Airtel customer care( Phone )
Just E-Mail them: [protected] with detailed information

These Links Will Be Usefull To You In The Future...

1. How Roaming Works
2. Billing Standards
3.Indian Network Information

Thanking You
Telecom, BTS Integration and Commissioning Engineer
Vodafone Qatar
Sir, for the safety and to avoid future problems i recommend you not to go International roaming with a Postpaid connection. Postpaid connections are always dangerous
Switch to Airtel Prepaid

Airtel — Incorrect International Call Charges and Network Problem


I am Swati. I have complained about the incorrect international call charges to Airtel but I did not get any resolution yet. I have activated Rs. 27 Pack for reducing Internatioinal call charges from Rs. 6.40 to Rs.1.99. But still they are charging me wrongly.

I had made first complaint about this to Airtel on April 9, 2010. But till now I did not get any resolution.

Still my account is charging incorrectly. Yesterday (on May 4, 2010), I had call to USA for 19 minutes. The charge should be deducted Rs.38.00 (approx.). But my account was charged Rs,45.55 for this call.

Also we are facing problems while connecting to the customer solutions. If I have contacted customer solution one time in a day, it will not connect again.

One more thing, I am facing the network problem at my home but no solution. Can I get any help, please let me know at [protected]
I had faced a similar problem with my International roaming activated through Airtel App. The plan says 1499 for 10 days incoming free and outgoing restricted to 250 minutes. But to my surpraise when i receive the bill they charged 499 per day for 7 days of my stay which is around Inr 3500 Plus tax and some data charge of 260 plus my normal monthly rates.

What surpaised me is the service of Airtel where there representative is eager only to get the money and not hearing to customer problem and this is a complete mistake from there end but pass the bug to customer
Complete unprofessional in handling the case and overcharging the customer

Is there any one in this forum raised it to any grievance before and did you got any solution.

Quote from my mail to them.
Am a frequent flyer and used this service many a times. I raised to your executive on 1st week of June and they accepted it a technical error in system that it had taken 499 per day for 7 days and it calculates to 3500 plus tax also there is a charge of 260 in the bill all adding up to 4440. Again on 9th I went to chrompet customer care centre they too acknowledge that's it's a technical error and they spoke in front of me and assured it will be resolved before 14th which happen to be my due date.

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