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Well Airtel has just qualified for a status with Bsnl. Had done a shift transfer of the phone. During the call had mentioned that DSL needs to be activated. The CS guy gave me a date of 5 days and said both will be done. After 3 days this guy shows up at my house, so i had leave work and go home. Apparently he had come to check the wiring. He told me the internet people will be coming the next day. For 2 days no progress. Called them up, they said it will be done by the next day. Next day called them up the CS girl Meenakshi tells me, well they have passes on the request to the concerned department and they will get to it when they can. After 4 calls the person finally shows up. He calls me up and said the connection is working. I asked him if the internet was working. He said it is but they don't have the laptop. So I drove home to find out that they have just done the landine. So i talked to the cs again who refred it to their mgr. She said that a form had to be filled so they are sending the form and it will be done soon. after a lot of pow wow they agreed tol have it installed definitely by 10:30 am the next day. waited waited no person shows up. The mgr said oh it will be done by 2pm. Its 6:10 right now and nothing done. I've left early from my office twice and cam late once. Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic CS.
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Aug 14, 2020
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They have taken 2 weeks to convert my connection from corporate to individual which was promised to be done withhin 4 days.

After 2 weeks when I'm in singpore they disconnect my International roaming as part of the conversion. And then I dont have a connectivity from past few days.

Worst part is that I cannot contact the customer service from Singapore and Airtel doesnot even respond to the mails. Only automated mails from customer service comes which says they are working on the issue.

This is not the first instance I am having problem with Airtel. Their billing process is also pathetic. Most often I dont get my bills on time.

The worst customer support I have ever experienced. I am totally frustrated. The right guys are not on the job.

I am wondering how I can contact the CxO to escalte.
The Worst Customer Service from Airtel – A mail written by me nearly a week ago received only an auto acknowledgement not these guys are not even bothered to reply to customer complaints. Pathetic. Read below to see how airtel treats its customers

Iam writing to complain about the pathetic customer service provided by your customer care executives. I have a postpaid mobile connection with you for almost 4 years now and yesterday (25th June) my connection had been "barred". I was getting the error message "sim card registration failed". I had called up your customer care from a landline number and told them about the issue at around 2 pm and along with all the details regarding my location landmark and everything. I even gave them a landline number to contact me in case of resolution, however i did not recieve any intimation from you. At around 10 pm when i was jus switched off and switched on again I found that it was working and i left it.

However, today (26th June) I faced the same issue in the morning and called up your customer care at around 8.30 am, your executive assured me that the issue would be resolved in "2 hours" seems like he was on a different time zone. After nearly 3 hours i called back and this time i was asked to narrate the issue from the beginning. Location land mark et al. Dont you guys have a log which records the complaints?? and follow up whether its resolved??? this time your executive went even better. They said they'll get back to me in "10 minutes" and guess wat? surprise surprise again the call never came.

I had to call back again around 1 pm and guess wat your guys would have still wanted to know wat the issue was if i had not asked them to look up for the previous calls. Pathetic.

Again a 2 hour deadline...surprisingly it worked this time and i got a message from airtel saying that my connection has been reactivated. Not so nice considering the fact it should not have been deactivated in the first place. And if there is an issue which you dont know how long its going to take to be resolved dont give timelines which your not able to meet. Atleast have the courtesy to tell me how long its gonna take so that i can make alternate arrangements. And never tell you'll call back if you have no intention of doing so.

Pathetic. Simply Pathetic.

I dont know whether the earlier issue of my calls to 121 going to corporate cell in delhi has been resolved.

However, you wont loose anythin till number portability comes in. However, be sure that i'll be posting a copy of this mail in my blog and forwarding it to all my friends.

To start of by saying that by far airtel has been the worst service provider i have come across would be an understatement. The fact that suprises me is that the irresponsibility continues from the customer care executives uptill the nodal officers!!! all they can provide is false promises.

I had an airetl blackberry number [protected]. In the month of july 08 i got the black berry services deactivated & got the number converted to a normal postpaid at an airtel center in Koramangla. I was surprised to find in my Aug 08 bill that the black berry charges were being still inculded & that even for the month of July the charges were levied for the full month. I had made a complaint on their customer care number & was asked to get in touch with their manager. When nothing worked i got in touch with a nodal officer Patricia on the number provided on the website. She assured that the charges would be reversed & that the blacberry services would be discontinued. This was in aug & now we are in oct 08 end, till date no sucess..few more calls to her & to a certain manager at their customer care numbers later i am still where i started that is nowhere!! The nodal officer number provided on th website doesnt work anymore and i have not used the number since the issue started.The charges amounting to some 5000 rs have not been reversed till date..

One more area where they exhibited irresponsible bevaiour to their fullest was in providing the June 08 bill requested by me. The same was sent to the company mail id which i had got changed since i left in Jun 08. Time & again I called them requesting them to mail me the bill to the changed mail id, to a response "immediately ma'am"..till date no I am being told that they no longer have the jun 08 bill in their records so cant send it!!! were they waiting for 3 months just so that they dont have to send the bill!!!

The amount of mental torture i had to go through in the last few months courtesy airtel is something i just cant put in words!! Pathetic service levels, complete disregard for any customer/ customer complaints & audacity exhibited in the responses which they give is what summarises airtel!!!
I called up the Customer Service on Nov 2nd Regarding two Concerns.

Spoke to Syed Aboobekar and Sameer S( Supervisor)

First problem was I was getting promotional SMS's from Manjunath about some property deals. I do not
have any no. displayed to mention, it only shows the name of the sender I have been receiving messages
from the same sender for the past 4 days, as my no. is in NDNC I do not like to receive any promotional
calls or SMS's, and to me its very annoying.

I spoke to Syed he was having quite a funny tone was very arrogant and kept on asking me the sender's no. which I do not know
I realized he's of no help I demanded for a Supervisor and I got Sameer on the phone, He booked a complaint
on this.

Secondly, I have made cash bill payments for both my no.'s on 25th at the airtel outlet on Richmond road.
As Airtel wont provide me any receipt or reference no I have no track of it and have been receiving calls from
Airtel enquiring about the payment. Samer wanted my payment reference no. which I was not provided with
and told me he cannot believe me that I have made the payment and denied me helping with the matter.
I asked for a manager to speak with which he said he cannot transfer, denied for an e-mail address.

I got a message even today from 121 asking to make the payment or my services will be discontinued. So I went to the
Airtel outlet where I made the payment, but It was closed down and there were lot of people standing outside with the same
problem. Then I called up 121 at 3:43 PM and spoke to Venkat, and he asked me to check with the outlet tomorrow when I asked for
Supervisor, He kept me waiting for 8 minutes and disconnected the call. What am I supposed to do now?
i strongly sucks and the most pathetic service I have ever experienced...the reps in cst service do not know how to speak in english or even in hindi...frst thing that you have to request after getting through to an advisor is that please do not dsconnect the call..
I am a Airtel DTH customer my DTH is not working from 5th July10 for which i made a complaint to Airtel DTH helpline number's but still no engineer has visited at my place. I used to call 3 to 4 times daily till 12th July 10 but now I have lost hope. I have paid for entire yearly package and now i am ruining myself.

Airtel DTH — Product and service, both are Pathetic

Airtel DTH,
Please spend 1/4th of what you spend on Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali khan on your services and products. Customer care agents turning impatient because they do not understand English, they speak a MTI(Hindi of course) English and onsite technician using profanity when called back that the service was futile because the issue had resumed is completely unacceptable after we spending so much of money on an Entertainment factor and still not able to use it.

as on 31.10.2010 to till date my connection reconnected . any person of your customer care engineer, area manager not give me response.

Please solve my complaint.

customer ID:- [protected]

Mobile No.[protected]
I have done 34rs recharge of SMS, then i had called customer service and told them my sms service is not activated. They told me that they have stopped that 34rs scheme and they had converted me to another service where i will be charge 1.20 for 3 minutes but they didnt tell me that even if i call for 1 minute they deduct the same amount 1.20rs PER MINUTE.

I have called to customer service many times to stop this service, but they are not withdrawing this service and i have to pay 1.20rs PER MINUTE instead of 50 paisa, also the customer service numbers are chargable.

Again and again they are telling me to send one message to unsubcribe the service, that message also doesn't work.

They subscribe many services themselves in the account and deduct money like anything again we have to call them to ask for refund.

I dont really know what to do with this
SUBJECT: Pathetic Customer Service!

Dear Ajay / Whomsoever concerned,

I had a small query on my recharge amount and wished to have it cleared with the Airtel DTH customer service. I was routed to a CSR, a lady whose name I do not recall now. Her communication was so pathetic, that she was unable to even understand my query. Baffled, I asked to be connected to her manager when she hung up on me (I was under the impression that it was not allowed in any decent call center, let alone Airtel's). I am sure you can track this executive (from my Cus. ID / mob no.) and take necessary actions.

I again tried reaching the customer call center to lodge my complaint. This time I ended up talking to three CSRs with one thing in common - baffling communication. The first one was a lady, whose name I again do not recall, second was one Mr. Lal Bahadur Patel, third another gentleman Mr. Dipesh. The transfer to these people happened post my request to be connected to the center manager as I did not wish to waste my time with the "CSRs" with such a wonderful communication ability. I ended up repeatedly getting transferred to different CSRs and never once to the concerned manager. The last CSR Mr. Dipesh put me on hold for more than 10 Minutes post which I had to hang up.

My Queries:

* Do you guys take care of the basic criteria selecting a CSR - Communication Skill?
* Are the managers of a center so difficult to talk to?
* Do the executives have the freedom to perform to their whims and qualms?
* Do you really have the audacity to call yourself "international" with such a pathetic service being provided?
* Why can't you guys maintain the quality of Airtel Mobile?

FYI this is the case with Airtel Broadband too. In this case, they have still left the wiring all over my place without proper wall clamping. My understanding is that for the DTH and Broadband, Airtel has gone for "franchisees" which do not meet the basic necessity of "understanding" a customer's requirement. Some amateurs would do a better job overall.

My household having four subscriptions to various products of Airtel (2 mobiles, 1 Broadband, 1 DTH) now will be rethinking on other options too (I will wait for a day, then start thinking seriously about the TATAs). This experience have indeed made a huge negative impact on my 7-8 years loyalty to the brand called Airtel.
Kiron S G
I took a SIM card during second week of Feb 2011 with all the proofs required. The dealer did not activate my sim even after 20 hours. I called customer care and then they got it activated.

After two weeks I got a call from a Bangalore local number. The guy on the other side sounded uncivilized and rude. He claimed to be from Airtel office and asked me to share my fathers name ad other details. I an my friends often get such calls and I assumed this to be one of such kind or has something to do with identity theft. When I explained my concern, the person in an arrogant low grade done told me that my sim will be blocked. I told him that i will call Airtel customer care, get things confirmed.

I sent an email to airtel [protected]@airtel... id and explained my concern. I got a reply back asking me to share the details which I sent across.

But after a week my outgoing calls are blocked. Since then I have called the customer care some 4 to 5 times and everytime i explained the whole story to the representative and the supervisor. Till now I might have iterated the story some ten times. everytime I got a response that i will get a call within 48 hours but I never received any call.

Now I am fed up and am moving to a different service provider. I am afraid Airtel will not be able to retain its customers with such people in verification department and customer care. This bad experience with Airtel is promting me to join 'Say no to Airtel' campaign.

My ex Airtel number - [protected]

refer to below request numbers and if this company has anything called 'caller logs' just trak the logs and the conversations.

I am not lodging this complaint to get my number back since I do not want to continue with Airtel anymore. I am lodging this so that they know how frustrated people are with their service.
I bought airtel digital TV two weeks back and after a week there were problems with the transmission.
For just registering a complaint I had to call the bloody "customer service" 10 times.
Even after registering the complaint the service engineers would not turn up and to enquire this I had to call even the Nodal Officer who is just an who does not know anything. he himself could not contact the service engineer.

What pathetic service they have??! Sunil Mittal if you are listening this please close your digital TV division.
It is nothing but cheating people. You are no less a fraud than our politicians.
Airtel customer ID - [protected]. Service request number 6909157

In my entire life in India and dealing with various consumer companies, there has not been any company with a worse customer care than Airtel DTH. Infact based on my experience I feel no company is even 10% as bad as Airtel DTH.

CUSTOMER CARE LINES GET CUT ABRUPTLY OR GO BLANK - how the heck are customers supposed to contact the company to sort out service problems. To top it up Airtel DTH has also excelled in recruiting the horrible on field service engineers who show no interest to do their bit to ensure customer satisfaction.

Anyone looking to buy a DTH - pls be aware that in case you buy Airtel DTH, you will never be able to reach their customer care and be prepared to be insulted as a customer - after you call is on hold for 10 minutes it will get cut or go blank - and this is a recurring issue and not one off. There is a strong possibility that you might feel insulted by their service engineers also. As of now I feel I have really wasted Rs 3750 of my hard earned money by subscribing to Airtel's DVR package. The only reason I when for Airtel DTH was that I have been a customer of Airtel fixed line/ broadband for 4 years and found the fixed line/ broadband customer service to be exemplary and probably the best that I have experienced in India. However after buying DTH I feel I have had the worst customer care experience in my life.

Finally, today is day 5 of no signal at my home. Airtel DTH - you have unfairly deprived me and my family of a key source of family entertainment after charging me in advance. Pls keep in mind I would strongly urge anyone I know to avoid an Airtel product henceforth.

Airtel DTH team - Congratulations on your success in your attempts to destroy the reputation of what is one of India's leading brands and in the process also pocket hard earned money of your naive consumers.
Hari, I sympathize with you. I'm having a similar (much worse) experience with Airtel. My complaint regarding the faulty STB is now pending for 2 weeks. Refer to for details.

Good luck if you choose to subscribe to any of Airtel's services/products. Mr Mittal is not interested in hearing consumer complaints.
Respected Sir/Madam,
My name is Saurav Kumar.I m prepaid airtel consumer from last 1.5 yrs n my no. is [protected]...I have blackberry curve(8520).I have paid for Internet Services on 13th of April 2011..n its been more than 5 days n my service is still not activated...everytym i called customer service for manual setting.either they put me on hold,or dey trf call to other agent.used profaine language on call....n harass me a lot....... Pls look into dis matter....
Dear Mr Rakesh Ranga,

Just a superficial line saying you apologize for the inconvenience caused means nothing for a customer who has been denied his right to watch TV with his family at home for 8 full days after paying Airtel in advance. I can understand 2-3 days, but 8 days and still counting, is utterly ridiculous to put it mildly. Its been like an hour spent every day trying to write mails/ contact people ever day for the last seven days, and you add to that the mental hangover feeling that you are left with when treated so poorly by Airtel. What do you mean by you apologize for inconvenience?? Can you explain pls. On top of it every alternate day someone from customer care calls me and wastes my asksingwhat is the problem and whether my connection is working???? On what basis are they asking whether my connection is working? How can it work unless some service engineer comes home and rectifies the defect? And when I communicate this to them they say they will send a person the next day and NO body turns up the next day. And when I call back the same customer care exectutive the next day he does not oick the call and does not respond to messages (the same thing happened with a customer care executive with the number[protected]. If you really mean your 'apology' explain to me clearly why even after 8 days my connection is still not working? Explain to me what action will you take against irresponsible customer care executives like the one with the number[protected], who calls one day and says he will sort out the problem next day and is so arrogant to not respond when the customer calls or messages the next day?? What action will you take against the local service engineer who came to my home on 14th April and said he will get some extra cables the next dayand re-install my dish at a different location to receive signal and just vanished after that and does not respond to customer calls the next day.
In absence of you addressing the above issues, your 'apology' means absolutely NOTHING.
I m waiting for ur resolution.Thnks
Dear Mr Rakesh Ranga,

I would like to note here that the problem has been resolved after undue and inexplicable delay from your end and after making me endure my worst experience as a customer of any product or service.

I have never seen such a pathetic customer care service in my life. I am not
able to watch any channel since yesterday evening and made nearly 15 calls to
the Airtel Customer care with no use. Whoever attends the calls hold the line
for more than 20 minutes and simply disconnect the call without even informing
the customer.

I hope the new connections are coming to you because of the customer response
and if you are treating your customer like ¿DONKEYS¿ am sure that this is the
end of it. I am not going to suggest AIRTEL to any friends and if possible I
will give the bad customer care response examples.

I am sure that this mail also will not do much sense to my problem.

Suggestion: Please follow some good practices while setting up a Customer Care
Center at least an SLA.
This has reference to my Complaint for my DTH SET Box .ID [protected]

I took new connection last year and the Box was change twice. I contacted your Call Center several times since 4th july and after 14th july my set top box is stop working. I had talked to your executive at your Call centre. Every time either the phone was diconnected by their Side or they are not able to solve the problem

I had talk with one of Your CGM Ms. Ritu Kaul some 20 minitus regarding my problem. She assure me that the problem will solve and once again phone was disconnected by her and she had not forwarded the Complaint. Next day when I contacted again at ur Call center I was confirmed about this by If I am not wrong by Mr. Vivek that the phone was disconnect and complaint was not forwarded by Ritu Kaul. He then forwarded the complaint the my SET Top Box was replaced due to technical problem. Now they require me to Pay Rs.350/- to restart my STB.

This STB is not working since 14.7.2011 and every time it is stopped with the same problem. Then why should we pay everytime for the same.

I had contacted you also several time but everytime u were in Meeting I was told by Mr. Anil the coordinatorsdrop my Number and . Even I contacted at 10 in the morning u r in meeting and when I contacted you in afternoon u r in meeting as if you are more busy than Mr. Bharti Mittal ?

Now I request u to look into the matter and solve the problem otherwise I have to write to Your Chairman Directly.

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