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Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
hello sir,
Sub: Request- Regarding-Taking action against Inabaility of customer care deparment of Airtel to resolve the problem, retrival of balance which has been deducted from my mobile no: [protected], setting the call charges as per terms.
I am M.RAJIV who has shifted from Aircel to Airtel through mobile no portability ( mobile no: [protected]) on[protected].
At the movement while iam taking Airtel connection, I have opted the plan 1paise/ second for lifetime and I have also prescribed for Do Not Disturb service. But later on marketing team of airtel are disturbing me, even iam in DND list. Later on I have subscribed the plan, rc: 61 for ‘½ paise/ second’ valid for one month, on[protected]. It went good for two weeks but after two weeks I noticed that iam charged at 1.2paise/second. As iam in offer period I should be charged at ‘½ paise/second’ (or) as per the nominal lifetime offer 1paise/second, but iam charged at 1.2 paise/ second. I called to Airtel customer care several times, but the IVR has not connected me to the customer care agent( the customer care department is useless and the IVR is not disconnection the line without obeying the instructions of the customer who is calling). At rare instant even when iam connected to customer care agent, the line got disconnected within 30 seconds while iam speeking to customer care agent. I even do not received a call back from Airtel, inspite of repeated dissconntction of line, while speaking to customer care agent. How would I speak to customer care agent when iam not connected to it? As I not not have hope that I can solve this issue from my mobile. I walked in to the local Airtel outlet at Pindala cheruvu/ Kakinda. I explained my version and requested them to forward a written complaint which I have given. The Airtel outlet executives replied that we don’t take written / oral complaints for prepaid connections, but u can call directly to Airtel customer care from our phone. As per the instructions given by them I dailed to 125 and It took 15 minutes to speak to customer care agent even from Airtel outlet.
I spoke to customer care agent for a long time and lodged a complaint for balance deduction (with a complaint no: CBNRA [protected]). The spokes person replied that you will receive a call back for Airtel authorities and the complaint will be resolved in 2 days. I waited for 1 week but the complaint was not resolved. Later on I again walked in to the Airtel outlet and spoke hard with the Airtel outlet executives to solve the issue or else I will skip to some other network. They replied that you can proceed as your wish and we cannot forward your issue, It is upto you, you can call to the customer care department or else go to Airtel prepaid outlet located at mainroad in Kakinada and we do not deal with prepaid complaint as this is a postpaid outlet. Then I walked in to the Airtel prepaid outlet at Kakinada, they replied that we cannot resolve the issue due to lack of facilities, said that it is better to speak over the phone at Airtel outlet by dailing 125.
Finally I again went to Airtel outlet, dailed to 125 and waited for 1 hour to get line connected. As line is connected I spoke to the customer care agent and explained my problem to them and lodged a complaint( with a compliant no:[protected]. The customer care Authorities replied that I will receive a call back from Airtel customer care Authorities on 22-03-11 at 4.00 pm. I did not receive any call untill 25-03-11. Hence I called to Airtel customer care on 25-03-11 at about 10.00 am, but the same problem( the line is getting disconnected) was repeated inspite to know the status of my complaint.
I am vexed with the services of Airtel, proper justice has not been given to my complaint.
I request the Authorities to give good service from customer care to resolve the problems of the customer. I wanted to bring to your kind notice that Airtel is deducting balance from the customer( especially from illerates) in different ways ( like hello tunes, asttology, cricket) as more % of customers are not aware to compliant against them and get problem resolved.
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Hi again,
This is another of my complaint for the same stupid customer service of airtel.

I was facinated by the Music on Demand. So I subscribed it..... unfortunately.

I thought, and many people in airtel say, that the 100 bucks was for one month subcription. I listened to the songs for three times in the month. and all the three times, the full subscription amount got deducted. Then I wanted to unsubcribe again.

The same silsila......

Now it is the fourth month....nothing has happened.

I called the cust care. they told to call a number to unsubscribe. Called .... they say, that the service is not active on my phone. They were giving me the option only for subcription. Called the cus care again. They say you are subscribed to it and that is why your money is deducted every month.

Exept for the first three times in the first month, I never used this service. In the first month itself, I got a ticket number to unsubcribe the music on demand. They told, (after long long sessions of pleading, firing etc....), that the service will be deactivated in 24 hours.

The same thing goes on and on and now it is the fourth month,,,, every month they are deducting 30 rupees. No one knows why... on what subcription..... I have no other choice but to change the number which I hate most. I never change my number. I really don t know what to do......

AirTel — Music on demand


Music on demand service was activated on my prepaid number without request. I have been trying to un-subscribe it for the past 2 months but have been unable to do so. I have made several calls to Airtel customer care and have been told to dial toll free on 543213 and select option 4 and then 2. No such option is available on the IVR but the they claim it does.

I am unable to resolve it and every month they deduct Rs 30 for a service which i dont use.

Please help.

Naresh Mehta
Airtel Cusotomer care a bunch of illiterates ...two customer care executives wud never give the same information...they r crazy people...emplyeed by a company of fools.

Airtel Connection — on demand service

I am a mobile holder of AIRTEL bearing number [protected] from which Rs 30 has been deducted and informing me through SMS "Your subscription to the On Demand Service has been renewed & you have been charged Rs3o(30 days, 30Min free0, Call 5432153 to listen to songs from Yuvraj". I did not approach for this. Please credit the amount to my account. Prof DC Agrawal, BHU, Varanasi 221005
Please Cancellation My On demand Service Mobile No [protected]

Airtel - Prepaid Connection — Company's SMS & Call

I am having prepaid connection with no.[protected] on which i am getting Shloka SMS in written as well voice message for which i have launched complaint at Airtel outlet at Tilak Road Sadashiv Peth & F C Road, Pune. My complaint [protected] & [protected] such complaint no's which difer from time to time are being given to me from last 15-20 days. Due to SMS service the company is debiting my account by Re.1 per SMS which has also gone in negative figure.Pls Launch my complaint at the earliest I am fed up of Airtel.
Iam a airtel custemer.Iam subscribe this.But i dont use.What is ondemand service.You have me charged me 10+10.I will try unsubscribe.But u have again charaged.Pls cancel ondemand service my no [protected](kerala)pls...
Airtel pls cancel ondemand service.And to give me my balance.!Pls cancel ondemand service my no[protected](kerala)

Airtel - Prepaid Connection — Music on Demand Service charges

I am subscriber of Airtel prepaid service (Mobile no. [protected]). Airtel has been charging me Rs 30/- pm since July08 till date without my consent. I have not used this service at all. I came to know about it when I called Airtel on 10.04.09 to inquire about deduction of money from my prepaid account. My complaint no. with Airtel is [protected]. I want to know how without my consent they can put on this service & when I have not used this service at all, why they should not refund the money deducted for 7 months. It is not question of only money, but it is not good practice on part of Airtel. Can I complaint to TRAI about it? What are the regulations about it? Can I ask them to produce records of my consent either recorded or SMS?
Hi just talk to customer care, they give u refund. I got refund on my postpaid.

But i totally agree the practice is unfair. Thousands of people aren't even aware of this.

Airtel — Unwanted Commercial messages

I am getting unwanted messages from Airtel. Ihave already registered in TRAI 'do not call ' facility.But only the commercial calls are stopped.I would like to avoid all unwanted commercial messages also.My mob No is [protected].

Kindly help

Krishnakumar S

Airtel-Prepaid connection — Unwanted Commercial Messages


I am using Airtel Prepaid connection from 2005 onwards and my mob No is:[protected] .Recently (more than 5 months) I have registered in Do Not Disturb(DND) facility and only unwanted commercial calls are being stopped.However the hectic mean coMmercial messages are still continuing. I am totally fed up even to throw away this coonection.Kindly help
My Prepaid Mobile -[protected]
Dear Sir,

I was having Balance of Rs.45/- on 4th Feb 2010 and My mobile was switch off. When I ON mobile Monday morning 7th Feb I found Balance of -9.00
(My Prepaid Mobile -[protected])

Today I have visited Airtel Customer service near Income-Tax, Ashram Road, Ahmedbad with a token number 15# at 10:15am
1) I spoke to Prepaid phone kept at desk and agent informed that your mobile has some service subscribed that is why it is deducting charges from Balance.
2) Agent stop such service and informed me that now I will not get such service sms.
3) I met desk agent they informed to register in 121 and 1909 for START DND. But it will take 45 days to activate.I received SMS for DND registration confirmation.
4) Today at 10:33am I received sms from 555630 that you have successfully unsubscribed from “Gamelounge” To get the list of feature picture post Dial *321*44#. I have never enabled such services and they were charging to my account.

5) Today at 10:33am I received sms from 555630 that you have successfully unsubscribed from “Cricket” To get the list of feature picture post Dial *321*44#. I have never enabled such services and they were charging to my account.
6) Today at 12:37 I received SMS from AD-54521 You have been renewed for romance subscription service from Airtel you have been charged Rs 10/- get latest games at I want to know who has renewed subscription? On my behalf and I have not acquired any services than why it is debited Rs 10/-
7) Today at 12:37 I received SMS from AD-54521 You have been renewed for Boly subscription service from Airtel you have been charged Rs 3/- get latest games at I want to know who has renewed subscription? On my behalf and I have not acquired any services than why it is debited Rs 3/-
8) Also received call from 5999 which I did not take it available in my cell miscall register.

The above services were renewed from my PREPAID amount and paid to such vendor without my knowledge. I have accumulated 540 SMS just to show Airtel customer services.

I would like investigate and refund all my money which was paid to AD-54521 and 555630.

Thanks and Regards,
Amit Thakkar
My mobile No.[protected], recently, I am ported from bsnl to airtel on[protected], The airtel company had given a sim cover with sim. On the cover bearing No.[protected] H-2, but on the sim bearing No.[protected] H-2. In view of the above, I faced so much inconvenience and not activated till today. I contacted number of times to the concerned Customer Assistance M/s.R.K. Assocaite, behind Gandhi Park, Guntur, backside of Gandhi Park and he always not available, only two girls are available. The in-charge person is not responded properly and behaved as a rogue through my another mobile to the in-charge No.[protected], but not lifted the cell phone. For the above inconvenience, who held responsible 1) Company 2) M/s.R.K. Assocaite, behind Gandhi Park, Guntur and do justice.
myself habeebulla from mysore, karnataka my mobile no is [protected]. i am facing some problems regarding my airtel prepaid connection. 2 months back i wanted to port out from airtel, suddenly i got a call from airtel & they gave me low tarriff plan but last seven days the plan has changed so again i thought of changing the network. on 25th april 2011 @ 12:44 i got a call from airtl again they told me abt low tarriff plan i said activate it they said it will take 24 hrs, i said ok after 24hrs i again called then they said 48 hrs to activate again i called they said 78 hrs i totally fedup.6 days over the plan not yet activated, they have barred my outgoing call to customer care. on 7th day when i called to customer care the executives behaviour was rude. in my house we r 8 members all r using airtel now we thought of port out from airtel because of airtels poor service.
dear sir i have punjib phone number [protected] i keep geating masages they are chargeing me 3ruppy at a time can you geat it stoped please i phoned cant thoughyours tara singh
dear sir
my mobile no is [protected].before two weeks they are deducting 1 RS/day for fun wallpaper which i never download from my cell as internate facility is not available on my mobile.But still they are deducting 1 Rs.When i complained to customer care they told me that they cant refund the money only they can stop the service.OK i agreed for that and also i told them that i am using cell only for outgoing or incoming calls and no any service i required than this.But today on 29 july 2011 i again got message from airtel that 'Thank you for downloading HUNGAMA games and for this you will charged 10 RS. WHY???? i should pay for this.
when i call to customer care again he told me that he cant refund money.what a shame.why this poor service given by them.please stop the service immediately and refund my money.
Sandeep Patrut

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