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[Resolved]  Airtel — BROADBAND NOT WORKING

Dear sir,
I brought a usb broadband connection from airtel and it works for 2days and stopping intermittently.
as i am not in india my wife complaint to airtel ,vellayambalam office.some time they say charge is finished,then they said computer problem.we tried in another computer same thing happening.we brought this connection only for using skype.
what should i do now?,now they say bring your web cam to vellayambalam office.
the connection number is[protected],name gireeshkumar.
thanking you ,
yours faithfully
Complaint marked as Resolved 2016-10-20 09:48:33
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Airtel Customer Care's response Feb 25, 2013
Namaste ([protected] ),

Further to our discussion dated 23 Feb. 2013, your concern is being worked upon. We would require some more time to resolve it and shall keep you updated of the progress.

We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [protected]

Sandeep Kumar
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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Verified Support
Airtel Customer Care's response Feb 28, 2013
Namaste ([protected] ),

We would like to inform you that your concern listed 23 Feb. 2013, has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact airtel customer service at [protected]

Deepak Mohod
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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Airtel - Landline and Broadband — Pathetic sales and customer service

I wanted to apply for an Airtel - Landline and Broadband combo plan and called a sales guy. He came in a day later than promised.

When he dropped into my office to collect the forms - he asked me to just sign on it and said he would fill in most of the plan details. I thought the poor guy must be super busy so did the needful as he asked me. Little did I know that I trusted the wrong person. he did not take the details properly - I mentioned to him I need a wi-fi connection (now he denys it). Said in 3 days the set up would be done.

After a week he calls me askin me which plan I required. He had not even made a note of it. And then on his own put down that we needed a regular modem.

A week goes by and no information. The guy does not respond to calls either. When we registered a complaint with them and threatned to go to the police (and consumer court) as he had a copy of my house rental papers and also pictures, Airtel said they would do the set up in 3 days and after following up with them again they sent a technician.

The technician was also yelled at by Airtel as I told him we needed wi-fi and he tried to set up the same. Airtel and the salesguy tell him that we only asked for regular modem. When I spoke to the Salesguy and told him he was not right and I would complain to the consumer court he says "Go tell anyone you want". He was very rude.

And the numerous complaints to them seem to fall deaf ears. Such is the service of Airtel. The SAlesguy has to aplogise.

Airtel — Fed up with Airtel!

deactivate the postpaid connection no action taken
this is to inform to the airtel service centre that we are being fed up with the airtel service they keep on calling on the mobile for wellcome tune, the balance get deducted by itself, atleast 20 to 25 massages n quotes come every day in the mobile n 10 to 20 call comes from airtel centre n evry time rs 30 is being deducted for hellotune due to all this rubish the money from mobile get finished n after every 6 to 7 day we have to recharge our balance so kindly keep a check on these things otherwise the people would be taking a strict action.

Airtel — landline connection not working even after complaining of two days

hi sir,
my land line not working past two days until they didnt do anything so take a neccessary action against the department whos e the responsible for that and get a compensation through the billing.
thank you,

Airtel — landline not working past two days after complaining

dear sir'
my telephone number is 42661181 my phone is dead past two days after complaining to customer care and they given the complaint no it is 13771096 dated 12.11.08. but still not rectified so kindly take a action to work my telephone early today and get combensation to be adjusted to the bill and oblige.
Thanking you,

Tata Broadband — Someone uses my broadband services & almost services are not working & bad replies of engineers

This is from Kv Tours & Travels -Mumbai.
WE had paid the money to rnew our account consevetative for teh 4th year also with tata comunications.We have given them yearly prepiad subscribtions & from 8th we had launched teh complain that broadband is not working. Our complain no is:
8009722 / 8.12.08.
Till today no one taken up the matter seriously, I think you'll are not allowed to take any steps towards any Corporate it so?

Cauase last year I had given you the complaint about such matters, we had given nearly 42 complaints & nearly 60 days in a year my internet was not working at all though I had paid them prepaid completely while subscribing at the start of year.

I did not recv any extra usuage from them. So they should give according to Consumer Court laws...I think you'll must surely be knowing it...

This year as soon as they received payments of renewal the braodband is not working, but I understand You'll have only certain rights..

Well can you inform me, how to resolve this matter.Now I am interested to receive my payment back of Rs 8023.00 which I havent used any broadband services of this year & want to cancel my account. Can you able to help us ?

We call their eengineer Mtr Virender at his cell number: [protected].He immediately says, its not worth to join Tata, it will work on the same basis .Do not bother us or call us.We are not your servants.Just all the bad words...We expect such things from Tata persons.

Well good, may be...I think our desicions are wrong, so we have bear qall the nonsense & haer teh badw ords from others by paying them.

I am also the member of Consumer Court.If I get this kind of reply from the Tata & not a single revert back feedback from Your side, what the general consumer must be facing it shows...



Vijesh Thakker
We have been having serious problems with Tata Broadband. Their services are pathetic. Customer complaints are closed even without repairing the connection. The local contractor of VSNL is very arrogant and he refuses to repair. He never visits the problem but, perhaps, he only closes the customer complaint on his own. It is a frequent problem of not getting broad band connection through. Getting it repaired is another tortuous exercise.

Airtel — i am really fedup with the airtel services

hi,my self sanjay.r.sharma.its really disgusting to inform u abt the airtel services.
my cell no- is [protected] ,on 12/11/2009 i have got the message of activating the jobs alert but i havent done such thing from my cell & Rs-10 has been decduted from my a/c.

i am really feed up its not the 1st time on 5/11/2009 Rs - 30/has been decduted from my ac .no sooner i have called up the customer care no. 121 & having the converssion with them ,i have been debit Rs 3o/- from ur side.

i really dont know y such things are keep on going i am really fed up.fed up,fed up.try to solve it as earlly as possible.i have taken 3 sim cards of airtel .

the other no- of my cell is [protected] .on 12/11/09 i have recived a message of vas sort of message & Rs 1.50 has been decuted from my a/c but again i have called the customer care no-121 & they bounce back me the money.

pls do something other wise i dont have any option but only to change my sim card by using some other good company like vodaphone /idea
I ve shifted my airtel broadband connection from one place to other, the engineer came and confirmed that the connection has been properly done.But when i checked it was not working.
After that i complaint 4 times to the customer service center and everytime i got an assurance that the same will be resolved with maximum turn around time of 48 hours.

Its been a month now, nothing has been happened yet.

My Complaint No.s 36594870, 36670006, 36894872 and 37205878.
Account No. 14714447
Name: Mudit Soni

Airtel-Broadband & Landline — Fedup of Customer Service

Around 3 months back(11 July 2010), I have registered a request regarding shifting the landline and internet connection with the reference number 34933840 but I did not get any of the response from the airtel. After waiting and continuous followup of one month I wrote a mail to the nodal center of airtel (nodal.[protected] and after waiting more than 15 days when recieved no response, I have taken new connection and wrote a strict mail to nodal center and customer care of the airtel (care.[protected] After that I got their first reply. Mean while they continuosly increases my bill.

I wrote very clearly in my mail that I am suffering very loss due to unavailability of internet connection. Now their executes started calliing on my alternate number for the bill. When I was asking for the services that time no body was there to entertain me and now when they are asking for the bill, ideally I should also not entertain them.

Also their IVR is not functioning properly, I tried around 50-60 times on their customer care number, each and every time when call connects with the customer care, call gets disconnect automatically. I dont understand after sufferring a lot by their customer services, are they eligible for asking any kind of bill to me?

and above to all, Mr Gopal (From noida center), is having no sense how to talk to their customer. When I talked to him after taking his number after a lots of efforts. During day time he is not supposed to pick up the call as he remains very busy and when he picks up the call around 8:30 PM. He said that we are spoiling his personal life by calling him after working hours and his words was that I am telling lie and have not registered any of the request to transfer the number. If airtel used to provide fake reference id then where my fault lies?

I don't know on which basis airtel used to say best service provider!!!!
I am very sorry to say but seriously now I am fed up of the airtel.

Vibha Bajpai
i am very much fedup with the services if Airtel in sadar bazar. My landline no. is not working from 22nd march, 2011 and airtel has no reply.
I have a broadband connection with landline no: [protected] . My broadband connection is not working from more than a week, i have raised service request (No:[protected] with airtel to resolve this. Everytime I call them they say they are working on it and will resolve it ASAP but after that nothing happens. I have lost hope that they understand customers importance.
its more than 2 weeks now... still nothing has happened... i call minimum 5 times a day and ask for status still no luck. I THOUGHT RAISING COMPLAINT IN THIS WEBSITE WILL HELP BUT THAT TOO HASNT SO I FEEL SO BAD ABOUT HOW EVERYTHING WORKS IN OUR COUNTRY...

I am an unfortunate customer, happened to take airtel broadband connection.
my landline number is [protected] and my name as per the details given
is Anish Kumar T.

I appreciate the continous support providing to me, because of that i
am not able to use my broadband for more than a week.

Listed below is the complaint numbers with status.

1. 1273970 - instead of fixing the complaint ticket was closed.
2. 1553826 - its a mystery.
I am another affected user. I have vowed that I will not avail AIRTEL in future. Pathetic customer service., They have become very callous in thier attitude with degraded customer service. I shifted from Banglore and requested for a transfer of connection to kolkota which they said they will fix in 4 days. hoionsacted.

They were not reachable, kept my phone in hang up mode, and till today its being 2 months that they have not acted.

They only send sweet mails asking for feedback with Smileys.

We have so many options available now a days, Vodaphone, Tata are giving excellent service. I have taken TATA and very happy with them.
WRT AIRTEL: Pls stay away if Broadband Transfers and if you have amobile job.
I had owned an airtel broadband connection for 2 years and did not face issues of any kind until now. On 7th of Aug my internet suddenly stopped working. On 8th of Aug I has raised a complaint # 1984226 and was informed by the customer care that it would be resolved latest by 16th of Aug 2011. As of today the issue has still not been resolved.

I have called up the customer care numerous times, written a mail to Airtel's Nodal office on 17th of Aug but did not get any satisfactory response from any one.

On Tuesday, 23rd Aug, a sales representative from airtel contacted me telling that I will have to apply for a new connection and it will get activated in 3-4 days. I filled up the form for new connection along with all the required documents. It has been a week since then, but there is no sign of the connection getting activated or the issue getting resolved.

On checking again with the customer care representative, I found out that the request that I had raised initially has been marked as resolved but the internet connection is still not working.

Request the concerned to help to get the issue resolved at the earliest.
Name : Dheeraj Raikwar
Complain no. : 4103576
Phone No: [protected]
Contact Info: [protected]

Its being 7 days when i lodged a complain of my broadband
issue , from which i got a complain no. 4103576 and your cc executive
said that the problem will be resolved by tomorrow i.e. 16/09/2011 at 11.00 am
and i lodged this complain on 15th of this month i.e. September ,
and i contacted them more than 10 times but they didnt give me any positive reply and even no one
contacted me to talk about the issue .

I hope you take some serious action to resolve my problem


Airtel — Problem with Airtel Broadband since last 1.5 months

I would need your help for the below problem.

My Fixed Line No is [protected]. My account number is 16083188 .I am only using this fixed line for Internet only. My recent complaint no is 11283760.
My problem is there from last 1.5 months and I have reported this issue from Jan 12th 2012 but still it is not fixed.I have raised close to 10 service requests,as everytime I raise a service request it has been closed wihout proper resolution each time.

After number of requests finally an airtel internet technician came to our house on 31st Jan and he suggested that there is a problem in fixed line. We raised a service request for fixed line connection . Since then no one from Airtel fixed line has sorted the problem or even visited our house. Everytime I raise this request , its closed without fixing the real problem. I call the customer care to find out that it has been closed with wierd reasons which are not true like my phone instrument not working,ethernet wire from modem to computer has problem etc most of which are lies . Everytime I call I request for someone to call me on my mobile before fixing my problem , but it does not happen. For last 5 days I am calling customer care thrice a day and I am frustrated in dealing with people of customer care people who don't understand my problem.Your technical support team seems to be in a hurry in closing the service request without sorting the problem. Also there is no local number for contacting your technical, which is highly frustrating.

Some of the service request no for the same problem 11271710,11271452,11227998,11153320,11124142,10409428.

On top of all this I am being sent reminder for airtell bill payment and why my usage of internet is low.It has been frustrating experience .Why should I be paying if internet is working.

Now request to you help me .

Please follow your chain mail.

I have a few request. Can i have the status of all the request.


For the first request person visited my place he said that sir there is no dialtone and he said that "i can't fix it".

Then for every other problem no one showed up at my place but the request was closed. And if he says he visited me what was the resolution he provided please kindly share it with me.

And please open a new request mentioned "Airtel is incapable of providing service"

Before these service request i have another six service request and all were at priority basis.

Today complain service request number


I called customer care, interaction ID[protected], told me that person visited me and he has my signature , i would like to see new virtual signature of mine as your person never visited me. Please share a proof that person visited me.


Sahil Kapoor

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: <saurabh.[protected]>
Date: Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Subject: Broadband and Landline No. [protected]
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected], [protected]

Dear Sir/Mam

I Called up your customer care to complaint about the issue of my landline and broadband not working. but they asked me to write a mail to the airtel id stating

DN is not connected and my number switchfree.

Whereas i have done my bill payment on 14th Aug but still it is not working. i have been after you people for my internet not working since last one week but the service provided by you people is worst then MTNL and BSNL.

And for your information these days the complaints get closed without your representative coming to solve the issue.

Hopefully this time issue will be solved.

Best Regards


Saurabh Kapoor | Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited | Energy Business | India | Assistant Manager - SAS Projects
Phone: +[protected] | Mobile: +91 [protected]
Email: saurabh.[protected] | Site: | Address: 5th Floors, Tower-3, IGL Complex,Plot No.2B, Sector-126,NOIDA - 201304 (UP), India

*** Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
Namaste Mr.Kapoor,

This is to inform that your concern listed on 30 August 2012 is been worked upon. We would require some more time to resolve your concern. We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at

Deepak Mohod
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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