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 Arjun Deol
I took my pregnant wife to Dr. Preeti Shetty in the clinic at Bellundar Gate, Bangalore and Dr. Jyoti both Gynecologists and Anushka Shetty. They asked me to do all sorts of UNREQUIRED TESTS like ECOGRAPH, 2nd marker, 3rd marker etc. even when they knew my wife is aged 23 years and I have not married my cousin or relative.

They also were busy running and rushing to Apollo Banerghatta even when I went before time and on two occassions I had to re-visit them without having any REGARD or RESPECT for my time.

Dr. Jyoti said I am attending you free because the Dr. Preeti keeps sleeping around with other doctors and ignoring patients.

Anushka Dr. said she and all doctors gets 20-30% commission on tests done so thats why they recommend LOTS of TESTS on patients!

So EVERYONE PLEASE BEWARE. THIS HOSPITAL MAKES Ceasern C SECTIONS and tells patients to get UNREQUIRED TESTS DONE so they the doctors can make commission! DO NOT GO THERE. I called their HR DEPT. THE FELLOW THERE said we dont care we are running full.

PATIENTS PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THIS HOSPITAL. IT's a RIP OFF!!! DOn't USE THIS HOSPITAL. I went to VIMS hospital on same road opposite Marthahalli multiplex and met Dr. Pallavi and Garima. They gave my wife BESTEST SERVICE PLUS THE COSTS there and at TRUSTX and at THYROCARE are 50% LESS THAN THIS STUPID RIP OFF APOLLO CLINIC AND HOSPITAL ON BELLANDUR GATE, BENGALURU.

Also all these SHETTY DOCTORS I MET WERE RUDE and so was Dr. JYOTI.

Please AVOID THESE THREE LADIES... THEY ARE JEALOUS if you are dressed well and are rich or a NORTH INDIAN FELLOW or a NON-TULU FELLOW or UPPER CASTE fellow. You get SERVICE FROM THEM. Bloody Rascal ladies!

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Apollo Cliniq — P.F not paid by Employer


My self Kuldeep Kumar I was working with Apollo Cliniq. I worked 4 years & resigned from there in 2nd April 2009.

My P.F amount not payed fully by my previous employer (Apollo Cliniq). Can i file a case in consumer court.

P.F Person (P K Sharma) not telling me the PF number also he said that PF not submitted by the employer in PF office.

Ex-employer is not responding properly.

Kuldeep Kumar
I m very much astonished hearing this about Apollo though this things are quite common in Assam.Here this commision rate is 35-40%.
As a Patient i hv also experienced this unnecessary tests.This faulty hanger 4 money should b stoppd. Writing this is nt against ethics, i feel. As a Doctor.
I also had same experience when I took my wife at this clinic.

1) These two ladies Jyoti Dr. and Dr. P. Shetty were really hyper and impatient and did not want to give ample time to explain to our questions and were in a rush rush to see more patients as they get Rs 250/patient. It seems they were giving some free service like a govt. hospital and doing us some favour.

2) The days of when Doctors were traeted as GODESSESS is OVER. This is NOT some PRIMITIVE INDIA and they need to understand that. It seems they come to make money and commissions instead of REMEMBERING the BLOODY OATH they took when getting their MBBS CERTIFICATE. Some customers like us NEED to MAKE THEM REMEMBER the OATH they took about SERVING PATIENTS and HUMANITY with CARE and PATIENCE and with EPATHY instead of getting jealous if we have a SON and they do NOT or if we are dressed well or are RICHER than them!

3) This hospital and clinic is NOTORIOUS about USING PRESSURE TACTICS and FEAR to make patients do C-SECTIONS and run UNNECESSARY and UNCALLED TESTS like DOUBLE MARKER, etc. even if the REPORT does NOT call for it as Dr. JYOTI did to my wife!

4) When the tests came NORMAL she and Preeti Dr. said oh, well it's for your safety we did these tests. BULL !!! It's for making a PETTY 800 RS or more in COMMISSIONS they made me spend Rs 2000. I kept telling them I am FAT so my baby will be fat but they DIDn't LISTEN. I had similar experience as Mr. Arjun above by these same CHEAT doctors.

5) This hospital does NOT have EVEN proportion of NORTH INDIAN doctors and I have seen these south Indian doctor ladies in question here FORCE, APPLY MENTAL and EMOTIONAL PRESSURE, FEAR and LITERALLY MARK EVERY TEST AS URGENT as if we are visiting some CASUALTY or EMERGENCY WARD.

So please READERS DO NOT GO TO APOLLO BANGALORE or APOLLO CLINIC in BELLANDUR GATE BENGALURU. Visit VIMS hospital and Greenview and Lakeview hospitals nearby.

The posting here is done by a pervert who needs psychiatric treatment.

He has been harassing the young female doctors at the clinic by asking sexually related questions.

He Requires to be behind bars at at the nearest police station because he has beat up his wife in public at the clinic. There are witnesses to corroborate this.

If he has the courage to substantiate these allegations the clinic management is willing to discuss with him.

Before we can speak with him he needs to fix his brains properly. Right now we are talking about a certified lunatic who should be behind bars or at the nearest mental hospital.

Regarding the other posting about having north indian doctors. I think you are a fool. Please earn your living in north india. We dont want you in Bangalore and consuming our resources.
Being a Tamilian I found Fortis has many Tamil gynec's and better than Dr. Bhagat radiologist who wrote unnecessary tests on my report about 8-9 months ago. Dr. Bhagat of Apollo also works in Vitali's nearby and charges only Rs 550 versus Rs 650 Apollo charges. My experience with Apollo was they make you do tests that may not be necessary. Also according to our respected home minister Mr. Chidambaram and respected Mr. Rahul Gandhi all citizens of India can work anywher in India including Bangalore without anyone feeling that resources are only for some. I feel Kannada people are very nice overall except some Tulu friends I have who are hyper and angry nature. Anita Reddy owner of Apollo is Telegu/Andhrayite and I am sure she is creating good jobs but also consuming local resources. I am sure Apollo wants outsiders as patients.

There are a number of extremely courteous hospitals and great gynecologosts all aroungd and THYROCARE.com and telerad labs in WHitefield are best I found and HALF price of Apollo I found www.rxdx.com. Great service full AC, and clean and their printer and paper is more glossier and better quality print I got from there compared to Apollo.

List of Hospitals

1) manipal I found most expensive
2) Fortis also most expensive so these two are good if you have insurance.
3) Apollo little less expensive than top two
4) Greenview
5) Lakeview
6) Saibaba hospital
7) Swarnamukhi
8) VIMS now new management for blood tests etc.
9) Vydehi
10) many private nursing homes but be careful and do your own research. These are mostly husband/wife running them

Finally please understand most doctors here have paid huge capitation fees so they need to recover them. If your doctor is greedy its better to change. Many outside doctors are not from capitation colleges. So you decide whom and where to go.
The comments here are absolutely baseless. I have been Dr Preeti's patient 8 months back and I got a wonderful support from her all through my 9 months of pregnancy and she is one of the doctors who is very keen in ensuring a Normal delivery for her patients. In fact I would recommend pregnant ladies to visit Dr Preeti
I have faced lot of bias and unnecessary rush rush situations at Apollo besides many unnecessary tests that even Fortis doctors told me are not needed. I changed from Apollo to fortis to Manipal and finally found best bengali doctor gynecologist I was looking for at Telerad in Whitefield Bangalore. I also visited other hospitals like Swarnamikhi and had good experience.

So my advice is check out for yourself as some doctors may be good with their own caste, religion and region people and perhaps not with others. Mostly Kannada mothertongue and gujarathi mother tongue doctors are very polite and nice I have found but being a Bengali I went to my own caste and got good service.

Always look for doctors who are not rushing between various clinics like Mr. Bhagat with whom even I had very bad experience and pretty much every doctor in apollo was in a rush to go to Banerghatta road apollo. So I changed to Foirtis but it was too far for me so I change d to Manipal but didn't like the costs that were too high...so all of you reading please do not follow any advice but find out for yourself what is best suiting your needs..
I agree even I faced same situation with Dr. preeti who was in a mad rush to go to banerghatta hospital. I never went back to her.
even i agree on the allegations made on apollo clinic, the docs seem to be very busy and the treatment is worse. My humble request is not to visit Apollo clinic at bellandur gate
The 3 at Apollo bellundar gate are Preeti (Gynie=gynecologist), Jyoti (Gynie) and Bhagat (scanning and ultrasound doctor). They work in unison to f*** almost all patients with unnecessary tests and give inaccurate reports with marginally higher numbers so these doctors can send patients back for more tests to be done and get commissions. My wife was so disheartened after coming here that I took her to government hospital and they did same tests these CROOKS suggested and all came normal.

Please be careful of these doctors and also one Anshuya shetty general doctor. Mostly all Tulu fellows jointly f*** patients HARD to RECOVER their CAPITATION fees FAST!
Users patients please check this link also so many complaints by so many patients...this Apollo hospitals in Bangalore sucks and are a RIP OFF!!!

I truly agree with you this Hospital is not worth being a hospital! They are the least professional. They are awfully poor in standards. Please do not visit Apollo. They will eat your money and give you Government Hospital standards of service.

I had the worst experience of my life Just doing a Master health checkup. They are the most irresponsible and unproffessional hospital we can find in that category. Only the buidlings are big. Its all undeducated bloodsucking money sucking employees in there.
I agree with your Bellandur experience. I switched to the Apollo Clinic in Whitefield and have been very pleased with the quality of service. The place is spotless and clean. The owners walk around the clinic and talk to customers. They always appologize for the waiting time. Also they actually follow up with a call to confirm appointments.
The doctors are good. They take the time to answer all your questions.
This clinic might be expensive but its worht your money.
I went to whitefield Apollo to check on the comments above and found totally contrary service as mentioned by xxx123 above. The building is clewan but all cheap mallu nurses with dirty nails! and still same TULU speaking doctors of bellandure gate visit there! Service was quite slow with a FROWN rather than a smile and they prefer mostly insurance cases so they can overchgharge cashless insurance patients as told to me by patients sitting and waiting n waiting for doctors to come from BANERGHATTA HOSPITAL which is about 35-40 KM FAR. DONT GO THERE AS DOCTORS ARE ALWAYS RUNNING LASTE I WAS TOLD BY SO MANY PATIENTS!!!

POLEASE WATCH OUT FOR OVERCHARGES TO YOUR INSURANCE AND LONG LONG LONG WAIT and once u are with a doctor since these female doctors MOSTLY keep running late they are pushy and angry if u ask questions!!!

PLEASE DONT GO THERE BABA! Near there only is FORTIS that u may want to try! Although that is also a EXPENSIVE hospital/clinic. So watch your POCKET!!!
I also went there to check this place...total zoo, all doctors late, fully messed up...Please do not go here..no pedriatricians available...full gadbad...
Solong as you have mostly TULU and any same caste doctors/staff as majority like in apollo TULU/MALAYALEE nurses service will NEVERimprove bcozcomplaints are NOT RESOLVED. Instead they live in DEFIANCE and DENIAL...SopleaseDO NOT go here plus all DOCTORS are CHRONICALLY LATER with same BULL reasonof traffic/emergency cases, etc... they are busy sleeping somewhere...
Dear "Arjun Ka Baap"
"Please earn your living in north india. We dont want you in Bangalore and consuming our resources."
What a funny statement.

You forget one thing that, you are alive because of these IT companies. It seems you don't even have your own culture. And more over you people have more Regional Feeling than the North Indian guys.

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city. So you can't tell this kind of word, not to stay in Bangalore. Even you are also outsider.

Without IT companies can you imagine Bangalore?
All your styles are for these only. Please do remember.

gandhi nursing home — local people facing problem from this hospital

We are living in Om Vihar ( Uttam Nager ) New Delhi . we are facing alot of problems from gandhi hospital . this hospital has has no parking space . local peoples are facing problems from this . even peoples coming from there work and they have no space to park there vhicles in front of there homes . because gandhi hospital peoples are parking in front of our homes . so please if somebody can do some thing so please try help us ....

and thousands of peoples running here and there whole day . our kids can not play in the street ....

we don't know what we can do ?

because i already complain in MCD they said they can not do any thing ..
I already compalin in Police they said they can not do any thing ....

so where we can complain .....??????????
I think the people who've posted these hate messages are all the same person posting as different people - what's medicine got to do with Tulu/Mallu/Tamil/upper/lower caste/North Indian - you must be really crazy - maybe you have your brain RIPPED OFF?!! whoever you are mister Richie Rich North Indian - that much i can guess from the venom you have spewed

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