[Resolved]  Apra Auto India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon (Dealer Of Maruti Suzuki Ltd) — Cheating by APRA Auto India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon.(Dealer of Maruti Suzuki Ltd)

I Vikas Jaitly had purchase a Maruti-Suzuki Swift (Zxi) on 7th Jan 2008 from your Authorised dealer M/s APRA Auto India Pvt Ltd, JMD Regent Plaza,M-G Road, Gurgaon.(APRA)

M/s APRA has cheated me and sold me a 2007-Old model by falsely promising that it is a 2008 Model.

I had requested for the latest Swift ZXI 2008 model, with the latest features which would be likely to be incorporated in the 2008 model.The dealing sales person at APRA Auto India Pvt Ltd is Gulshan Kumar who was dealing with us from inquiry dealing till the time of delivery of Vehicle. Mr Gulshan along with other sales persons and employee of APRA has had promised us to give us the latest 2008 Model and on their assurance, we had booked the said car on 06th Jan 2008. The car was delivered to us on 7th Jan 2008 evening I had paid Rs 531111/- the car.

Time and again till the time of delivery of vehicle I has numerous time contacted APRA and enquired about the make & model and they had confirmed each time that it was latest 2008 model. But after the purchase I came to know that Latest Swift ZXI – 2008 model is coming with inbuilt stereo (MP3 player) & some other modifications too. I was shocked to understand that APRA has cheated me and supplied me a 2007 model.

Just due to the difference in year of model the car is depreciated much and I was not given the new features moreover my faith on Maruti and its associates had shaken. I had informed M/s APRA and asked for an explanation but till date they had not responded.

I am thinking to take the matter with Maruti Udhyog and also file a case with consumer court and case under section 420.

Kindly Look in the matter and advice further action.

Yours truly,
Vikas Jaitly
Phone : [protected]

Office :- Vikas Jaitly
Vice President
PNB Housing Finanace Ltd.
314-315, DLF Central Arcade
Gurgaon Mehrauli Road,
BO: Gurgaon
Phone :[protected], 2563777
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Aug 13, 2020
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Maruti Udhyog Ltd & Govt. has to take a strict action against the dealer. As the customer, he himself knows the value of money & time he spent to earn. It should be taken as a fraud case to Suzuki, they have to understand carefully before making anybody a dealer. As Suzuki Maruti Udhyog Ltd is not a street side store.
Did they offer u a heavy discount on the new car?? Actually I was also planning to buy a new car in Jan'2008. I was told by the dealers that, if I purchase a 2007 model, which has been manufactured during the year-end. On a new model there was no discount.

If its so, then I am really feeling f sorry for you, b'coz these salesmen, just for "laalach" of a few hundred rupees as incentive, leave the customer shocked and unsure of any other person they meet.

But don't give up...take up the matter further...go to consumer court...worst to worst u'll have to retain the vehicle...but at least the satisfaction of fighting against fraud will be there...and i am sure something will definitely work-out. The consumer court has been very least such bogus salesmen and car-dealers(Cheaters) will have to run for their money!!!
Why don't to escalate the matter with Maruti Suzuki Customer care person.They will take necessary action.One of my friends W-R was having suspension problem & he took it to Maruti's customer cell & they responded it vey quickly.
yes i agree with this complaint because now maruti is only chase the money they cant think about coustmer dreams and coustomer setisfection. the maruti regional office are also missguide the coustomers they cant took the right answer because they want only money when the take the from coustomer they cant think aboutthe coustomer then coustmer is doesent maater for maruti and setisfection i have also same type of problem with my omni lpg which i purchased by jay cee motor amritsar but sfter problem no body solve our problem they addvice me go to court and file a case against us but we cant do they publish in the jd powers maruti is on a no one in customer setisfection but thst is total false jd is also a part of maruti amd a mother is cant listen against the son, same like tasht they cant publish the problems of maruti owners. as per me maruti is made the only cars not make relation with customers.,

with regards
gagandeep singh mattu
Dear Sir,

I am been harrassed by the Chevrolet dealer India Automobile in Kolkata, India for last one month to get delivery of the car (spark LS). The dealer after taking full payment in advance by false committment of giving immediate delivery made me wait for last 25 days are now when car has arrived he is asking further payment from me for hike in there prices

Please suggest what to do?
To, Dated :- 20th November, 2008
The Manager,
Gurgaon, Haryana,
Subject:- Dissatisfaction from the service and misguiding for making extra money.
Respectfully, I am an owner of Maruti Zen having registration number DL 2CN 9286 and met with an accident near Shivaji Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon. As I am having trust on Maruti Service station, I have two options in front of me APRA and VIPUL, but I heard about your good service so immediately I reached to APRA Service Satation near to that location. This accident was occurred on dated 30th October, 2008., and from the very same day my car is in that service station till date.
On the very same day at 6:30 P.M. I meet with Mr. Smarth([protected]) in building no. 15A and handed over the car for the inspection of the damage but on the very same day I was misguided as I was make to sign on the INSURANCE INSPECTION CERTIFICATE without any inspection and they called this as a part of formality. My question is this that are you staff take signature first without having any inspection done. This was done on 01st November, 2008. As my car was not damaged from the front only the wheel rim was damaged, I was promised for the delivery of the car within 9 days from the date of accident.
This is very humiliating that till date I have never received any call from your side for the car, each and every time I call I got the response that only the road test is pending till date this is the 20th day from the day of accident. After few days of accident I was informed that the side body is also damaged and when I ask for the change of the side body they says that it is okay to be repaired and when I contacted one of your staff (Mr. Salim/[protected]) about this he suggested only to change this as this part of the car is very important for the car.
This is very disgusting that each and every time I have to call to check the status / progress on the car. I have never received any call from your side. I was never informed whenever the visitor visit for the car nor I have ever meet with the car inspection inspector. it is your responsibility to call your customer for the progress of the car and its my right to know all this about my car and to meet with the inspection people.
One more thing that whenever I call each time I was told a new major problem with the car, Is your staff is so untrained that those peoples are not able to find the problem with the car (i.e. major problem not minor problem). Yesterday (19th November, 2008) I finally got a call from Mr. Anand ([protected]) and he told me that my car is giving missing on the start, even a fool can say that this statement is false as there are three facts First from the last 10 days my car is ready for the road test, Second as I told earlier my car was not having any damage from the front only it was from the left side wheel damage, and third while giving the car for repair it was checked by Mr. Smarth that this car was not giving any kind of missing at that time. Are you people so crazy that you make fake statements to make money.
As I heard about APAR that you are the best in customer satisfaction, REALLY you guys make me to feel this. You people are making me to take action against you as my experience with you is not good. Please do something good to change my thinking for you as I am service class person and this is a huge amount for me you are charging for the fake damages and repairs. From this I am mentally disturbed from your side and activities.
STILL Hoping for a positive response from your side.
Thanks & Regards,
Suresh Chand,
The condition now seems to be worst as after receiving call from your side to collect my car Maruti Zen On 20th November, 2008 having registration No. DL 2CN 9286, you again refused to give the car to me due to some new technical problem. Will you please let me know that without any confirmation you call the people to collect the car. This is very embarrassing to me to come from Delhi to Gurgaon to receive car and got refused. On the very first day from 30th October, 2008 you promised to give the car to me on 08th November, 2008, but till date you always failed to deliver the car to me.

On 20th November, 2008 I was promised by you head Mr. Sunil Gupta for the delivery of the car within 15 minutes and at the end of the day I was refused to the delivery of the car. Reason a new technical problem. Let me tell you that my car only did 38000 Kms from the last 8 Years and before the accident I have never had any technical problem in the car and now the problem occurs in that part aswell where the car was never hited.

Please do the needful in this matter. I will be highly thankful to you for the same.


Suresh Chand
Mr Vikas,
Is the above act called cheating? Is it clearly stated in the laws of India or do you have any advise on it? I am having a similar problem.
Dear Sir, Dated:- 24th November, 2008

This is my fifth email to you and your department for the delivery of the car having registration no. DL2CN9286. It is requested to you to kindly deliver my car back as everybody in your department is misguiding and making money by specifying every time new problem in the car, even the surveyor also claims that why APRA people donot let him know the whole problem at a time. Surveyor claims of visiting again and again for the same car and every time for the new problem.

This seems that your staff is totally untrained as they are not able to catch the problem even in three attempts.

This is my request to you kindly deliver my car back to me.


Suresh Chand
no proper services from simran motors Auto (India) P Ltd .


I lata motwani have purchased a maruti swift desire from simran motors,
panvel in the month of april 2008 but till today I have not got the smart card which they should had given within 15 to 30 days of purchase .

I have gone there for so many times for the card but they have not given me the card nor they are giving me any proper information.Maruti Udhyog Ltd & Govt. has to take a strict action against the dealer.

Kindly Look in the matter and advice further action.


sai prasad apt,
203, plot no 442
sai section
PIN. 421501.
These things are really desperating, these people have nothing to do with the customers problem, this has become their habit of cheating the customers like that. Now it is the responsibility of Maruti also to check that how their dealers are cheating their customers in the name of servicing and selling old models in the name of new model.
Really very disguesting

Apra Service station, gurgaon — Cheated in car service at Apra Service station, gurgaon

Actually in last service at Apra service station sec-14, gurgaon I was told that my car's (wagonR) Shocker are damaged and need to change. They also confirmed me that it will cover in your extended warrenty. I agreed to them. But after running more 2000Km I found the problem still persits and get worsed. I doubt that they have not changed my car's shockers instead they might took the advantage from maruti on extended warrenty. Please look into the matter or suggest me the way I can proceed to check it. Initially Apra was on my priority but after such 2-3 incidents with me, I cannot recommend anybdy for this, even now Apra is busy only in money making by giving senseless advice on your car.

This is a general Story with Maruti Dealers. You any where through out India, Maruti has expanded their operations but they are not able to manage them at all. You go for a simple car wash. It takes like 4 hrs. Crap...Isnt It?? They don't follow the rules created by them only.

PASCO, one of the known Maruti Dealer in Gurgaon. The provide the pathetic service. I bought my car from Local Delaer in Punjab and now as i was posted here, i been visiting this dealer once in 2 months and gettin my car checked-up on a regular basis, but rather than going up it's started deteriorated and even after giving so many feedbacks(Specifically asked for them) on various levels of administration, they have done nothing.

BENZ Autos in chandigarh is a great dealer. Any one from CHD plz visit them once. I am not a promoter of them but appreciate their sercives in a very nominal rates.

I got my Maruti Alto serviced at APRA Gurgaon recently and this has been the pathectic service of my vehicle till date. Any road-side dealer would do a better wash and repairing than APRA auto. Not only this, they removed the black CAP in the middle of tyres. Whatever I mentioned to be reapired was not done and charges were too much. Experinces with VIPUL motor faridabad has been much better than this. I will never ever give my car for service to APRA auto again.
I will give my car for service to APRA auto again

Apra Auto Ltd — Fraudulent intentions

I had given my Maruti Baleno MH 12CK 760 to Apra auto Ltd for servicing and a complaint of my car AC not working. By the end of the day i was told that the car AC evaporator has a leakage inside and it cannot be repaired and that it can only be replaced and would cost around Rs 32000, as Baleno parts are no more made in India. Thankfully i did not go by their word and post servicing (which cost me aprox Rs7000) i showed it a local Car AC repair shop. He checked on the leakage and told there was none, and refilled the AC gas and it started working. It cost me Rs 900.
Apra auto is an authorised service station and I wonder how an authorized service station this big would intend to do this kind of fraud.
I feel Maruti does not listen to its customers, since my case in never responded by their officials till date despite being taken up with them for last one & half years.

Dinesh Pargain
APRA suckssss... i will take my car to a road side mechanic rather then taking it to APRA . They don't know how to behave with their customers. Fraud people fraud commitment.
I have had the same issue as stated above by Suresh Chand.
How can we trust Maruti company as whole sole true and customer oriented, when they cheat on customer on continously.
Can somebody plesae give email ID of the owner of the comany, so that by directly mailing him, these situations can be unshadow from him.

i dont know about problem of these people.but i m also go to apra for service my swift vdi and i am fully satisfied with their performence.and one thing from my opnion no one can do better car wash like apra.

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