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Dear sir,
This is reminder of prior complaint of 17 Apr and regarding your reply on 22 apr.i had not received any positive response.I have received call from priority circle on[protected] in morning and in this, the executive told me that he would definetily cancelled my priority circle charge the following was the detail of my calls to customer care executive
to surekha 27/3/2008 at 4 pm
to prasant 12/04/2008 at 10am
to prasant23/04/2008 at 5 pm
to krish 29/04/2008 at 3.10 pm
to deepa 08/05/2008 at 6 pm
to prasant 13/05/2008 at 4.30 pm
to amit on 23/05/2008 many times between 2 to 6pm from priority circle delhi[protected]
in these calls and e mails from starting i had requested every time since 26/02/2008 not to give any priority circle membership nad not to deducted charge.but nothing was happened. Instead of deducting membership fees bank had levied interest on the same although matter is under processing .
I have a barclay credit card no 433*********973 i have complaint about ur priority circle fee of Rs 5000 in statement of march 2008. actually on 26/02/2008 at 5.00 pm i had received many calls from your priority circle for taking membership . In these calls I asked them to give me sometimes to think but they insist me that this was the last day to take membership. Due to network problem the call were disconnecting in betweens communication Finally the call was disconnected while verification was in progress .after 15 minuts near about 6.00 pm (ist) i had called your custmer care no [protected] from my phone number and ask not to given any membership and not to deduct charges, executive assure me that he had taken my complaint and no charges would deduct .after some days (near about 5-6 days )i inquired my outstanding it had shown about Rs 7320 and in this fees for priority circle was included. since then i had made many times complaint to custmer care and priority circle by my phone and even before and after preparing the statement for march but no action was taken only assurace were given so kindly do needful because it will reate a bad effect on barclay reputation and i felt it like a trap for customer . my priority circle fees was deducted on 03/03/2008 even after complainting on 26/02/2008 and after giving assurance of not to deducted fees by customer care executive on 26/02/2008
So kindly return my priority circle fees and reverse the service tax and interest which was levied on this fees
harjeet singh cc no 433********973

yours truly
harjeet singh
cc no 433*********973

juinagar, navi mumbai
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Sir,

Kindly reverse back the priority membership from my account as I don't require it.I have been continuosly recieving calls from the bank for making the payments.But I don't need the memebership.While getting the membership, i was not said for the charge but it was said that it is lifetime free.I have been getting distrub throughout the days recieving 20 call apporx from the bank for the payment.

Ratan Kumar Parmar

Acc no 4339 **** **** 2100

Barclaycard — cheating

Iwas charged around Rs.6000/-for the priority barclaycard in which 30 percent discount was promised on any purchase with this credit card. But I could not avail such facility. Pl. inform me on my cell [protected]
i was getting so namy calls to ake this offer for 2 months saying that they will provide 30 % discount on outstanding balance.when ever he used to call me i used to make sure is it on all the transactions. he said yes.
I was charged around Rs.5618/-for the priority barclaycard in which 30 percent discount was promised on any purchase with this credit card.
but now if i call up customer care they say its on only selected transaction. and they give other number to contact . where they wont receive at all..

Y the hell they give this offer if they r not sure what offer they r giving while convincing the customer.

its one way of cheating the customer, to make the use of that card.
I am the latest sufferer of the cheating done by Barclay Card People. I got a call last month from Baclays about the free membership of Priority Circle. So i agreed to join, but on the condition that there will be no chagres of any kind. BUt when i called the customer care the next day, they told me that they have charged Rs. 5600 (approx) for Pripority Circle memberhip. Since then, i am chasing them but of no avail.
Dear Friend,

This is Barclay Bank. Ek kahawat to suni hogi... "Unchi Dukan aur Phinki Pakwan".

Barclaycard — No service provided yet asking for money

As per the telephonic discussion held with one of your Agent (call center) of Delhi, I have made a payment Details
Rs 500.00 in Cash
Cards No: - [protected]
Name: - Nitin Hiraman Hinwar.
Credit card repayment receipt No: - C-38489 DATED 2/9/2008.

I request you to cancel my priority card circle fees of Rs 5000.00 charged to my account. The interest & other financial charges charged to me. Since I have stop making payment from last four months. Since I am taking the follow up of my case from pune to mumbai via telephone from last four months, so I request you to reversal of (priority circle card fees + interest+ other financial charges) as early as possible, so that I can use card in clean condition.

This is for your information
1) Since your call center people do not responded me properly ( i.e.: Cutting the phone, keeping it on hold for a long, do not pay full attention towards the case history, arrogant, no proper commitment),

Your phone number issues:-
1) Toll free number: - does not work.
2) Pune Telephone no: - does not work (I have to call to mumbai call center to discuss any issue (I am in Pune)
3) Receive SMS: - 6 a day for with number mentioned in it, that number does not work.

Please resolve my query as soon as possible for the better relation.

Nitin Hinwar
I am a Barcklaycard Times card holder and i have also been duped thoroughly by Barclaycard in the name of Priority circle membership. They said on phone that it is a priviledge offer from Barclaycard as they have completed one year in India and is totally free. they also talked about that i am supposed to get 30% cash back on anything i buy for a whole one year! later when i complained about my account being charged of Rs. 5000/-, they said that they have gone thru their audio recordings and that i have been informed about the charges! it seems quite clear that with all audio and other documents in their hands we have no reason to beleive that Barclaycard officials are all decendants of RAJA HARISHCHANDRA!
dear all ye jo barclaycard hai na ye bahut bada thag hai maine 5600 rs diya hue 3 month ho gaya abhi tak koi welcome kit nahi koi travel bag nahi aur jab call center per phone karo to yahi kaha jata hai ki despatch kar diya hai apko mil jayaga per abhi tak nahi mila hai aur hume ye bhi bataya gaya tha ki ap jahan se bhi perchasing karego apko 30% tak chut milaga per abhi tak koi chut nahi mila hai jab maine is bare main phone kiya to bolte hai ki site per select shop hai udhar se hi apko chut milaga pata nahi main to 5600 rs wapis chahta hun kyonki main barclaycard se bahut harash hun aur main apna card cancil karana chahta hun kyonki 67242222 per call karo executive bolta hai ki itna paise jama kar do jab maine jama kar diya to phir late payment aur intrest lag kar statement hume mila maine bola bhi ye kyon bolte main apne pura payment nahi kiya hai ap hume batiya ap humse jabardast paise dene parange kis pe bharosa kiya jay call center wale ne jaise bola humne waise kiya per uska khamiyaja hume bhugatna per raha hai jab call center per phone kijiya to prossess main chal raha hai inka process kabhi khatam nahi hota hai aur hume late payment intrest charge kar diya jata hai humare pas aur bhi credit card hai per kahin aise nahi hota hai jaise ki barclaycard main hota hai maine kaha bhai humara card cancil kar do bolte ki card cancil nahi hoga what will i di
Dear Sir,

I am bringing this matter second time in your kind notice on last occasion a reverse mail was received by me assuring that Bank would take up the matter and do something in the customer favour. But I am sorry to say that I am repeatedly receiving the Barclay Account Statement with same errors and imposing late fee and other unjustified charges. I took this matter with your customer executive ( Ms. Deepa ) on phone but she shown her inability to do something. I resubmit the entire matter again that on the persistent pursuance I was agreed to take Barclay credit card as I was told that my credit limit would be Rs. 3 lakh with corresponding cash limit but When I received card I found that credit limit of credit card is just 15000/- instead of Rs. 3 lakh, this was first lie from the Barclay Representative. Secondly I was told by the representative that if I withdraw cash from any ATM Barclay associated bank, there would be no interest or any charges for first 45 days thereafter nominal interest charges would be claimed. (This is second lie). On 25.6.2008 I withdrew Rs. 6000/- from ICICI Bank ATM Delhi University through Barclay card. Soon after withdrawing Rs. 6000/- from the ATM, Rs. 508.86 had been imposed with various charges with in 2 days of withdrawal. (This is the third lie from the bank) I brought this injustice to the notice of bank immediately when I received the Statement. I clarified and asserted that I would not make the payment of these unjustified charges which bank had imposed. On 8th August 2008, I deposited a cheque for Rs. 6200/- ( 6000+200(as debit interest + service tax etc.) in good gesture on the part of customer in Sky pack at shakti Nagar Delhi. Even making payment on due date i.e. ( on 8.8.2008) Rs. 500 was levied as late fee and another statement for the period 19-8.2008 to 19.9.2008 was dispatched to me showing a balance of Rs. 1659.37/- despite the fact I had paid Rs. 6200/- vide cheque dated 5.8.2008 on 8.8.2008 Bank’s designated skypack.

Sir, as I have already clarified that I will not make any more payment against unjustified and unreasonable charges being levied on the customer by this way or that way. It appears that despite sending email, talking on phone, bank is not responding positively, nor is the Barclay bank reserving these unjustified charges; Bank is adopting arbitrary practice in banking Industry. It is quit clear that bank is violating all norms and rules. Because when the representative of Barclay bank makes promise is not kept up is violation of terms and condition on the part of the bank but not on the part of the customer. I am just highlighting those things which were told to me and are not being adhered to by the bank itself. By this email, I also want to say I am surrendering the credit card by breaking it in many folds I would like to bring to the officer concerned to look into the matter and reverse these charges immediately. . In case, these charges are not reversed, I would be compelled to bring entire matter to Consumer Court along with legal expenses would be incurred in the proceedings along with harassment expenses.

Prem Babu ( Credit Cared NO. [protected])

Barclaycard — Barclaycard Priority Circle Trap/ Fraud

Post Box. No. 11567
Nariman point
Mumbai-400 021

Subject : Withdrawal of Membership of priority circle

I am a Barclaycard holder ( CARD NO: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1367). I was offered an invitation to priority circle membership which according to my understanding was offered free of cost. But on 24/09/2008 my account reflected a charge of Rs. 5000/- along with a service tax of Rs. 618/-. So a total of Rs. 5618/- was charged in me for Priority circle membership. . I have tried number of times to contact Barclaycard Priority Circle Delhi and Mumbai but I could not get it. On dated 1/10/2008. I again contact Delhi & Mumbai and tell them I have not interested this membership because when he calls me he offered me this free of cost membership and as per the terms and condition of propriety circle . We already register our grievance/ Complain to priority circle Delhi & Mumbai service no.[protected] and[protected] to Ms MONICA dated 01/10/2008 about 10 :30 AM . also kindly refer term and condition .

b. The participation of Cardholder(s) in the Program is voluntary and if a Cardholder(s)
chooses not to participate in the Program, then he/she shall inform/intimate the Bank in thisregard within 21 days from the date of the amount has been debited to his card account, in the manner as indicated by the Bank at its sole discretion from time to time. In the event, a Cardholder(s) decides not to become member of the Program and has communicated the same to Bank within the 21 days mentioned above, then the Bank shall reverse such charges received
from the Cardholder(s) provided that the Cardholder has not availed any benefit of the

Therefore again I inform you that I am not interested this offer. If you force me I will go for Consume Court and also lunch complain to RBI and Local Police Station . so that as term and condition

C Subject to terms of 2 b above, If a Barclaycard holder decides to withdraw from the Program, then he/she shall intimate the Bank of the same. Upon withdrawal from the Program, all Charges pertaining to the Program, borne by you.

In this regard I am request to Consumer Forum to kindly help me and do necessary against BARCLAYCARD priority circle

Santosh Kumar Tiwari
240 Shakti Khand –I
I am BARCLAYCARD holder since one year. I dont want Life Time Priority Circle Card. I was misunderstand about this card. I am salaried person. My Income is very low. I dont prefer Life Time Priority Circle Card. Pls cancle this facility and reverse that amount of Rs. 6000/-. Otherwise I will complain in Consumer Court.
Yours ---- Kamal Kumar Mahto, Mobile : [protected]

Barclaycard — not receiving BARCLAYCARD statements

not receiving BARCLAYCARD statements till issuing the card, only sms alarts come & thus i have pay the amount twice.
no documents like statements i have. no assistance from tollfree customer care
my membership cencal my card [protected] pls
nahi to me jaago grahak jaago me jauga

Barclaycard — cheating the cutstomers


i have recieved statement from barclays bank credit card in which rs 6741/-has been charged
as barclaycard priority circle fee
it is very surprising to see that this type of cheating is being done by the bank
mail send to them is attached below for refrance
to [protected]

dateWed, Oct 22, 2008 at 6:58 PM
subjectBarclays Bank PLC India

hide details Oct 22 (13 days ago) Reply

Dear Mr. Mantoo,
We refer to your e-mail regarding cancellation of Barclaycard Priority Circle (BPC) Membership.
Please be informed that we have noted your request for cancellation of BPC Membership and that the same has been forwarded to the concerned department. We will revert to you shortly.
For further assistance or clarifications on the matter, please feel free to call on us at the Barclaycard Helpline numbers mentioned below.
We assure you of our best attention at all times.
Yours sincerely,

Customer Service Executive

24 Hour Customer Service Helpline:
i had informed them on phone to execitive on 14th oct 08 for the same to be reversed
but no action has taken place
even contacted to priority circle no[protected]
their responce was that what ever you do we will not cancel this
this is mental agoney

kindly help to solve the problem

thanks & regards
PH [protected]
CARD NO [protected]
I bought a ticket from New Delhi to Jammu on 12th of November from REDBUS.The journey was fixed on 16 th of November
The amount of the ticket was INR1530.As it was for two persons Each Costs INR 750+Texes.

The amount should be debited INR 1500+30=1530 but in my statement I find that the INR 1530 has been debited twice.

redbus is saying that they did not taken out the amount twice if so they have refunded Attached a confirmation letter from them.
I never got this money back i have sent them thousends of mails even a letter thru court but no reply.

Mailed them what they want send them through registered post but never got the money back.

Card No. is ******************6587
Dear Sir,

I have not recived Barclaycard.

Barclaycard — Not receiving my statements Since i Got this Card

This is Ramana Reddy, Since i have taken ur barclaycard on mar 11 til the date i hav'nt received your any kind of statements from you Guys. So, I request you to send my entire card details as soon as possible to keep update my self and not to delay my card payments to you.

T.Ramana Reddy

Barclaycard — Harrasement

I have this Card no.[protected] & I was very disappointed from the customer service. Some offers are offered to me regarding cash back & an amount of Rs 6000/- is being charged to my card. But I didn’t receive the hard copy of these offers. When I talk to priority services on 16th Dec 2008 for these hard copies, they told that they will inform me after 72 hrs about the decision. But till 26th of Dec there is no response from the bank. When I call again to the priority services on 26th Dec & told my decision of cancellation of these offers they told that there is no possibility of cancellation of these offers. They also say that recovery people are coming from recovery department for the recovery of amount that is charged to my card. How can I pay this amount when I didn’t receive the proper documents of these offers?
So I decided to cancel my Barclaycard & I cut into four pieces and return to the customer care department.
But till today the bank call me 3-4 times daily for the payment & told me the if I refuse to give the payment the recovery people will come for the payment.
I am a serviceman & having high BP

Barclaycard — Barclaycard - I am closing and going to some other you know which credit Card. (Starts with IC... Bank)

Dear Friends,

While giving the card these people send the person like elcticity. Now I told them 4 months back to close the card as they are charging monthly fees. ( Its a life time free card. Life is short for this Bank.)

Now the bill gone upto 2000 Rs. Still m a good customer and called them to send somebody to pick up the cheque and then close the car. Still no response. Today on care executive said we dont have the pick up facility. What the ... !

Less spending on employees and bigger bills for customers. is this is known as banking in your country then please dont show your face to India. Please.

Here bank person is treated as a friend and it will not happen with your bank.

Thanks but due to this experience I and my friends came to know the importance and quality of Other no.1 Banks in India. Everybody knows which Bank I am treating as No.1.

So thank you again for teaching us how a bank can be unprofessional.

Barclaycard — Demand of payment for unwanted Gift Item

Card No. [protected]
I took Barclaycard while i was booking airticket. when i got my first bill, some additional amount was charged for which i enquired customer care. the representtive told me that apart from purchase, the bill contains amount for one gift item which will be sent to you. i strongly denied that i have ordered for the paid gift. the representative told that you should pay for the actual amount of purchase leaving the cost of gift. i paid that. then again calls were coming that i have to accept the gift. i refused all the times, then too they delivered item on my residence in when i was in remote area of maharashtra where the signal of my mobile is weal many times. when i came back to my home, it was shown to me. i didn't opened the item and the same is lying as it is. I again contacted and written mails to them that i don't want a gift of worth 6500/= and please take it back. they have made me sick by calling at least five to ten times a day. I am honest towards my financial duties and holding the cards of other banks too and i am paying them regularly. for this too i have paid for the items i purchased through that card. but now they are doing excessive. therefore, it is my request that please take strong action so that this kind of cheating to honest customers could be avoided. i am feeling cheated and therefore, i am making such complaint.

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