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[Resolved]  Citibank — Spam Calls/ Fake Customer Data Creation

This is how Cititbank responds to a Customer complaint. They make you go round and round till you give up completely frutrated.

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 05:03:32 +0530
From: Head Customer Care <head.[protected]>
Subject: RE:'Citibank=[protected]' RE: Re: CitiAlert - Credit Card Payment Due
DateReminder(Reference No:[protected]-CC001)

Dear Customer,
We are writing to you from the Office of Grievance Redressal Officer.
Thank you for writing in and raising your concerns as mentioned in your e-mail.
Your Query Reference # is *******. We are in the process of investigating your concern and we shall revert to you in 10 working days.
In the meanwhile, for further clarifications, we may contact you over phone or alternatively, please reply to this mail for further information/clarification on this query.
Warm Regards,
From the Desk of Internal Banking Ombudsman

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, Nov 20 2007 4:16AM
To: Head Customer Care [head.[protected]]
Cc: [protected] [[protected]];
Subject: RE: Re: CitiAlert - Credit Card Payment Due DateReminder(Reference No:)

Ref RBI Banking Ombudsman Ref Number: OBO(BG)No.///2007-08
Dear Citibank,
Despite your commitments,I have recieved another spam message for Raju Poppanna from your number 52484, on 17/11/07 at 18:07 hrs IST.
The contents are: "Dear Customer get your credit limit increased to Rs 65000 on your Citibank Card 1001. Reply CLI to 52484. No extra charges. Visit for T n C".
Is this what you mean by an assurance that I wont get further calls or messages for Raju Poppanna?
With apprehensions,

Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 01:57:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE:'Citibank=[protected]' Fwd: Re: Your complaint against Citibank N.A.- Anjana Makkar
To: IBO <[protected]>, anjana.[protected],

Dear Ms Makkar,
It happenned YET AGAIN!!!
I got another call from Citigroup, this time from a lady named Alpana Chopra, just moments back (2:05 pm).She says she was calling from Citigroup,Delhi(Ph #[protected] and wanted to know why I have not made the payment for September.(Mind you, she continued half way in English and moved on to Hindi to make her point accross to me, all the while when I kept asking her to refer to Query Reference # is 6262999. Not only this, she even put me on mute and then had someone else talk to me as she had no answer to my question. Only on my insistence did she get back on the phone, though she never answered what were the contents of Query Reference # is *******).
I guess you people would never learn how frustrated your Customers are- I promise that in my powers within my Organization (forget personally), we'll never ever do any business with Citi. And that's a promise! And I'll ensure that you are blacklisted in my professional community as the most unprofessional Bank.
And as agreed with the Ombudsman at bangalore, within 30 days from when this first communication was made, if I dont get a solution, I am all prepared to sue you for damages for the continued harassment.
For God's sake- stop calling me!! If your people are such dumb, give them some language training.
Citigroup SUCKS!!!

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 03:29:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE:'Citibank=[protected]' Re: CitiAlert - Credit Card Payment Due Date Reminder(Reference No:[protected]-CC001)
To: Head Customer Care <head.[protected]>, [protected]

Dear Citibank Head Customer Care,
This is for your information.
Today I have recieved another call from your DST (phone number [protected]) at 3:45 pm. The callers were Mohammed and Abdul. They would not give me their Company name. Initially they said they are calling from Cititbank, and when I asked them to give me the contents of Reference # is ******* then they accepted that they are calling from a DST.
I have recorded today's call as well. Now I have two recorded calls.
They were looking for Raju Poppanna to increase his credit limit.
You have given me wrong information (by giving a Reference # that your representatives couldnt locate) and tried to misguide me.
Please provide a contact name, designation within the organization, and contact details so that we may proceed further.


Head Customer Care <head.[protected]> wrote:
Dear Customer,
This is in reference to your e mail.
We have received your Query. Your Query Reference # is ******* .
We are investigating your query and shall get back to you in 8 business working days.
Please reply to this mail for future communications on this query.
Warm Regards
Manager Customer Care

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, Oct 17 2007 1:13PM
To: [protected] [[protected]]

This is in response to your mail and SMS to my cellphone today. Please consider this as a final warning prior to any Legal Action from my side.

1) I keep getting calls to my cellphone for somebody called Raju Poppanna. I have been repeatedly telling you over the phone (whenever I get such a call) as well as emails (on 23 June 2005, 3rd March 2006) that my phone (ending with 885) is mine (Card # ending with 7032) and not Raju Poppanna's.So you are expected to remove that number against Raju's name. Despite all my requests you have not bothered to do so and continued to harass me for the last 2 years. I have recorded today's telephonic conversation by two of your employees calling from Chennai. I also have copies of all my previous email requests on the same, sent to the same ID.

2) As regards (Card # ending with -****), please be aware that I had gone in for a settlement . I have all the relevant documents sent by your Bank on the same. As agreed, I have been regularly paying all the EMIs on time. Hence I fail to understand that how come I have Rs52075.99 due on this date even after paying more than 4 EMIs.

3) Please note that my phone number (ending with ***) as registered in your database is registered with TRAI as a "Do Not Call" number for any kind of solicitation.

I hereby instruct you for the last time to:
Remove my phone number against Raju Poppanna's Account.
Recheck the status of my Card Payments (for Card ending with ****) and send me a confirmation mail (and not any calls or SMSes).
Completely stop any kind of solicitations/reminders on my cellphone.
I hope you immidiately work on these 3 items and confirm me the same with a new ref: number.


CitiAlert.[protected] wrote:

Dear Citibank Cardmember,

Thank you for banking with Citibank. We are pleased to provide
you details pertaining to your Citibank Credit Card Account.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Hi ,

I really very angry on citybanck credit card collection agencies they are not deposit my check in citybank i face late payment fees everytime and everyday telecallers call me for payment and that i had already given to collection agency of city bank.

And that agency name is SANCO TELESYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS LTD. Udyog Vihar
Dont belive on these agenct otherwise you will loose your money


Citibank — upset of unwanted calls

the numbers mentioned below are Citibank nos. they call me everyday after repetetion of half an hour. these nos. are [protected], [protected], [protected]. i am tired of these nos. please do the needful
I have already made a complain that I have not yet received the Mona lisa pearl set from AVA Merchandising order was placed on 6th Feburary and the amount Rs. 490 has been debited as seen from monthly statement of Feburary 2008.
Please expedite delivery.
This is to inform u that I am regular customer with your bank but i sorry to say the service i have recived from u had is really disopinting i have paid my dues but till my card is blocked my card no is ([protected]) so kindly my card is activate as soon as possible

My i-pin is showing incorrect.also requested for new i-pin
after filling all my details it is showing (DA021) error.
please let me know way for new i-pin.
Hello Sir, I am Miss Rakhshanda Peer Khan and my A/C No. is[protected], and my A/C is in Pune, My complaint is that I was working for Mphasis and had a salary A/c, I have'nt received my statement for the month of April and I had withdrawn Rs. 40, 000/- from my A/C the entry of which is not shown anywhere in my statement. Left the job in April and have'nt got April' statement, this is causing a lot of problem to my CA. Sir it is my request to you to please have my total account sent to me by post so I can forward it to my CA. I had gone to the camp branch of CITI bank but they refused to help me saying they could not help me as I had closed my account. It is my request to you to please help me.
Thanking you,

Rakhshanda Peer Khan

I'm having using the Citibank Suvidha account. For the second time they have dishonoured my Cheque due to Signature mismatch, I would request you to clear the Cheque as it is for PAN application and I've not received the PAN card till date.

Please tell me what is the exact problem for dishonouring my Cheque No. 790373 for Rs.67/- on my A/c No.

Please take this issue to your manager and please let me know the feedback as ASAP.


I keep getting calls to my cellphone for somebody called GIRISH. I have been repeatedly telling you over the phone (whenever I get such a call) as that my phone (ending with 554) is mine (Card # ending with 6006) and not Girish.So you are expected to remove that number against GIRISH name. Despite all my requests you have not bothered to do so and continued to harass me for the last 3 Months. I have recorded today's telephonic conversation by two of your employees calling from Mumbai. I also have copies reference number complained to customer care on the same, The reference number is 54092, and i was called from mumbai number : [protected]. Please action on this before i action legally.


Citibank — Credit Card statement not sent on tim

My Name is divya Shukla and i have a citi bank credit card ...
i used that card twice the total purchase was 26000
A few purchases were made in april 2007
One purchase was made in November amounting to 17000
This purchase was made by the credit card because the citibank debit card was not working even when i had adequate balance in my account.
I was forced to use the credit card.

The citibank people have NEVER sent a statement to me.

They simply deducted the minimum payment from the bank saving account. without informing me about the outstading amount and the breakup or the interest.
...for which i received the
statement only for a couple of months ...and citi bank use used to deduct the minimum amount from my bank account...

Every time i called the citibank personnel they informed me that the minimum amount which they were deducting regularly would lead to a reduction in the outstanding 26000 and hence no fine will be applicable.
However despite of paying around 7000 through such deductions the amount has magically gone up to 32000
While i was making the regular minimum payment the citibank debit card stopped working and the Citibank people refused to give the new debit card stating that the date of birth is wrong and they also refused to issue a new check book without getting it rectified.
Now i fail to understand that if my date of birth is wrong in the records then how are they authorizing all the previous transactions.

The citibank personnel INTENTIONALY did not send the credit card statement so that I donot get to pay the money on time and they get to charge interest as well as late fees.
Now without a STATEMENT or A CHECKBOOK or A DEBIT CARD how am I supposed to pay the bill??????

This trap is created intentionaly to bully the customers into paying more money than what they owe.
I have just spent 26000 and they have already taken more than 7000 from me in the form deductions and payments and the balance is still 32000

No explainations No statements No breakup provided.

The executives are rude and do not explain the breakup and expect rhe customer to pay what ever exorbitant amount they are asking

This is truely shameful of a big bank like citibank. They are misusing there power and will not be successful in cheating the customers of their hard earned money.

Please help me in getting some answers to my many questions.

Citibank — Call from Citibank customer care

The no. I am possessing right now was allocated to some Vijay Kumar and i used to get call for the same person daily 4-5 times. Initially i tought i should inform and i did the same about the change in allocated person.
But the keep on calling till now, I am planning to sue them but do not know how. I am soon going to consult the lawyer, if i'll get the call now.

Citibank — Wrong billing

I am using citibank card no. [protected] since last 20 years. One of my cheque was returned due to technical fault. I immediately deposited the another cheque and requested for waive of the late payment charges. The bank did not take any action in the matter and continue to charge interest and late payment charges.

I wrote to bank so many times. But nothing happened. I am usign this card since last 20 years and every time full due payment is paid within stipulated time.

Kindly do the needful.

responce is very bad. I have droped a cheque of icici bank cheque no.489134 at your main branch pune on the 9/06/08 it has not yet debited to my account. Housing Loan cheque A/c no. 905998.
I have for Citibank platinum card ( jet ways jp mileage panter ) there is no responce from overall your services is poor & very bad if it continious I shall withdraw all my accounts with citibank.
A Citibank credit card in your wallet is like digging your own grave.

Pathetic customer service, Goonda Raj for Recovery, Racial discrimination are the highlights.

Customers have no say in Citibank because these guys are well connected.

Even a addressing your complaints to the Banking Ombudsman is of no use.

Citibank is threat to Indian Democracy.

Citibank is HELL ON EARTH
Dear sir,

This is latha from coimbatore My Credit car number is [protected]-Yesterday[protected] i received your statement and also message. Including my purchace amount the interest charges, serveice charges late payment fee and over due etc., it comes around 11590.91. Kindly revise the abouve said charges and i paid whatever i purchaced. Last three months i didnt received statment properly.And also i din't received any message or phone call from your side. Every month minimum interest charges and other charges comes around 1000 rupess. So kindly revise the statement and i settled remaining the amount within a week. If you are revise the amonunt i continue your card or otherwise please cancel the credit card after my payment settlement.
dear i am paulbhasker.i have taken car loan my loan acc no CEJ-[protected].recently i have shifted my house.iam giving new address here please change my old address and also i need track record of my account . paul bhasker flat no 305 .svh reidency .kukat pally housing board.hyderabad.5000072
dear sir, i am paul bhasker my car loan acc no CEJ[protected]. I WANT TRACK RECORD OF MY CAR LOAN ACCOUNT .MOST URGENT
hi sir

city bank close my credit card without any information,
Dear Sir,
I have received a new account card with all documents under account no. [protected] along with cheque book etc.
Also I have received a letter along with this, indicating that citibank is unable to approve my application for Citibank Ready Credit Facility.

I would like to know what is this mean that Ready Credit Facilty and under what reason this was not approved.

Kindly let me know the detail about this and the advantages out of this Ready Credit Facility.

Thanking you very much.

With Best regards.

Chief Engineer/ TEcprosystems Ltd.

Citibank — amount debited from account no. 5169339227‏

My account number is [protected] with name Mohd. Aslam. On 1st Sep, Rs 23800 was transferred from my account without my prior information.
I called so many times, but no proper response received from any person except giving me futher phone numbers to call.

I am fed up of calling again and again, now I am writing mail to investigate this, and give me proper explanation how bank can transfer any amount from my bank account without my knowledge?

Details below:

Account No. [protected]

Citibank — harassment by citibank claiming unpaid dues on credit card which expired 10 years ago

for the past 10 days, i have been receiving calls from people claiming to be from Citibank. They insist that one of my cards (which probably expired about 10 yearsback!) has some unpaid dues which run into a few lakhs now !!! they suggest settlement in this case . As far as we recollect, no such dues are pending, but unfortunately we do not have documents to prove this.

How do these these people gain access to classified info as in our current resi address & tel number, office address (they even tried calling up my current office to get my mobile number, claiming to be my best friend !!)
can harassment be any different from this ???
Please help !!

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