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I have booked 200 square yard plot in upcoming project of dd city faridbad in 2006 and deposit rs 2, 95000.00 as initial deposit, four year has already passed and company is not bother to allot plots. There is a market roumer that company is trying to allot flats instead of plots and they are trying to sell the plots in very high rates as everyone know that due to metro and flyover there is huge jump in faridabad real estate company is trying to beefol the investors / persons who applied for plots and invest their hard earned money in search of house. I request all the depositiers to join hands and take legal action aganst this type of culprit companies
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Aug 13, 2020
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Dear All
There is no point in fighting a criminal battle against non-existent persons. Mr. Sharma, even if there is sale is by Helix India to BPTP for there being FDI issues etc. sale can be still declared null and void and Court can set aside it as this sale is to defraud the creditors which are investors in this case. As far as issue relating to bail is concerned same must have been granted by court only on the version of DD. still it can be challaged and if order is wrong same can be setaside by Court.
Lastly even if whatever you say everything is correct even then the buyer/Creditors can take action against DD/Helix and BPTP because Helix must only be conduit of one or two parties and now they are fighting only to show to the world that there is fighting.
You are right at one place, BPTP and DD will also go with this fraud as practically no body will fight and they will go scot free.

Adarsh Aggarwal
I think people want to fight but they are not getting united...either they are not sure or reason might be anything...
dear "We want Plot" email ID is [protected] or [protected] send me the copy of license of DD issued by DTCP...

thanks & regards,

Dear Sandy Fbd

There is only one reason why people do not fight, that reason is called mob mentatality, where in everyone think whatever happens with everybody will happen with him also. That is going on for everything from politics, religion, economics and even Law. There is nothing new in it, that's why we the people always blame on others but never take action for anything.

Adarsh Aggarwal
i agree with ajit as some people like mr. sharma are trying to mislead us of the real issue and bringing in other issues…the real issues are…i) with whom we deposited our money…ii) who was to allot the plots in zirakpur, f`bad, sonepat and other areas …iii) from whom we have to take refund of our money/plots…i.e., DD…we must not loose our direction or get misguided and should put all our efforts ans energies in getting our money back from the DD guys….
Mr Aggarwal
thanks for your post >>. that is the true/picture story everybody is aware of but everyone is hoping for one window to open so all of them can hog in there. pls read my todays post
Mr Singh
i m not misleading anyone with all due respect to your intelligence and your great concern over the matter . your answer to your queries has been answerd by DD people at number of times in courts where as your booking is concerned it is for 1) future project so place on record where u have booked it and convince the court that this was not for future project but for fbd, zkr, sonipat etc. 2)there were to allot plots in which project ??? you dont have an answer u can pick all projects and say i had it here and there..3)as far as refund is concerned the company has already stated that they have refunded to the tune of 20cr with 9 % int .. so what is your case ???. .. here you have only talked on how to get your money back ... that means you are somewhat aware that your case is weak. you were never promised a plot and that is why you are not in favour of civil litigation >>>you just want your money back ..
Mr Sharma,

I am sure you have a vested interest in supporting DD here. There is no reason otherwise why anybody would support them. Just like you they are great at talking and making promises. It is the actions which speak otherwise.

1) Hundreds of brokers and thousands of customers including me were explicitly told by DD that they are prelaunching plots and will be allotting the plots in which sector. Thousands of people can not be imagining something that did not happen.
2) All customers including me, were told through out the 5 years of wait that the project will be launched this holi, this navratra or this Diwali.
3) Customers (including me) have formally requested for refund but DD is not giving a refund. This was despite a clear verbal promise in person by Mr Kanishk Gambhir when he came to attend the last court hearing in Delhi High court. By delaying the refund they are only cheating us further because interest rates on our loans are lot more than 9% simple interest.

It is because of these factors that people are hell bound on getting DD and its promoters brought to justice. DD is responsible themselves for it.
Please request your manager or friends at DD that they at least process all refund requests immediately else after a certain point customers willing to take a refund also will switch to a confrontation mode, make it personal and treat it as a battle.

I do agree that the piece of land in question should be brought into the equation.

(By the way, DD has opened a new company by the name of Trillion at their Okhla office. The office has been done very poshly)

Chetan Yadav
Mr Yadav,
i am not in concern in supporting DD or the promoter family . I dont know anyone at DD and not aware of promises made by Mr kanishk gambhir who is he ?. what i am saying is when we fight in court this is the problem everybody will face. verbally they might have promised you plots homes etc but when we r in court DD will only work by the book and what you have agreed in terms with them in the agreement. until you dont have anything on the land there will be no way u will get anything ... this i have told everybody many many times. by putting pressure on DD wont be of any help. where as refunds are taking place i believe what abt the people who took refund from court..
Dear Mr. Sharma

Have you seen the copy of sale deed by which land has been transferred by DD group to BPTP or by Helix (so called FDI) to BPTP, can you share the same, My chamber no. is 168, Lawyer's Block-II, Delhi High Court, M-[protected] and e mail address is [protected] as you will not be able to share your details

Regarding DD opening new companies Chetan it does not matter at all. It is a old saying that company is poor and its promotors are rich, like country is poor but its Netas are rich.

Civil Litigation is definitely a long process but similarly fruits are also sweet. the persons who have waited 6 years with DD will not go to Court to take their right as no body wants to fight, that make people like these thrive in the business.

Adarsh Aggarwal
can anybody will send me the license copy of DD issued on 01.04.2010 by DTCP haryana...pls mail me at [protected] or [protected]
It is evident that Mr. Sharma is putting all his efforts to take away the attention and efforts o[censored]s (the investors) away from DD group…. .Sanjay Gambhir and other promoters have not been attending the court and even after cancellation of stay on arrest, the police have so far failed to arrest them….all this shows that DD Group has bought everyone possible including Mr. Sharma….we should focus on getting the Sanjay Gambhir / cheaters arrested and rest everything will fall in place…
Is there any further progress/ update...Pls Share
rsingh i think u have just joined this forum and this is your first post post ever. Were you sleeping all this while or suddenly u got a dream to act on this forum who are u planted by... that is more important secondly . and who are u to talk on behalf of investors . whos mandate do u have . thirdly please read the case files dont talk in the air of who is running away, do not influence people with no scope or focus what u r looking for . as far as DD group or gambhir family is concerned they have taken bail from saket court after surrender ... order dated 28/12/2011 mukesh kumar judge this is for your info ...
case hearing on the 7th of feb murlidhar judge high court will anybody be attending
let me correct u mr singh, i[censored] are not aware mr gambhir was arrested on 26/12/2011 has already taken bail from saket court . now what is ur say on this ??... court is not feeling the need for them to go to jail ...and not everyone has come with a price tag like yours i dont know who has planted you with what motive .DD group doesnt have hands beyond the laws of the country.there legal force is good which is helping them out of the case.
Mr Sharma, I was in the court room of judge ML Mehta in December and Mr Gambhir would have been sent to the jail directly had he appeared there.
He may have got bail from one place but he is still running around from the case in the high court. To answer your earlier question Kanishk Gambhir is Sanjay Gambhir's cousin who was present in court to see what is happening.
Mr Yadav high court was prebail or anticipetery bail once you surrender for arrest the the accused was presented in saket court where he got regular bail from now high court hearing case is disposed off
Anyone attended yesterday hearing at High Court...Pls share
HI Mr Sharma

As you have mentioned, high court hearing is disposed off, does it means the case has been closed and no hearing will happen in this regard.
No Updation... Is it end of the show...

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