[Resolved]  Dish TV — no service since 13th june

We have two connections of dish tv and the child connection is not in service since 13th june, leading to unnessesary mental tension to my family. My 12 year old daughter has not been able to enjoy her holidays as she has been missing all her favourite sitcoms.
would request you to rectify it at the earliest and comensate for the loss by giving free subsritions of 10 viewcard no is [protected]
rajiv bedi
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dish TV — no service after repeated calls

I got dishtv in mid november.just some days later ome channels start missing.I contacted their customer care they gave me a complaint no. and said that an action would be taken within48 hours .
from that day to today i have contacted them several times,mailed them,leave feedback on their site ,but of no help.
Everytime i was given a ref. no and told that my complaint has been forwarded to concerned person but nothing i contacted them to take it back and give me back my money.they are saying that out of 4000 Rs. i pay them ,i'll get back only 400 Rs.
It is still within the warranty period of 2 months but that is going to end tw days later .What to do ,please help

Dish tv connection — No servicing

I have made atleast 50 complained in last 2-3 month in Dish TV customer care service. They can see in their record. But no response is coming from Dish TV. Last 3day I am anable to see any of channel. Dish tv customer care is saying, in 24 hr. your reprasentative will come and solve the problem. But no. one turned up. Many 24hr. have been passed. I don't know how the Dish tv service is working. I am totally unsatisfied. Before that I also faced such problem many times. But instead of continious complained no service is done.

Also I have not got my Dish tv antenna. Presently my dish tv is working through common antenna for whole building at the top of building.
Take immediate action in this regards is highly appreciable.
Deepak Kesarwani

DishTV — no service since one month


I am Vamshi Gupta and my Zee network Dishtv VC No is[protected]. my complain number what I lodged is 12694158.
It was a alignment problem which happened on Saturday evening 6 pm. Dishtv technician came down after 4 days that too after repeated calls being made to customer service.
Next week I find the same problem again I call up customer server everyday, and guess what ? when do they come down to my place...!!! that is after one month. that is of repeated calling to customer service...

Just a small list of people with whom I have spoke with at customer service...
Ayush Sharma ( Claims to be Team Leader) who does not keep with his words nor would like to speak with next day...
Nalin Niranjan (Again one more Team Leader) the only word he knows in english is SORRY...

This people have promised for one month free subscription due to CONVENIENCE they gave me... but when it came to re subscription time these people would say they would not give free subscription as its alignment problem, even though dishtv technician did not come down to my place for one month... errrrrr and the name of the agent whom I have spoken with is the great Salman... when I insisted on speaking to team leader the response what I get is Team leader is busy who would call back after 30 min.. which I was sure an another false promise.. So I insisted to stay on the line... u wont believe me guys I was on dead line for 40 min and hearing back ground sound people talking but finally to my rescue I was transfered back in the VRU where I hear Idea phone music and guide...

I wish this thing would go into right ears about the pethatic dishtv customer service, who has a English speaking department who does not know how to respond to a customer. the only thing they know is repeat the trained few statements back as a parrot or robot.
problum due to costumer support


R/Authorities, we the firm named MOHIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS working as a dealer of DISH TV in BALLABGARH FARIDABAD. have a complaint against a connection given by ASHOKA ELECTROVISION, 5M-21, N.I.T. FARIDABAD. Mr. Surender Bhalla (Sales Executive Mob : [protected]) offered the customer the free package of One and Half year costing 3990 with all channels.(including paid channles). It was installed on 08 July 2008. The customer name is Mr. Nand Kishore Verma, Address is Brahaman Wara, Ballabgarh. The VCC No. is [protected]. The telecaste was stopped after only one weak. The Account of customer is not updated till now.We contact Mr. Surender Bhalla many times regarding this matter but he did not take any action. The problem is as it is. Now the customer is refusing to continue the connection and customer is pressurising us to refund the charges. So please see into this matter as soon as possible. To satisfy the customer, reply the mail immediately. Thankyou. MOHIT DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.
MOB : [protected]
e-mail Id - [protected]
I want to my dishtv connection is three month to diactivate.
my vc no;[protected].


I wish to bring to your notice the hardships encountered by us ever since we purchased DISH TV. I purchased Dish tv on 29 August 2008 at Chennai with Amudha & Co. after seeing an advertisement in a local daily (Dinamalar) stating that pay rs.2000/ and get a year’s subscription free. My viewing card number [protected].

THEN STARTED ALL MY PROBLEMS. Two guys came and installed it on 30th evening and i got a call from Delhi customer care asking me if the viewing was good. They asked me to answer a questionnaire through the same call, and i said i cant comment unless I see the programs.
I had opted for Tamil/Malayalam package, but the mechanics who installed told me that all the channels will be activated in 24 hours.

I TRIED TO CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE at[protected], and[protected] as much as twenty times costing me Rs.120 on my mobile phone for the call charges alone!!! Every time they used to ask my VIEWING CARD NO, and asked me to take out the SIM CARD and re insert it. I did it almost twenty times.

Then I contacted the people who installed dish tv for me from Chrompet, and they said, they cant do anything now, as everything is taken over from now on by customer care..!!

THEN I GOT EXTREMELY FED UP!!! Till today, 27 September 2008, after Twenty eight Days, my dish tv connection is not operatable, and it just repeats CONTACT DISH TV CUSTOMER CARE!!! On Screen!!!’

Dish TV — NO services,...

This is sandeep korgaonkar.. i have opted for the dishtv dth service more than a year ago...
Dish Tv people have come and installed the dish and the service has started... i opted for the 300 rs pack which was supposed to give me maximum channels.(150 +). however ever since i am getting very few channels only... around 50... registered many complaints... but no improvement in the service...

Recently am not getting any channel on my tv.. ZERO channel... But am being charged for the service...more on that when i spoke to the customer care... the representative asked for more money 170... saying there is a problem with the alignment ... But when asked them to notify me via email... they did not do it... either thats the cheating ways of the company...

They havent even registered my complaints... the representative threatened me over phone
[protected] / [protected]

Dish tv connection — Removal of sub connection

Dear Dish TV.

I bought Dish TV (Viewing card [protected]) as parent connection with 02 'sub ' connections [protected] and [protected]. The person with the latter connection ie [protected] has moved away and has to be deleted from the payment schedule.

Kindly do the same at the earliest and confirm

My set top box no is 06J1ABF50DS11176. and Dealer ID is 23595
I have the same problem PLEASE HELP!!!

Dish TV — Non Service

I complained about non receipt of programmes about 10 days ago.My complaint number is 18032358. I have two subscriptions, the numbers are V.C.Nos. [protected] and [protected].
It is impossible to get through to the Complaint Nos.which appear on the TV screen.The two numbers of Dish Care Centre in Chennai, telephone numbers 2376 4443, 4185 are also almost impossible.I did manage to get through twice and I was told that a service person would be sent immediately. So far no one has arrived.As a matter of fact a person who spoke to me this morning said that he had problems because of water logging and his problems were, therefore, ours.
Would you consider this an appropriate answer, especially since 10 days have passed.After all, you are not compensating me for the days that you have not provided me with service.
Frankly, but for the fact that my subscription has been paid for until March 2009, I would have switched over to Reliance or Airtel.I already have Tata Sky where the service is superb.In any event I have no intention of continuing with Dish TV despite Sharukh Khan.Your service has always been poor and there is no sign of improvement.
V.Sattanathan, 61 Chamiers Road, Chamiers House, Chennai 600 028 Tel [protected].
I Ms Roopanjali Liman.. i have opted for the dishtv dth service last May...
Dish Tv people have come and installed the dish and the service has started...
I paid them 4000 to get annual maximum channels.(150 +). however ever since i am getting very few channels only... around 50... registered many complaints... but no improvement in the service...

Recently am not getting most of the channel on my tv.. Colors channel etc...
I spoke to the customer care... the representative asked for more money INR170 for per visit for the alignment fo the dish & has not even guranted the setting.& asked me to get the AMC & INSISTED without even visiting the site that there is a problem with the alignment ...
They havent even registered my complaints... the representative was very rude over phone
Dear sir,
Lot of promises but no Job done.
Colonel Jagmohan
From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: FW: SET-UP-BOX FAULTY VC [protected]
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 10:46:27 +0530

Dear Sir,
Further to my mails dated 5 Feb, 10 Feb & 14 feb 09, It is really shocking to note that no cognigance has been taken of the complaint so far. Donot tell me that such a big organisation cannot keep up the promises as requested by the customers after taking the advance money for AMC. In case I dont hear from you in resolving the issue with in next 48 hours, I will be left with no other option than to report the matter to higher authorities or go to the consumer court. Needless to say all this I want a fast resolution at your end.
Colonel Jagmohan (contact No. [protected])

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 16:50:59 +0530

Dear Sir,

It is really shocking to note that the problem is not yet resolved. A big organisation like yours is not able to resolve the problem till date. I hope someone is kind enough to look into the problem immediately.

Col. Jag Mohan
Contact No.: - [protected]

> From: [protected]
> To: [protected]
> Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 08:44:43 -0800
> Dear Sir/Ma'am,
> Thank you for writing to dishtv.
> This is in reference to your e-mail regarding repair of Faulty STB of VC [protected].
> We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
> We would like to inform you that as per telephonic conversation with you on [protected], we will surely be doing the needful. Kindly note the reference number for the same is 20924328.
> Kindly revert us for further assistance.
> Reassuring you of our commitment towards best services.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Santosh kumar
> Customer service
> dishtv
> We are pleased to inform you that we have added a new feature 'Messages' in dishtv menu. This will keep you up to date with the latest buzz, programmes and latest deals being offered by dishtv. To access 'Messages', go to Menu, scroll down to my dishtv space and select 'Messages'.
> First time on TV! Premiering Madhur Bhandarkar's FASHION starring Priyanka Chopra on Movie on Demand. Starting 5 Feb. To order from your Registered Mobile Number (RMN), SMS MOD 50436 and send to 57575. To order from any mobile number, SMS MOD <your 11 digit VC no> 50436 and send to 57575. (This is a paid movie @ Rs. 75 (inclusive of all taxes) and not redeemable against any offer)
> ============================
> Dear Sir,
> This is to inform you that I had mailed you regarding Set-up-box faulty on 05 Feb 09, but did not hear anything from your side. on 10 feb 09, I had complained about the same to customer Service on Telephone. On our complaint person visited my residence, To my surprise he wanted to take away the system for repair. Let me tell you its of no use if the set-up-box goes bad in hardly one year eight months. It means there is something wrong with the quality of product. In view of this, I would request U to replace the set at the earlist.
> Regards
> Colonel Jagmohan (contact no. [protected])
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Dish tv connection — Non availability of service

Dear Sir, My VC number is[protected], Initially when connection was taken I was receiving all channels as per the package, subsequently when it was recharged I observed that some of the channels were blocked- even DD channels were also not available. Presently when I recharged paying Rs.700/- on 8th/9th of Feb 09, I observed few more channels have been blocked which include AAJTAK channels also.
I wish to raise the issue that why immediately after recharge channels were blocked and when complaint was lodged it has been indicated that Dish to be adjusted and for that I have to pay certain amount?
As service provider, can you reply my query -Why immediately after recharge some of the channels got blocked, which were available till previous day and why you will chage certain amount in the name of adjustment of the Dish?
Previously also I lodged complaint but it was not addressed. If this is the system of attending complaint the one has to think twice before considering DISH TV. So far I am concern I have to change to other service provider if my problem is not resolved.

Dish tv connection — Delay in activation/reactivation

About one week back I bought a Dish TV Set. It worked for about a week, but since morning of 12.5.09 it has been showing on the TV screen only one and the same thing: "Call Dish TV Customer Care!". When contacted the Dish Tv Customer Care, they asked for some information/details, which were supplied immediately. But alas! the service has not been started till 5 pm of 13.5.09. It seems that after getting the required information/details, instead of taking action on them, Dish TV customer care goes to sleep!
Well I will give you the email id of customer care for quick action on your complaint, Just mail your concern on below mentioned id:

dish tv

v.c number-[protected]
paiyambadi post
maduranthakam tk
kanchipuram dt

plese take me action

i totally agree man. Dish TV sucks in small cities...there customer care is pathetic and no matter what they wont take your call...they ll keep you waiting till the time your whole bal. is gone.. i regret taking it n wont recommend it to anyone..

Dish TV — non availability of dish tv.

Dear ,
some times my dish tv ( [protected] ) not getting signal. so pls. kindly inform my local agent to check properly.
Thank you.
Mohammad Nurul Islam
I will give you the email id of Dishtv Customer care, Just mail your concern their for quick action on your complaint along with your VC No, Address and contact number.

Email id: [protected]

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