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[Resolved]  Diya Systems — Diya Systems Pvt Ltd Complaints - Worst IT Company in the World

Please share your experience with Diya Systems
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Aug 14, 2020
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Aug 05, 2014

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customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Diya Systems Pvt. Ltd. located in Mangalore gives Customer Support through email and chat for an esteemed US based web hosting company. It sucks blood of an agent who working for this project. I have been worked for an email and chat support agent for more than two and half years. Especially, the training team torches an agent. Team doesn't have to do any work. So, they eating agents head by performing weekly trainings.

Also, I would like to complain against Floor managers. In the starting age of company, the targets for an email agent was 24 emails. Now, it has been increased to 33 emails per day. I mean an agent should need to handle 33 email contacts within 7 hours 30 minutes with tightened QA!!! As my experience for one and half years as an email agent, an agent can do 24 - 26 emails without any failures in Quality Assurance test. Henceforth, I would like to request you NOT joining to DIYA Systems.

Third complaint is against Management. If an agent who worked for more than 3 years will start getting irritated by the management. The main reason for this is management need to pay more than 10K salary for senior agents. In the meantime they will get freshers who willing to work just for 4-5K.

Hats off DIYA! what a worst BPO company!!

Now, you decide guys, which is better!
Last year i got an offer from Diya systems and due to some personale reasons i camt join there.At that time i searched for such blogs and all.But i dnt see any at that time.Anyway now i feel happy for not joining there.
I agree for this complaint. I have worked for 1 and half year in this company and experienced same problems. Management is providing less salary to employees and management people irritates much. The cab facility is also very worst.
I request you guys who have done BE, please don’t join this company. Also please other graduates don’t think to join also this company. There is no value or any respect to seniors in this company.

this is aurijit roy..from bangalore.
i want to convey 1 message that in ur office one staff is their whose name is NAGAVENI SUVARNA. DESIGNATION:CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


i alredy send one mail in diya system site.please check.

hi, this is arnab datta..nagaveni suvarna friend.this is to say that in your office one collegue is working.her name nagaveni suvarana.usne mujhse 10000 cash li hai.abhi tak nahi lautai hai and she has used to make relation with everyone and play with their life.mei uska ex boyfriend hu aur mera naam arnabdatta hai.uske badh usne ANUBHAV<SUDHESH<SUNIL VERMA<SHASHANK<ARINDAM MERA BHAI se relation rakha.right now she has relation with AURIJIT.again naveen in youroffice.i think few people want to save her(nagaveni suvarna customer support ) so called aurijit because aurijit love her and few people involve in this matter.mei kisi ka bhi naam lena nahi chahta he may be naveen or sri….or anyone else who helping me a lot regarding this matter.if she leave the job we dont care.she thinks she is aishwaraya rai but she is a pros…….

previous mail i only send.
so my request kuch action lijiye or 10000 money back.
or i have take action.
sorry nismitha or nagaveni.
take care.
dear sir,

My name is arnab data.i want to convey 1 message to diya system that in your office there is 1 girl whose name is nagaveni suvarana customer support she is a characterless girl.she has affair with every boy and at last extracting all the money from them she has habit to ditch them.i am his x-boyfriend she did same thing with me.she has taken 10000 rupees from me and still now she has not yet he has affair with one boy whose name is naveen engineering department.
Before naveen she had affair with AURIJIT.she did same thing.but few people in your office help me a lot but few people want to save her he may be aurijit because this fellow love her a lot.few people who are involved in this matter I don’t want to disclose his or her name.he or she may be naveen, srikan……..
In 1 word she is a game tricker.even she played with your company also.she had tried to steal your account mr.guruprasad(HR).she has physical relation with most of them.i don’t know about aurijit.but about me she stayed with me 3days.she has taken 10000rupees from me.
At last I am requesting you kindly take action as early as possible.actually I had send you 1 message again I am sending.if you management cant take any action then I have to lodge complain against your company.
1thing I forget to say that she was pregnant 1 time.even my friend also kne this thing his name is sunil verma, akash, anubhav etc.
I wont leave either nagaveni or else aurijit.
Arnab datta.
Hello friends,

Here are my thoughts regarding DIYA SYSTEM. I have worked for almost 4 years and i have suffered a lot in DIYA SYSTEM, in its name only u can understand how much good this company is its like a spare and repairs computer shop know one can't identify its the name of BPO. One of my friend asked me where u work and i told i work in DIYA and within a second he asked me is it a computer spare part shop... I felf ashamedand then I told him that its not an spare parts shop its a BPO company.

Here is my complaint against the management. I have talked to the management lots and lots of time, if we ask something they do have the reddymade answers for that. If you ask HEBBAR the one who thinks he is BOSS but he not a qualified person and he just knows to speak and if you check his handwritting then u can make out may be he has just passed his 8th standard. He is the one example for the Greatest Achivewers of Diya System.

2nd person is SRINIVAS, in his name itself we can make out how much VASS he is. He is the one person who has got teaching experince but no techical or other stuff of BPO. He puts round may be 15 times a day and he come to chat agent and ask ... YETH UNDU. at that time if you are Men then he will say THIRTUDU MOOJI UNDU.. if she is a girl then she will tell MITHUDU RADDU UNDU... heheeheh howw funny you know for that questions he is paid more than 50, 000.

3rd example is SUSHAN. I have seen him from the begining he is very much attracted to specially GIRLS that too new girls and I do not want to mention the name of the OLD GIRL becuase in the blog others have already mentioned her name. He just visit Billing Girls cabin and say AWU ANCHA ATHU YA.. BAKKA YENCHA have fun for the whole day and he just paid for that.

4th example and sample peice is the FLOOR MANAGERS. Frankly speaking they dont have the heart becuase they speak to the agent in the so harsh words (In technical words) and the agent get frustrated while working. Especially SUPREETH, KRISHNA and CHETHAN. They are all back of beautiful girls and they are ever ready to help the girls (i mean thier girls only) and others they just dont reply.. if agent ask questions to Floor Manger and they will just browse any website and paste the answerr even they dont know all the things...

I am very much frustrated while working in DIYA... Chat and E-mail agents suffer a lot and they dont have any courage towards the chat and e-mail agents.

Here is my message to E-mail and Chat agents: Guys and Girls I know u have some or the other problem so u r doing the job in diya but i kindly request you just only one simple word 'QUIT' guys just quit diya system and get settled in your life. you will get good chance in any other companies guys or if you have money just invest in some business and earn more money and do not work in DIYA... BOLPU GUDDE PITHULDU PIRKI MANAGER LU. DAYAMALTHUDU AAA PIRKI PITHULDU BELE MALTHUDU NIKULULA PIRKILU AWODCHI ... PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
I agree with my friend. We don't have any problems with Sushan and others. Thery are nice people. They never disturb other teams. Srinivas, you know, always comes to 2nd floor and insist Krishnaprasad(and team) to give maximum counts. He knows only two terms- counts, productivity. Stupid, he never bothers about agents and their salary. No effort from his side to give incentives/salary hike. Please don't believe him.
I am totally agree with the above complaints. Whatever said about these 3 (Srinivas, Sushan, Hebbar) is 100% true. Poor MD(Ravichandran) believes these guys and giving pay. I am also a x- employee of diya. "He just visit Billing Girls cabin and say AWU ANCHA ATHU YA.. BAKKA YENCHA" hahhaah this comment is 200% perfect bcoz i have seen this very very closely. Not only this he is very much close to the billing manager Geetha(obviously). Using non-sense jokes, sometimes vulgar he thinks he is pulling legs, but actually all laughs behind him. Its good that i left this co.and got much better job in Bangalore. Guys beware.
H ths is arnab datta from bangalore.i already infrm you about one of
your customer supporting agent..whose name is nagaveni suvarna but you
management didnt take any action.she has played with our life.
Even aurijit roy supporting him, even she also destroy his life.what
the hell is going on.
Even i had infrom Mr.GURU PRASAD many times.he is (hr) in diya
system.i put cmplain many times about that " nagaveni
suvarna".now she has affair with some other person in your office.
I am very much sure that if Aurijit wil come to knw about this
message, i dont knw about his rection after all she is aurijit's wife
and he loves her a lot.
She is a characterless girl and she slpt with everyone..she was one
time pregnant wen she was with me that sure and she has taken lumsome
amount of money around rs.10000/-frm me as debt.
So atlst i am very sorry to say i[censored] people wont take action against
her then i have to take.
Gud bye.

I know about this bloody Aurojith, He is only writing this everything by using his friends name. He is one son of the . Before 1 month he sent few print out copies of the e-mail to Nagaveni by saying that Arnab dont like you because he have jealous about me since you are loving me and he only broken our relation.

To prove this he sent e-mails and still i have those. In that e-mail Arnab has called her as sister. Then now how that Arnab datha can write about her like this??? From that jealous only he is writing these wrong things.

And this bloody Aurojith is one of the big flirter in boys. At starting he will made the girls like everyone has to trust him. After that he will force to do sex. If the loving girl wont agree means he will scold as he wants by using slang words. Also, he will scold the girls by saying that "yourd father child is growing in your stomach". If he will scold like this and if he will built relation between dad and daughter only means how one girl can maintain a life partner relation with him. So she left. Whats her fault in this?

If his dad will scold to his mom by saying that your son's child is growing in your stomach means, what his mother will do. Ask him.

Due to his bad character she left him and married with one good guy. Now she is happy. From 10 months he is scolding her like this. She came these many days by compromising with him only. But, atlast she also broken her patience and came out.

Even his parents also know about this, but they are not taking any action. Now i will tell her to take action against him and his family members by using those e-mail print outs and these comments. We will see who will won. He mentioed that HR name na, i will bring all the managers and HR to court. Because everyone know that she is not that type of girl.
hello hi i am arnabdatta.
i have the proof...
she is wearing half nose ring in her nose..
in right hand she has white marks even in her elbow (just turnk back little bit)
in right hand last finger she has one black spot.
below her eye she has black spot.
now come to back side little bit below the shoulder she has one black spot.
now come down middle part of the back side she has one black spot..its looks attractive.
front side she wear golden chain(sign SWASTIK$ BALL IS THEIR)
she wear ear ring both ears.
come down above the STOMACH and below the BREAST(right side) she has one big black marks.
left side of BREAST she has full dotted marks.

little bit confused right or left leg back side she one black mark.
her complexion blackish.
she was PREGNANT also.
now still you people need the proof.
these types of people DIYA SYSTEM IS HANDLING>

gud bye..

I don't agree with this Guys. I've worked in Diya for around 2.4years and had a very good experience. Main plus point is we can learn alot from here.

Yes, I agree that salary they are providing is little bit less compared to other companies like Mphasis located in M'lore. Business main aim is to make profit. So, they are doing profit. If you feel you are not able to adjust with the salary, just quit the job descently, as I did.

Last but not least, pressures will be there from Managers to increase the count in every company. Can you people tell me a company in which there wont be any pressure from the TL's/Manager. If you take Infosys, you have to work for 14 hours if you did not reach the target. I hope Diya is not giving that much pressure.

Ha Ha Ha Manju... If you were a chat agent, you were not telling these words... I was working as chat agent and had many many issues with management. NOT ONLY ME... every chat agents work like slaves. U know what are the restrictions for chat agents? They have to come at time for their shift. If not, one email will be sent to all employees in Diya saying he didn't come yet. There will not be any emails go if an agent comes late in other teams like email, billing, tech tier 2, 3 and other people. Even sometimes Floor Managers comes late. They dont worry. Leave it. Next one, if chat agent was unable to come on that day, two days salary deducts. Even informed, the FMs do not approve leaves and two days salary they deduct. For training, chat agents have to work extra hours. For other teams, it is not necessary. However, the chat agents get same salary as compare to others. But, they have to suffer a lot compare to others. They directly get firings from customers. Work too hard. Maintain QA while doing chat with customer, and at the end, they have to get less salary... Ha ha ha!!! Srinivas dont know anything... even to prepare schedule also... Ha ha ha.!! He even didnt pay me my incentive and ate it fully of a month. Bull !!! Sushan always do Pundy with one Billing Team Leader Lady... May be his personal.. but, does Pundi in office and canteen... :-D... Other Floor managers does not know anything about issues and customer related inquiries. Just sitting and telling to do chats.. or to USE HEADPHONES.. Ha ha ha..Venkat is there..Promoted as CSAT Manager... If any agents ask about their QA... he will take action immediately and agents go to retraining immediately... That is a very strong politician. ... Somebody said many in last comment... May be he was an email agent... If he was worked as a chat agent, he was not supposed to tell those... Promoting as a chat agent is not actually a Promotion my friends, it is a demotion. :-P All the best for poor guys and girls who are working in Diya as chat agents... :-D
Yes, Raja. You are true. They are treating agents like slave. They are always force to sale products to the customer, but they are giving only 1 % of comission to the agents and remaining 9% to them. Agents need to give 30+ counts. They think that is yahoo chat seems to finish in 10 to 15 minutes. . Let them handle chats, then they wil knw how agents are suffering with customers. You know what latest news they are asking agents to handle 60 chats per day. Ha ha ha. They gone mad. They dnt have a humanity to pay a gud salary to agents, but they should work and dedicated to company.
this is aurijit roy .i want to say 1 thing that watever that nagraja from diya system wrote all are false.nagaraja basically frm shimoga he take over my girlfrnd her name is nagaveni suvarana customer support.he dont have any rits to say abt me witht known anythin.he is a son of a .all the diya systen staff are same.nagaveni suvarana is my wife.till today i didnt say anytng abt diya system but i will say today that nagaraja basavalingppa frm he is a bloody .his attotude to play with all girls.
i wll chaaleenge him do watever he want to do.she brainwash my girlfrnd nagaveni suvarana.i heard all the mangalore girls are very gud but wat she did with me.i helped her a lot by peace, money, love etc.but wat i get zero.
i request every people in diya system kick that nagaraja frm diya and my girlfrnd had 1 year 6 mnth living relation.we stay like husband and wife.i already put fir lodge against him.

i love yiu nagaveni suvarana choti baby so called nishu...

just open this location u will see one of your staff photo

nagaveni suvarana or nagaveni n raj
Braking News: Mr.Sushan found in a hill near kavoor with a lady.
I dont think so.? Vinay Bangera is Good person as i saw, but there is big FALTU person named SUPREET MANNAGUDDA. Yeah! He is realy a big faltu and waste body in Diya System. Seems he become Floor Manager by Maska. He is unfit for that post. He is coming office for discus cricket updates with agents. Always talking about cricket, he get salary for that? I think he betr to quite Diya and join indian cricket team, coz ther already waste bodys in cricket team. He dont know any thing. If any agent ask about customer questions, he has canned 'Not Sure' 'ancha aduppu'. Remo you missd our big faltu Suprith Mannu gudde in your film FALTU? Huh!
Hello guys howz the hell..i mean Diya systems...I am a very old employee of Diya and GT say i was during the inception. I appreciate Mr Ravichandran for his hard work to bring this company from scrap. But he is not aware that people here.. specially the big fat pregnant Shyam prasad Hebbar and other few people are bluffing him. These guyz don't have any corporate knowledge and act as if they are owning GT and diya systems. I support to all the comments above cuz i have noticed this kind of stuffs happening in this company. Gud that they gave job to many from Mangalore but it doesn't mean that they got the right to harass the employees. These people doesn't know corporate governance and as per my knowledge if it continues to harass in this way there is a possibility of shutting down by the government authority cu I know all about this because I am heading a top project management company. In case If these people including the pregnant hebbar quits the job i bet you these junkies won't find a job even in a wholesale central market.

By the way when is hebbar goin to deliver...>>>>>>>>>>???????

God save these whoz got zero knowledge.

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