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 Shyam Prasad
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[Aug 05, 2014] Diya Systems customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Even I was working in Diya systems. I was given less salary. They told they will increase over the period of time and they do not. I one word It is cheating to customers and employees. I came to know one thing education has no values as I see there.
Hebbar an uneducated manager who knows only to cheat and bark at others. He is just 10 th passed. I say diya system will be ruled under some barking uneducated fools. Pay less and demand more. Ileft managlore now I am happy in mumbai. Only failure speoplestay there.
I was thinking to complaint to food department regarding the food they provide in cafeteria. I will do so one day :(

I need to tell more about the staff working over their, hope its not diya complaint... well and fair its one and only staff complaint...

Before i join they given so many commitment... After i joined, I approached HR DEPARTMENT for the commitment given to me. Their is always one JOKER simply sitting in the name of SRINIVAAS BHATT... He is the very very very waste fellow were i haven't seen any where in the places i worked before...he always says he will do now and then, but for ever he couldn't do anything in favour of employees. After an regular follow up, that stupid hell f*** srinivaas said me to approach SHYAM HEBBAR... if this would have said this before I could have not wasted my time by approaching this waste MOTHER f***ER...If company want to do cost cutting its better to fire out this STUPIT HELL..

Then only i came to know Whom ever approaches him for the issues, he have one standard "SLOGAM" for all employees. "COME BACK TOMORROW" or "I WILL CHECK AND GET BACK YOU SOON" or "SEND MAIL"

For sure he is not using his brain.. always he catching back tail of Shyam hebbar and running back of him for issues.. He don't have backbone to take correct decision like an manager, in that case i don't know y he is appointed as manager???.. think he is studying PRE-KG, sow wat he is running at the back of shyam hebbar for small things too...

DEAR all,
I am here to vent out my anger against Vinay Bangera who is working as a Training Manager in Diya Systems.
He is harassing especially girls during training programms. There is something called as Re training sessions which this guy uses to exploit and haress girls mostly freshers. I was victim of this man and has left the job because of him.
I am suggesting girls not to join Diya Systems Mangalore and get haressed, Also be careful about Vinay Bangera who is working as a Training Manager in Diya Systems.

ur friend
Sandhya Rani
All are giving bad reviews to this company... the time has past they have to reform themself... they need to search for good projects and pay the employes with market standard and they have to put a stop to nightshift for development peoples as the development work can be shown to the client in after stages, then only they can grow... If they grow all mangalorians will definitely point out this company as good company.

They need to follow aglie methodology for development works. They need to follow onsure and offsite model for every proj... and for even onsite ppl sent from them they need to give felicities as other CMM company gives.

They need to promote the people who join as a fresher and assign them enough work so that they stay good in their working platform.

This can be achieved only if the org structure is correct. Some of the people who donot have enough qualification stand as head in this company.

To achieve this those sort of under qualified people must be removed and the company should remember that if employee of the company grows in that company then only the company will grow.
I have read all the comment.. all are true which has been posted by srinivaas Bhatt

HR Manager Srinivas Bhatt is not joker he is something different were we cant give him a specific name.. no better bad word has found to scold this empty head srinivas.


Why im saying empty head means i can show u proof for this, if you people just logged in our complaint box u can find the following details, some one have posted very bad about HR Manager Srinivas, i hope he would have read it, so to prove that he is very perfect worker, he himself posted very good about him that he is perfect Joker and so on,

u people know how i found it?? because he mentioned his name as Bhat Srinivas. this small thing itself he does dont know how to post, its pity shame on him, for this he should put his head down and should feel sorry for sitting in this position. Not only him, management should also feel. I had never seen such a man who doesnt know even a small basic things. For this he can put him up.

Empty head Srinivaas if ur not GAY can u tell us wat a positive thing u have step forward in favour of employees??? can u specify even a single thing?? then y the hell ur roaming as though ur genuien and perfect

This empty head srinivas launched a stupid HR software, which is no use for employees other than management, thousand error and max. if an employee is working for 8hours and 59minutes also, tat software will calculate leave for that one minute, but if an employee is working for more 10 hours it doesn't calculate over pay. what a stupit software is this???. This empty head Srinivaas dont have that much stuff to launch a software, but he done it, because of his useless brain and useless software we employees are suffering. It seems to be its done totally in benefit of management. bcoz he can cut our salary and get gain to the company right? but no use for employees.

My salary was deducated, i use to work all days more than 10 hours, some days it would have missed, not more than 1 minute that to for their stupid cab they give. if we miss the cab which is gonna to start at particular time, then we have to wait for another 2 hours, because they wont start cab with small members. they will put employees like goat shed and drive the cab.That too no drivers will drive the cab properly, they will make so many accidents. for tat this empty head srinivas software has deducated my one day pay.I have approached him so many times for the LOP but he asked me to come back latter and said to send me the mail, but no use of sendidng mail, because still i din get response, so i came out of the company and so many left the company because of this only. think this empty head is still reading it. DAM F**K. For this he can sit and work from home.

He dont have a power to decide and do things on own, he was kept in company as 3rd card and their is no use of him, for all small things he will run for the approval for shyam hebbar. he is waste card on port.

He is use less person, who cant be replaced... if he do suicide also his cruse will be roaming around.. He is F**K



Bull software and bull person srinivaas, worth for nothing and anything...
Hi Glow Touch Employees

I check forum daily, i know very well about srinivas bhat as u all mentioned in complaints are true, in promise... He is very very worthless human to hold this position in this company.

Srinivas Bhat came to this company around one and half years back. but no use of his joining.

I give a OPEN CHALLENGE FOR 1 LAKH. Can Srinivas tell even a single thing that he have done in favour of employees?. Dont tell that U have come with HRIS. Becouse u itself can read the comments of the other employees, All have in ur face for the launch of the HRIS.

Srinivas Just sitting in his chair in one corner and scratching the seat, thats it?. i too read the forum which is been posted by him with his name. This should really come in notice of Ravichandran let him know about this feeding fellow, that he is still not came to maturity for this position. He Doesn't know how to post in the forum. how he is running a family? Does he really given birth to his baby or some one else is father for this baby? His behaviour making me to speak more bad about him.

If really he has born to a one women he should leave this company after reading this.If Ur mother is not a just go out of the company and let the company grow, because of you guys only still the company in 3rd level. if not good managers would have come and given a good opened way for the growth of the company. As all other commented, he cant take a own decision. If so lets see whether he can take out the HR software.

Im really Pissed with his behaviour. after seeing his own comment on the forum only i got very irritated and started to post. If u dont believe my words kindly check the the id

If U people check the above link U itself started to on his face, because he itself posted a good comment as none did.

He mentioned that he is positive thinker, he is uplifting the company standards on coming days, he joined almost one and half year back does he mean now only he started to work for the company?

Shrinivas U have did only one favour to employees increased the canteen prices, from 5rs to 7rs and finally to 10rs.

If thousand more people or piss in face also he will wipe and sit in the same as shameless. I don't know how he is going

around the company and seeing all employees. by having this much bad comment in forum.

We knew HR software was bought up with srinivas, but i do think how he have bought this? bcoz all most 7 months gone still

their is lot mistakes. Hey srinivas thum how much commission got to bring this HR software to our company?

If this has given free also no one would have bought it, i think srinivas is getting under pocket money to run this HR software in our company.
Any ways you have done the great by hitting in employees stomach, those affected employees cruse wont leave you to live a good life. I think u will read all this message.
Forget about Chethan. The real culprit is SUPREETH MANNAGUDDA. He doesn't do any work, always talking with PKulal for 3 hrs every day. For that he is being paid 30000 a month. how wonderful?!!! He only knows one thing, that is 'pull chats' when chats are waiting. SUPI should become a security guard who opens the company gates.
Another person is Manohar Ennegadde. he was a nice guy but after he became a QA manager, now he has become a crazy monkey. Unnecessarily taking QA of agents and sending them to recertification.
Hi guys,

I'm Sanjeev

I had been recruited for the post of Linux system admin and they have given me order form in the same post, after i have joined the company they asked me to work for chat support, were no where related to my profession.
I was working in diya system for continues 3 months and then i quit my job, as i felt HR Department and Management have spoiled my career.I have all proof which was told by HR department

I spoken so many times to my operation manager he asked me to keep in touch which HR Department and Shyam hebbar.

I was keep running at back of them for the change of position, but HR Manager Mr. Srinivas bhatt trying to convenience me saying, why don't u work in chat support as u can learn more in this, i tried to explain them tat this will spoil my hole career which i have already experienced with, but they din wanna to listen my words. They were keep stressing me to do chat support, were i no way interest to this.

I wasted my all way 3 months by running in back of them for the position change but nothing could happen, so i felt the company.

I request the HR team not to waste others career which is main for them to lead their life, kindly consider the employees as employees and not the machine to hear Ur words and work with, as they have separate mind set for the work, all will love the profession what they are into, don't ever try to change their profession (irrelevant)just like that, which no way will help you, other than spoiling the employees feelings

To all candidates,

Kindly get assUrance before u join the company for the position which they are were inciting for, if not they could spoil Ur career just like tat
Hey Joker srini and shyam u people not only cheating the employees in this but also in ur website.

To all guys to the team and to other people, kindly click the below mentioned link.

In this link they have mentioned that they are giving furnished accomodation, and kitchen application, but guys its not really true. Do you know what do they mean buy furnished acccomadation? room is fully surrounded by cockroach, lizard, and rats.Not only that in a one single chota room we 4 people are staying like hen house. These people dont give accomadation to higher officals as they mentioned, all are lie from their side, kindly dont believe by just seeing this.

Prosititute mother boy shrinivas and shyam, have u ever came our accomadation and stayed with us and checked how was the accomadation? No. Then how u can proudly mention like that in ur site?

In that same link last u find about the fitness center.

Here they have mentioned that they are providing healthy for gym equipments for work out after working hours, to tell true their is nothing like that, i have been working for a long time, still i could not find such a gym in and around the campus. I mentioning all these to new people who have decided to join the company. Kindly dont join the company by just seeing all the fake in their website. Its all fake, its just a trap to get u inside the company to show their recruitment high. After taking people they will treat like bull so never and ever do this mistake..

I have proved by giving links, that they are telling only lie.

You can see the Mr.Sanjeev text in the forum complaint, and you can understand how much he have affected with this.
Hi to all,

Im working in glow touch for the past 17 months (Aug 2011), At the time of my joining time, they said i will get the hike on December 2011. When i approached them for the hike, they said they will put only after an year AUGUST 2012, again i approached for the hike on the month which it has been committed by them, but they said they will credit August 2012, but its not done, they have credited only on December 2012. Finally they credited in Jan 2013 for only 253 rs as my hike, to get this i have
worked for 12 hours a day, its not only for me, it has happened to all the employees has been credited from 200 to 400 rs only. i don't know whether all employees come forward to tell this issue to the management. im not satisfied to work with this company. Its been said that its one of the MNC company, but it doesn't seem to be.Those who self respect wont accept this increment and work in this company, so Im leaving this company, for sure i will not refer this company to any person to spoil their life, as you spoiled our life. Hi guys kindly post ur review about your feeling, let this management understand our felling

To Management:

Employees are asking increment only for the work we have done, but you guys are not ready to give increment in good amount, you people really making our work to be degreated by just giving 2% and 4% hike, for this you have stopped increment. But ur not able to give the increment as per employment sanctification, Let me tell you one thing we work hard to bring you up, but you people don't respect our work, you just hitting us in ur legs. Im really worried and shamed to work under ur management,

Please don't play with the employees life. We people have dreamed so much about the increment but you not satisfied the dream of the employee, at least we except for 20% of hike, we already joined here for less salary, we increment will satisfy us to work forward in this company, but its not so. We also have so many commitment by keeping this increment in mind, but its totally upstate. If this increment is not re processed for sure we need to hang up.
I do agree with you Guys! I EIG support guys are got very less hike. They are getting only 10, 000 to 11, 000 salary with experience of more than 5 years. They have already talked with Ravichandran. But, there is no hope of increment. He will say will see and sit quietly. And my GOD VIDYA RAVICHANDARAN, she is main responsible for this. Dont know how she got the Award?????? , they don't have money to pay for the poor employes working in DIYA.

Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...
Ravichandran wapkeup!!!...

The EIG guys getting very less salary. They are getting only 10, 000 t0 11, 000 p.m with more than 5 years experience. The agents are working sincerely for company, but company not done anything for employes. They are simply wasting money for Building work. They are proving a reason about productivity. But agents are working best in 3rd class computer. The computers in Diya is horrible. Seems thy brought the computers from Gujiri shop. Also, they are paying for one BIG NONSENSE OF THE YEAR RAVI BG. HE IS UNFIT TO WORK IN DIYA. The Security guys work better than RAVI BULL DOG. SHYAM HEBBAR try to understand employes problem and help them before your Stomach Burst.

hi glow touch guys, Hope this month u all got ur full salary without any loss of pay. You know how this miracle happened? Very simple. hope you guys already know this. This time our HRIS is maintained by finance department. so wat we received our salary without any loss of pay. After long time management understood that MR.Shrinivas is not fit to handle HRIS. As employee complaint keep increasing against loss of pay. So wat they changed the power of handling the HRIS from shrinivas to finance. Now all is well. This empty head shrinivas is waste to handle even simple things so wat management did this, i keep thinking how this shrinivas is still alive after this many shame. Think he is still staying in this job just to earn money, and not to get good name or to work.In this world history i have not see any management have pulled the power of handling some software from one person and given to another person. This management behaviour itself tells us how much stuff do shrinivas have. If he born in a good family and if good blood is running in his body na for sure he will quit the company after these many shame from the management, how he is working after the management have shamed him
Ha Ha Ha... 8th wonder happens in this world. Shrinivas Bhat becomes Senior HR Manager. What a miracle one. Its really VERY BIG JOKE of the year. How he becomes Senior hr without doing anything.
Ha Ha Ha... 8th wonder happens in this world. Shrinivas Bhat becomes Senior HR Manager. What a miracle one. Its really VERY BIG JOKE of the year. How he becomes Senior hr without doing anything.

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