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Gajanana Enterprises, Indane Gas Distributor, #308, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore — Extra charge taken during delivery of LPG cylinder

Dear sir,
Iam indane gas consumer. My customer number is 88055, a person from gajanana enterprise delivered lpg cylider on 7/7/2011 cost of 415 rs i gave him 500/ and immediately he asked me can u give me 15 rs change icame back and gave him 20rs he returned me only 5rs and the moment i realised that he didnot gave me 100rs he flew away i called his agency they told me they will sent him back but he never get back to me i tried couple of time to call them but they are not responding against my complain. Kindly take strict action against him so next time he wouldnot repeat this again.
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i met a person in anandh bagh but they are not responding. they are informed that no stock is availalble. i want a new collection from indane gas.
I am resident of Gurgaon, Haryana and receive gas supply from M/s Gurukripa Agencies, Vyapar Kendra, Power Grid, Gurgaon. But last 5-6 days I am trying their no.[protected],[protected] but they are not responding, ring is going and going but no one is picking up phone. However most of the time phone is busy, this may ok but when it is ringing, one should pick up the phone. Now a days I am using my friend's gas cyllinder.

Indane Gas Agency — Not yet get the new gas connection

Expired Gas cylinder (A-09) has been deliverd in the month of Oct 2007 by my agent. This Cylinder is not working. After asking for replacement, Agent is saying me to contact cutomer care of Indane Gas. Please help me. My contact number is [protected]. - Sumit Roy, Behala - Kolkata.

Indane Gas — not responding

Dear Sir,

In spite of repeated phone calls to (Jyothy Gas - Seshadripuram Bangalore, ), the agency hasn't delivered the gas cylinder which was due a week before. This has been very regular.
And the executive who attends the phone calls is very harsh, never responds to the queries properly.

i am in need of apllication form for starting the agency for the above said indane lpg gas organisattion.......thanking you..

i hope u will do the early aas possible.

contact no;[protected]/[protected]
sir iam consumer of indane gas .my number is 19819 and iam the resident of vijayawada(AP). we are facing many problems with our local agency (Ramya krishna agencies, dno:1/3/89/3, Anitha Apartments, Near Four Pillar Centre,Vidhyadharapuram,Vijayawada-520012.). whenever we call for booking gas they r not lifting the phone for 2 to 3 hrs. They r talking very rudely. please take action on them. Hope u will take the action.

Indane Gas — Bangalore - Refusing new connections for not buying stove

The gas dealer in Indira Nagar 1st Stage is refusing to give new connections for not purchasing stove from him. First i approached them for getting a new connection during October 2007. He refused to issue new connection without a ration card. I got deletion certificate from my home town and got a new ration card in Bangalore. Went again to the dealer with the ration card. He said he will issue me a new connection only if i purchase a stove from him. There are readings in his notice board stating new connections are readily available for ration card holders. For the last five months i've been using private gas and purchased new stove during October 2007. This guy is forcing me to buy another stove which is of no use to me. Now i has to look for other agencies and see whether they are also using the same tactics.

S.L Enterprises — To submit application form

I have to Fill my application form of SBI clerck exam but there is few time to submiting the form today is 30.5.2008 and the last date of submitting is 31.05.2008. what did I do, please help me to submit form. form where I buy the form and how i get the form, please guide me and tell me what the process of filling the firm.
Thanking you,
Dhananjay kumar Sriwastwa



I Ms. Sudesh Sehgal am a senior citizen residing at House No.-46, (Top Floor), Sector-15-A, Chandigarh.

I went to apply for a new Gas connection at M/S NUVDEEP MALA ENT, BOOTH NO-79, SECTOR-16-D, CHANDIGARH. TELEPHONE :[protected], 2544857. But he asked me to buy a new Gas Stove, Pipe, Lighter and a Regulator compulsorily or you are not allowed to book the same. After talking to the Indane Gas Toll Number, i could find that it is not compulsory to buy all these with the new connection. Above all i am already having an ISI Marked Gas Stove and i am not in a need for a new one. I would like to complaint about the mentioned Gas Agency and would request an early action against him for misleading me about the Policy of the connection.

Thanking you,

Ms. Sudesh Sehgal,
House No.-46, (Top Floor).
[protected] (Mobile)

Indane Gas — Using fake consumers coup0n

[censored] coupon was used in my consumer's account No. 2405 by M/s. Govind Gas Agencies, Alwar(Raj) who is authorisied to deliver Indan Gas cylinders. Please enquire into the whole accounts of this agency as such type of fraud may also be running with other consumers specially mine which I recently noticed.

Yours sincerely,
Satish Chand Jain


Dear Sir,

We are having ph no.[protected] witn aitel.

We wanted new static ip address under our aforesaid telephone connection.

But your customer care manager speak us that for this purpose we have to but 1499/- plan then only we will be given new static ip address.

Please allot us new ip address on existing plan and cooperate.

Thanking you

Sharad Agrawal
Dear Sir,

In spite of repeated phone calls to (Tara Jain, Bikram Jain), the agency hasn't delivered the gas cylinder which was due a month before. This has been very regular.
And the executive who attends the phone calls is very harsh, never responds to the queries properly.
I am botherd too much with Commander GAs Servic, Rajaji Puram


jain enterprises — delivery of letters from post office

our office is situated at 77,N.S.Road,Kolkata 700001.since last one month postman come once in a week and he left the post at one place.he does not deliver the post in particular letter box.Previously letter were delivered in each letter box. you are requested to kindly alook into the matter and forward our complain to GPO.

LPG Indane gas-kishore gas supply — lies and misuse and non delivery

My Lpg dealer KISHORE GAS SUPPLY in kolkata (INDANE GAS) tells lies that cylinder gets returned after 16 days of booking whereas the truth is that we have been waiting for the cylinder everyday and cancelling all out outdoor activities...
Now this month its already 11 days I have booked a cylinder but no delivery till date..
My consumer no is 523148 standing in name Kajal Bhattacharya..I am is old and cannot follow up about the cylinders status..

The last cylinder have to be carried at my own expense to my place ..after 16 days of non delivery and lies...

Please take steps as original consumers cylinders are often sold at a higher rate in black market ...
I Have registered new New connection ( the Register number is [protected]) On 27/2/2010.
I din't recieved any register letter for this.please look on this and advice me when i can get.

The Consumer Grievances Cell (Domestic Consumer) 10th December, 2011
Indane, Indian Oil

Ref: SL69 (New Connection) Number – [protected]
Date of registration – 19/11/2011

Sub: Grievances in obtaining new connection from Gajanana Enterprises, Koramangala, Bangalore


Since the 19th of November, 2011, I have been trying to apply for a domestic LPG connection for my home. However, through the course, I have been facing unending grievances and harassment from the local distributor Gajanana Enterprises, Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone Nos[protected], 25530055, 25539283.

To start with, I went to the distributor on the 19th of November, 2011 to request for a new connection. Initially there was no one to tell me correctly that there is an instantaneous registration process that is free of charge and I will be getting an SL69 number and will be put on a wait list. I asked the executives there, who promptly asked me to stand in a line which was for the new registration. After having stood for 1 hour in the line, I got to know that this was only for raising an SL69 number and I will get an allotment only after more than 15 days. If this was not for the full registration but to get a waitlist number only, my question is why can’t this be fast-tracked. Also, could you please tell me this wait list is as prescribed by Indane or simply a harassment tactic by the distributor.

Secondly, I was also told initially by the executive at the counter that buying a Gas Stove from the dealer along with the connection was compulsory. After protesting and a long debate I somehow managed to catch hold of the store manager who reiterated the same false statement to me. I would like to let you know that this enterprise is fleecing innocent customers on the pretext that it is a rule as per Indane. Only after my repeated pestering did they admit that this is not compulsory but I will need to get an inspection done for my existing stove which I promptly agreed. Also, they revealed this fact to me discreetly in the manager’s room only so that other customers are not enlightened by this useful fact. I made it a point to inform whoever was there that buying a Gas stove at an inflated price from the distributor was not compulsory but only a recommendation and that they always had the option getting their existing stove inspected. They were astonished to note this. As I said, the distributor was clearly fleecing customers into buying a stove worth Rs. 2000 /- or more which may even be overpriced. I had purchased a stove only one month ago (ISI Marked) for Rs. 1100 /- (branded, USHA International Ltd.). Why should I end up buying another stove and that too being told that this stove purchase is compulsory?

Once having gained this knowledge and receiving an SL69 number, I patiently waited for 15 days and this day on the 10th of December, 2011 after having confirmed over phone that my number was allotted one connection, I promptly visited the distributor’s place at 10:30 am with the necessary documentation. The inspection had not been arranged till now. When I went there, they asked me to pay for the stove which I promptly refused and demanded an inspection. For this, they said I should meet the proprietor who will be coming only at 2:00 pm. My question here is why do I need to meet the proprietor for completing a standard procedure? If so, why are they open from 10:00 am if they have to consult the proprietor for everything who comes in only in the afternoon? I argued the same with the people at the desk. While they initially spoke in our national official languages, English and Hindi, through the course of the argument, they retorted to the state language of Karnataka - Kannada. Being an outsider, I was unable to understand what they were saying, but by their tone and frequent use of words such as ‘AYE’, ‘OYE’ and ‘MURKHA’ (Sanskrit & Kannada for FOOL), I was able to figure out that they were abusing me. I repeatedly asked them to please keep the discussion in English or Hindi, but now they tell me that they do not know any language other than Kannada. This after having spoken to me reasonably fluently in English and Hindi initially and on my previous visit on the 19th of November, 2011. I was standing helplessly there. Why do we have two national official languages and speak about national integrity if some person is cannot live outside his state and if he moves out, he has to face people who blatantly refuse to use our national languages even though they know it and it can be used for effective communication.

It got to a point that the person at the desk, Mr. Sadananda started saying that he is the proprietor, he is the owner. If so, why did he not accept my request for an inspection initially and why was I asked to come at 2:00 pm? If not, then obviously he is mocking and making fun of a customer and misusing/abusing his power to control the registration process. Finally, after a heated discussion, they said that they will note my address and setup an inspection to be done at my place. Could they have not done without the argument and without the harassment vented on me? Am I being harassed because I did not give in to their unscrupulous demands?

Then again, why is this inspection being done after putting me on hold for 15 days. That too, they noted my address down on a crude notepad and refused to give me any acknowledgement for the same. Also, they did not even note down the date to argue my case. They are also equally likely to misplace or pretend to have misplaced the notepad once I come back in 10 days. I am fairly sure that the inspection is not going to happen and this is just a gimmick to keep me off their premises for 10 days so that other customers do not become aware of this, thus ruining their illegitimate business. I am assuming, and rightly so, that they would even say after 10 days that I gave the request only one day ago and ask me to come back in another 10 days since they did not note the date and did not give me any acknowledgement. I have no proof to defend myself here.

I would like to confirm here that whether the inspection is a mandatory process before getting a new connection as per existing Indane rules? If so, why was it not arranged for, at the time of the free registration and why do they have to note it down in a crude notepad and avoid giving me an acknowledgement? Also, if the inspection is mandatory, as per the company website, the inspection charge is Rs. 70 /- only (for towns with population >20 lakh). Why are they asking me to pay an excessive fee of Rs. 260 /- for inspection? Is this yet another corrupt fleecing practice of the distributor that is being blatantly allowed?

Also, during registration, I noticed that as per the website that there were some documents including bank statement that were accepted as address proof. However, the software used by the distributor does not have the option of selecting bank statement in the Proof of Address field. Could you please advise why there is such a disparity and misguidance of customers? Why the customer has to stand in an hour long queue with the correct documents only to be told that the system does not accept this or the document is wrong and the website is not correct?

Sir, I am currently purchasing my cylinder from a private agency which is charging me a humongous price of Rs. 1100 / - per cylinder which is extremely distant from the government prices of near Rs. 400 /-. I am in a position to choose between two forms of harassment, one by price (private company) other by plain cheating and corruption (distributor). Doesn’t any consumer have an option to choose anything correct and honest but to choose the lesser harassing between two forms of harassment?

I told them I will complaint against them and they confidently, abusively and disdainfully said I will not be able to do anything about this wherever I may take my complaint. I asked his name to which he promptly replied – “I am Sadananda. Go wherever you want. You can’t do anything.” Then I got the regional office numbers from them as 080 – 22239473,[protected]Marketing office),[protected]Regional Office). I came home and have been trying to reach out to these numbers for the past two hours but to no avail. Nobody picks the phone. I believe, either the numbers are fake or there is nobody interested in helping a harassed consumer.

The worst part of this being that people have become so used to this form of harassment and corruption, that some customers standing in the queue with me were taking his side and arguing with me to accept what he says and not waste their time as well. In simple words as said by them – “Why are you not accepting to his terms and paying what he wants? I tried the same and had to wait for 6 months. Then I finally agreed to what he asked and now I have a connection. You will get nothing but harassment and will end up wasting your time and energy.”

At this point, I was introspecting and thinking whether I am actually a MURKHA trying to fight for justice and what is right rather that accepting being bent down by corruption and harassment? However, I still got the courage to write down each and every bit and piece of the entire incident in this letter along with a little bit of hope that your management will be able to help and eradicate this corrupt practice at the root level.

I am sincerely hoping that your reputed and esteemed Organization will accept my humble request and heartfelt complaint and help me gain justice by considering my case and ordering strict action against the distributor. This will also help this harassment from prevailing over other/new customers and will set an example that any perpetrators will be brought to justice if they try to misuse their position. Also, this will add to the already highly respected reputation of Indian Oil and set new precedents for other organizations to follow.

Thanking you in advance for your kind action and help.

Best regards,

V. Sriram
No 3, 1-14 Lakshmi Krishna Nilayas,
3rd Main, 6th Cross, Venkatapura,
Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034.
Ph - +91-[protected] (Mob), +[protected]Home)
I am also one of the Indane Gas consumer. I completely agree for this above complaint against Gajanana Enterprises Please try to help public to avoid such problems for basic needs of life.

Ravi Beli
#1288, 11th Cross
21st 'B' Main, HSR Layout,
Cell: [protected].
Man I am about to raise a complaint against these guys. Today I went to pay for my new connection. They made me make 3 trips from HSR Layout(my home) to their office by citing different reasons. At the end around 2:30 PM they told me that buying gas stove from them is compulsory in order to get the connection. I went and talked to store manager and he also reiterated same statement. When I showed him their website and rules he backtracked and said they can't give me connection for another 1 month. If i go for package(stove + connection) they said they can provide immediately today also. They are trying to sell some sub standard stoves to consumer and harassing them for giving new connection. All the people in the store are arrogant and when i said i will raise a complaint they said you are not even our consumer yet, so no one will listen to you. I hope there is a agency to check these kind of buggers from harassing people like us. Please let me know if you guys are ready for a protest. I am in for any kind of protest/ consumer forum complaint against these guys.
Have any of you received any update on your complaints ?
Is it worth lodging any complaints over here ?

They even cheat consumer by giving used cylinder

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