[Resolved]  Honda Unicorn — Defect in Bike and Customer Service

My name Arun Kumar and I bought a HONDA Unicorn from Didar Motors Chennai (#340 (old # 654), Anna Salai, Chennai – 600006) on 18th Feb 2008. The bike was good, until I found out this defect. This Unicorn Bike in allergic to water, the moment it gets wet the engine cools down and bike turns off. When I visited some websites to figure out what has gone wrong, I got replies from forum members saying it’s a common defect in UNICORN and I need to get this fixed. Being an Engineer I accept a defect can occur in a product, and I don’t blame HONDA for this. But what followed was even more surprising. First I went to Didar motors saying I have this problem, the guy had a look at the bike, looked at spark plug and then gave it back to me saying “Now it’s fine…” Four days after this had happened, we had rain in Chennai, and the same old problem reappeared. This time after completely getting myself drenched in rainwater I somehow managed to push my bike to a nearest service center JSP Honda Vepery. An authorized service center in charge gave me this reply “Sir. I understand your problem, but I suggest you to take it to Didar, we will have problems servicing it here”. Next day I went to Didar again, this time the person in charge of that service station said to a mechanic “Same problem which we had in the Black one, look into this…” I was finally happy; some one has recognized my bike’s problem. He got the bike back in 10 mins. I got even more excited thinking they have super mechanics who can fix such problems in matter of minutes. But I had doubts in my mind so finally decided to give it for First Service on 27th March (again in Didar). This time, I asked him to retest this problem. Next day I got the bike saying “It’s all fine….” Today 31st march again we had rain in Chennai, and again the problem reappeared. Again I took my bike to Didar at 6.15PM saying I have this problem, the attitude with which the person in charge replied to me has actually got me upset. The guy replied “Get the Bike tomorrow when it is raining, we will test drive the Bike in rain and then see what can be done….” in a manner, as if I am asking him for some HELP. I literally pleaded to him, to have my mike there and have a closer look at it. HONDA Company did not gift me this bike, I bought this Bike with my hard earned money for Rs 62, 160.00 + Rs 868.00 (accessories) and I expect only things which a person normally expects out of his Bike and nothing more. For all along I was quite, but now I feel things are going above a tolerable level. Consumer’s right should be protected, and it is not only the responsibility of a Company but also (Dealers, Sub dealers) every single person associated with it. I don’t know whom I should report this to, so I send this mail to every single mail ID of persons whom I think can really help me. If you have any suggestion for me do reply back to [protected]

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Aug 14, 2020
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Oct 03, 2014

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I m Rikin Rohit from Silvassa. I request the M.D. of the honda company to plz lookover the service station here in Silvassa.
They don't have any respect for the customers. For them customers are meant to cut pockets. I many times got charged for just nothing. The only reasn to charge they say " sorry sir now nothing can be done as computerised bill can't be cancelled" why should we pay for just a check up. Please sir solve my problem any how...

Honda Unicorn — Regarding Service stations

I had bought the bike at the month of Sept, 2007. As such the bike has no compliant and i am satisfied with its performance also. But my reason of concern is the poor customer service at the service center...

I was guaranteed 6 free services.. I have used three of them ..
but for all the three services i had to pay money to the service centers... They would always have a long bill...

When asked, they would answer that service is free but you will have to pay for the engine oil...

i would like to know if this is a natural strategy followed in the market or is it that the service centers are burdening us with bills according to their wish.

Please get back to me regarding this atleast before my 4th free service...

Thanks you very much for your understanding!

Honda Co.


Sagar Fashion,
Bikaner (raj.)

Dear Sir,
Please refer my car Honda City ZX 1.5 GXI vide invoice No. Honda/00A795/07-08 dated 16th June 2007 was purchased with great pleasure and pride.
But I am force to write this letter with great unsatisfaction on account, poor service and negligence for your valuable customer.
I was told by Mr. Lalit Kumar(representative) while selling this prestigious car to me that I shall be cared for service as you are conducting camp every after two months in Bikaner but sorry to tell you that in 10 months none has helped inspire of I have phoned to Mr. Lalit Kumar and Mr. Tanwar for my complain, they both are playing with my sentiments like Shuttle Cock, which has reflexed great amount of disappointment and as on now my A.C.(air conditioner) problem is untouched, resulting feeling that I have committed mistake by purchasing HONDA CITY zx.
I am surprised to note that I have asked by Mr. Tanwar to bring car at Jaipur which is not practically possible for me and it cost huge amount.

If I am not cared I shall to force to go to customer forum for which you will be fully responsible for consciousness.
I am confident that this time my complain/request shall be hear and you will make some proper arrangement to rectified my grievances.
Thanking You

Yours truly,
Ghan Shyam Das Moolchandani,
Sagar Fashion,
1. i am getting only 35kmph but they promised me 50kmph,
2. my disc brake is not that effective
3. no use even after conveying this to service people
4. finally not satisfied with what they have promised

Please contact me:[protected]
i have same problem as arun kumar of chennai
and now my bike is down in service with major engine failure
so i ask consumer of honda to be cautious
can we sue honda company as we are having similar problem
HONDA products are not as quality as they advertise.Their service response is worst in any place in the country .I request not to buy honda products without knowing the services.
Hi, My name is Varun Varshney, i bought a HONDA Unicorn one year back, I suffered from an accident due to which the fuel tank of the motorcycle was deformed, which i wanted to be replaced by

Swarup Motors
Pvt. Ltd. 186-187,
Patparganj Indl. Area,
on date 15-05-08 against
Job Card No. 83191
Bike Registration No. DL-6S/Y5310

It was assured by the Swarup Motors Pvt. Ltd., within one week my motorcycle will be delivered in good condition after replacing the necessary parts(FUEL TANK). Till today i.e. 29/05/08 (2 weeks) i have made many visits to the service center and also constantly telephonically asked about my bike's condition.. and till date the condition stands as it was earlier.. i.e. no replacement of fuel tank has been done..

I feel harassed by the service being provided to me by the swarup motors service center and would like to get my Motorcycle fixed as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Varun Varshney
Bike Registration No. DL-6S/Y5310
i was having more than 65km/l milege before my services and now it came down to 38. the is shamely poor
I purchased my unicorn from innovative honda, i faced problem in driving bike on highways, the back tyre wobles cause of Steearing jamed. Nobody is looking on this issue, I have given my bike 8 times to dealer but no body is responding this.
My brother had some serious issues with the kick rod and the service engineers are ignoring this isssue as this is a new bike and this will improve up using... hmm now this is bull I say !!!

Take control over red weevil and save the trees, visit now!!!

Dear Sir,
I m Anand Suri from aligarh u.p. i hve bought my unicorn in 2006 from From the very 1st day my bike had started giving me troubles. Only after couple of weeks my bikes handle started jamming and the balance was also not equal. I made it changed but the centre hadn't changed it and was charged. Again after few weeks it stated giving me troubles. Again they charged me but this time i don't knw they have changed or not. But my problem is not solved till now. They don't have a gud attitude towards customers they show a very rude attitude towards us. At last i m just fed up of the service provided by the honda bikes. The service is just like a DAMM they don't even look over customers problems instead they charge us fees, what for?
At the last i just want my bike to get good any how. If this time i'll be ignored then i would only have the consumer's forum option. But i want my bike to be fixed as soon as possible.

thank you.
I m Anand Suri from aligarh. I request the M.D. of the honda company to plz lookover the service station here in aligarh.
They don't have any respect for the customers. For them customers are meant to cut pockets. I many times got charged for just nothing. The only reasn to charge they say " sorry sir now nothing can be done as computerised bill can't be cancelled" why should we pay for just a check up. Please sir solve my problem any how...
i have booked (Rs.1000 advanced) honda unicorn fully black for the date 24/4/2008 till i am not get it bike Why ?
Dear Sir,


----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: [protected]
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 7:54 PM
Subject: COMPENSATION & Non Co-Operation from Authorised Dealer & HONDA Two wheelers & Scooters India, Gurgaon

Dear Sir, (To Respected Editor)

Please refer the below said matter which is self explanatory to you.

Further we request to Times Editor to look into matter closely and print in My Times My Voice segment.

We had asked for compensation which is very legal of RS. 25000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand) for two month loss in services

Please refer our attach document of The New India Assurance Company Ltd. which is self explanatory.

All the correspondence are from our side only not a single mail, letter or assurance given by Honda or Authorised Dealer

Please do the needful at the earliest.


Naresh S.Malhotra

Please also refer the letter dtd.[protected] written to Vice President/ Chairman

To, [protected]

Kind Attn: Vice President/ Chairman.

Sub: Lack of Communication / No Commitments.

Dear Sir,

Please refer our earlier email dtd.[protected] &[protected] which is self explanatory to you.

We regret to say that till date no response had come from your end and we are simply following up (one sided) the matter. We are calling up from Mumbai at regular interval wasting our time, money, and mental as well as physical stress too. But only verbal assurance from Mr. Kapil (customer care department) is given which are also false he had shown zero interest in the matter.

More over he had confirmed that the spares were left by AIR and will be reaching next day. The day after we visited your approved Dealer showroom M/s. Pratik Honda which is again headache for us they informed us that nothing as received at their end. This kind of negligence we didn’t expected from HONDA.

Iam having very good reputed friends circle and these kind of problems they had never experienced They are very happy with other Two Wheelers Manufacturers the same I was also expecting From HONDA

More than three four time your people are failed to serve your loved customers who loves HONDA.

After writing to you this we expect positive response.

Please look into the matter very closely and seriously.

Thanking You,

Naresh S.


Please Note: I am the only person to run the house and the expenses in metros are very high. Basically I am into marketing so with out Two Wheeler is not possible to give services to our esteemed customers

Enclosed please find an copy of The New India Assurance Co. Ltd which clearly states the required documents with out bill submission I cannot claim my insurance.

----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: Vijay Upadhyaya
Cc: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:03 PM
Subject: Fw: TELECON

Dear Sir,

With reference to our telecon discussions regarding below said matter.

We are still waiting for your reply what further action you had taken on dealer why this happened? please at least you can reply us an single word of email what is going on only we are following up both the ways. We are astonised that such a reputed company an ISO holder is not replying to a customers problem.

We think we are mediator playing role between dealer & company, dealer says company problems and company says dealers problem but non of both inform us.


----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: [protected]
Cc: Vijay Upadhyaya
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 3:12 PM
Subject: TELECON

Kind Attn Mr. Sudhir Vizan

With reference to our telecon discussions regarding COMPENSATION.

Please note that we only required compensation from the company for two month loss due to your lack of commitment & services, for that why we should suffer.But what about our expenses occurred in STD (calling) to M/.s. Honda, Gurgaon several times, By faxes,[protected] By Trackon courier against their docket no. 83150676

We are not charging an extra money from you that is not our practice to cheat some one. We are asking the genuine money our hard efforts into work till late night.


Jaspal S. BE MBA [protected]

----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: vijay.[protected]
Cc: [protected]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 12:11 PM

Kind Attn: Mr. Vijay Upadhyaya - Asst-Manager.

As per our telecon discussions regarding our long awaited matter, we only request you to handle your prestige customers who must not suffer from all these breakers. You are aware of the life style in metro where no one wants to miss an single opportunity specially the marketing peoples who makes smiles thier customers.

As per our discussions your gave us many verbal commitments regarding the spares but till date nothing as come only excuses from your side. For your reference we had tried to contact M/s. Pratik Honda owner but not entertained us. The customers are choosers not beggars. We are very disappointed with you waited for long two months to reply us by phone no written assurance or communication done such an negligence was not expected from HONDA.

We only wants an compensation from HONDA we also suffered an huge losses e.g loss of business, many STD calls, Fax letters etc.and closed this matter.

We request you to not to make a call to Naresh S. Malhotra because he is hospitalize and we do not want any mentally tensions.

Awaiting for your reply at least this time.


Jaspal S. BE MBA - [protected]

----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 3:06 PM
Subject: Non Co-Operation from your Authorised Dealers

Dear Mr. Kapil - Customer Care

Please refer below. We regret to say that till date no written reply assurance given to us. Such a disappointment never expected.




----- Original Message -----
From: Gurmeet Engg. Works
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:23 PM
Subject: Non Co-Operation from your Authorised Dealers

Dear Sir,

We would like to bring to notice that we have given HONDA UNICORN No. MH-03 AD 3044 bike for insurance claim after accident to your authorized dealer in Navi Mumbai M/s. PRATIK HONDA their showroom no.[protected] / 9988/ 9966 and workshop no.[protected] / 27650516

We regret to say that such a reputed Company HONDA their appointed dealers are not co-operating with us properly and all excuses are given no assurance from their side. We requested that all formalities from Insurance Co. are completed and clearance given by surveyor on[protected]. than why ? delay in changing the spare parts more than a TWO weeks are passed.

After all this your authorized dealers Mr. Pratik the owner couldn't come to speak with us and he informed his Technician person on phone that if they are in a hurry let them take back half prepared bike. If technical people handle customers it will TOPSY-TURVY and non of any customers will be happy. We asked them to give us customer care email address of Gurgaon Factory, he proudly admitted that such emails and complaints are in papers only no solution

It was informed that their is an shortage in supply of spare parts from gurgaon HONDA company come think it is possible and how i can claim my insurance. But why they don't keep stocks and how much time bond required if the material comes from Gurgaon max. one week a sufficient time.

Regret to say How HONDA is appointing such a dealers pl. think.

We look forward for your immediate action on the above matter please ACT and help your valued customers who love HONDA.


Naresh S. Malhotra.
Cell No. [protected].
i have booked honda unicorn fully black at Tuticorin,
advance Rs.1000 paid for the Day 24/04/2008
but local distributor not response to my questions
please follow me

CELL : [protected]
This is for kind information and notice last three day back we have been called for the repair / starting problem of Honda Unicorn 150 cc. your agent PARASNATH HONDA, PANIPAT has not been reply for itselt.

Your dealer has not attending the complaint at resident at Refinery Township panipat B-3128. It is very diffictult to provide the place of dealer. The motor cycle is under garantee/warantee it is very to shame to not attending the complaint

please this is for information and take action against the dealer.

with regards,

I have booked a Unicorn Premium black colour bike on 23 June 2008 from EVM Motors Trivandrum, Kerala. Now its nearly two months since i bookd the vehicle and i have not yet recieved the bike. Whenever i call up the dealer they are telling that it will take another 15 days. While booking the vehicle they said that the vehicle will be delivered within 20 days. I have gone through a lot of trouble had a loss of nearly 1000 Rs by booking this vehicle. Please help me.
Me too booke the bike (black) on 18th july from EVM Motors, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum, Kerala. They told i will get the bike within 1 month. After 1 month, I called up the dealer; they told they dont know when I can get my bike. Now they say that it may take upto 3 months!!! Currently they are delivering bikes booked in June!
I have a problem with my Honda unicorn the bike. The bike starts but the moment I accelerate the engine stops. In the rainy season, this gets worst. Some time during travel if I change the gears the moment I leave the clutch the engine stops and jump-starts. The service center does not seem to have an answer to the problem. I have tried changing the spark plug, cleaning the tank, cleaning the carburetor, changing the diaphragm in the carburetor. Engine de-carb. Nothing seams to work. The worst thing is the problem is not consistent. Does not happen all the time, which makes me look like a fool at the service center.

Can any one advice.
I too am facing a similar problem with my Honda Unicorn bike (kick-start, Mar 2005 model). I never ever seemed to have had this problem in the beginning but recently there have been many issues.
1. My bike's engine would stop after I kick start it and idle run it for 5 mins and then accelerate

2. This seems to have been noticed especially during rainy season (monsoons) and especially after I have been through roads filled with water or water filled potholes?

3. Earlier once when this had happened I had shown it to the local mechanic instead of authorized Honda mechanic. Local mechanic said that carburetor needs cleaning. Following this I approached Honda authorized service centre and gave bike for servcing. The bike did well for 3 months but when the rains happened again, the problem resurfaced!

Basically, what I gather from my own experience and posts written by others is that there is a flaw in design of the bike - eletrical or carburetor or god knows what...
What I don't understand is - what the service centre guys do to quick fix this problem? and Isn't Honda looking at or aware of a permanent solution for such bike functioning?

ps : For few of the posts above, I think the services part is dependent on training by Honda so different dealers/service centre have different skilled workers. But atleast the spare parts should not be an issue if Honda is looking at true customer satisfaction!
i am really unsatisfied with the service provided by dealer. how can i solve my problem plz let me know soon

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