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[Resolved]  Kannada People In Bangalore — Behavior of kannada people

To begin with, I have stayed in a lot of states including Orissa, Delhi, UP, West Bengal, AP, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The last one is the worst experience I have had. I dont know how the people of Karnataka and expecially Bangalore have turned out to be such. When I say this, I am not referring to the software engineers or Managers, I am talking about people we come across like shop keepers, auto drivers, bus conductors and other service providing people. Their mentality is such that, if you are not from Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, then they dont give a damn about selling their product, rather they become interested in torturing them in whatever way possible. Can you believe I was asked 450 INR for a distance of 3 kms at 6 pm in the evening by an Autorickshaw driver. I am unable to cite all the encounters because I am in a hurry now. But I'll write abt them once I am free.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear visitors,
I am from outside, north east, in particularly I am from Odisha, I came to Bangalore on the year 2009, my first experience in Bangalore is little cheerful, because I have stayed In Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack etc, The most pleasant place in India is Bangalore and Karnataka State.. To be very frank with the Karnataka people they are simple, honest, and god believers, I like them, even I have not got a little help from our own state people, who have cheated me knowingly, In contrary Kannada people are very helpful, If you will ask any help they will render defiantly but you should ask politely. My experience in the first day at Bangalore was nice, in comparison to the rest of Karnataka auto drivers, I met a auto driver he is a honest Muslim guy,
In my opinion the in Northern side people are very rude and unsympathetically behaved, they think that by speaking the language “Hindi” they become the first citizens of India and rest of the Indians are not Indians but fools.. people from Rajasthan were not getting water to drink, thousands cattle’s are dying every year, in west Bengal people are dying out of starvation, in the state of Delhi, being a capital of India it does not have security for a women, do you find it in Bangalore? The question is why you or I am here in Bangalore? Only for survival as because we could not able to get the resources in our state as such we are here. We should not forget that the our state administration could not able to provide Jobs and necessary accommodations to the so called “ IT & software guys” so they are here and earning handsome salary… I have seen people from Odisha and Bihar and Assam are doing security guard Jobs, even they were not earning 1/4th of the salary in their home town, whatever they are earning here. Because even the jobs of security guard is also not available there .We should thankful to the Karnataka state administration that at least we could survive here, and more over we could able to send some money to the survival of our family.
The mere example of a stray dog you can see here, have you ever found a stray dog being beaten by any person? No… I say absolutely not, in contrary they are too much healthier in comparison to the rest of Karnataka. Even I have witnessed that people from North, and eastern side used to pour hot water on the bulls when they drank some water of a bucket of a hotel, that was remaining outside for hand wash, how cruel they are?... but here I have seen my Land lord and other neighbours used to keep dozen of ‘Roti” for the feeding of stray Cows and dogs, So it is purely illogical to say anything that against Karnataka
More over how a Southern side or a Kannada speaking guy is treated in Delh, , , UP, , Bihar, or in MP? We should not forget how rough behavior they are treating is not?
I am from Basavesaswara Nagar, basically from Odisha I am a lawyer practicing in Karnataka High Court, and a retainer Advocate to three renown software Companies in Bangalore, I have changed my practice area from Odisha to Karnataka high court because I liked this place and the attitude of the people and the professional standards and the ethics they followed. I have seen hundreds of my clients from ordinary thief to Corporate Crooks. But here people used to keep their commitment.
More over I am not speaking about people, religion, or state or area, because Indian constitution provide every one o[censored]s ‘the fundamental right” to settle anywhere in India and nobody can deny or snatch this right, but we should not defame or compare one place with other and behavior of or some group of people with others. The best way when you are being discriminated is to approach the authorities, and get the remedy, our first blogger should first approach to the traffic police officer when he felt that he was cheated by a auto driver, without doing that merely blaming the behavior of the group of people is not logical and does not sounds good, and this should not be a etiquette of a good citizen.
Sunil kumar Samant
Don't generalize! Everyone in Bangalore including Kannada speaking people are victimized by the auto guys. I too have hundreds of complains but, not against any language or people using that language. I too have stayed in many so called "good cities of India" and, I know the status there. Also please remember, now Bangalore is full of people who are not basically Bangaloreans and they just have complaints but nothing else to contribute!!
Your worst experience in Bangalore is regretted but, surely Bangalore/Karnataka is not the cause to it!

Dear Ranjan,
I do not agree. I also visited almost all the cities and towns in India, I find people of TN and Kerala are the most arrogant and they do not bother if the visitor doesnot know local language/topography, etc. the cheat and as you have mentioned they charge 50times the normal charges, it very common in south India.
Dear Jayaram,
Iam too from karnataka but current staying in Tiruchi (TN), I partly agree with your statement, but I feel people of TN and Kerala are not so arrogant, like we did during the hogenakkal in Tiruchi we kannadigas are really safe...but not like bangalore where tamil people were kept under threat... By doing these types of activities we ourself creating a bad impression and proving to the world that we are arrogant...
I totally agree with this. I had bad experience with karnataka auto drivers, police men, bus conductors, House owners and Government officials. Not just one time many times. The whole system is moving towards a disaster. People here are not fit to be in a civilized world. They all need money, money and more money... No human values. And please dont compare this with TN and Kerala. They are 100 times better than this pathetic state.
When I came to Bangalore I realised the divide between South India and rest of the India .I have stayed in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Noida and Pune .Bangalore is worst among all .People are greedy and they exploit non south indians by over demanding commodities.To name the few rickshaw drivers, bus conductors, shop keepers, state goverment officials etc etc, list is endless .Landlords are worst and greediest of all.They invade the income tax by not giving rent receipts, asking the tenants to repaint house while vacaating and demanding huge advance sum.
I attended a local political function whcih was concluded by national anthem .To my surprise the national anthem was not "Jana Gana Mana" but was some Kannada song with Re/Yellow flags.
When we express our views to local kannad people they say that non-kannadas must be kicked out of the state.Thye are the people who ruined there Bengaluru.But they forget that all the IT companies present here are from outside.The local work force is hardly 30%.Any attempt for reservation for Kanandas will reloacted the companies to other states or cities.It is the time for Bangaloreans to think now.My views expressed are not against Kananda people but the Bangalore-Kannada greedy people.
I agree with Parag. I went to purchase a carrom board and was asked 400 bucks for it. When I asked if I could pay 300 instead, the shopkeeper looked at me and said "have you ever purchased a carrom board in your life?"... pathetic it was. thanks to some good shopping centers like big bazaar and nilgiris, we are saved... otherwise all non-kannadigas would have been screwed.
Shreyasav's reply, Sep 15, 2016
Sorry buddy, you cannot blame your lack of skill in negotiating prices on any people.
I really pity you looking for a carom board with a budget not enough for a ludo board.
Not sure if it is happening in all places in BAngalore.But one has to be Roman while in Rome.Kannadigas are not dumb ppl, they have a good solid infrastructure in place since independence.Also my observation is they are technically sound people just like money making is the trait of Gujarathis.But basically KAnnadigas are are good ppl.I feel we outsiders are misusing their goodness of speaking 4-5 languages as we try to communicate to the localites with our language instead of trying to learn Kannada
I agree 100% with the complaint. Bangalore is a developed city only because of non-kannadigas. Most of the high class people in Bangalore (Software Engineers, Company owners etc) are non-kannadigas. Kannadigas can do only low-category jobs. This is because kannadigas are not having the potential to compete with us. Then what is the use of learning Kannada while living in bangalore? I find it is useless. If we go to Mumbai we will never try to learn Marathi, we will speak in Hindi only. Like that Kannada is no longer the language of Bangalore and Kannadigas are no more part of Bangalore. Kannadigas are living in Bangalore in our cost (non-kannadigas). So I request all the non-kannadigas to join our hands and kick these kannada devils out of Bangalore and declare bangalore as a city of non-kannadigas.
Shreyasav's reply, Sep 15, 2016
If you have a problem with kannadigas, then get the hell out of Karnataka.
Bangalore was a developed city long before you learned to ware diapers, and you guys have not contributed a bit to the city other than creating ruckus where ever you go.
Go back to the jungle you came from, we are the ones who created the IT industry in this country otherwise you people would have been doing some goondadhadi is some god forsaken island of barbarians.
Nobody is living here on your cost, you people are a burden on earth. Even the IT industry is suffering from the biases and intellectual backwardness you people have induced.
Those high class people you are talking about would have been rag-pickers if we did not give them place here.
Where did you did your facts from, is this what you learn in your dilapidated stinking government schools without teachers or even proper restrooms in which ever forest you came from.
If not for Kannadigas you people would still be starving without jobs or homes.
U Honey. better u get out of from Bangalore.U got a place to stay in bangalore because of the SM Krishna & Narayan Murthy & Vijaymallaya ... (List goes on) great people created the opppurtunities of jobs . How dare u can see kick kannadigas off. You guys cannot stay in chennai, Andra, kochin for a week also. YOu are lucky that kaandigas speak nicely to you and u stay here years after also you don't learn kannada language. Kannadigas are soft enough to give you the opportunities otherwise where were you ?????????? in your small towns. one tyou strt earning you bring your family relatives also. you should be shameful for saying & behaving rude to the kannadigas. speaking in hindi, english will not make you great man. u guys are spoiling the bangalore by wearning vulgur dressess, coming from small town. You guys must speak in kannda if you want to survive. WHo speaks in hindi & english in andra, chennai & kerala? only in Karnatak, kannada people welcome other state people without discrimination.
stop fighting, we are all indians, , any indian can stay in bangalore, mumbai, chennai, delhi, ect..
Sumana, do u think ur u or kaandiga guys have balls to kick us out?????????(oops... u cannot have balls)

****YOu are lucky that kaandigas speak nicely to you and u stay here years after also you don't learn kannada language. Kannadigas are soft enough to give you the opportunities ******

Well they have no other option apart from speaking to us softly and nicely. About us staying here, it is because we have a nature of living in any conditions. We make our own rules and we make other people like u to follow thm. U guys have complex in ur life. If you think u r so gud thn why dnt u go out o[censored]r place and try to do something gud for country. Atleast we r in all the parts of our country and helping it grow.

Well now just see the problem with u guys. One person reported about one issue and u made another issue out of it instead of giving some resolution to the problem. U guys feel offended fast but cannot do anything but yea u guys can TALK.
Shreyasav's reply, Sep 15, 2016
We have all the options and the balls to kick you out.
We don't go out of our city because it is OUR CITY and we don't come from the jungles you came from and have no need to go anywhere.
You are in all parts of the country not to help it grow but because your part of the county is so backward that you have no other option.
Nobody in the forum created issues other than answering to the complaint until people like you start you offending comments.
There is a very easy resolution to the problem "START SPEAKING KANNADA"
Hey Guys, No offence, am a kannadiga & i like all the folks irrespective from which ever part of india they are, how ever the so called BDA & BBMP engineers are really dumb or is it a double negative statement. Who ever thought of a signal on a flyover. Hats off to those dumb engineers. (it's a pity they are Kannadigas too)
Hey guys, i am also faced this kind of problems. I[censored] are a kannadiga they will behave in different way and i[censored]r from other state they will screw you. Actually i asked(in hindi) one kannadiga, where is hospital because i am not feeling good. But that guy is not responding and he coming to kick me and he is asking me to talk in kannada and he is calling some of his friends also. i came to bangalore just a few days back how can i learn kannada within 2 days. what a people they are.
Shreyasav's reply, Sep 15, 2016
Sorry for your experience brother.
Not all people are like that, in fact most people would have replied to you in hindi, may you had a bad day.
These incidents are happening because there is a growing frustration amongst the local populace due to the kind of treatment that migrants are showing to us. It is very evident from the kind of comments that you can read in this very thread.
Any other city you would have had worse experience. I'm a non-kannadiga too, but I respect the local language and culture and so received the same from people here. If anyone asks me my language I say I'm a kannadiga even though I'm not because I have started considering myself as one.

My only advice to people is that it is okay not to learn the local language but at least behave with respect and you will be respected back. Not just here, it is the same everywhere.
Yes, I agree
South Indians are becoming more biased and "Chant" towards the simple North Indians but can not face the "Chants" particularly the punjabis and Biharis of North India. They are following the policy of groupism and divide and rule and being politely rude. Recently I visited Annamalai University Distance Learning Centre, Delhi. The persons were very rude there when asking about the course details.
These people being bi-lingual often make fun of north Inidians in their language with very grave Punjabi jokes.
So, be aware your south Indians, this attitude can be very lethal to you. Do'nt Divide India and Indians

See, how have I united the South Indians. This is not the fault of anyone. This is the demand of the present time, being offensive is the best defence. Even animals line tigers and monkeys scare you off due to unexpected/ unreasonable competitions and hidden fears. Please dont mind anyone. Punjabis and Biharis are more even more "Chant" due to obivious reasons.

Bangalore is good place to live. All Guys think if you force any one to learn language, he/she can. we indians can learn anything in short time, but after that he will take the locals for a raid, he will also become a local. locals will loose all the power. We all know one community from andhra owns major porperty of Bangalore. This cheating & greedy is everywhere in India but more in bangalore. No body can change this systems, you shall become tough & live with it or leave the country.
Hi Honey & Like minded fools

Let me know where you live i will show who has balls, If you are so frustrated get out of Karnataka. travel in Bihar on train and see your sister wife or mother getting abused physically. Try talking Hindi in Tamil nadu... In Mumbai you should be marathi manus else you are not fit to be there... IT companies all of them were started by Bangaloreans .IT came to India because of Bangalore . We employee you fools to work for us . The mean jobs are reserved for you all. If you want work or get out

People of india — Worst behaving people.

Hello Indians,

The behavior of citizens of india to another indian is getting worst then anything else. I was very must patriotic towards India, I also applied for indian army. But after observing behavior of this people i feel same on my country. If this is my India, I feel nothing other then going out of this country. india is good but not indian. Come on citizens of india, behave well. Guys, if you do this kind of behavior no one can make name in this world. I am fed up of telling to this citizens, I feel i am did a mistake that i born in a country like india. I hate myself, I feel without fighting i wont get food for leaving. This is wat killing me.

@honey and like minded fools

ah aha u guys speak in English?? v pity u...u guys don't know English and u even dare to modify it so that it suits Ur Hindi accent...many posts o[censored]rs here have a lot of grammatical better learn English if not Kannada before coming to Bangalore...and what ur speaking neither has rhyme nor reason.i pity ur senility
Completely agree with the post. locals are always a big problem. THey loot non kanadda and it people.

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