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[Resolved]  Kothari Wheels — Bad Service

I am Maruti WagonR owner. I bought this car in Sept. 2007 from Kothari Wheels, Pune. I have bunch of complaints against this dealer.

Complaint No. 1: The Dealer promised us to give us the Registration Certificate (RC) within 8 working days after delivery. But he delivered us after 15 days after rigorous follow-up.

Complaint No. 2: After 2nd servicing of a car in March 2008 we faced a very big problem that car has a starting trouble in the morning. Whenever we call the dealer, he simply sends a serviceman who repairs the car on the spot. But the problem isn't solved permanently. We face it again after some 4-6 weeks. Then again we call the dealer. He just sends the serviceman and this chain remains the same.
The problem is not resolved permanently. When the free services were over, the dealer charged us few bucks to solve this problem. My complaint is the dealer is not able to resolve this issue permanently.

Complain No. 3: The car met with a very small accident in Janury 09, due which the door at the driver side damaged completely. We had to replace the complete door with the new one. The dealer gave us the car back after replacing the door, but here too it was not fitted properly. When we washed the car the water went inside from the driver's side. Again we need to take the car the workshop for repairs.

I hope the morning starting trouble will be resoved once and for all. We face a lot of inconvenience to reach the office in the morning when the car doesn't respond.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Dear All,
I had a very bad experience at Maruti Show Room, Viman Nagar, Pune. I visited the center for second free servicing of my Swift Desire. The attitude of the employee was too rude and didn't care whether you want to give your car for servicing or not. I have to pay Rs. 1000. (for free servicing). Is there anybody listening at Maruti or Kothari?
Plz. make your center in order and spend some money on training of these rude employees.
I purchased Honda Dio vehicle in the month of April 14th, veh no-MH-14 BU 3324.Till today i didn't received R.C.Book for the same.While purchasing dealer commited to give R.C within 10 days.But today 40 days past i didn't received the same.



I agree and have been a witness to the lackadaisical attitude of Kothari Wheels. Even I own a WagonR which was repaired twice for its fan-belt breakage by Kothari wheels within a span of 5000 Kms. However, the technician was still not inclined to solve the problem permanently. Finally, after lot of arguments, he agreed to open up the whole assembly and check for any cracks on the pulley (that holds the belt) which could be a possible (?) cause of the issue. I couldn't buy that argument and asked him to simply tighten the belt - and that worked out! It's been over 5000Kms now and the belt does not show any sign (or sound) of nearing breakage.
So to conclude, a problem that could be easily fixed by Kothari wheels by tightening (costing 5 minutes and no charge) was tried to be sold as an internal problem to me even after them replacing the belt twice.

On another occassion, the billing guy was reluctant to accept my Maruti Citibank Autocard for a servicing bill of Rs3500 by asking me for further details like PAN Number etc. I don't know any place in this world, where PAN number is required to pay something by credit-card. Weird - but that's Kothari Wheels for you. I'd rather run my machine without any servicing instead of going to them for servicing another time!


I had given my Honda Activa for servicing on 17.07.09 at Wakdewadi – Kothari Wheels showroom.

I had already informed the person that please check, battery, horn, kick, as I was facing severe problem. I was assured that it will taken care of.

I got call from the servicing dept at around 3.00pm asking me to collect my vehicle as the servicing was done.

When I went to collect my vehicle at 6.30pm, I paid Rs.830 for the servicing. However when I tried to start my vehicle, I could not start the same.

I again informed the supervisor and asked to check, after which I was told that during my servicing my battery was not charged hence the problem arised. My question is why was this not checked, when I had informed about the same in the morning?????????????????

After lot of argument I was given a stand-by battery for my vehicle, which was again a failure. I had to take a rik to go home, for which I spent Rs.50.

Who is responsible for this????????? After making a bill of Rs.830, why was the battery not charged?????????

My Vehicle number is MH-12DU – 8916
Colour - Black
My Bill no. is 4036
Job card number is 4258
Battery number is NML6-072075

Hoping some action on this.

No respect for customers.

I recently purchased Honda Aviator Black colour from Kothari Wheels Wakdewadi Showroom.

The people working there are hopelessly hopeless; they are taking everything for granted. They are not giving any respect to customers query. They are least bothered about customers. They are still in business only because of superior HONDA Products. Just because HONDA Product’s are selling, people working at Kothari Wheel are thinking themselves as Good. Most of their sales & service people are chewing gutka while working. I hope that they start respecting their customers; otherwise Consequences will be seen sooner rather than later.

I can go On & On about their careless, service less attitude. I sincerely hope Honda takes some action against them, because ultimately HONDA’s brand image that is getting affected. I will never in my lifetime buy any HONDA products especially from Kothari Wheels.

Aditya A
I have been the customer of Maruti Kothari. I have purchased WaganR in July 2007, i admired their promt and quick service, everything was delivered as commited with professional attitude. I regularly visit Maruti Kothari Workshop at Pune for Servicing my car, people are very friendly, helpful there, they have got expert advisers, I have recommanded many of my friends to go there for servicing.

Once my car was dashed by truck from behind, back door was pushed inside and was broken. Maruti workshop guys replaced it without any defect.

I just cant believe that, such a good automobile performer is getting accused in this way (I am sorry, but i dont believe it). Guys, believe me Maruti Kothari is quite professional and one of the best place to purchase/repair/service your car. They really believe in maintaining good relationship with customers, and they live up to their words what they commit.

Kothari Wheels, Maruti Showroom at Viman Nagar Sucks I tell you. I have purchased my Wagon R in Nov. 07 and everything was fine till I get the delivery. Everyone was friendly and what not in this world. Once I got the car, believe me, table turned around... I was kinda feeling, no more welcomed. In first servicing itself, these guys stole the Toolkit off my car. My only fault in this situation was that I was in office and I didn't had time so I had asked the showroom guys to pickup the car from my home. Well, here I am slapped with loss of toolkit.

How could these so called professional people do this?!? I have had been continuously pursuing them for this toolkit and yet I am just getting answers that we are looking into this and we will surely provide you another set. But nothing yet and I don't think I would ever get it.

In fact, everyone I interacted with at showroom while this purchase had left the job.( No wonder !) and now when I walk into showroom (only twice I went because of their reluctant to attend attitude), I get "stranger coming in" look and everyone passes by but no one cares to ask what's the issue or purpose of my visit.

Oh n BTW, DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANY ACCESSORIES FROM THIS SHOWROOM.. They are cheat... Leather Car covers I purchased, started peeling of its upper layer in just couple of months... Audio System, no longer plays the standard branded CD's, speaker covers started coming off their place.. Guys, these people are lame and cheats...

I am also having similar kind of experiences as discribed by some of the fellow above.
During my first 3 free servicing none of my issues get resolved.One of the major issue was whenever i press the pass switch my battery fuse use to defuse.So before the last free servicing i just surf around and logged the complaint to Honda (Below is the link provided)

I message them my complaint and it worked .within a 24 hours i got call from Honda Customer Service then from Kothori Wheels and one conference call in whichme, Honda executive and Kothari Manager were in call.When i reach with my bike there i told them that i had logged the complaint and all story.In that servicing they looked into it personally and some of my issues (Not All )got resolved.

Still I Must say they are not at all good.They should seriously look into it.

Hi, I have purchased Maruti Alto K10 (VXI) in January-2011 from Kothri wheels Viman nagar pune. I have had same experience with me as told by some of fellow above. After purchase the car they have never friendly experience either from service or sales departments. I am new user of car. I mostly run the car in weekends so my monthly run is very less around 500-700 Kms. As of now my car has run 4300 Km (as of today 26Aug2011). Its giving around 18 Kms of avg milege in city and highways. But company promises to give at least 20 or even more after serviceing. Stll I believe this is good milege. Bascially for servicing, the criteria is Kms or time spent whichever is earlier. So as per my KMs run, time spent criteria is true.

As of today as per time spent I have done two free servicing. Both the times I used pick-n-drop facility provided by servicing center and car returned to me in two days each time. Both servicing done in Hadapsar service center.

1ST service i think was quite ok but was upto the mark, that was carried out in Feb-2011. As I was new user of car so could not understand exactly what they really did. When car returned there was yello challan in which tasks are metioned what they did. So I simply beleived.

While in the 2nd servicing (July2011), I got some idea and prepared checklist (points) myself and given to them. I told them please include my points with your general servcing, they agrred upto this. One of my main point was servicing of tyre. Actually one of my car tyre (front left) got punchred few days back from inner side, not in the middle. As car has tubeless tyres and punctre is from inner side. I showed this problem with outside venders, he tried to repair it but erytime I filled the air upto 40 points it went down to 5-10 points. It means tyre has still got not repaired and I am running the car without any back-up of extra tyre, that is a serious risk. That time only, outside vender told me to repair with servicing center.

Finally I told service center to repair it. I expained my problem to them. Service center guys areed as well. But when they returned the car they have not repaired the tyre. They simply lied the commitment and done nothing towards tyres. So I suspect what other servicing they have done. I don't want simply polishing or washing the car. Car should be proper serviced. When I asked later what you did on tyres they start arguing.

If any body has any idea on this how to resolve above problem or how can I highlight this problem into right foram please let me know ASAP

Very-2 thanks in advance !
Pankaj Mahajan @ Pune
email: [protected]
Mobile no: [protected]

Please dont purchase any car or accessories from Kothari wheels instead you can go for Sai servicing, I heard they are good as compare Kothari's.

As of now, nobody from the service center contacted me to resolve my above proble. If anyboday reading this article and having some idea please do guide me.

Very-2 thanks in advance !
Pankaj Mahajan @ Pune
email: [protected]
Mobile no: [protected]

Kothari Wheels — Cheating in servicing bill

Total Cheat! ..We did new activa servicing here for our new activa and they cheated us for 800 Rs fake item bills, my wife being in hurry didnt not pay attention and they exploited the situation ....shame on those ...and no one picks up a phone when tried to call.

I have a maruti Zen Lx model and i gave it in Kothari Wheels for servicing and spoke to an executive Mohan. Despite it was a free servicing they still charged me 3500/- and the next day the car was not starting. I call them and they said i need pay extra if they check again. I got very angry and shouted on them very badly. They accepted to check the car and then after checking they said that the battery needs to be replaced and it will cost around 6000/-. I checked the price of the battery in another shops and the same battery was for 3200/-. i gave my car to a local mechanic and he charged the battery for few hours and its working find now.

it was only a matter of charging the batter which they did not check in servicing and not even later.

I request all of the readers not to go to Kothari Wheels Hadapsar.

Radha Kamireddy
Kothari Wheels cheat people. I have experienced very poor service and also my car was damaged by them and minimal repairs done on it.
my name is ajay bhandare
I purchase as school van Kothari wheels viman nager school van purchase on cash payment so by mistake of Kothari wheels staff on RC BOOK&PERMIT there is HP of Mahindra and Mahindra finances kothari wheels is so bad service my van no MH12KQ2899


Terrible experience..made a big mistake giving them my bike for servicing. Not only did they take a whole week to service a 125 cc Honda Activa, they released it to me only once I screamed at the staff. Bad management. They sold me a bike battery which is seemingly faulty (even though warranty was provided). One year later, the battery needs replacement. A complete and utter waste of time and money. Will never recommend it to anyone. Thumbs down!
hi, i purchased maruti alto800 in dec 2013 from viman nagar branch
from that day i face problem while changing gear which i show to akurdi branch till now 2016 the problem is not yet solved every time they giving suarity of that.

staff is arrogant & reluctant. poor communicative. Akurdi branch

forcing to do this and that while servicing if we denies they get more arrogant.

too expensive.

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