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Pls beware of any such marketing plans. This company mentions that it will multiply your money exponentially which is not true. One can invest 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000, 40000, 80000 and 160000 and it promises to return approximately 150000 for 2500, 300000 for 5000, 6 lakhs for 10000, 12 lakhs for 20000 and so on. Please visit the company website for complete details. This is not true at all. This all depends upon company's performance every month. They claim to have achieved 100% growth every months since last 17 months while they don't. Then they simply deduct the money from the monthly payouts of existing distributors in turn resulting in improper payouts which is not inline with whatever they mention. Please beware of any such plans and make sure to gather all the facts before investing in any such plans. All the best :)
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Aug 14, 2020
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You are such an , how many people u really think you can impress by this . I'm a proud member of lakshyaindia and I proudly say that company has given lot of money to me on my small investment. which planet you are from ???? you were serious about getting 3 lacs?? I personally received some 1.6 lakhs on 5000 + few more ids . Who the hell on this earth is going to give you this money if you never worked for the company.
Stop spreading this rumors and let us earn.
I[censored] want my details I can provide anybody who needs it with bank statment.
I strongly agree with you ganesh, there is no sense in spoiling company's name which is really giving some good money, bhaisaheb karanji tum kya ho???? yaar sab kama rahe hein akele tum khudasu ho rahe ho ? naye id ke liye to company paise deduct karegi hi. Tumko kya maloom kya problem hein. Tumhare paise khane se company karodpati nahi hogi.
Sharm karo thodi aur sab kama rahe hein kamane do.
Ok..what is ur expection. tell me seriously...if they r deducting money...tht means u have earned more then 1.5 times then ur capital. Please take ur money and put in bogus banks...which give 8% return in year...banks which have more suspicious way of u r getting 150% minimum o[censored]r return...tell me ur phone number...i wanna really talk to you...I would recommend LakshyaIndia to trace his ID and block it. Please give back his 5000 and karan u please put this money in your as*.
I can guarantee you guys(Virat, Sam, Ganesh, and many more) that you will cry one day. Please bookmark this page; and visit back when you have lost everything.

It is a big scam which which would come down very soon.

Have you heard of the Ponzi scheme.
i agreed the schme and it will return the profit
if you have hope you can join
Hello Friends
Don't spread rumor, So many peoples are already earned lac;s in this company, I think there is no any one who have not received his invested amount within 7 months without working

Bina ka kam ka pura paisa milana... mama ka ghar hai kya...

thoda kam bhi karo to bahot mil sakta hai

Koee bank to eetna intrest degi
Yes. This company is cheating. For this one and a half years they got enough money invested. From this June month they started their cheating. Many of the customers do not get their payment yet including me and when asked in the company there is no proper response. They are saying that there is some problem going on in the company and the payouts will be payed soon, but they do not mention when. Anyway, some problem is started in the company now and it is not good to invest in the company. My investment is only 5000 so that it is ok, but I want to caution the new investors not to invest for their safety. Please be aware...I am posting this comment in all consumer complaints at least to save the people who are going to invest in the company...PLEASE DO NOT INVEST TO SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY
ok gental man ... how can they return the money???? what is the source?
list the company name that lakshya india had tied up?
Hello everyone,
Regarding me the Lakshyaindia has paid me in prompt dates... i have received the payments for the month June...
Some technical problems only goes on there... One of my friend has got the message that his payment will pay before June25th and his under line persons has got their payments already...
Don't spread bad things about lakshyaindia... My assumption is that the Lakshyaindia will pay their payouts by standards till many competitors has came to the market...



Mr. Prajesh Kumar & Rajiv Nath & Karan Srivastava has voted in this site...

how many people u really think you can impress by this . The company has given lot of money to me on my small investment. which planet you are from ???? you were serious about getting 3 lacs??

Who the hell on this earth is going to give you this money if you never worked for the company.
Stop spreading this rumors and let us earn.

I thing so he has got all the payments where he invested the amount Rs.5000 in Lakshya india...

Thats y he is telling the caution to newones...

Hmmm funny fellow..
see only ICICI bank customers are suffered by the payments... That is because of ICICI bank... Fine india is not paying their last month payouts because of ICICI bank... same problem is arising in Lakshya india...

ICICI bank is very worst bank all over the world... The only thing is the Bank is opened upto 7.00P.M... thats all... nothing is there..
I am also a lakshya investor. Where i am also getting doubt weather total payments will arrive or not. As they are delaying with it. It is also same with the SBI account holders suffering from the same problem. Let's keep our finger crossed till the end. I very well know the wall will collasp sooner or later. Please note the i was approched by 2 other companies. please see these sites and their scheems and share your views.

Best of luck to be a millioner form slum dog.

I have a lot of experaince in the networking, frankely speaking this type of companies never work for more then 24 months, lakshya india is completing 16 months and problem has started. The money which company is distributing is collected from other people who has become new menmber, I dont understand how the company who is just collecting the money and distributing can run more then 24 months, there is no underlying business from wher the profit can be generate. This type of companies incorporate in delhi every month.
The promoter of the comapny just want to made easy money this is the only route where they can easily made lot of money without much hard work. If this is geneuine business why this big coprorate house like tata, birla, reliance, mittal are not in this business...ask yourself...???.
Dear Friend

see site given by Deep which has no any details in About page, friends also see contact details of this company for Address. in which city state it was???? ::)

Lakshya india giving payouts, except some ICICI account holder because of bank problem

Join today to Lakshyaindia...
Hi all,

I have invested in company called mahamantra newly started company.

where i[censored] invest 5, 250 u will be getting 4 lakhs in 6 months.

company pays u 15 days once. .

every week binary income is their.

mail me i[censored]r interested.
hey guys

please tell if iwill get my 10, 000 back which iwas deposited this month
See, the main fact is we all want to get rich fast. My principal says there is no shortcut to success. There is a great calculation to this plan. For ex. These companies like awm life and jagriti are selling ULIPS to customers with a lock in for 3 yrs. As they are the direct corporate agent, they are getting big commission from reliance or future generali. They have adopted the strategy of Dell computers evading all the in between people like salesman/area manager/zonal manager/all India head and all their direst and indirect expenses.

As it is the corporate agent and the insurance company their commission is big. Thus if they get Rs.5000/- they will distribute Rs.2000/- and the rest to themselves, and this goes on. But Keep this mind that the equation is not fail proof. One point of time continuous 100% growth is not possible in this compounding manner. So it is fail safe for a company at beginning.

Back to the original point, will it cheat ? I do not know that but the system says its an offer what it is giving to customers, it is an art of marketing, to draw more customers for selling insurance products.
If you people take my advice then invest in such a company that is new in the market, "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS"

Let's hope for the best and i do convey all the people to keep this blog and share your comments of who became a billionaire or a beggar.

Rgds.. Deep.
MY Name Sonchand Jain My ID 28669408 My June Pament Is Not Recived Please My June Payment
i strongly disagreeeeeeeeeee...

hw in helll can ne1 make 10000 into 300000???????????
legallyyyyyyyyyyyy IMPOSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

u think v r idiotssssssssss...
guess some people hv fallen for it...all i can say ...GOD BLESS YOU! :)

use your head guysss...its jst a scam..

take for example:
if minimum 1000 people hav fallen for this(i guess there r more)...say they hv invested 10000..u think every1 will gt 300000????????
if so then the company will b spending on 1000people...29 crore on an investment of 1crore...
dosent seem possible...

if you hav not got it nw...
then seriously GOD BLESS YOU>>>


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