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On 4th Dec 2007 - My house hold goods were packed and transported by truck to hyderabad and my maruti swift vxi by container truck separately. I paid up 23000 Rs. in cash to the MANJOJ AGARWAL ( Jaipal singh, Monu) .The owner is Roshanlal singh in ahmedabad. My complaints
1) Though I paid up for the insurance, they didn't pay this to insurance company.
2) Goods arrived two days late., that too they were dumped on the road as they didn't pay hamali to driver.
3) Finally it came after severe followup, they refused to do unpacking.
4) When we opened the boxes, we found damaged crockery, wall clocks, microwave, ac to the tune of 25000 Rs.
5) My car which is 5 month old, was delivered without a single scratch, this too came back with dents and scratches all around. Cost Rs. 55000 Rs with both bumper replacement and total repainting.
6) Petrol worth 1200 Rs. is missing from the petrol tank.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Please go through the website of leopackers and see the contact persons at Ahmedabad and Hyderabad .
sury.surendra's reply, Jul 12, 2019
Same experience to me too.

This is not a small issue enataire country getting chested by packers and movers. These consumer forum also can't help.

I guess regulators like tax and insurance IRDa should involve. They are looting insurance amounts.
Our company is leo packers and movers india Pvt Ltd.The above complaint does not pertain to us which please note.In future please look to our pvt ltd sign when it comes to Leo.
I too agree with your case because I too had similar experience with Leo Packers and Movers. I am now not sure if there are any P&M who does a decent job. I've heard from many of my friends who have used the services of the P&M to be finally pissed off and broken the relationships, cursing them to the extend of their many generations.

I got a very irresponsible set of people handling the job. The guys who actually came for the job were good while the middle level supervisors are the most irresponsible with very thick skins and do not mind lying to the end of the world. The higher officials are powerless and fixing the deal by trusting any of these people who has bo say on the real work is worthless.

NEVER pay these people the full amount how much ever known they are they have a very good website where customers praises their services. It is all cooked up.

I lost around Rs. 10, 000/- as damages and hotel bills due to the delay caused. The people came for unpacking at 10 PM and they left at 1 PM promisisng to come back by 10 AM in the morning but neither they turned up nor their supervisor informed any change of plan and promised to send the people again in the evening.

Hopeless people they are.
This is an worst packers & movers, while moving i packed some goods by myself, i packed my music system separately in a box, they had opened my box and stolen the music system and replaced with another crap system.they even opened my language bags and had stolen new dresses in that. please don't go for Leo Packers & movers,
This review is about Bangalore based, Leo Movers and Packers ( and not the original Leo (I came to know about this only after I investigated the matter)
I had the misfortune of dealing with Mr Vikram Sharma and his associates

Be warned these guys are not just unprofessional but actually have rowdies on their rolls to harass customers into keeping quiet. In fact they have threatened me against speaking out and I am using a friends' computer to write this review

For people who want to know details here it is.
Very poor packing done - came in 3 hours late, did some basic packing taking newspapers from me and some shrink-wrap plastic & cheap cardboard and promised 6 layer packing later in godown which never happended
Goods worth lakhs destroyed/damaged in transit/loading/unloading - they use local transport, unskilled labors to do all work. My 2 TV, Crockery, Printer, paintings all got totally destroyed.
Insurance is never done - even though they took money for complete insurance they never ended up takig insurance and sent me a fake policy instead as proof. I came to know all this after I tried to claim the damages from the insurance company
They are thieves - some items went missing completely and not to be found. 2 boxes got lost in transit and many others were already open when we received the same, with many costly items missing
They said that my initial advance cheque payment of Rs 10, 000 has bounced and they did not deliver me goods before I gave them cash instead --- shockingly they deposited the same cheque the very next day and encashed the same
When I stopped the 10% payment (due on delivery), they did not release my sedan car (that I was also transporting through them) and blackmailed to sell the car off instead

They even had their goons call me and visit my house multiple times - openly mentioned that even Delhi police cant touch them
Finally I had to relent on account of this huge harassment to me, paid them the remaining money in cash (adding to the double payment of Rs 10, 000) and forced me to sign off the delivery sheet

These are just some of experiences - I have talked to many other people who were similarly duped by this company. I am almost in state of nervous breakdown with this.
Never, i repeat never, even think about this fraud company
There is another company named Leo Movers and Packers India with an office address as follows :

Leo Movers and Packers India (Regd) # 80, Megha hills, Ayyappa Society, Hitech City Road, Opp. Andhra Bank Lane, Madhapur, Hyderabad -81, :

Some experience about them in my recent move from Hyderabad to Bangalore :

They are the cheaters of highest order.

I have suffered very heavily during this transhipment. Some of the issues I faced were :

- the loading and packing will not take place in time.

- the group with comes for packing will not bring the packing material.

- The truck they bring will not accomodate all the articles to be transhipped,
- Their insurance is all bogus
- They will not deliver the items on time
- They will purposely load the items in two different trucks, so that you don't get all your items at one time. In my case, the second truck reached after 10 days that too after giving a police complaint.

- They will not pick up calls once truck is loaded

- they don't have their own trucks and they do a tie up with a transport operator

- they don't have the office at the office address

- they don't have a website although they print the same in their business cards

- Sweet talk before they get the order is their forte and the same sweet talk changes arrogant after you load the truck

- you are lucky if you get the items without damage

- they will not pay you any insurance cover

Please be careful to the look at the company name. All company names looks same at the first glance, but be aware of bogus companies like the above.
city line cargo movers [protected]

I had very bad experience with Leo start packers and movers. Please do not opt this bloody service. Find my experience below:

I have called you so many times, but my issues are not resolved.
> I need the bill for 4K
> Car rear indicator issue should be resolved by tomorrow
> I need all the insurances bills that I have paid for my goods, car and all other charges.

If you dont produce them, I will file a case in Consumer court for sure and will give a police complaint in Bangalore. And also I will circulate my feedback across all Social networks, Sulekha, Just dial and wherever possible. It should not happen for other customers. Please respond as soon as possible to avoid the legal notices. .

This is what my total feedback:


This is Kumar, recently I have used your services while relocating from Bangalore to Hyderabad. As per the discussion I had with your executive,

> Goods will be delivered day after tomorrow from the day of packing and reach your Hyderabad office warehouse.
My experience: Goods have reached after 5 days of packing (packing was done on 17/04/2014 and goods have reached Hyderabad on 232/04/2014). Yes, I was calling the concerned person number of times to know where my goods were. I have requested to get my goods on 24/04/2014, but due to some reasons, I have postponed the day. he was very arrogant and told that he will deliver my goods on the road. What the hell is this?

> He also told that, good will be keep in your warehouse for 1 week without any charge.
My experience: I have paid 4000 rs for keeping my goods for 4 days.
> My car rear indicator has broken, I have not yet resolution till now.
> I need all the insurance bills which I have paid for my goods, bike, car, Octroi charges ets. Your person has told that you tie up with Oriental Bank Of Commerce.
> Payment issue:
As per the initial discussion, 80% has to pay and rest should be when the time of delivery. But I wanted to give the amount through Cheque. I asked him to give the company account details, but he refused. He also told that, this process will be delayed which affects my goods delivery. And he demanded for full amount, without that the goods will not deliver. This all discussion happened after the goods delivery from my home, I had to pay the full amount through cheque on Sunil's name.
> Service quality:
1. Car rear indicator has broken
2. Computer table has broken.
3. As per my initial count, not received a box of goods. I will count again and let you know the clear details.

Please be professional and provide good and transparent services to customers. I will not leave this matter anyway. Hope let us meet in court of law soon..

Kumar Chittapragada.

kumar chittapragada <chittapragada.[protected]>
May 8

to pawankumarsang.
Hi Pavan,

Thanks for listening my feedback over the call. The below is the detailed feedback. Please go through and let me know if you need any information / clarification.

I have got a call from [protected], might be Mr. Sunil, and said that he will not provide the bill for 4K and will not reimburse my car rear indicator amount. For just Bangalore to Hyd, I paid 4700rs, what the hell is this? Every friend if mine shocked:(

Hope you will be more professional and resolve all the issues. Looking forward to your reply..

Kumar Chittapragada.
Friends please help. I called sunlife packers n mover.he gave me no [protected].ie.leo star packers and mover Initially he charge me 3500.Later he iinform me that I have more bags so he increase to 6500rs. Now he has sent me a pic of the receipt of 9000k.he is too rudemover.changing words.He ask me to deposit the full amt by now.or else he will charge 500rs per day delay of payment.He charge me 10k only for 4 to 5 bags from bangalore to Chennai.
Some Typo error in d previous msg. Leo star packers and mover is fraud.they cheat people.need to take necessary action as soon as possible.they changes word like's really annoyance.Charge 10k to transfer 5 to 6 bags from bangalore to cheChennai
LEO packers and movers ( one of the biggest fraud packers and movers. They have promised me that they will deliver by next day but it has been 2 days i didn't received my house holds. At the time when taking order they are very polite and once I have paid the money everything got changed. I am still waiting for my goods.. I dont know whether I will get it or not :(

My humble request to everyone do not go for this service and don't don't believe the below in this company:

Ashok ([protected]) - Marketing executive Bangalore - cunning
Lep packers & movers- bangalore- they are one of the worst m&p.

We recently moved from blr to hyd & for that they charged rs 33000 ( including insurance ), before taking the order they were so nice & professional, but now they are showing their real faces.

I've following complaints with them

1. They damaged my fridge
2. My bed storage is completely gone,
3. Kitchen items were not packed properly, result to that oil was spread all over,

After moving to hyd 4 guys came for unpacking & they just left the boxes without unpacking.

We were in touch with some niranjan, but looks like now that guy is completely missing from earth. So many times we tried calling him for insurance recovery & damage epair but he never receives our call.

We were lucky that we decided to hold half of payment, now we are not releasing the rest payment till the issues are resolve.

Bloody unprofessional .
We have book 13 Box/cartons from Delhi to Bangalore. Only 12 Box/cartons are received at Bangalore. Items are already 20 days delayed. Too much bad experience with them. They does not able to trace 13th Carton/Box. They started argument with family member at Bangalore. That box is still missing. Totally un-professional Mover and packer.
I dealt with Leo Packers and Movers which was supposedly registered near Sainik puri. It turns out that they were not registered.

The person I dealt with is Ram Murthy [protected]
My damages:

1. Broken table
2. Broken fridge. The driver who came with it dropped it in front of me as they sent one driver, two loaders, one of the guy was totally drunk so could not help.
3. Broken chairs of the dining table
4. Broken car- The car was driven for 9, 000 kms. The Varun Motors Maruti Showroom at Balanagar said it will cost me Rs 1, 70, 000.00 for the complete overhaul. Clutch gone, suspension gone, all the tires gone. Even the police told me not to take money for the car and take a brand new one. They have disappeared.
5. Car given after nine months.
6. Broken buckets
7. All the tube-lights 5 big and 4 small tube-lights stolen from the car (electronic) gone.
8. Dented rice cooker.
9. Dented steamer.

I lost more than 2 lakhs on this.

Salim Ahmed
They did not even unpack
Horrible experience please don't go for them. Extremely bad packers & no refund even after paying insurance. They don't acknowledge or respond to emails & calls totally unprofessional
I selected Leo Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd. for shifting from Ahmedabad to Noida. Mr. Uday Kumar incharge of Ahmedabad office charged me Rs. 80, 850/- for delivering my goods which includes 3, 00, 000 insurance and car delivery too.All payments done on same day 30000 cash and rest by cheque. They provided me a 20feet close container and loaded all my goods over there on 31st dec 2016. I asked them to deliver it to me latest by 5th Jan'2017. I called them on 5th Jan 2017 Mr Kuldeep (Gurgaon Office incharge) and he said your all goods are unloaded in godown as ordered by Mr Vinod Shah (MD of Leo) and now you will get goods later on. I followed up with everyone all 3 above and no proper response and their MD Vinod shah is very rude he don't even know how to talk to customer and asking about extra money because goods are staying in their storage area. After 3-4 days heated arguments they finally agreed to send goods on 08-Jan'17 and when I received goods I was shocked as it comes on open 17 feet truck and I paid for close container. Most of my items like Glasses, Crockery, Bike Headlight, Sofa Legs and many more are damaged and now I am following up for insurance claim and no one is even listening and bother about it. WORST SERVICE FROM LEO GUYS. ARROGANT MD MR. VINOD SHAH and un-professional workers like KULDEEP & UDAY.
In India Many Packers How Is Safe You r Confues who is safe-Check localy, ask to your friend, then take dicision to shift, @Packwell Creative Packers & Movers, contact-Arun Chandel, ASK for HOUSE HOLD GOODS SHIFTING, E [protected], Mobile No:[protected].

packwellcreativepackers's reply, Apr 4, 2017
Packwell Creative Packers & Movers is Good in Packers & Movers Services.
31 January 2107 ko house hold site wale ke through pack kerwaya aur leker gya, pradeep sharma aur 3person aur aye sath me 27000 leker gya aur 4 din me house hold phauchne ke liye bola but. 17 day tak nhi aya aur baad me kisi another transport wale ka call aya ki aapka house hold aya he use 15000 aur diye tab house hold diya usme se usne pura house hold nhi diya 150000 ka house hold rak liya walo ne baad me pta kerne per pta laga wo fraud ta aur wo jaipur se bhag gya aur FIR Kerya police ne uska ghar ka pta lgya per wo wha nhi ta aur apna business khi aur chal rha he.
Uska no he Pradeep Mittal original name([protected], [protected]) ye no he abi tak on he police bi kuch khas nhi ker rahi he.


THIS IS THE WORST WORST WORST movers I have ever seen.

1. We were told a huge closed van will come and take all our stuff. They sent a really small open tempo and had to make 3 separate trips.
2. They didn't number or name any of the cartons.
3. The cartons were all torn/wet and in really really dirty and in bad condition
4. They were and hour and a half late.
5. As soon as they came even before they started working they started asking for tea and something to eat.
6. They dumped all our things in the cartons. They didn't pack the things.
7. They were refusing to bubble wrap the glass items, we had to argue with them for almost 30 min and finally they agreed to bubble wrap the glass items
8. When they reached the new house they were supposed to empty the cartons and put things back they have taken the cartons and literally dumped it like how you throw garbage.
9. They were in such a hurry that they didn't bring almost half the things from the old house. We had to pack most of our things in suitcases and bring it.
10. It has taken us 3 days after they have supposed to have 'packed and moved' our things to complete the moving.
11. Things that were a little heavy they would such a fuss to move it.
12. They charged us extra for crappy work.
13. They even damaged our furniture which is really really expensive and then said we will stick it with fevicol and give it to you.
14. They were extremely rude and kept yelling at my mother who is a old lady of 70 years.

I have attached pictures to show you a sample of how they do their work.



Dreamz1947's reply, Aug 17, 2017
This is with reference to Leo Movers and Packers. Sorry I missed adding the name earlier.

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