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Lodha Builders are cheat no 1 in the Reality Industry and I request all the guys to be very careful before entering into any deals with the same. They speak to the customers very sweetly only before booking after booking you are finished. It is assured that their project will get delayed atleast by a year or two. While doing the booking they will not explain you the clause but one of them says the refund will be done as per the term of Lodha builders( which is nonsense) They are very sweet during booking even promising that in case we delay in giving you the possession we will pay you interest for the time of delay. The best lies is they told me that in case the price goes below the purchase price of the buyer they will compensate the difference, to the extend he even quoted examples of Lodha Builders have done that. But when the draft agreement comes you will not see any such clause. When asked they say well how on the earth can we put a clause like that on paper- what I explained you before booking was that we have that goodwill but can't put these things on paper. So it is like if on that day the boss of Lodha are happy they might give you back the price difference- All crap.
Once the booking is done after that they just don't care to even talk to you with a straight face. If you ask for draft copy of the agreement they will give it to you only after you pay 10%. And what do you see there Terms and condition of Lodha- On cancellation 10% ( cost of flat)of the amount will not be paid what ever may be the reason. The rest of the money will be paid in 12 equal installment are one year Which means if you cancel you loss 10% of the cost of the project plus you will only get your full money after 2year in 12 equal installments.
Look at how they cheat.
I did my booking in Aug 09 as per their contract we have to pay 10% by 15 days and another 10% by 30 days from the date of booking. Which means 20% by end of Sept 09. I was ready with my money but only put them a condition that I shall pay as along as they assure me that I can register the property soon after i make the payment. Since they couldn't do that( due to permission problem) I didn't pay the 2nd installment till April 10. But in April 10 they said now you can register the property so please make the payment So I paid them. But when I asked them to show me the relevant permission for the building they failed, So I told them then please remove the clause from the agreement which reads the buyer has seen all permission and has satisfied and in future will make no claim against the builder for the lack of same. Now they want to sign the agreement without having actual seen the permission. I refused and so till now my registration is not done.
Now imagine a situation where payment are done in time in Sept 09 Then these guys have 20% cost of teh flat almost 10 lakh RS, now there 28 floor and 4 flat per flat that is 112 flats that is they collect 11.20 crores and do nothing for almost a year. So the Lodha's are getting free money to roll in the market. Now this is the case of just 1 building in a flat. In casa univis they have 25 such building so it is about 25x112 = 2800 flats, Let us say they have 60% booking( they claim almost 85% is booked) that is 1680 flats and 10 lakhs from each flat it makes it 168 crore of free money for doing nothing.

Registration- Don't know how on earth can they register a flat which doesn't have relevant permission to build in place. In my case they have informed me that I can register the flat any time, but when I asked them to show me all relevant papers they say they don't have them.
So guys long and short please don't buy any property from Lodha and if you have already done the mistake please make sure u don't recommend Lodha to any of your friends and if you learn some one is trying to buy from Lodha please advice him not to do.
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I am also victim of Lodha. I booked one flat in lodha group under the scheme of 90 and 10. After that I got approval of the bank loan. But lodha was not able to do the registration on time. After several month they did my registration but till that time my bank approved loan get expired. Then I approached bank second time. This time they took around 20 days for disbursement. Now lodha saying that since we are delayed by more than 15 days so you have to pay retrospective interest of the amount for past 3 month which is very high amount. This is all fault of Lodha and there is not a single day delay from my side but they are demanding the interest amount from me. Please tell me is this a justice. They simply are cheaters. I will file a case against them if they will not proper action.

plus paper — parking charges

I'm staying in rented flats in ambernath that in Thane district (MUMBAI).The society is charging, Parking charge 4 times to me is that is fair? is there is any rule through which i can convice my society people that they are charging in unfair way, pls suggest.

Naveen S G

Builder — builder cheat

dear sir/madam,

1994 ko pune me ek shop or ek flat book kiya tha, builder mere dady ka dost tha,
usne payment to liya lekin na hi koi payment slip diya. na hi koi agreement banaya,
uske income tax file me record mil sakta hai. 1994 se aaj 2009 tak usne building
ready nahi ki. jab ki building only grd + 2 floor ka hi hai. ( 1 shop or 2 flat) bus .2nd
floor me tenate hai lekin use builder ne na hi koi OC certificate diya hai.
na hi society banaya. na hi property tax usne diya hai. humne use 90% payment
kar chuke hai. architek for gundewari ka payment bhi humse mang raha hai. uska sms
bhi mere mobile me save hai. building ready karne ke liye humse or extra payment
mang raha hai total rs.90, 000/-,

kya mai is builder ke against complaint kar sakta hu.

There is already a group where investors are trying to unite and meet on 20th Nov...to discuss all issues and visit office collectively...If needed, we can approach media as well...

Join - -- casabellagold@googlegroups.com
I agree. Lodha has been pressurizing prospects into buying something which does not exist, and not sure what it will be. The prices are not transparent, you will be charged Service Tax and VAT on the property, which is not made clear. You will also be paying hefty 'Civic Facilities' and 'Civic Governance' charges to Lodha, other than any charges to local municipality and state Govt.

Customers are charged various moneys under several heads. You pay for the 'loaded area' beyond the carpet, also pay extra for the 'infrastructure', separately for water/electrical connections, club charges, civic governance, advance maintenance, and other statutory charges not shown in their cost sheets. Final cost??

There will be no conveyance of common facilities and internal roads to the society. The builder will use the open spaces for additional FSI, and you will see increased density of buildings (not per original plan) etc.
Can u pl inform what is the status as of now
A) I booked Flat in Lodha Eternis 702 Building for 3 Bedroom. The details given was. a)The Delivery would be given in March 2012. b) Plot Size is 6.2 Acres and the money is demanded for booking. The mail confirming this is appended below.
B) Beside booking amount Lodha Collected Rs 10.98 Lakh in a different account Wave Impex paid through the Cheque.
C) In between the allotment letter is issued, stating the complex is delayed for possession in March 2013 and that now the area would be 5.5 Acres.
D) On taking up the issue, the customer service personnel block from the going forward. They were polite till they wanted money. On followup they tell they would not be able to deliver the project even by Sept 2013.
E) When you take up the issue with them, they issue vieled threats. I put my foot down and demanded money back with interest, commercial rate of borrowing.
F) After umpteen followup they refunded the money that is Rs 36.42 L and interest @ 6% on Rs 25.44L and they tell me that they are doing favor to me.

I Want Justice in this Case.

A) I have lost opportunity for booking the flat in adifferent builder that is Oberoi's.
B) I have lost very clearly the interest amount @ 12%, I should have got Rs 4.8 Lakh a loss of Rs 3.00 Lakh
B) Lodha personnel have harrassed me mentally so much so I have contracted high blood pressure.
C) Plus they have collected money on wrong committment. They should be refrained from carrying out this unfair trade practice.
D) They must make good of the opportunity that I have lost.

I want to draw attention of CCI on this regards as they have done in case of DLF to levy the fine of 7% on the turnover of Lodha for unfair trade practice.

And also want to draw attention to all home seeker to beware of such practices carried out by Strong Arm Builder like Lodha.

Please help me in getting the justice. I can provide all the documents in hard copy and email substantiating the claim. Including handwritten copies from Lodha personnel

From: Krunal.Solanki@lodhagroup.com
To: santoshtandon@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 12:02:09 +0530

Dear Mr. Tandon,

Greetings from Lodha Group!!

Confirming details of your booking:

a) The Plot area for the land is 6.2 Acres for 352 Flats.
b) The Complex would be delivered ( will be given possession within 16-18 months from Sept 2010 that is around March 2012
c) Payment on 29th of June 2010= 1, 707, 642- 45, 260(bal of the 1st installment) =1662382
d) The flat number 702 is 3 bedroom flat with the carpet area of 1087sqft.
e) The scan copy of booking form is attached.

The reference given a) and c) have booked the flat with us.

Please note that I have forwarded your request for the documents needed by you for loan assistance, I will be updating you soon. Sorry for the delay.

Do revert for any clarifications required.


Lodha group seems to have many complaints and also seems to be genuine as no reply given by the company ... what steps does CCI take in this regard and also where is this lodha eternis ... as when we went for the dombvili project they said yes there is problem in thane project but not in dombivli ... hope it is true ... if not then we should take some actions like ANNA .
Lodha has shown its bad color to all the common people. They are chetaer like no other, I believe. I have also booked a flat in CASA RIO, paid 20% as well, but they have increased the consideration value in the name of car parking. They are helding my registration also.

I am not willing to buy reserved car parking at the moment due to money problem; however they are insiting on the same. Lodha employees behaviour is worst example inthe field of customer care and executives responsiveness.

We need to voice our concern in unity and show them common man power.

Let's unite for a better India. I am Anna Hazare.
Hi, I had booked the flat in CASA Rio in October 2010, till now only the escavation has been completed and no clue when the plinth is going to initiate. On registration there was a demand of Rs.108000 raised by them however on making the payment service tax amount of Rs.19171/- was deducted by them, that to i came to know when i requested to send the receipt which was given to me after a month. I had raised several queries but they havent send me the Demand letter for Service Tax. A week back i received a letter asking for the late payment since the payment of on registration demand was not done. This is how they are cheating us.
There are many customers who are facing the problems and dont know whether we will be getting the resolution to it.

Can we form a group and fight against these cheaters, as they are doing what ever they want to and we as a single person cannot fight against this. Hence request any body to unite and fight against them.

my email id is getsunils@yahoo.co.in
We are experiencing the same at Lodha Casa Univis project located at Ghodbhunder Road. Won't recommend Lodha realty projects to anyone!

Here are sites to collectively express your grievances as well:

Hope Lodha will hear the voices of its clients and clean-up its practices.
Same here, I have couple of questions too. - LODHA AQUA
Why should we pay Common area maintenance @6.6 K per month for a flat for which i have not taken possession yet ? I mean is it not builders responsibility to maintain it till i take possession ?

Also they are charging over 2.5L under title of "infrastructure charges" ????

I wish to know if any of you have got some response from the consumer court or such legal help in this regard. I think we should pick up the fight, its so clear they are trying to take money from all possible fronts... PS.. the project is delayed by 2 yrs, still they r the one with nose up :-|

I also faced same issues with LODHA Dwellers ..

I got WORST experience with LODHA Dwellers when I have booked a 2BHK Flat in CASA-RIO in month of FEB 2012

Reasons :
Total Mis-selling of Flats, No free-look period for your invenstment.
No respect towards customer's requirements/problems
Not providing any clear idea about Rules & regulations (against customers)
Not having proper knowledge about site/location/rules to Sales Managers

Rules which are disturbing any common customers :

Not permitting customer to visit the site/flat for which he/her going to pay huge amount
No refund of booking amount in case there is cancellation from customer-end
18% penalty interest if there is delay from bank for loan disbursement.
No Penalty will be paid to customers if the delay from builder for giving Possession of flat
Not ready to any adjustments for customers for payment terms/switch of flats etc.

Not ready to pay back "booking amount" which against rules which is SET by them

Please suggest any way to recover this.

Lets all unite and fight together !

I am a victim of Lodha group, I booked a flat in Casa Bela in Thane, The day I booked the flat Lodha group started their game. First they forced me to change my flat as there was another booking on same flat. Immediately they claimed interest on the booked flat as plinth was already done for the newly booked flat... Till now I have paid more than 1 lack as penalty. I paid interest on the amount which builder demanded and bank has not released after verification. recently they are asking extra 3 lack for some governance charges??? They are asking for final amount before showing the flat, I am not sure even my flat is ready or not, they are not willing me to show my flat before I pay them the position amount. I am not sure if consumer complaints can do any thing on this, there customer care is so pathetic that they will do all false commitment. I am depressed, sold my land to full fill there demand...
Hi All,

I guess there are thousands of people who have been cheated by LODHA, so lets all join hands and stick it up their face. I completely believe that the demands that they raise against the flats are unjust and illegal. There are forums that we can approach and complaint against them, one is the Business Fair Practices forum (Lodha being the most unfair will get butchered here) and CCI, who has taken a stern stand against all builders stating that their agreements are all unilateral and thus will not stand in court.

If there is a common group for CASA-UNIVIS specially please let me know and I will want to be a active member and contributor there.

United we shall win ! So lets do it!

Warm Regards,
yes I also have big doubt about their credibility.I visited Lodha splendora project site at Ghorbandar road, thane. They launch the same without a cc and told me that they got development permission. When I ASKED FOR A COPY OF THE SAME, they told it is a legal doc and cannot share.Form their beheavour I doubt that they donot have anything now and trying to get hefty upfront money against booking before you come to know about the reality.
cielo tierra members will meet on 08 Feb 2013. email me at cielotierra2013-usra@yahoo.com for details.

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