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[Resolved]  Maruti Udyog Ltd / Alto — Poor service by dealer & regional office


Mr. Jagdish Khattar
Managing Director
Maruti Udyog Limited
New Delhi


Subject: Complaint regarding Poor service by your dealer and irresponsible attitude of your Pune regional office towards consumer.

Dear Sir,

Let me first introduce myself as a consumer. I own a Maruti ALTO LX E –3 HLL model bought from M/s T S Motors, Lucknow on 20.03.2005. First of all let me express my thanks to all Maruti team for such an excellence product line year on year but and at the same time I am disappointed to share that a company like Maruti Udyog Limited has missed NDTV Profit Business award for 4 wheelers against Tata Motors. It is difficult to digest for a loyal consumer of a car manufacturing company who win 7 times J D Power Asia Pacific Award on consumer Sales & Service Satisfaction.

I hope it is not you but your dealer channel and some of your team members in customer service pulling you down. I hope you will take my complain as a case study to understand the same. I am from a middle class family and we have 4 Maruti vehicles in my family, which is the only evidence I can give against my loyalty for your company.

Let me explain you the incident and my service history as I am a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and also in After Sales Service industry with reputed automobile company from past 9 years. My journey with Maruti Service is as under:

17.03.05 – PDI & General Check up at 8 KMS M/s T S Motors, Lucknow.
22.04.05 – 1st Free service with oil change at 591 KMS – No Troubles – M/s T S Motors, Lucknow.
04.09.05 – Vehicle cleaning & washing at 3346 KMS – I don’t like dirty vehicle and I always try to maintain it.
02.10.05 – 2nd Free Service with out Oil Change at 3870 KMS – No Troubles at M/s Kiran Motors, Ahmedabad.
06.10.05 – Panel roof denting painting due to transit damage from Lucknow to Ahmedabad under insurance at 3943 KMS M/s Kiran Motors, Ahmedabad.

01.01.06 – Wheel Alignment & Balancing with Tyre Rotation at 5167 KMS at M/s Kiran Motors, Ahmedabad. Here I would like to inform you that your dealer staff don’t know the service interval KMS for Tyre Rotation. It is the customer (Me) who explained him that refer page no. 9-19 of owners manual. Also done engine tune up as there was a timing chain noise.
21.02.06 - 3rd Free Service with oil change at 6485 KMS at M/s Manan Cars, MASS, Ahmedabad – No trouble.
11.08.06 – 4th Paid Service without engine oil at 9550 KMS at M/s Manan Cars, MASS, Ahmedabad – No trouble.
17.10.06 – 5th Paid Service with engine oil at 11264 KMS with wheel alignment & balancing at M/s Olympia auto Service, MASS, Akurdi Pune. My bad days with Maruti Started from here. Here I would like to elaborate that how your service centers are misguiding customers.

Problem Reported: Front Suspension Noise Check, Tyre rotation, Door Locks sticky, Door Glass lever Noisy in operation, Clutch Check, Battery Check, Brakes Weak – They cleaned only liner and after 5000 KMS wonder cars informed me Brake Cylinder Faulty need to be replaced under payment. The blunder they did is replaced coolant at 11264 KMS without asking customer and not even knows what the replacement interval is. It is 20000KMS or 2 Years which ever occur earlier. Above all after charging me they forget to put coolant in container. It was my great luck that I checked by opening the bonnet as I was driving to Goa next day with my family. It was irritating for me when I got a stupid reply form your Service Advisor that coolant is in circulation will come back once engine stopped. Second mistake was of charging 1.5 liters of distilled water. It is not matter of Rs. 20/- it is matter of technical knowledge that when there is some level of distilled water is already there how you can accommodate another 1.5 liter in same battery case. I am sorry to inform you that I have complained to Maruti on Toll free no. –[protected] but till date I have not replied on this matter. Any way it’s OK because they have refund me cost of distilled water.

Regarding door lever noisy they simply replied after keeping my vehicle for 2 days that you have to take your vehicle to wonder cars as we are not authorize for warranty repairs. Any way it was a good learning for me that not to go to any MASS during warranty period.

14.01.07 – Cleaning & washing and other repairs with clutch problem, door lever problem, at 13518 KMS at M/s Wonder Cars, Chinchwad, Pune. They adjusted clutch and returned. No one is ready to understand my problem when I am saying that clutch operation turns jerky & juddery after every[protected] KMS.

31.01.07 – Driver Seat Assembly cushion ineffective at 13822 KMS at M/s Wonder Cars, Chinchwad, Pune. Complete Seat assembly replaced after holding decision from Mr Harish Udipi – Service Engineer, Pune MUL.

30.03.07 – Clutch check and front suspension noisy on bumpy roads at 14572 KMS at S K Wheels Pvt Ltd, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai during my Mumbai Visit. Caliper Assembly greasing done by dealer and found ok at that time. Clutch adjusted.

Things gone worst here after:

09.07.07 – 6th Paid servicing with oil change, wheel balancing & Alignment, Tyre Rotation, wiper check, brakes check, rear side bang noise, clutch problem, painting issues as approval given by Maruti engineer because the painting done by M/s Kiran Motors at Ahmedabad was started peeling off. Front LH suspension “KHAT” noise on speed Breakers, Battery check – SA Name Mr Nitin Mobile No – [protected] and WM Mr Kulkarni attended me personally.

I don’t want to hide the facts from you. Mr Kulkarni, Mr Nitin has supported me a lot for getting components replaced under warranty that is wheel cylinders. I am thankful to Mr Suresh Babu & Mr Harish Udipi here. They replaced the shock damper of Front LH shock absorber and gave test ride to me. At that time there was no issue. They convinced me on non availability of clutch components (Modified One) and assured me to replace on receiving. I taken the delivery. Very next morning my cars engine started giving engine knocking sound – Starvation piston ring noise and also sometimes idling instable. I contacted Mr Nitin on the issue on phone he told me that it is because of faulty clutch component and after replacement it will be ok. Please drive for 2-3 days and nothing to worry.

12.07.07 – I was on the way to Swargate (27KMS from my residence) to attend a meeting. On the way it troubled a lot and finally off road in the mid of traffic (Badly Abused by traffic) because temp. Meter was on full. I doubt that it may be a seizure case. I called Mr Harish Udipi ([protected]) and Mr Nitin. Once again I appreciate the prompt response of Mr Nitin to attend me on road and to give me a loaner vehicle.

I informed them that please keep my vehicle for 2 days and set it right for ever. It was a failure of casting defect in intake manifold for coolant circulation (Poor Diagnostic Skills). I took delivery again on 14th evening and taken a test ride of 14 KMS with Mr Nitin and found OK. I was having doubt on clutch on that day but waited to run few more KMS. This time they have replaced again entire clutch assembly and other components under warranty. Thanks once again to Mr Nitin, Mr Kulkarni & Mr Harish. But I am disappointed that Mr Harish Udipi has not even bothered to call me that whether my problems resolved or not. On that day we mutually agreed to leave the vehicle for Painting job approved by Maruti engineer. (KMS Clocked 16929)

17.07.07 – At 16991 KMS - car left for denting & painting work and new problem created by them that is Oil leakage. and returned to me on 21.07.07 evening. Job done partially as problem shown to Mr Kulkarni and further shown to Mr Harish by them.

It is really disappointing for me to explain you the condition of car interior. It was in shabby condition as all putty, primer etc etc is on the seats of my car, roof, door beads, doors found dirty with some white material. The card board spare wheel is almost broken into 2 pieces. I contacted Mr Nitin on 22.07.07 about the same and he replied it is Sunday I am not in office. Please go to wonder car some body will attend you.

Please tell me how many times I have to go to wonder cars for the problem created by them. I am now scared to go there because they will solve this problem and will create a new one. And journey never ends...

After all these I lost my patience and contacted Mr Suresh Babu (Regional Manager – Service, Pune R.O) on 01.08.07 on –[protected]. First of all the receptionist has refused to connect me to Mr Suresh Babu but when I shouted on her she kept me on hold and connected. It clearly indicates that your officers sitting at R.O has no intention to help customers which is also proved by the dialogue of your Regional Manager during my telecon. “It is not duty of My service engineer Mr Harish Babu to call you, it is dealer job. We are trying to help you and you are acting smart”. When I told him that if you are not going to listen me I can escalate the issue to higher officials. He replied – “You do what ever you want to do and cut the phone” – words of Regional Manager of an esteemed company to a customer. If you have given me some freebies it doesn’t mean that you left my basic problems unattended.

After this long Journey there are still Problems in my Car which is unattended:

1. Front LH Shock absorber “Khat” Noise while passing thru speed breaker even after replacement of shock damper.
2. Steering vibration – shaking at a speed of 80-90 on highways even after timely wheel balancing, Alignment & Tyre rotation.
3. Paint Peel of in panel near to LH rear door.
4. Clutch Jerky not as earlier but still I feel.
5. Card Board Broken which is above spare wheel.
6. Regarding cleanliness I will manage.
7. Clutch pedal fulcrum pin noisy – Lack of lubrication.
8. Gear lever excessive vibration at idle and low torque – Never felt before.
9. Rear portion “chik chik” Noise – reported 2-3 times. Chassis noise??


Sir, I know you are MD of such a large organization and you don’t have time to read such long letters. Still I request you to go thru it in your leisure time and if anytime you feel that fault is at my end, please reply me and what ever decision you will give in my case, I will honor that. I have a very small demand that please arrange to resolve all my issues in one go.

I believe I have co-operated a lot with every one and at the end I am forced to write you such letter. I have done 6 service within 17000 KMS, what else I can do as a customer.

I have all supporting document with me for above problem statements, if required by any one will produce the same. (No Enclosure – Hope you trust me)

Hope to hear from you soon.

With Warm Regards

Sunil Kumar Sharma
Flat No – 103, A2 – Block
Empire Estate
Old Mumbai Road
Chinchwad, Pune
Maharashtra – 411019
Regn. No. – UP 32 BJ – 6657
Chassis No. – MA3EYD81S00488763
Mobile No. - [protected]

CC: Dr. K. Kumar – Advisor Engineering, Maruti Udyog limited.
Mr A Choudhary – General Manager – Service, MUL.
R.O – Maruti Udyog Limited, Pune
Mr. Aggarwal – MD – M/s Wonder Cars Pvt Limited, Pune

Mr. Jagdish Khattar
Managing Director
Maruti Udyog Limited
Jeevan Prakash, 11th Floor
25 Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi
PIN - 110001

Dr. K Kumar
Advisor Engineering
Maruti Udyog Limited
Jeevan Prakash, 11th Floor
25 Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi
PIN - 110001

Mr. A Choudhary
General Manager - Service
Maruti Udyog Limited
Palam Gurgaon Road
Haryana – 122015

Regional Office
Maruti Udyog Limited
Sacred World
Unit No. 708-715
7th Floor, North Block
Pune - 40

Mr Ghanshyam Aggarwal / Mr Vijay Aggarwal
Managing Director
Wonder Cars Pvt. Ltd.
64/8, Block D-2
MIDC, Chinchwad,
Pune – 411019
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Hello sunil..

You have given the above correspondences to many of the higher officials in Maruti..

Whether they have taken any action in this issue.. Kindly post your comment. because i want to know whether this website is useful or useless. Whether those officials are acting or acting (acting in drama. ie., Always speaking about customer satisfaction, not even seeing any customer face).
Respected sir,
i have bought a new Alto LXI on 9 Dec -08 .I would like to tell you one key of my Alto was lost last week . Please suggest me wht i can do for this problem my key No.1470 because when i went to my nearest dealer then i am not satishfied your dealer.

I wait your reply, immediate.

jagbir Singh
UP ke bhaiiyya
why have you not changed you not changed your registration number in the 1st place.
Goto back to Lucknow get your NOC to transfer your car registration to Maharashtra and get a new MH series number.

@ndly your Alto is a City car not a National Permit Truck, dont drive it around the country like a mad fool..

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