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 Prasad INdulkar
This is the second time I had bad experience with Meru cab service.

I had booked via telephone booking, yesterday a cab for Domestic airport drop for 5.30 am today. I got the sms immediately about the booking confirmation

Reference no – AL1A4166

I was told that I will receive a SMS about the driver name and contact details 30 mins prior to the schedules pick up time. Which is 5 am. Until 5.30 am no sms, so I tried calling your numbers 44224422, I was 34th in wait list, the call lasted approx 17 mins, and was adruptly disconnected when I was 2nd in wait list. Again I dialed I was 26th in wait list, again 15 mins and I was 2nd in wait list and the call dropped.

Then I had no other option but to take my own car to airport, where I will have to bear the heavy parking charges as I am going out of town for 4 days. While I was driving I received the sms at 5.55am, which gave me the name and number of driver . whom I immediately called and he said he was not aware of this pick up and he had already logged off.

The cab no : MH01JA9674, Name – Sachin Ram Sharan Phatak, mobile no – [protected].

Such is the pathetic service that Meru cab service is offering, this was my first attempt and is last .

I had almost missed my flight because of your service.

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[May 07, 2014] Meru Cabs customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Meru Cabs Customer Care's response, Mar 21, 2015
Hi Prasad, sorry for a delayed response here! Recently we overhauled our Customer Service operations and decided that we'd connect with all customers, respond to their feedback, and take corrective measures that may be required. It's our endeavour to provide timely and satisfactory service to all our customers and if we fall short, we must immediately respond and act on it. Your feedback helps us improve our services further. To report any incident in future, please share Booking ID/Mobile No along with the issue details at [protected]@merucabs.com Our rep will reach out soon. Regards, Team Meru
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i booked a meru cab 3 hours before for 3.30 pick up time. As I have to go to hospital for serious issue to my wide At decided apointment time wid doctor.
Immidiately I got confirmation msg.
At 3.15 I got cal frm driver that he is nt coming. I called meru cab customer care again and they arrange another cab for me at 3.45 pick up time.
I again got call frm driver at 3.40 that he is nt coming. I again called customer care. This drama continues for 1 and 1/2 hr. I hav got 4 msges of diff driver and pick up time extended by 2 hours.
My wife has been taken to hospital on bike at her very critical condition. I told my problem to customer care but they didn't responded and talked very casually.
I have just searched contact details of neeraj gupta (MD).
Now going to register complaint against him and meru cab services in pune in consumer court.
I have all msges ready with me.

Sachin sakhare
Working in godrej, pune

I am sure I ll nt get any reply frm meru cab.
But will pull them all in the court as this issue might lead to serious issue to my family.
Reliability is scattered at best. The cab company is inefficient and the 'GPS' is non-existent as many cab drivers fail to ever find their way to the pick up destination even if large landmarks are given. Further on, many do not speak any English.

I use the cab often and give generous tips. But a few times, having been stranded in places late at night, I called the company angrily.

In response, they seemed to have 'shunned' me from ever receiving a cab again. This is ridiculous. Bad business. And childish.

The cab company has potential and really should get its act together. Currently, the service is simply unacceptable.

Meru Cabs - call taxi service — Non appearance of booked taxi

Had booked a taxi for 6 am for January 21st, 2009.Confirmation no. given by company is AJ19115.
Second sms gives driver details and cell no and reconfirms pick up time. Cab does not appear at appointed time and driver's cell is also not reachable. Unable to find another taxi on time at early hour of 6 am. Reach the destination too late to participate in the half marathoon segment of the Mumbai Marathon. Had got commitments for donations to charities if I were to complete the run. Lost out on commitments of Rs. 5, 25, 000 for various charities due to this delay.

Sent the company, Meru Cabs, Mumbai, an email on the 22nd of January, 2009, complaining about the same and demanding compensation. No response from the company. This is not the first instance and the company refuses to accept any liabality in case of no shows.

Meru Cabs has been given a licence for such operations to be a service to the city, it cannot therefore hide behind company policies stating that they will not be rsponsible for any no shows. Being a service provider it is essential that they have a policy of compenstion, else it makes no sense to run such a service if one can go scott free.

Is ther a way I can take this to the consumer court? Please advice
I had a really bad experience with Meru Cabs(AVA26446) where I had to almost miss my Rajdhani to Delhi in June 2009.

I had booked a cab for 2.50pm frm my residence in Khar to Mumbai Central. First there was no 30min. intimation of driver details which meru claims to provide.

So I called Meru and had to request for driver details which I got at 2.30pm

At 2.49, the Meru driver called me saying he cannot make it & asked me to call up Meru & ask the team to arrange for another cab.

I did the same & they promised another cab in next 10 mins. I waited till 3.10pm & finally took the good old black yellow cab to my destination.

And yes I finally received a call frm the second driver at 3.27pm asking for directions by when I had reached mahim & just manged to catch my train!

No apology call or from Meru till date(7/7/09)

I think Meru has the best cab service in the country today. Those who are not satisfied are simply crying foul.

Meru Cabs — Rubbish cab service....Customer care exects are pathetic !

Never ever try this service ! Only they are playing with their customers.
The customer care execs have been very courteous whenever I have called for a Meru Cab, and so have the drivers.
Regarding :Rajesh's comment.
Ive seen quite a few forums with compaints against Meru and every one of them has at least one positive comment. Wonder if the company has told any of its employees to search forums and make the company look good :-D
Yep, one more company exec posing as a customer: Saurav
I had booked Meru as I thought that a "professional" cab service would be safe and non-cheating when a woman is travelling alone. What I found was quite to the contrary.
The cab was booked from Majestic bus stand to Hoodi on Whitefield road. The driver, Manjunath instead of taking the straight route via Old Madras road took a circuitious route via Hebbal. This meant clocking atleast 11 kms extra the the final 27.7 kms. This is the equivalent of going going via Delhi in a Bangalore Chennai trip.
This is obviously cheating so I dont know how safe it would be for a single woman.
I certainly am not going to use Meru cabs the next time
I booked a cab via the MERU website for a drop to Hiranandani Powai at 2 PM. I received a message stating that the cab details will be sent 30 mins prior to the pickup tim ( Ref. no. AHA31072 ). At 1:45 PM, I called the meru customer care to enquire about the status. I was told to stay line as the customer executive was checking the staus, however the call was dropped. I tried again and was told that the cab driver would call me in 5 mins. However, I again got a call stating that "There are no cabs currently available at your locaton... Sorry for the inconvenience caused!!!"

Well before I could respond the call was disconnected...So much for customer service.

Meru Cab — Non-arrival of cab after sending cab details

I had booked the cab from Kandivali to Airport. I got confirmation also. The cab details were sent 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. They were: MH02WA8699. Chauffer: Mohd Shariff. Cell: [protected].
The cab didn't arrive in time. So I called up. He said he hasn't received any confirmation from the company. So I asked him to contact Meru company. He said he has already picked up South Mumbai (read long distance) passenger from Borivali and can't do anything. So I contacted Meru. They spoke to him and then called to just say they are sorry!!! I asked for manager to be contacted. They said he is not on the floor and that he would call back. He never called back.
I have registered complaint in Meru company with all details. Still they have not responded.
There is fraud going on here. They allow cab drivers to pick up loooong distance passengers (Borivali to South Mumbai) and there by compromising drop-off to short (!!) distance like Kandivali to airport. How come Meru doesn't know about this.
Most of the drivers of Meru cabs are from old black cabs where they go by share-a-taxi to south mumbai. Such malpractice has been continued even though they moved to Meru. And Meru is allowing them since they are getting more money.
Try booking Meru cab between 8 AM till Noon and you will face this because this is the time when they find more South mumbai and long distance share passengers.
I am a pregnant woman who has tried to use the services of Meru Cabs in Munbai on several occassions. The call centre staff has a very annoying attitude of indifference & absolutely no emotion when they express 'sorries'.
I have got the cab booking confirmation on 2 occassions, the latest one being the one I booked last evening for a drop to work this morning. The cab request no: ASA20368 was promptly sent to me last evening. However, I have had an instance in the past when I was promised a cab, but never got it and had to wait for an autorickshaw (in my pregnant state) to reach work!
I had a gut feel about the cab this morning & called the call centre & was placed on hold for almost 20 minutes. The call centre employee who called himself 'Ram' said that the cab would reach my residence 10-20 minutes later than the booking time of 9.30am! On enquiring why, he placed me on hold again & returned to say that he has checked with his 'Seniors & Colleagues' who informed him that there was no cab available in the Malad area!
I was furious as I had planned my day around reaching work at a specific time. My husband then took over the call & voiced out our concerns regarding the appalling service provided by the cab company. He told 'Ram' that we are going to write to the CEO of Meru - Mr. Neeraj Gupta. Despite this all that the call centre employee wanted to do was 'transfer us to the feedback line'!
However, immediately after the call, I got a message on my phone from Meru with the cab driver's details. I finally boarded the cab at 10.15am - a good 45 minutes late!
On reaching my destination I get a message from them on my mobile asking me to rate the 'Driver' and not their appalling service. I have not bothered to respond.
I would also like to point out that I have availed of the Meru cab service while I lived in Bangalore & I was very happy with the service provided there. However, they have screwed their service in Mumbai & it is the worst cab company. I will never recommend it to anyone who wishes to avail of a cab in Mumbai.
I am going to write to the CEO & hopefully things will get noticed!
I totally agree with the gentleman as he has got a valid point.. I rang meru for a cab to take me from versova to bandra for 6.45pm..at that moment the lady at meru said no cabs available on my area till 9.45pm.. I thought let's call them back for a far distance like going to Colaba and for obvious reasons the cab became available for the same time..so my point is Meru is only accomadating long distance fares only..I strongly believe it's not a fair practice from Meru.. A very disappointing way of running such a cab facility..

Meru Cabs — non availability of cabs when distance is short

The biggest fraud is being committed by these CABS coy. When you need a cab and try to book early also(three hours in advance) and if the distance involved is less then 8-9 KMs then you be rest assured that they won't provide the cab. Why such an apprach. They are providing a service and they cannot shy away in providing cabs. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A NERU CAB OR ELSE YOU WILL BE CHEATED. READ MY LIPS


Meru Cabs — Booking slot full

I have a very very bad experience regarding booking a cab with Meru Cabs. Whenevr I have called up, even before their recommended booking criteria, I always received an answer that sorry sir the booking slots are full, whether it is 5 AM in the moring or it is 9.00 AM or 11.00 AM, I have received same answer.

I dont know what kind of service Meru Cabs are offering to customers.??

I am sure there is some kind of special understanding...between the Driver & the interested !!! Further I think they are just making the customers fool, in terms of running a taxi / car services to the selected group of people (Executive class & businessman etc...) under the banner by showing to Govt that they are running a Cab services.....

I dont know why it is like that ???? My question is if you want to serve the people by giving a good service than why the hell every time customers have to suffer .????

I request respective authority to look into the matter.

And at the same time if Meru cabs can not fulfill supply against demand than they should increase no. of Cabs...



Meru Cabs — Meru cabs - gruesome experience

Had a really gruesome experience with Meru cabs last Friday i.e[protected] when I booked a cab to reach railway station from Mehdipatnam. The cab was scheduled to be at 5 PM but I didn't receive any details until 4.55 PM. I then received a call from the cab driver saying he will be late by 20 minutes. I had to alter my complete plan switching for an auto reaching the station almost when the train was about to leave.
If the distance is small they always say that the booking slot is full. Even I have had this experience multiple times, be it 4:30 AM or 8 AM or 10 AM or 2 PM or 5 PM, be it any day of the week. If they do not want to provide services for short distances let them tell so. Let them put it on their website and on their cars that they will provide only if distance is greater than 10 kms. All in all they are just a bunch of craps
completely agree with the complaints above.. have had personal experience as well.
the service of meeru cab in delhi is very poor.The customer care excutives are unproffesional and rude.
Pleade dont trust on Meeru cab if you have important work.
I faced same issues today. Meru cancelled my booking at the last moment and they 'requested' me to make alternative arrangements. this was 10 minutes before my cab was suppose to arrive. Strongly recommend everyone to stay away from them. I dont know if India Value Fund, one of their earliest investors, who are extremely good and ethical people aware of this? Earlier i thought it was one off case but for the last few months, me and my wife faced this issue repeatedly and realized that the whole Meru organization is rotten and run like an association o[censored]neducated and unethical people. they wont bat an eyelid before lying to customers
I am also going to complain to the RTO and also request audit of their call logs.let see what happens.

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