[Resolved]  Mohon Motor - Kolkata, Maruti Udyog - Wagon R Lxi — Cheating customer at the time of servicing & maintenance of car

Dear Maruti,
I am having problem in my new True Value WagonR. On the Date of Delivery(09/11/2007) of the Vehicle we found that A.C is not working and also some other minor defects in front of the Delivery Executives. So they people commit us that they will fix it on Sunday (11/11/2007)(Only A.C) But today(11/11/2007) when i reach at the Showroom they regret it for today (with Rude behavior) and committing again for tomorrow(Monday 12/11/2007) but when i compel them they agree to me for pick and drop of the Car tomorrow from my home as i will be in office tomorrow and parents are also Working. So my Overall First Experience with maruti is very Embarrassing.

Now, according to your check list of 120 points we found many Errors in our TrueValue WagonR at the time of delivery of the vehicle in front of Executives as well as right now also which are as follows : -
1. Knocking in the Engine.
2. Right Side Rear Door Lock is not working properly.
3. Car is not properly cleaned from inside and from outside. Example like Inside of Meter there is lot Dust which makes its needles slightly invisible and from outside there are lot of place which needs Rubbing. Also the RIM of the Vehicle is not cleaned and painted.
4. They provide us only one Key of the CAR and regret us for the Second key of the CAR.
5. And the Main thing is that A.C is not working(Reason No GAS).
6. Car's Rear Seat Head Rests are not of WagonR model as they are of ZEN Front seat Model which are larger in size and creating a lot of trouble while driving and viewing from the Rear view mirror.
7. Car is Taking a long self at red lights means when temperature of the Reaches at the normal level it starts taking the Long self.

So these are the some points which makes failure in your 120 check point list.

So please please please its my humble request that either fix these troubles as soon as possible or please take this car back and return our money (I am ready to bear loss of 7 days depreciation) as i m interest in other brand like Hyundai (because of nice behavior and excellent after sale service).

Sharad Verma
(Software Engineer)
Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.
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Aug 13, 2020
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This is a copy of email I sent to Mohon Motor - Kolkata, Maruti Udyog - Wagon R Lxi:

Today I am in receipt of a letter dated 13.09.2007 sent by Mr. Biplab Ray, Works Manager, M/s Mohan Motor Udyog, Kolkata .

In the aforementioned letter, Mr. Ray referred to my complaint regarding 'underbody painting' and 'horn problem'.

Moreover, he has requested me to send my vehicle to their workshop as a goodwill gesture and assured me : 'underbody & horn will be repaired alongwith washing and cleaning work at free of cost'.

My observations are as follows :

1) I received the first communication ( in a generalised format ) from you / your authorised service station after so many days of the incident actually occurred.

2)M/s Mohan Motor Udyog is not obliging me by providing me with above mentioned measures as 'a goodwill gesture'(!).

3) I have brought some more points to your kind notice which have been clevely avoided.

4)It is not mentioned that who will bear the cost of fuelling of my car for bringing my car to that very workshop once again apart from spending my time and energy etc. for the callousness and negligence of the workshop authorised by your esteemed organisation, brand ambassador of M/s Maruti Udyog.

5)Hon'ble Biplab Roy has written : 'we are extremely sorry for incontinences caused by us in this regard' : I have failed to understand the meaning of his written ex-pression.

In precise, I would like to mention that I am disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and dejected receiving such customer-friendly approach from your Authorised Farm : M/s Mohan Motor Udyog. I am quite surprised to note your indifferent approach towards cusotmer with genuine grievance against erring Authorised Service Station and Dealer.

I seek your prompt intervention to resolve my grievance at the earliest.

With Best Regards,

Avijit Kumar Basu
Date: September 15, 2007

This has reference to my letter dated 10.09.2007 sent to the Manager : Workshop, Mohan Motor Udyog, Kolkata and copy to Mr. K. Jay Ram, Maruti Udyog, Kolkata and a letter sent to E-mail Id : [protected] on 15.09.2007. The content of my grievance was brought to the notice of appropriate authority through E-mail also but till date I have not received any response either from you or M/s Mohan Motor.

The copy of the letter is enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

Moreover, I would like to add one thing : I had to pay for some spare parts although my car was covered under Warranty / Extended Warranty and original parts were not even shown to me. The scanned copies of all the bills are enclosed herewith for your perusal.

In view of the above, I am constrained to bring the whole incident to your notice for doing the needful at your end.

Thanking you,

Very truly yours,


RIM : [protected]
Encl. A/a
September 10, 2007

The Manager : Workshop
Mohan Motor Udyog
E.M. Bye Pass
Kolkata – 700105

Dear Sir,

This is to bring the following facts to your kind notice:

1. In the month of February 2006 I purchased a Wagon R Car (LXi : WBo2V-3102 ) from your Company and your Company helped me a lot to procure the car and fulfill my dream.
2. Not only I purchased my car from your Company, but also I purchased all the car accessories from you. I did my Car Insurance from you. I got my car parts painted by you. I opted extended warranty provision for 1+2 years ( I was never told for the other option : 1+3 yrs, which I came across later ).
3. Your Company extended facility like ‘Corporate Discount’ and other things to me and some of my friends / colleagues who were working in the same Company Reliance Industries Limited ( Petroleum Business, Marketing Division, East ) bought our cars collectively from you after satisfying with your customer friendly attitude and gesture, level of commitment, sincerity and honest approach.
4. I can well recollect one thing that I had never received the ‘Auto Journal’ which I was supposed to get free of cost for a period of 1 year. I reported to the Asstt. Sales Manager but it was not sorted out. I did not want to highlight the matter since it seemed to me too trivial to lodge complaint.
5. After buying the car I went to your workshop to avail all the Free Services with a sense of trust and belongingness towards M/s Mohan Motor Udyog and insisted all of my friends to adopt the same practice. Efficiency and effectiveness of your Company were advocated by me in favour of your Company.
6. Today i.e. 10.09.2007 I had faced a different experience while I went to your workshop for serving my car ( paid service on 17000 k.m.) after going to your place all the way from Bandel (almost 70 k.m. away from my place of residence although there are several Maruti Service Centres in neighbouring areas ) with a blind loyalty to M/s Mohan Motor Udyog. My Customer Id was : ID : I[protected] dated 10.09.2007.
7. After arriving at your place at around 10 a.m. I requested for Service and necessary check up of my car and the Job Card was filled up by the attending Supervisor in consultation with me. I requested him to consider the service coupon gifted by your Company at the time of renewing Car Insurance but the same was discouraged by him with a plea that it won’t help me much. I took his idea and advised him to do all the jobs required for proper upkeepment / maintenance of the car.
8. I suggested to check all the necessary things with special emphasis on rework of ‘underbody painting’ (which was done in your workshop one and half years back) which was required to be repainted. I asked him to see the horn and ‘backing horn’ and to do ‘cavity treatment’. Afterwards, I called the Supervisor on his mobile to see the ‘tuning’ of the car also which he assured to look into.
9. At around 5.45 p.m. and in the heavy downpour I went to the workshop after calling up the Supervisor over telephone and got assurance from him that the car was ready after painting work as requested was carried out.
10. At around 6 p.m. I was taking delivery of the car and asking the Supervisor whether the painting was effectively done or not. He assured positively that it was done effectively. Suddenly, out of my curiosity I went to check the quality of ‘Underbody painting rework’ but got surprised to note that it was not done at all. I called the Supervisor and asked the same thing once again but he reiterated that it was done. I asked him to check it once again and show me the thing. He checked and admitted that it was not done by mistake. He called up the technician in front of me who also admitted his fault.
11. The whole thing made me at a loss. My trust and confidence shattered within a few seconds. I wanted to meet the Manager but he was not there and someone else ( a gentleman with spectacle ) attended my complaint and the car was sent again to do the pending job. At around 7 p.m. in the evening I got my car and I was hurried back home. I noted the complaint in the register.
12. Before leaving the place I asked the Supervisors whether everything was checked out or not and requested him to show the ‘Cavity Painting’. He replied that it was not possible since it was already late in the evening but he guaranteed that the work was done.
13. My driver started the car and discovered that the problem of ‘Backing Gear Music’ was not functioning. I got down from the car and asked staff and Supervisor present over there. They told they did not have any spare part to replace the article.
14. I got totally frustrated and left the place and returned home at around 10 p.m., jeopardizing my official and personal schedule.
15. At the time of returning we realized that the horn was not perfectly repaired. ‘Tuning work ’ probably was not attended to.
16. Moreover, the condition of road from Park Circus Connector to the Workshop was simply horrible.
17. I came to know from my driver that he could not have his mid day meal in the works-shop canteen since it was closed through out the day.
18. While I returning home, I came to know from my driver that the Green Copy of the Job Sheet was taken back from him by the Accountant while I was absent minded and engaged in lodging my complaint in the register.
19. Today in the night I have witnessed that the painting of the under body has come out of the surface which was hurriedly done in the last evening.

I have brought the whole episode of incident to your notice which seems to be self explanatory. I do not want to share my personal views and inferences I have drawn with you out of this incident. I have got nothing more to say except the followings:

1) I am totally frustrated and disappointed with quality and standard of your service offered to me.
2) I have lost my trust and confidence which I had earlier on your Company.
3) This type of poor image of a particular service station does not match with the standard of Maruti Udyog who always boasts about its quality and trustworthiness.
4) Now onwards, it has become my sacred duty and moral responsibility to enlighten my friends in the corporate arena (who have already owned Maruti Car or using this Service Station and who have intended to procure Maruti Car and want to undertake service job at the said workshop : more particularly from M/s Mohan Motor Udyog ) about my personal experience.

This is for your kind information.

Thanking you,

Very truly yours,

Avijit Kumar Basu
Mobile No. : [protected]

Cc : M/s Maruti Udyog
sir, i hav a wagon lx bought in 2006. i hav taken a ymca (yearly maintance contract) fm spectra motors, ghatkopar, mumbai who is a authorised maruti dealer in mumbai. now last time when i had serviced my car i had noticed that my rear door lock is not functioning after service . i had intimated the same to spectra when i had gone for service of my car they say u hav 2 pay rs 2300, for the same as 2 change the latch assembly, rear right side of the door. sir, icaannot pay for the same. they r literly cheating us.
Well I was about to buy a car from true value shop . Now I am thinking twice before doing the same.
Dear Sir,

With due respect i would like to say that i have a car Maruti Omni car and i love very much. Its age is now 6 years old. I properly main it regularly in local garege but i want to check it properly in good and safe hands.

So i shall be highly obliged that if you write me some good and economic service centre in kolkata.

Yours Sincerly
Rajdeep Gope
I purchased one Alto Lxi (Wine Red) on 16.04.08 through your Authorised Dealer viz.Pallavi Motors, Guwahati. I am working at IIT Guwahati which is a central govt. Institution under MHRD. I want to mention that there is a scheme called "Wheels of India" from your end for the govt employees in which the employee gets a rebate of Rs.2, 500.00 against purchase of a new Car. The scheme was also available at the time of purchasing my car. But inspite of my request to the company Executive, my identity Card was not considered valid saying that it does not have Logo of "Ashok Stambh Seal" or written anywhere "Govt. of India" to be accepted for the scheme. But recently I come to know that one of my colleague have purchased Maruti Alto from the same dealer and he was given the rebate of Rs.2500 as per the wheels of India Scheme. I contacted Pallavi Motors but could not find a positive response. They said we cannot do anything now. As such I am requesting you to consider the matter and refund Rs.2500.00 as per the above scheme. My vehicle AS01AG1688.
Thanking you.
With regards
Dibyajyoti Dutta,
Engineering Cell
IIT Guwahati,

I have got a Zen 2001 from Mohan Motors Dhapa Kolkata near EM Bypass and they have completely cheated me. They have given me a faulty car with problem in every parts. I will lodge a consumer complain against them and Mohan Motor Udyog and will ask the corporate world to stay away from these bunch of cheats.
Mr. Abhijit and Mr. Samrat have completely cheated us.
hi...i want to Any type of Car Delivery or pick up service from KOLKATA to
any were in INDIA on basis of K.M. reading. .
CAR DRIVER SERVICE Any type of Car Delivery or pick up service from KOLKATA to
any were in INDIA on basis of K.M. reading. . [protected] / [protected]

Wagon R LXI 2006 model — Engine failure

I have Maruti Wagon R LXI of 2006 model and I have driven only 25,000 KM. Recently I found some noise in my engine and I went to service station and I got to know that car engine is backfiring. I have been properly doing the servicing of this car and when service centre guy checked he found engine oil and coolant are enough in the car, even I always adhere to the basics to keep the health of car engine intact . I wondered what could be the reason of it. I am totally disappointed with this car, some time back the clutch of this car broken. Now for repairing, the service centre has given the budget to me of Rs 30 000 . It is totally disapointing and Iam feeling cheated. Is it a quality that Suzuki claimed to provide in the cars. I was all set to buy SX4 but I have taken a back foot and probably I will never go for Maruti Suzuki cars anymore and will never give the advice to my freinds and relatives to go for it.

One thing more I did all servicings of my car from ALLIANZ Motors OKHLA New Delhi and I didnt find their services satisfactory.

With this complaint Iam expecting Maruto suzuki people should check this car and repair the engine without any cost. Although I know the engine warranty is for two years nevertheless by seeing the amout I have driven this car my complaint should be consider.

Maruti Suzuki India — Gear box problem shifting 3 to 2

I bout ertiga in dec 2013 and all service from maruti dealer patial punjab
now 23000 km gear problem started when shifting gear from 3 to 2
gear not enter and fist change in 1 and then change in 2 maruti deal ask for me no gear box in guaranty

labour charg with free sevice

3 free service extra charg inter culur clean rs 650 no menison service book let why jabki inter culur cleaning every 30, 000 km please refund my ra 650

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