I am writing this post to caution all of the people who want to buy mobiles from sangeetha mobile stores.
I went to buy a Nokia 5320 Music Xpress phone on 04-Jan-2009(Sunday) at about 8.30pm at sangeetha mobiles @ Indiranagar, Bangalore. This mobile costs around Rs. 11, 100/- in Nokia Priority Shop. In sangeetha mobiles, they offered it for Rs. 11, 350/- with some kind of Insurance. Actually, the main reason why I came here was for the sake of insurance. There was absolutely no question of bargaining. So, I thought I`ll spend around 200-300 extra for insurance. I asked him to Bill.
So, nicely and innocently those sales guys packed my mobile. I paid my bill using my father`s credit card. I simply happened to check the IMEI number of my handset and that which is printed on my Bill. To my shock, both these numbers were Different. I was completely tensed and felt cheated. Really, Tears came out of my eyes as I am purchasing this phone with my first salary. I went to cashier and asked him for a explanation. He is asking me "Why are you bothered about IMEI number on the bill?" I immediately warned all the customers there and we opened the box.
You won't believe, it was clearly a duplicate Chinese make phone that doesn`t have an IMEI number when we press *#06#. I`ll tell you, SANGEETHA MOBILES ARE RUNNING A FAKE MOBILE PHONE RACKET. ALL THIER PHONES AND SEALS ARE TAMPERED. I threw the bill on his face and cancelled my credit card transaction. Please, Please, Please, don't buy Mobiles from re-sellers such as Sangeetha, Univercell, Mobile Stores, Subhiska, Hot-Spot. Just shell out 200-300 Rs extra and buy it from Original Nokia Priority Dealers. All these offers of insurance are just gimmicks. I hope my experience will teach you people a lesson and save money and time. I don't want to disclose my name or identity as I spoke the truth.
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is really ridiculous... i bought mobile from there last month from FORUM mall showroom... am shocked now... i havn't checked those IMEI numbers... today i have to check... But i paid Rs. 1000 extra for insurance unknowingly...

We should make a joint complaint on these kind of open cheats. Their shops are supposed to be closed and sealed... Alarm to all new buyers... Dont go to these kind of dealer shops ... they are literally cheating customers...
dear mr.arun,

with reference to your comments that you have posted in the website, i would like to clarify that - all handsets sold @ sangeetha are original and authentic certified by nokia, which are under warranty from nokia itself, just becuase the bill had a different IMEI number it doesnt mean that it is fake handset. you can take your handset to any of the nokia priorty dealers or even service centre and get it certified to be original handset. if the nokia priority dealer or the service centre says it is a fake model, then i shall give you one more same model free of cost.thats my challenge. the issue was in the bill were in it showed different IMEI number due to system billing error. please match your handset imei number behind the battery cover and also in the box sticker.
henceforth i request you to not to just judge and give baseless comments without proper verification. if this continues then i shall take legal action against you.

please feel free to mail me - [protected]
dear nithi,

with reference to your comments - i would like to justify saying that the handsets bought @ sangeetha are covered under INSURANCE, the INSURANCE covers under - THEFT, WATER AND PHYSICAL DAMAGE. all claims will be settled in record 72hrs time. we have proven records and list of satisfied customers whose insurance have been claimed less than 2hrs other retailer has this kind of INSURANCE option.

therefore kindly request you to not to panic and just post comments without any verification. if you have any problems regarding your handsets, then please feel free to mail me - [protected]

and please you can check your imei numbers again and again for your satisfaction :)and if you would like to see all original certificates from nokia - you are always welcome.
Ohh god, I brought a headset worth 1300/- from Forum which was replaced trice already from the same shop, Thanks for the review.. Iam gonna take their trip and ask for my money back...
You are right !!! These resellers are cheaters .. I had similar experience at Hyd with a Reseeler at Aditya Enclave, ameerpet.. When I went to Buy Samsung B520 Guys Plz Buy from the original showrooms

This happened to me a bit differently a long back. Nokia gives a National warranty. But when my mobile had some screen issues i took the mobile to Nokia priority, they said that mobile doesn't have National warranty. I have some friends who brought the mobile in india and when they had problems got it fixed for free out of india as well. But the mobile i brought in bangalore sangeetha doesn't even cover the national warrenty. So its apparently a fake mobile.
Check this out:[protected].ht...

I have also encountered problem from this retailer

I purchased Nokia 3110 from Sangeetha, Srinivasanagar outlet. I was covered under insurance against theft, physical and liquid damage. Unfortunately my handset got damaged due to minor accident and key pads started working abnormally.

Day 1: I approached Sangeetha, I was advised to get the phone serviced locally and not approach nokia care as it was minor issue (???)
Day 2: I approached nokia care and got to know that the board was damaged and cost of the same would be Rs. 4350 which was equal to the cost of new handset
Day 4: Having known that my handset was under insurance cover, I approached Sangeetha for insurance claims, I was advised not to make the claim as it would void from further coverage but when I forced them then I was told to approach Universal insurance pvt. Ltd. at Cunningham Road.
Day 6: After processing my request and collecting all accessories along with the box, universal insurance pvt. Ltd. told me to wait for 3 days.
Day 9: when I called up the insurance company they told me that my claim was approved and the amount awarded was Rs.4331.
Day 10: when I approached Sangeetha to collect my new mobile, they told me that the claim was still pending, later when I conveyed the staff about feedback given by insurance company on the same day, then they told that the insurance company might have approved but they have not receive any communication from Sangeetha, Head office.
Day 11: Same reply
Day 12: when I approached Sangeetha the next day, the staff told me that the claim amount was only Rs.2300 and I was supposed to pay additional amount of Rs.2000 to get my new hand set. when I requested them to give the email copy sent by Universal insurance pvt. Ltd. they refused to give the same and started using abused language (????) with this I concluded that some thing was really fishy.

Total 12 days completed but until today I have not got my claim, this shows that the advertisement of making the settlement in 72 hours is completely false and also it is just a marketing gimmick to fool the customer

Invoice No. SI/SRN/4040
Invoice date: 22/11/2008
Loaction: Sangeetha, Srinivasanagar

Regards, Pradeep
Yeah the Sangeetha mobile retailer are cheat ! I did buy a mobile there ... which had come with a free gift... for which i happened to drop down for 5 monrths regulary... also for the promised gift, i had pay almost 2.5 rs... Whats the point in giving free gift ?? I have seen several pplz... who have chased them for it... Even my friend had faced the same problem... Till date he did receive the FREE GIFT... almost 1+ YEAR over...

Ha ha... they are making the customers a big jokers... If they give a gift it should be without any extra cost...
Smart retailers... No wonder that they sell duplicate mobiles...

Sangitha mobile store — SANGITHA STORES fake gifts and fake phones Its all adjusted

I bought the Nokia mobile from Sangitha stores, srinivas nagar branch on 23rd june 09. They only sms ed my IMEI number to their server and it showed that IMEInumber was not valid. Sales staff told me to re sms again after some time. I did the same and I got the same reply that IMEI number was invalid. This was repeated on 24th and 25th June. When I contacted they told to visit same store where I was purchased. I viisted they did send the sms again from my cell and got the same answer. Then they told wait for 1 more day. On 26th when I called they are telling to come and take either umbrella or one glass ie means they only adjust the gift coupon and not to the customer. Customer gets only umbrella or small glass and they will adjust bigger ones for themselves. This is all racket in their circle to cheat customers.This means either their server or the IMEI number of the phone is fake. Beware of this store they are attracting the customers by offereing false gifts. I doubt about the genuinity of the phones too.
hey guys i am going to buy micromax mobile model no-x511. in sangeetha showroom in velachery, give any comments . shall i buy r not, and how is the mobile performance
Hi All,
Plz, Plz don’t buy any mobiles in Sangeetha...They are really FROAD, CHEAT...STUPID... Actually we (Me and Husband) Purchased Nokia E63-- for my husband... on Saturday 4th JULY, 2009 at about 8:30 PM. And on yesterday i.e. Monday 06th JULY, 2009 onwards, the cell is switching off abruptly. If we try to call them up for enquire they are not at all responding. Finally we tried yesterday night at about 10:30 PM one fellow receive and we explained the problem what we were phasing. But no use even after the conversation. So today Tuesday on 07th JULY, 2009 we went to that Sangeetha Shop, which they have started one more new branch in Basavangudi. That non -sense fellows are not all ready to check the mobile and we have spent 13, 000/- of that Cell.

Plz dear friends be careful... Before going or buying any mobiles in that STUPID CHEAT SHOP "SANGEETHA"
Friends this fact plz belive me...
Mr Ali,

Y u r silent, reply to all these mails na,
instead you directly threatning to arun, that you will fill legal complaints.
wat u think customers doesnt have any works rather than complainting.
If you are not replying means that you indirectly agreeing that your company(Sangeetha) is guilty
Hey Ali...

you guys think you are smart??? may be you ppl are not selling fake mobiles but, this is not the way to respond to your customer. You have to learn a lot Mr. No wonder you ppl are takin so many complaints coz u guys don know to handle customer. If your handsets are not fake, y din you give him a new bill or replace the handset.. Its all about common sense man,

Ppl.. do u want to buy hand sets from these guys??? Hope they learn more and provide better service.

Good luck Ali :)

Nokia E63 — Please Don't Purchase mobiles in Mobile Stores.

Hi to all,

The persons who and all reading this. Please Don't purchase mobiles from the Mobile Stores, Pune Location. I've a very bad experience from this mobile stores. They had cheated me nearly 1000 rupees by providing a expired coupons.

I've purchased Nokia E63 mobile on July 30th 2009 at the cost of 13,428/- rupees and they had given 1000/- gift coupons for me and said that these coupons are valid for 3 months. In that I got 750/- Recharge coupon. They said that i can recharge this amount for any prepaid connection across the India for any network.

So, I had given this rechargeable coupon to my friend who resides at chennai. B'coz I'm using my Corporate PostPaid Connection. There my friend came to know that the coupon which I sent was invalid one. B'coz this offers was outdated last 3 months back.

Then I went to mobile store pune location and enquired about that These people said to me, It haven't expired Immediately I said that So, Please recharge me 750/- to my friend mobile number who resides at Pune location. ThenImmediately they said that I will get 750/- discount after recharging the amount of Rs. 20,000 i.e.,within 3 months.

It means that
I will get Rs 50 discount for the Recharge of Rs.5000
I will get Rs 100 discount for the Recharge of Rs.10000...and so far It means I've to recharge for Rs.20,000 within 3 months to get the discount of Rs.750/-

My Queries are:
1) Is it possible for a common man who can spend Rs.20,000 for Recharge coupons and make calls from his/her mobile.
2) They are not providing the clear information to the customers. Once you go into the mobile stores first they give preference for swiping the card and billing.
3) These people are not giving the clear information to the customer. They are giving the importance to business and daily rotation of money.

My Request to all Business Persons.

“If you satisfy the customer, He will make you business" For you guys no need to advertise, promos, etc.,

Please concentrate on customer, Listen customer needs, Give preference to them.

My Request to all Customers.

Please Don't Purchase Mobiles from the Mobile Stores, Pune Location.

Thank you very much.
I also had the misfortune of buying a mobile Nokia 7210 on the 29th of march this year at Sangeetha at Chennaii and the reason was also because of the insurance they offered...Two days after purchasing the mobile i found that it was getting heated up very fast so i took it to them and they assured me that nothing was wrong and i it return it to them if I had any trouble in future. But the problem still persisted and I found that after using it for more than 15mins the mobile would automatically switch off and when switched on again all the data would be lost..When i took it back to them i found that the shop was closed for renovation and in the mean time tie problem still persisted and eventually the mobile stopped working and finally when the shop reopened today when i took it to them they were very rude and told me that it was not their concern and if i had any problems i could take it to the Nokia service centre..and when i bought the mobile they promised the earth and said that the insurance would cover everything and they would handle everything..They are definetly big cheats

my phone name nokia 3110 my phone does n t switch on my phone board is damage
dear customers,

sorry for replying late for all the comments, i had left my mail id in this blog for all the customers who facing any service or staff issues and i was hoping that those who had problems will mail me and i would have solved the issue 110% guaranteed.

Anyways - coming back to the point of clarification - "that we sell fake handsets and insurance is " - I still standby the comments i had made earlier that WE DO NOT SELL FAKE HANDSETS, ALL HANDSETS SOLD IN SANGEETHA ARE 110% GENUINE AND ORIGINAL which are purchased from the national distributer. just because the handset has few problems it doesnt mean that it is FAKE. any and every electronic item doesnt come with a guarantee, it comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty only, and any one facing any issue with the handset within 48hrs of purchase can visit the retailer and exchange the handset immediately and any fault after the 48hrs period should be taken to the nearest service centre of the manufacturer, and then after submitting the unit to the service centre you may take the jobsheet number and send it to our outlet or [protected] and then we shall escalate the issue to the top brand manager and get it resolved ASAP. this is the simple procedure that we follow.

my question here for all the customers who have mentioned "that the handsets are fake in sangeetha "- how come you have decided such a big decision that we sell fake handsets? by without even confirming from the service centre or supplier or retailer how can anyone come to a conclusion that the handsets are fake???? does it mean that all genuine handsets sold in other retailers are original because they dont have problems? are the handsets sold with guarantee instead of warranty in other places?

coming back to the insurance point - we have settled claims not only in records 72hrs time but also in just 30mins time frame for a lot of customers who have also been interviewed in radio city and have appreciated us by giving us sweet boxes, especially the poor people who wouldnt have afford to buy another new handset after they lost the handset, we @ sangeetha have bought a smile on these faces by providing timely support. i agree that sometimes it gets delayed as there is documents and process and verification by insurance agents is involved, but these issues can also be sorted out if you mail or escalate the issue to the higher concerned if the store incharge is not taking any action. our support mail id and contact details are given in the website. i get good feedback as well as bad feedback from many customers every day to my mail id, and i persnally make sure to solve them immediately 110% guaranteed.

i hope i have clarified your doubts, if you still have any then please write to - [protected] - the issues will be sorted out immediately and you will be satisfied with the feedback and i hope that you will also post the same good satisfactory feedback in this same blog after my escalation.

thanks and regards,

ali .

Regional Purchase Manager.
Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt.Ltd
Hi Mr. Ali,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Sangeetha mobile folks for your very active involvement. I am really happy that, my problem has got resolved within the mater of 4-5 hours; I appreciate the effort you guys have put in for the customer satisfaction. Keep it up

Story behind the issue
When I have the issue, I tried to call the Valacherry outlet, I could not able to catch them due to some connectivity issues, then I searched in the Google and got the site ( Where some discussion is going on about Sangeetha mobile reliability, when I read those comments I was bit concerned, But I have seen Mr. Ali himself has replied / clarified the doubts and gave the required mail id’s for contact.
When I see Mr. Ali’s replay I got some breath and send the mail to him about my issues, next 10th minute I received a call from Valacherry outlet from Mr. Murali. He told me that my issues will be resolved today itself, as he said my problem has got resolved in the same day. Thanks Murali

Special thanks to Zen mobiles for their quick response and support, this is a great mobile having a good functionality within the small budget, my suggestion for Zen X450 mobile should have the PC connectivity since it is supporting 8 GB memory. There is no sense if you don’t have the PC connectivity. Hope they will take care of the future products. Anyway thanks for the active support.

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