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[Resolved]  Nokia — Nokia care centre

Respected Sir,

I have Mobile Nokia set of 3510 (i). I had purchased one Nokia battery from Nokia Care Jabalpur on 30.10.06 which is numbered BLC-2 (3.6 V) JSR 0906 made in Hungary. The dealer told me that it was manufactured in the year 2006. He gave me the warranty of six months in written bill. Recently I checked the battery and found that it is made on date 09.01.2002. I paid Rs. 750/- for the battery. I feel that the Nokia care has cheated me. He signed on the battery and marked the date 30.10.06 manually in ink. When I contacted the firm he told me, “I am unable to help you. You may lodge my complaint in Nokia Company”. The address of the Nokia Care is as under:
Nokia care
Shop No. 9, Rattan Market, Marhatal, Opp. Guru Nanak Girls School, Jabalpur
Phone No.[protected]
These kinds of act has not only harassed me but also defamed your good prestige in market. It would be appreciated an appropriate action against the said dealer who has malice intention and misbehaved with us.
Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(G. P. Gupta)
Mob. [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I bought my nokia 6085 last three months but within one month i faced a problem in its display the display is not working properly i gave my phone to sanger telecom to be repaired for last one month they comment that service center people saying that they are not responsible i have three nokia sets 1600;7610;6085 i am suffering because i trust your company ,your product, your costumer-care center, we have now decided to go in a consumers court this is only the last try made by us. We hope u will act on this complaint letter. I am a bank manager in a punjab national bank and i know how to deal with these people. This is my first and last letter. My son write this letter because he say the company is good. If you do not take action there will soon come a notice from court. I bought nokia 6085 from "sanger telecom tanda hoshiarpur.pin144204 . My landline no is[protected] and cell no [protected] '[protected] . I will go in court next week. If you do not take action on this complaint within a month.
i bought my phone (5700) last month but within a month i faced a problem in its rotation part. i gave my phone to be repaired or replaed for last 17 days but nokia -people are saying as any component is not available they can't repair the phone as well as the phone is repairable, they also can't replace the phone
i borrow my friend's phone as i don't have my phone with me.

i spend my 12449 rupees for nothing ....................... and even i am suffering becasue i trust on this product.
now please guide me what should i supposed to do

NOKIA, 3230 — Not working properly

my cell phone is not working properly, I would like to have the head office address which is located at Nodia. By which I can go for futher details , I would very appriciate on it.
I am Nagamani, me and my husband purchased the Nokia handset 6300 on 28/07/2007 and the IMEI No. [protected] on 23/11/2007 my handset suddenly switched off.
I thought low batter I charged 2 to 3 hrs but my set was not getting on. So on 24/11/2007 we gave this handset to your authorized service center at SANMAN MOBILE, No. 21/1, Sanman Complex, 1st Main Road, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore – 560022, Ph:[protected]. I was following up with the customer care about my handset, later on 30/11/2007 I visited your website with my job sheet no.[protected]/071124/27, I got the report as “Repaired-Closed” immediately I contacted the service center that my set is ready. One person from service center collected my set from the L3 office on 30/11/2007. I got this information because I was following up with them to get my set, as I required my set urgently. By evening same day service center’s person called my husband and informed I got the set, so my husband requested please call back as soon as u reach the shop. He called at 6.55 PM by the time we pickup the call he disconnected, again we called the Person who called from the service center Mr. Irfan (M): [protected] to stay back 5 minutes we are in the same locality. He answered very harshly that no it is not possible to stay even 1 minute as the is till 6.30PM. Inspite requesting he was not ready to stay, so my husband went on 1/12/2007 to collect the set.
At that time the handset is accepting HUTCH connection but not any other connection. Immediately my husband informed me regarding this and I spoke to customer care and the answer I received my your customer care is that it is not possible so lodged the complaint No. 2-2nkbzp on 1/12/2007 at 4.00 PM and to wait till Wednesday, 5/12/2007 that Mr. Irfan is playing around. My husband did not take delivery of the set and gave back the set for repair. The Job sheet no. was same. I am following up with the customer care and they tell that this set was not received by them and in service center Mr. Irfan tells us that he has send the set to L3 office. Again I called on 07/12/2007 to your customer care they require another 5 days to repair. After 5 ie., on 13/12/2007 I called to customer care they told to collect the set from the service center and when I called to service center the answer I received is that my set was scraped and I will be getting new set ie., after 15 days. But till now no response. NOKIA IS WORST & I DON’T KNOW LEAST WORD THAN THIS.

I had purchased (gold)3230 mobile (IMEI no. [protected]) at Sangli of Pune Zone, on[protected].
Since my mobile handset is giving joy stick (key pad)problem during operating; I had given it for the servicing at NOKIA Care (Job sheet No:[protected]/080222/7), Shree communication, shop no. 1/2, yeshogita building, near matre bridge, yerdawana, pune on[protected] and after a 15 days gap they called me to collect my mobile. when i riched at nokia care to collect my mobile, i have seen that they were giving me damaged scratchy panel, used piece (black3230)and told that your mobile is replaced due to mother bord problem. But i had gave my mobile for Joystick operating problem(this is mechanical damage not hardware issue).
I refused to take it and asked about the new ones and at least my original mobile handset, which was 100 times best than that old handset. It is also very surprised that they don’t know where my handset went… this is the panic situation of mine I sincerely requesting you kindly look in to this and expedite matter, thinking You In My Position and arrange my own mobile handset or any new mobile, as it is under warranty.considering my original handset damaged, misplaced by NOKIA or whatever u understand. Kindly do the needful and oblige.
we also called to Nokia care [protected], but yet not get the response. if soon i will not get the response, i will definately go throw CONSUMER COURT.
Thanking you very much
I have given my Nokia Bluetooth "BH-200" on 3rd Mar, 08 at Nokia Care Star Mobitel pvt Ltd, South extention, part-1. for replacement as that was not working properly for which Job sheet no.[protected]/080303/9..
I was supposed to got that before 18 march, 08..however till today I hav'nt got that back while I have visited that place more than 4 times but still each time Staff people talk rudely and ask to come next week...This is pathetic and poor services.. I am using Nokia products more than 5 years..but this is really a bad experience..Does it really take this much time???Moreover I bought that on 10th feb, 2008 that means I hardly used that bluetooth for 20 days only and now Its more than 1 month but not getting replaced.Please suggest
I had taken a N7OM on 25 JAN 08 for 10000/- but it started giving me problem after 40days. My hand set often hang and it started working properly after removing the bettery.All the files in folder were missing and it shows no files.Again i laod all the files but after some days it appears no files found.It happens of because of regular hang of the phone.I gave it to nokia care for 4times, but the same problem is existing and they are keeping the set for month and month.I want a replaced hand set because they are just temporarly finding out the solution but i want a permanent solution.Otherwise i will file a consumer case on nokia.I am suffering because i trust the product

nokia-6300;Hungary — i lost my set

respected sir ;
Iam JERIN from kerala, I lost my phone 2 weeks before .I wanted to block the set.For that what are procedure i need to follow .

Nokia/ Nokia 3230 Mobile Set — Cheating and Non repairing the set properly

Dear Sir/ Madam

One year back I purchased a Nokia Phone 3230 on the First Day It became blank display I requested them to change the set but they did not. After one year another problem occurred with the set that cost nearly 450 - 600 rupees. I submitted the set at Behala Nokia Care on 31.01.2008 they told me I will get back my set within 7 days. But in the mean time they have damaged the Display section again till today they are not in a position to repair the set nor they are arranging something to get back my set in a proper way and in a proper manner. Last two days back they (behala Nokia Care Centre at Kolkata) informed me that they can return the set but they will not take care of the "blank display problem" that means the display will be blank or no display within even seven days.

I contact so many times at Bangalore to solve the problem. And they did not take any care of that. One more point is that they tampered in the receipt writing by their own handwriting using another ink. They are trying to return the set with a Blank Display problem which was not occurred by me and also the problem is not rectifiable by others and if it is rectifiable then it will make a high cost.

Now my appeal is to you that the problem which is not occurred by me why and how I should pay for that.

I will also send the last letter which I sent to them along with the Original and tampering receipt for your kind perusal.

Hirak Chatterjee
15/8, Biren Roy Road (EAst)
Kolkata - 700 008

Nokia 3230 — Mobile is not working properly.

Dear Sir,
I bougt Nokia 3230 mobile phone from a shop in cash after 3 month in that mobile light got slow then i talk to that shop owner about this problem, he said that i am shopowner what can i do? Then i went to lucknow (UP, India) Care center for getting my mobile repaired. They did so but after 4 months mobile started fluctuation than i went to Kanpur (UP, India) for getting my mobile repaired. They recieved that mobile but after 15 days they were begging Rs. 4000 for repairing. Then i did not recieved and i denied for giving so much money becoz my mobile was in under warranty in that period.
Please tell me that what should i do?
Waiting for ur kind response.

corporate plan- vodafone — no clearity of voice and connectivity in market area of akola

i am using vodafone no [protected]. till may the connectivity and voice of the mobile connection was good. Recently the voice clearity and connectivity is worst. I am complaint in the vodafone office but the responce is not good. please do the needful immediately
i had bought nokia n-72 on 15th nov in 2007. this year on 15th of july i got a problem in disply. then i took it to the nokia care & they repaired it within 10 days. after 5 days it started with the same problem like auto switch of switch on etc. i took it to nokia care again & asked for replacement. i got replaced phone on 1st of sep. but the problem started again withen a week like no audio. auto switch on auto switch off etc. i submited again on 11th of sep & asked for replacement. i got a replaced phone on 27th of oct after 45 day & same day it got switch off. beacuse of this i am not in touch with my friends & i lost all my phone numbers.please suggest what should i do?
i have Bought Nokia 1650 on 27/07/2008 there is a defect in the product for that i have visted nokia care 6 times stillits problem not Solved... When i had bn 7th time they have taken My Mobile they told within 10 to 15 days they wil inform Me i had submited this han set in Koramangala on22/oct /2008 Samvaradhi technologies...
i am ramesh from jodhpur.i bought phone some problem swich off, dont flace, hang, speaker problem i say to nokia care and he say to me send this phone in company i asked him how many time u will take then he say to me we will take 15 days and ok plz write me this talk you give my phone after 15 days he dont write.i have very big problem plz tell me what i do



NOKIA-5220 Express Music — Not returning the phone after repairing since last 1 month.

I had submitted my Nokia phone 5220 Express Music to Nokia care RDC Raj Nagar Ghaziabad on 22 nd December 08.They said it had the problem of some IC.They said it would be returned on 29 th December 08 but havn't done it so far.
These people give 1 year of warranty out of which they have kept the mobile for more than one month with them only and havn't returned it till today 27th jan 09.
Please see to my complaint.
I bought my nokia phone Nokia 5220 on 5nov08 IMEI numbre is [protected], after 15 days it was keeping hanging and memory status it was showing full as enough memory was there . than again it started and suddenly one day again it got hang so i switched off the phone and when i tried to restarted it was not getting switch on gave the message contact service. i send my cell to customer care by one of my friend in delhi they took it for one day but it was not done i kept it as it is and went to customer service of nokia on 7jan08 in agara sanjay place brance they gave me the assurance that it will be done in another 15-20 days and provided me the date of 27jan08 in mean time i called up to customer service to know the status and told them please get it done on time. so now the date comes i got call and they people told me that we are not able to give your phone today as still we do not recived that from company so i have giving them my opinion to replace my phone i need my cell back in one day otherwise day after tommarow i am going to consumer court and i will mean it if i don't get my cell replaced . i have written proof with me that i am going to get my phone back on 27jan08. this time i request you people to send my phone back or replace my phone i do not want to hassel you and myself a lote.

Thanx and regards
Preeti saxena

respected sir,
i rouf ahmad bhat from kashmir want to bring your kind attention towards that i have booked my nokia 5610-d bearing IMEI NO [protected] and warrenty refrence no APAINY[protected] AT EEM ESS NOKIA CARE PATIALA. always my phone is given back to me without any proper repairment. lot of problems are associated with myb phone . kindly look for the metter

I bought Nokia N-73 mobile in june 2008 from Mumbai. Since then it always had lot of issues.

It has been swap two times. It was in Nokia care centre for 5-6 times but I am still facing the same issues.

1) Battery Power ( Fully charged, It gets discharge in 7-8 hours )
2) Camera Issue ( I am not able to take any pictures from Primary camera )

My mobile has spent more days in Nokia Care centre than with me.

I am waiting for your response after that i have no choice left then to go to consumer court.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Kumar
I am Shailesh Toshniwal, I had purchased Nokia 5310-M Red MD. ( Music Express ) mobile (IMEI no.[protected] ) From M/s Rohit Electronics, Akola Bill no. 7686 dt. 08/12/08.
Since 01/06/2009 1 ) My mobile handset was automatically loose pasted body plate for music system control left side on the body 2) wright sound control button were totally close 3) key pad no. 7, 8, 9 fully not working. I wanted to give it for the servicing and repairing at NOKIA Care, ( Mr. Ajay Taori ), Infront of Dhabekar House, Ratanlal plot, Civil line, Akola. But when i was be there for complaint . Owner and staff of Nokia Care told me that Handset were damaged . And hence they wanted to collect my mobile with instruction that handset is damaged. I refused and told him that if handset is damaged then pls write and define instruction on Job Sheet how can this is damaged. They told that it is not the procedure to define all this on job sheet we only write damaged and you may signature on Job sheet. I refused and I saw that many other customers also having same type of problems hence I called to local popular media Chenel and on the same day all the interviews of customer and mine telecast. I find out that many other 5310 handset also had same problem. I like i collected two another customer having same problem within 30 min. of my presence their . Like 1) Savatram Polymar IMEI no. [protected] purchased from Rohit Electronics, akola dt. 22/01/2009. 2) C.A. Niraj Rathi . operating problem(this is mechanical damage not hardware issue).
This is the panic situation of mine I sincerely requesting you kindly look in to this matter, thinking You In My Position and arrange my own mobile handset or any new mobile, as it is under warranty.considering my original handset damaged. Kindly do the needful and oblige.
we also called to Nokia care [protected], but yet not get the response. if soon i will not get the response, i will definately go throw CONSUMER COURT.
Thanking you very much

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