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[Resolved]  Pranit happy homes — Not as per Specifications

Dear Sir,

I have taken a 3 BHK flat in Pranith Happy Homes, The Nest, Kukatpally near to JNTU. They have promised to handover flat same as per the Model flat and given speficiations. The same specifications of construction mentioned at the time of registration. But now they are offering poor quality of tiles, kitchen acceseraries ..etc. If I go as per my interest they will offer very very less price than market value of it which may cost more than 1 laksh rupees in flat itself. And we are not sure the facilities they will provide in Club house, Swimming pool etc. Could you please suggest how to get the right justice.

Thanks in advance.

Flat owner of E-Block, Pranith Nest
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I agree with you venkat - even i'm one of the owner of same venture and wanted raise voice. we have some owner group going on, may be we can all plan for some meeting with the Director of the project and than proceed further. This way it should better us more. For more details mail to [protected]
yes I Saswsat Das (B 203) was looking for similar type of group to raise our voices. definitely we will meet and let's meet at the earliest, by this saturday.My email id is [protected] If needed will go to court. no issues and we will come together before it is too late. i will feel cheated in some way. When I registerd my 2 bedroom flat they are was paper attached to it saying that the flat will be handed over in 5 months, but later I found out the paper is missing from there. When I contacted, i got different verses from different people. Same was case for flat owner Mr. Nagendra of B-303.
Please call me any time at [protected].

Yes ... this is true ... going by Kalyan Reddy's words he seemed as if he is a genuine person but he has come as another Harshad Mehta.

He promised with best quality ... but the construction quality is damn bad.
He told us that the Tiles and everything will be similar to Model House. But the tiles he is providing is off Railway Station or off Hospital Quality ... which would cost a very minimal price for him... when i went and asked him he said the tiles in the Model House are not available now, it seems they have imported from China etc ... but the same is available in Kajaria and Johnson Companies which is costing around Rs 50 per sft. But in turn he is giving us Rs 18 per sft as reimbursement ... what a CROOK he is ...

Even the Main Door Lock is off waste ...even if he has given us the GODREJ company ... the main door lock which he is providing us is actually called Night Latch which is used for Balcony... which is very Risky especially for people who have KIDS at there home ...if you step out of the house and don't have a KEYS with you ... if the door closes because of WIND or something ...then you are screwed...

Did you people notice the Flooring Tiles ... they are the worst and they are off the CHEAPEST quality he could have got from the market ... the broucher clearly states that he is going to provide tiles EQUIVALENT to Johnson Tiles

Let see what he is going to do for the rest of the things like Windows ... Bath Fittings etc...

Let us join hands and show him that we are no FOOLS to bear all this !!!.
Everything we understood so far is utter true about the bad quality of the materials builder is providing.
But how long we will keep on writing in forums. Let's share our conact no.s do the things fast.

S. Das

Every thing is true and the venture not at all looks like promising venture. Including wood work and otherstuff the 2bhk 1285sft will cost aroung 40L which is very very high in that area. Now he is sending emails to all the owners to pay service tax of 4.12 % which is around 1.40 Lakhs for 2bhk flat. And also in the registration the flat cost is mentioned as 10 lakhs where as the original cost is 30 Lakhs. So for the extra 20 lakhs they are asking to pay VAT extra. so totally apart from 4 Lkahs amenties cost we have to more than 2 lakhs for these.Normally the builder will pay the service tax and will give us the receipt. And also it is not there in the agreement to. When i asked about the hidden costs while purchasing the flat last year, he told no hidden cost except registration cost. But now he is asking us to pay all these even tough they are providing the very poor quality.

I think it is better to stay in a good luxury gated community house for rent which will cost 15K than paying 40L for 2bhk for this flat that in that area without street lights and worst condition of roads.

I am thinking to ask the builder to take my house and i am going to stop paying the EMIs..Bcoz 40L is tto much for 2bhk in that area.I am ready to lose the interest i paid during this one year than taking the heavy burden in the long run on my shoulders during recession period especially.

If things are better we can look to buy a new one ine the year after Telangana report.

Lets plan for a meeting for action plan.

You can call me on [protected]

Guys we need to rethink what we are discussing here. few things that we discussed here are genuine and few of them are needed attention to wait and watch like the roads and street lights which are not there, but yet to come(bcs these are part of the final phase before the delivery). So we should not bring those right now. We have to keep patience and take decision after having a discussion altogether. We are planning to meet at noon at the premise on 14th nov. please be there to be part of the discussion.

Saswat Das
Please go thru the link regarding service tax.
Hi All,
Iam also facing the same issue.He promised doors for all rooms and including pooja also but now he is saying it is not possible also many issues like flooring sand was replaced with dust later i rejected and they came back and done with sand.Also tiles clours are worst colors and also my house main door was poor finishing I asked hime to replace but the workers are not listening or some stories.I feel like the labour are asking for bribes from owners I would request all owners pls dont bribe them.If you need any thing replaced Pls ask our ramreddy/rangareddy/Ashok they will get it done but sooner or late but will get it done
Please share this information of great construction company "Pranith Happy Homes" to all IT people who can easily cheated by Builders. The persons like Kalyan Reddy who started first venture 'The Nest' is 'The Worst' constuction of books in city for history.

Kalyan Reddy - U may not cheat people for ever...and pls try to do the best by removing 10 Cores margin from ur mind set. U can adjust profit margin and earn it later..U can't remove bad name as a Worst Builder u got it and will never go. See all the top builders first few ventures which are still in good books.
Dear Customer,


After observing how a well intentioned diwali greetings group
mail to all flat owners can be used to distort facts and spread
speculation by a few of my customer friends against our[your] project
“The Nest”, I present our point of view as below.

From very begining, for clarity sake we have displayed all materials
and their models in our office with their descriptions for all those
materials finalised till that point of the time for the project. As
and when we selected a new material for the project, we promptly added
that to this displayed list. Almost all major specs like
electrical, plumbing, floortiles, jaguar and hindware bathroom
fittings[with models], switches, aluminium windows and French
door, locks, doors, granite for kitchen and etc are there from the very
beginning and you would have noticed that there is absolutely no
change in these materials while executing the same in your respective

We have selected bathroom tiles on an assumption that white and dark
combinations would generally have more takers than any typical
patterns and styles. Accordingly some white/dark colours of Bathroom
tiles are selected and added to this display 6 months back and since
then and till today we are adding new customers to the project after
they have gone through these material displays. As bathroom tiles
involve different colors, styles and patterns, it is impossible to
satisfy all customers in any given project to opt for the company
choosen ones. Bathroom tiles is one area where strong personal tastes
and customisation come into play in any project[be low end or high
end].you may recall that a number of you have personally enquired with
me whether they can change the model apartment bathroom tiles thinking
it is going to be standard for the project[especially the yellow
tiles]. Also please note that all the bathroom floor tiles we used for
the project are antiskid unlike the model apartment where they are
normal. The company from which we have procured the said tiles is
“somany” and not any cheap china or local source.

Even though a lot of you are aware of the following ways in which we
have exceeded our own specifications for the project, for those who
are not aware I am presenting some of them below

[1] Vizag steel has been used for the foundation structure instead of
the less expensive local steel
[2] ACC concrete [much respected name for concrete in India] has been
used for the project instead of less expensive local alternatives
[3] used 3 times more expensive and ultimate in quality Saint Gobain
wall putty instead of luppam for all the internal wall foundation
works when we have promised luppam in our specifications
[4] used all teakwood shutters for all the main doors when we have
promised only the frames [costs at least 2.5 times more]
[5] Used extremely superior quality Masonite doors for indoors instead
of flush doors mentioned in the specifications [costs at least 2.5
times more]
[6] Provided Godreg locks for all internal doors including bathroom
doors instead of the local locks [costs at least 3 times more]

Recently after the said diwali greetings group mail to all of you,
select few are using the same to spread the following speculation
among customers

[1] Whether we are going to stick to the same specifications for the
bathroom and kitchen fittings?

The very reason why we have put displays is to ensure that these specs
are frozen long back and come what may they wouldn’t be changed [if
we have bettered specs on those things which you cannot see like
steel, concrete, putty and etc voluntarily will there be any chance for
things we have publicly displayed?]

[2] on service tax

Till recently Nationwide there was confusion and debate among Service
tax department, Builders lobby, customers and the Govt regarding the
applicability of service tax to the housing sector.After recent court
cases, cabinet notes and clarity from the service tax department, we
were asked to pay service tax immediately and we complied.Statutaroy
Govt obligations like Registration charges, stamp duties, VAT and
Service tax are in customers purview.we have been making these things
clear to our customers from the very begining except for the service
tax, because for service tax the clarity was arrived at only recently.
The details of our service tax remittences and service tax consultants
opinion are available in our office for your reference.Also please
note that not a single paise of these service tax payments would come
to us and go directly to the Govt.

[3] Quality of the project has gone down suddenly because we couldn’t
satisfy some on colours and patterns of bathroom tiles

A project would have roughly 400 different materials and bathroom
tiles are one of them and constitute less than 1% in terms of project
costing. So if somebody concludes that project quality is synonymous
with bathroom tiles appeal, then it can only be because of their

[4] Whether clubhouse be done and would they give the facilities

Clubhouse is completed longback and again clearly it is a speculation
and imagination that we don’t give facilities. How I wish these people
visit site regularly to take note of the progress like swimming pool
and etc

[5] Godrej main door locks are not children friendly

How I wish they have noticed the safety latch that comes with these
locks [after all these are made by Godreg with more than 100 years
experience in locks]

Likewise there are some other speculative assumptions which I think
these select customers could have easily clarified with the site
engineers and procurement people. Instead they choose to imagine.
Please remember that the project is a physical thing and no aspect of
it can be hidden here. For some of the materials we have selected
lately for the project please contact Me and don’t take anybody’s
guess in the site as confirmation

Works at the project are severely hampered in the last four months
because of heavy rains, non availability of materials like sand,
bricks, tiles and etc.labour availability and productivity also has
been a major issue and I don’t have to stress on these issues because
in Hyderabad all of you have experienced the effect in some way or the
other. There are times when we have even procured sand from Chennai at
almost 3 times the normal cost to make some progress. Some of you who
have visited the site in the last few months would have noticed that
we were at the site everyday despite challenging circumstances
supervising to drive up some work. You can even today notice at the
site paint stains caused by unexpected rains ruining before day’s
work. These are only some of the examples and don’t capture our true

I would like to bring to your notice that today we are operating under
toughest costing conditions. The average realization cost per sft for
us today is dangerously close to our cost price and cost escalations
of around 15% in the last 2 months only make things worse.
You are all aware that almost all projects in Hyderabad ranging from
reputed builders to small builders are running behind their schedule
by years and not in months and definitely not for the climatic
reasons.Eventhough we don’t compare ourselves with them, the least
that we expect from these select few customers is to understand the
circumstantial compulsions we are operating under.

Possession notice

Please be informed that possession for the project would start from
January, 26, 2011.we plan to handover 10 flats per day after
completing the formalities. The entire possession for the project
would approximately take 30 days. I request you to be in touch with Mr
Easwar Prasad [PH [protected], EMAIL—[protected]] of our
office to book your possession day. Please note that the accounts have
to be settled at least 10 days before possession. Please be informed

[1] Some of you are not done with your internal modifications and
changes yet. I request those of you to rush and complete the same
proactively as soon as possible to help us hand you your flat in time
[2] Those of you who haven’t paid their proportional share to do the
same immediately to avoid delayed possession of their flats
[3] infrastructure for the project like
electricity, borewater, sewerage plant, plumb
lines, security, clubhouse, lifts, generators and etc would be completed
at least a week before possession. We are planning to finish the
manjeera [drinking water] lines also within this deadline, in the
worst case scenario where lines are not ready before possession; we
undertake to supply water through tankers/mineral water plant at our
cost till such lines are laid. Also please note that as promised, if
the roads aren’t repaired before possession by the Government, we
undertake to repair/relay the same to the extent possible.
[4] We would nominate a facilities management company [for
maintenance] by possession date to oversee project and take care of
its infrastructure at your cost.
[5] Even though we give possession after numerous checks of critical
aspects like finishes, bathrooms, water, plumbs and etc, we will keep
our maintenance team at site for a period of 2 months after possession
to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Best Regards
Ashok Bobba
Purchase and Project manager
"The Nest"
Hi Ashok,
Greetings! Thanks for your detail conviencing mail. Hope you have got approval mail from ur MD and pls share the follwing complaints list and do the needful.

First of all let make clear few things on the complaints parts. You have given in detail about the walls and steel u have used. We never complained on walls and putties.

The complaints starts from the flooring. let us phrase as follows.

1. You have promised us the tiles of Johson or Equalent quality as mentioned in Model Flat. Except wood work all the things given same as model flat. Why you are not able to keep promising words. The cost of flooring tiles of Johnson is 500/- Rs where as u have given 220/- Rs. and Bath tiles of 50/- which you are giving us 18 / - Rs.

2. You have displayed the Sink (Kitchen) in office is different from the model flat which will make 6000/- Rs difference in cost.

The Granite flat form is same as in model flat then why your site enginerring are saying need to pay extra cost?

3. Internal modifications requried because o[censored]r stupid arcitecuture. Did ever seen any apartment where pillars will come in middle instead of in same with walls. but u have planned like that. For which we can't do any thing but atleast we will ask few modifications on electic works.

4. Why pooja door is not fixed ..?

5. Internal doors are flush doors only and if are OK to join with owners we will open any one of door and see interal stuff of the same for your knowledge.

6. This is not a speculation mail, this is the mail on Fact Sheet of 'The Nest' Venture.This mail floats in all IT companies and flat owners are experessing the view of poor quality stuff which are mentioned as examples .

7. Other builders will give atleast 75 to 90 % what they have shown in model flat where as you people are giving 20 to 25 % quality of model flat and hence don't bother on delay part as u r make big margin in it.

8. Yes, u can sold even with the displayed tiles of bath room because you are selling now 1700/- per sqaure feet. Please let us know i[censored] can able to sell us the flat which we brought at that time of commitment ( 2200 to 2400 Rs) we are ready to re-sell for 2100/- rs per square feet .
yes agree, with other owners.
Ashok Reddy ...why are you now making all kind of excuses which the fact is that the quality is not really met in practical.

1. Regarding Bathroom Tiles ... i know that you people cannot meet everybody choice. But atleast the tiles given should be of good range. Every branded products have all ranges from the lowest to the highest.
You choose for the lowest in the Somany.

You could have got the same tiles which you had placed in the Model house. Why did you change the tiles at FIRST place.

2. Why are you now giving the MARVEL company sink in kitchen ... why you people have showed up Nirali in your Model House.

3. The Flooring Tiles are no where near or equivalent to Johnson Tiles.
The Floor Tiles provided by you are of the lowest in the market i believe.

4. The dust was used in laying the tiles ... according to Government Norms ... you should have atleast some sand involved in it ... Why is Ashok Reddy delayed his flat (D-201) and getting the tiles layed with Sand along with Cement.

5. The Labour used were of low grade ... they are not at all skilled workers.

6. Why was there a change in the Kitchen Granite Slab ... the Model house was installed with JET BLACK granite which is much costlier than what they are providing and Common Area (Corridor) granite are of cheap cost granites.

Pranith Flat Owner ... lets not bear all this FRAUD and file up a Public Litigation Case with the Court
and let the Pranith Developers give us the compensation to all flat owners.
Hi no postings, is everyone happy with venture and ready to pay what he was asking us to pay(like service tax etc..) for the poor quality(like tiles, sink etc..) project.Kalyan Reddy(Paneeth Home director) is one one of the big fraud. we shall keep on posting in the websites, we dont meet so that kalyan will be the most happiest person and we will be the fools.
Yes we need to file a pition on him, I am planning to go to human rights and will file case saying that he was not giving flat and not even payng the rent.if you people are afraid of going to court atleast support the guys who are planning to do. please plan we shall meet..don't delay.
Total Kalyan Reddy is a big fraud. As per his talking he does not want to continue in the real estate business and make huge profit of the current venture and leaves this industry.
This venture itself is big fraud.If you see the swimming pool in the club house, that is smaller than even the fish pond. Even children cannot swim in that. This venture will take another 6 months to complete.He keep on saying the completion date from november..but same status and same dust. There are no sufficient workers also.
He is very confident the we will not join hands to ask him about the quality and the additional cost he has put on us.We are empty vessels we make noise only on web.
Is anybody planning to file Petition again Pranith Happy Homes ... lets file a Public Petition and write a letter with the signatures of all the Flat Owners and go the A.K. Khan (DIG) or atleast go to news channels like TV9 ... this will atleast show the world that how the builders are cheating public in open.

I think TV9 is the best option to drag these people to streets ...
Does anybody know TV9 or NTV or ETV2 etc ... lets not delay and show them
I am very happy with "Pranit happy homes", all the queries that i have are resolved.

Possession date is also confirmed.

Don't just spread the words...

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