Samsung Juicer Mixer Grinder — fraud products are coming using samsung name

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i Purchase a proudct Juicer Mixer Grinder from a person, he says that he is a truck driver of samsung. For their expenses they sell some products like that. he showed me samsung juicer mixer grinder cost around Rs.4200.

the total package is samsung box. and samsung warranty card, samsung mixy , no one can't believe it is a fraud product, he said that we are giving at half of the price, finally he said that i will give u at a cost of Rs. 1500 .

i bought that as a middle class person, it comes as cheap by price. after he left, i come to know there is no cleaning brush in the box as it is mentioned in booklet.

when i gone to purchase that one, i come to know there is no such mixer grinders from Samsung.
then i come to know, i got cheated.

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I've got the message that I won 900.000 pounds O.o for 71 anniversary (I've got the same problem as others - I think this is a scam). So can you tell me the real truth did I really won or they are lying to me?

Samsung — scam

i hate getting fooled always by such stupid people who try to hold our backs. i wish these kind of people sould never be there. really we can become !

Samsung — fraud message

Today i got a message by saying that i won £800,000 pounds from nokia promo. I checked on net about this. Luckily came to know that it was a scam. Somebody should action angainst this.
we also had the same experience today. But we didnt buy the juicer as the logo of the Samsung is not correct. and the mixer jar is very flimsy, whereas Samsung products will be sturdy. Thank God we escaped from cheaters like this.
just now these guys came home in Tirupati. he explained about the product and told the same story that they are truck drivers and wanted to sell in half price for their expenses on the way. i could make out the plastic of the mixer it was so cheap quality and surely not a product from a big brand like SAMSUNG. some how my intuition was right, it was cheating. good that we didnt buy the product
thank you so much friends, today the same persons came to my house to sell the same product and i searched in the internet and i saw your message and i got aware that these fellows are cheaters .

I want to send him so I asked the product for rs 500 and he took the product and went away .

Thank you so much !!!
I had incident on today, he is sold the same product in my home, I did a mistake, later on i searched the product in net, i got a message on this, He said " he will come again with another kind product like DVD.TV. Laptop..." Can you suggest me if he come again
dude he gave the nunber as:[protected], ,
i too was cheated, , with the simillar story said above...
today i found him in moggapair east near ambedkar ground chennai with the same truck driver selling samsung mixer he was trying to sell in a half price
I also experienced same incident... Be aware of them...
Thanks Buddy for posting the message same kind of person came to me today and as i was searching for the product on the net i didnt get any of the product like that as was searching got this post and i got save from the cheat .
Thank U Very much for beware us...!!!
Also I thing don't allow that type of persons to keep any thing in front of your house or don't purchase
any electronics goods...

u can purchase Sari or other thing like this...
But Don't purchase any kind of hardware goods like these...
We also had the same experience today[protected] by 1.00pm, 2 persons came near my house and dey told we came from punjab, we are a truck drivers, we bought this samsung mixer grinder from der and we have 1 piece left with us so we are givng it for half price, my husband told me dat dis is not a samsung product after seeing samsung logo in that catalouge and i thought to check once in net abt the product and price but i dint get any such products and i got this blog...Thank u for ur comments regarding dis fraud, ur comments help me from geting cheated ...

Even I experienced same today. Thank you very much for ur post
thanks ppl i read your post and decided not to take today they were selling in nalasopara, mumbai

thanks a lot!!!
oh god the same thing happen to me aswell... the truck driver all r same he given me for 1000 rupees... he said the same wat he told to u guys ... that he is a truck driver and all guys can ask u one thing is it working ... i mean the thinks u buyed
Today morning I was in a hurry to go office, mean time, 2 truck drivers came and asking for do you know hindi, then started showing their last piece of mixi grinder and in my home seeing that product attracted and tempted to buy. We too got cheated for Rs.1500/-. After searching in net I m depressed.
Oh. I have been cheated... I have purchased for INR. 1000 Samsung JMG. I though i saved[protected]= 3200.
Juicer, Mixer, Grinder, ... When we try to use mixer, it started burning.. some smoke is coming out of it.
Please don't try to purchase such fraud products.
THANKS YAAR you save me... just 5 minute before I MET THEM AND JUST FOUNDED YOUR COMPLIANT ... Phew.. the story they told was exact that you mentioned.. Surely got to know that they are the one .. And I saved being fooled... SO NO ULLU BANAYING :P
This post saved me too. This happened today 23rd June 2014 in the afternoon. They met my father outside our house and told him that they are dealers of Samsung and they had received an extra load of samsung Juicer mixer grinder and were selling the extras off at a huge discount at RS 1500 Instead of the actual Rs 4290 so my father asked him to come home and show the product. The moment I laid eyes on the pink samsung logo I knew something was wrong. It didnt have any model number and the product catalogue looked so cheap and the quality of the outer body of the grinder looked so cheap. So i decided to check online and came across this site. Thanx for the post.

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    Samsung Juicer Mixer Grinder - fraud products are coming using samsung name