Sharman Hospitality — Extremely Poor Service; full money not refunded

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Delhi, India
 Kanika Savara

This is to report the extremely poor customer service extended by Sharman Hospitality. they have been cheating customers from the very start by making false promises and also looting money from us.

We had an existing membership with Sharman based on which we were about to visit Manesar. At this time Sharman sold me a new membership (for additional cities) on the promise that entire money would be refunded if i was not happy and did not suit me. I had an extremely bad experience in my old membership with them which i have discussed below. Later when i wanted to cancel this new membership after seeing the poor service and really bad promoters (Preeti Sharman), they deducted cash from my amount while refunding.

Deduction was since Sharmans say service tax had already been deposited with Government on the new membership I took, so that amount would not be refunded. However, the service tax law clearly states that if money is received in advance, and service tax deposited, then such service tax could be refunded back (if services are not rendered), and hence returned to the customers. i would like my balance money back, and also want to press them for damages for the way Sharmans have behaved...I am describing my poor experience which I had at Felocity Resort, Manesar...

1. Used bed sheets
2. No towels!
3. No soaps
4. A really dirty swimming pool
5. AC wasn’t working
6. Hardly any food available – most of the dishes mentioned in the menu weren’t there
7. No electricity at night, generator didn’t work since it was raining heavily!
8. No one available at the reception
9. Complimentary drinks weren’t available, and were finally given after a long long time
10. Toilets were just not fully functional - No shower, toilet seat broken

Most important is that the people working there actually admitted to all these problems and agreed that the manager had left, and also there was a party earlier, so all lapses were happening...Despite this, we were ready to talk and discuss and sort out things, and get a refund of our fees for which we spoke to Sharman Hospitality... HOWEVER...the director of Sharman Hospitality, Preeti Sharman (and her entire team), was extremely rude to us and refused to believe that something was wrong even though the staff had admitted, she stopped taking our calls and shouted at us very rudely. THIS IS JUST NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE SHARMAN HOSPITALITY NEEDS TO FIRST UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF HOSPITALITY BEFORE BEING IN THIS BUSINESS...SHARMAN SHOULD REIMBURSE US FOR BALANCE MEMBERSHIP FEES AND ALSO THE DAMAGES WE SUFFERED DUE TO POOR SERVICE (when we were with 2 small children) AND THE WAY IN WHICH THEY HAVE RESPONDED TO US...
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Sabeel — Bad service

Hi ,

My mobile no : [protected] Last month bill its 60 rs extra already send mail to airtel they informed that they will
generate one more and send nin email ,But yesterday disconnected the line without information to the customer
when i called up customer care around 9.30PM Mr.uday he took my call i updated what happened he told we cant
activate first u have to make payment then i told hime to transfer the call to manager he put me on hold 50min and manually
disconnected the line this way of giving the support to the customer and disconnected i calling from STD booth i informed him
but uday line disconnected i[censored] want proof i have call recorded what conversationn going on yesterday
Today morning i have made the payment 1700rs ,till now my mobile not activated
i called up to customer care today morning 11.00am seema took his call and she told with in 4hrs it will activated
please make the activatation as as poosible

Thanks & Regards,

admitting poor people and making money — unnecessarily admitting poor people to make money

Please take this as a serious complaint about the Dr. Sonune which is located at yerwada bazaar ,JJ chambers.
unneccessarily admiting poor people.actually he is a MBBS and having a small clininc .of which is not allowed or as per the rules he is not authorized to admit any patients.but still he expects some poor people to apply (saline) to them for normal reason as well , for normal sick also he expects the patients to have a urine check up,blood testing and all

Please look into this very seriously as he has made the clinic very commerical as a business .which is not good.

Following are the details:
Dr Sonune
JJ chambers(Old chitra talkies),near bhaji mandai, yerwada bazaar ,
Yerwada ,pune 6
I was contacted by Sharman Hospitality by phone (Tele marketing)
What follows is the mail from them

from admin <[protected]>
to [protected]
date Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 5:24 PM
subject Security Letter of "Longitude-75" & Benefits of "Longitude-75"

hide details Jun 25
Dear Mr.Venkatesh P. Prabhu,

Greetings of the day from Sharman Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. !!!

We would like to welcome you to " Longitude-75"

We have charged Rs. 7, 575/- (Seven Thousand Five Hundered Seventy Five) as a one time annual membership fee for "Longitude-75" on dated 23rd June 2010.

Credit Card : 4477 / 4682 / 7445 / 3050

Expiry : 04 / 13

Please sign on the line below, as your authorization for charging your credit card and acceptance for the one time annual administration fee of Rs. 7575/-

Member's Signature:____________________________

Looking forward to a long & wonderful association with you!

Best Regards

Renu Pauriyal
Sharman Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.
E3/14, DLF Phase i
Contact:- [protected]
Email :- [protected]@sharmanhospitality

There was an attachment
Longitude 75 is an advantage card for Business / Leisure travelers valid in the under mentioned hotels:
S.N0 Hotels Address City
1 Ibis Sec 53, Gurgaon 122002 Gurgaon
2 Ibis Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune 411014 Pune
3 The Ambassador Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020 Mumbai
4 The Ambassador 30, Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai-600 008. Chennai
5 The Ambassador Jalna Road, CIDCO, Aurangabad-431 003. Aurangabad
6 North Park Near Ghaghar Bridge, Panchkula Chandigarh

Gift Vouchers:
Complimentary Night Stay Voucher Complimentary Night Stay Voucher 50% Discount -Accommodation
Quantity: 2(Two) Quantity: 1(One) Quantity: 7(Seven)

Terms & Condition Terms & Condition Terms & Conditions
Valid in all the associated hotels Valid in Chennai, Aurangabad, Pune &Chandigarh Valid in all the associated hotels
Accommodation for 2 people only Accommodation for 2 people only Accommodation for 2 people only
Inclusive of breakfast Inclusive of breakfast Inclusive of breakfast
Subject to availability Subject to availability Subject to availability
Prior reservations via the club office. Prior reservations via the club office Prior reservations via the club office.
Two voucher cannot be clubbed together Two voucher cannot be clubbed together Vouchers can be clubbed together

“Longitude 75” advantage card is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.
The Annual Fee is INR 7, 575/- (all inclusive) for an entire year.

For Details log on to:

For All Room Reservations contact [protected].

I realized that the claims made by them in the telecom did not match the document they sent. After due consideration this is what I replied

from Venkatesh Prabhu <[protected]>
to admin <[protected]>
date Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 3:08 PM
subject Re: Security Letter of "Longitude-75" & Benefits of "Longitude-75"

hide details Jun 26

I went through the benefit sheet and I do not think this offer is right for me. I am sorry I should have conveyed the same to you earlier. But, I was busy with some urgent assignments and did not find the time to do so.

I would appreciate if no further correspondence is made in this respect.

I have decided not to accept the offer with due consideration and I hope you will respect my decision.

Kind Regards

I got no reply…. So I contacted them again
from Venkatesh Prabhu <[protected]>
to admin <[protected]>
date Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 4:56 PM
subject Re: Security Letter of "Longitude-75" & Benefits of "Longitude-75"

hide details Sep 8

I have been waiting for the reversal for a long time now.

Please act swiftly on the same. The bank has already added an interest on the amount since you charged my CC without my confirmation.

Anticipating early action.

Kind Regards

In the mean time I received the vouchers and the card from them which I returned by courier with an enclosed letter.

They did not respond even to that

After calling them many times… I was told to talk to Mr. Karan who tried to convince me and said he would give me a better offer.
I said I could consider if the offer was good.
This is what they sent me…

from admin <[protected]>
to [protected]
date Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 6:15 PM
subject Benefits of New Package

hide details Sep 21

Dear Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu,

Greetings of the day fromSharman Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.!!!

Further your conversation with Mr. Karan please find below the new Package details.

The associated cities details are mentioned below:-


Please feel free to utilize your complimentry noight stay vouchers in above mentioned citites.

For details visit
For all reservation contact:-[protected]

Best Regards
Manager Operations
Sharman Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.
E3/14, DLF Phase-1

To which I replied

from Venkatesh Prabhu <[protected]>
to admin <[protected]>
date Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 1:33 AM
subject Re: Benefits of New Package

hide details Sep 22
can you please send me the MP3 of the telecon that happened earlier.

Kind Regards

Since I did not get any response.. I sent another mail

from Venkatesh Prabhu <[protected]>
to admin <[protected]>
date Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 11:31 PM
subject Re: Benefits of New Package

hide details Sep 22
Dear Mr Karan,

I have not received a reply to the mail I sent you yesterday requesting you for a copy of the recorded conversation between me and your representative where I confirmed the payment to be charged to my card.

I want it for reference.

Also I had asked you send me a fresh proposal and not just an informal mail. Please ensure that the new proposal includes all the terms and conditions of the membership.

Awaiting an early response.

Kind Regards

There has been no communication since…

I do not wish to make payment to such unprofessional people. What do I do now?



I would like to share some feedback for the Hotel.

Nagina Bagh, Ashok Marg
Ajmer - 342001, Rajasthan, India
Phone :[protected],2428479
Mobile :[protected]
Email : [protected] / [protected]

I had visited Ajmer on 29 Dec 2010 and had stayed in this hotel for 2 days with my family. The Bill Number is 24825.

However, the services and the facilities of this hotel was pathetic. I would specifically like to mention the 2 managers - Mr Arvind and Mr. Lobo who have not been helpful at all. Initially, looking at the site of the Hotel, it seemed impressive but the reality was a horror as the rooms were in deplorable condition. The washrooms were horrid and dirty with no hot water facility and leaking taps. The blankets provided were full of bed bugs which actually bit the folks and caused wounds. It was a nightmare. On top of it, Mr Arvind fooled us by stating that the Hotel has top of the art facilities etc. Mr. Lobo was rude and sarcastic and was NOT ready to listen to the complaints at all of the customer but rather mentioned that had it been the case then we should have informed earlier. It was really horrible as we had reached by car very late to Ajmer in the night and it was not possible for us with a baby to go hotel hunting at that odd hour of the night else we would have definitely done it. But yes, a lesson learnt is that one should never go by the website claims as it is all a big lie. Mr. Lobo should really be asked to leave as he does not fit the hospitality industry and should be in a job that requires one to be sarcastic, cunning and vile.

Make a note that in the night itself, it was complained to Mr. Arvind of all the above but he did nothing to fix it rather left after the night shift and mentioned that complete bill must be taken from the customer.

Also, the food served in the Hotel was really bad as my sister fell sick the same night and had loose motions for the whole day. She had to take medicines and also suffer a lot. It was really a nightmare experience.

On this, we had requested for discount but Mr. Lobo was adamant and did not budge at all and was not even ready to give a discount of even 1 rupee which was ridiculous and horrendous !! On top of it, he misbehaved with one of our guest who had come to visit us thenext day with some delicious home
made food etc. which was indeed pathetic. This is not the kind of treatment one expects from the Hotel staff.

We visit Ajmer regularly and I will make sure that I inform everyone of this place so that nobody visits it from my known folks atleast and will ensure to mark this in the consumer forum and other feedback websites as well so that everyone is aware of the poor services.

Very Very Disgusting People. Poor Hospitality. Bad Food. Bad appearance.
hello users, I Don't thik they can do such things. Even I have used their services and i found it very good. I don't know why people do such comments here. I think some Competetors does this things to make another company's bad imgae. But according to me they treates me very nicely.

I dont know about the past things what they did but if i see the present i din't find any fishy there. Everything is THE BEST. The people there and the services which they provide are beyond the imagination.
They did everything what they promised me and what the plan includes, I feel Very nice to take membership from this organization. I have never found such a organization which can provide very good serivices and membership. so I though i would be continue with them with my membership.

so People please stop Commenting bad against a good organization. In todays world there should be Tow sided Effort which make a thing better and best. Thank you !
Sharman Hospitality is really a cheater and fraud company as they provided me membership card in Oct-13 but till writing this mail (10th July 14) voucher has not been delivered to me and as per their policy not a single services of membership card can be availed with out vouchers.

After following with Sharman Hospitality they are keep saying they sent the vouchers though courrier and after that its not their responsibility and they can't do anything.

It's really very frustrating and i am feeling that i became a fool after having their membership as now membership card is about to expire.
hi, i also agree with you guys sharman hospitality are cheater, they will never respond after receiving your payment, i am struggling for room booking . every time thay will tell you that rooms are not available.. Sumit will talk you politely but never give you respond for your issues, he is a big .. thay are offering Dee Mark member ship which is rubbish.

please help me some one how we can claim our amount .

My details : Arvind Raghav - [protected]

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    Sharman Hospitality - Extremely Poor Service; full money not refunded