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[Resolved]  Shree Om Sai Nath Car On Rent — Reply to the the complaint of Mr. Bansal

Greetings of the day for all the readers of this forum,

Respected everybody of the forum, I the undersigned Roopesh Verma is personally writing this to make people aware of the such kind of elements prevailing in the world those are doing wrong and over an above showing them as innocent people, any body from the readers or any authority who would like to verify the details can visit us at our Mumbai office, ( Shree Om sainath car on rent Ltd., 14 Avon Apartment, Chhatrapati Shivaji Road, Dahanukarwadi, Kandivali (W), Mumbai - 400 067) or mail it to us on my personal email id ( [protected] ) so that we are able to produce the documents and details of his deeds, We are also in touch with Axis Bank, Lajpat Nagar to initiate a legal action against him at the earliest.

Thanking All

Roopesh Verma, M.D.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Mr Roopesh, investor has put his hard money in your company for benifits, also he has returned money through Axis bank which he took by cheques . being a public company director you are not suppose to threatened or rude with investors such a way which you and your colleuge did.
The concept of your company is to purchase a car and take down payment for the same.
Then why you didnt buy a car behalf of investors name, if you have taken the car then why didnt you declare, if it was not possible then have you taken any consent to convert his money in to investment plan.
Your comapny was not authorised to take investment from people being as a pvt ltd company on that moment.

If bank all branches has passed all cheques, it is not investors fault, that mean cheque was genuine
Once you have issued PDCs to him, that means you have some mode of intention to payout for his investment.
Your company has branch office at delhi, than why are you showing all document and deeds to readers at your Mumbai office only, investor invested in delhi branch, keep the copies of all at your delhi branch.
if company has no intention of fraud, then return investor vehicles, let it be financed, investor will bear rest of the liabelties of his vehicle, else pay his all payout till 5 yrs

Member of Human Rights Association
i wish people could be accountable to investors and responsible to invest their moneies in the agreed avenues. the sad part is the corporate honcho is usually big guy having support of political gunda elements with cash in their hands with a mindset to buy anything to support an illegal cause...the individul investor feels alone and usually take back seat to protect the lives of his family members..alas, india has best of laws in todays time but because of handful of people the whole system smells like a ...i pleadge to all the companies and corporates to be responsible, accountable and genuine...being a lawyer, the first thing which come in my mind is to respect the existence of others and law will respect u...!!!

Vivek Narayan
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
email: [protected]
I also visted this company office in kandivali, mumbai 2007 their staff tried to take me in confedence to put up my money in their car plan and assured me that company has purchased about 100 four wheelers and these all are running in mumbai like Malad, hotel Taj etc.i confirmed the same from my own sources, but no such company Shree om sai.nath...vehicles was on the road or contracted with any hotel or company. when i reconfirm the same on phone for same after few days, they said that, they have vehicle contracts in delhi and purchased a large area in mahipalpur delhi for these company vehicle parking.
i doubt this company and drop my plan to invest. through this complain i thank god that i take right decission not to invest my money.
on the same pattern many companies in mumbai thane like UNIC CAR, and SIGMA has run away, these company was also giving very handsome return on investor money behalf of car purchase, but they didnt buy any single vehicle neither self or company owned.
This company has also followed the same concept to collect huge money and run away
I have e mailed to Mr roopesh on his personel mail id, the reply which he made is unappropriate, and shown company illegal involvment on the matter. the reply which i make to Mr Roopesh are as follows:

Dear Mr ropesh I have gone through your e mail, i have few comments on your clauses
1.If manuplation on instruments was visible by naked eye, then why the bank clearing staff in all branches couldnt see its own opened eye, that means you are the only person who can see issued company cheques when it was not public limited company, it was private limited company. if corrections was made on cheques than why bank didnt go through it and dishonored all or rejected?
2. our team confirm the matter from the Lajpat Nagar branch they denied any such kind of or any acceptance letter form Mr bansal of his mistake.
3. How can you take investment without RBI permission being as a private limited company at the moment of Mr Bansal invested his amount in your company.even you are not supposed to published any advertisment to ask public investment being as a pvt limited company and you have published it in the news paper regularly.if so either you have to purchase/financed the vehicle behalf of individual or refund the amount if any financial institution has not financed
4. There is a procedure before applying for four wheelers loan, individual has to filled up and signed the application form. if you have taken filled form by mr bansal than in which financial institution you have approched for vehicle loan.
5. we have gone through your company sample agreement, in all conditions either financed by individual or company the rights of the vehicle will be with lessor and you have to refund the vehicle in both condition, if lessor dosent agree to get his vehicle re-sale value, after completion of contract.
6. How your company can keep original mutal consent agreement in his record, It is the right of investor, to keep original copy of his rental/consent agreement and company is authorised to keep duplicate copy of it, because here lesse is company and lessor is investor who gave his money for purchase of vehicle and get assured return up to 5 years.
7. our concern is not to give our conclusion on matter we are eager to prevent from corruption. Kapil
--- On Sun, 1/11/09, ROOPESH KUMAR VERMA <[protected]> wrote:

From: ROOPESH KUMAR VERMA <[protected]>
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009, 1:29 AM


-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Dear Mr. Kapil,

We appreciate you concern about the whole issue, but on the same we would also like to highlight few facts.

1. One should not jump into the conclusion before investigating the complete case, i.ei. you should first go through the agreement signed by the customer i.e Mr. Bansal, which is self explanatory for all your answers regarding the purchase of car and the other transactions.

2. We have kept the original documents in mumbai as mumbai is the corporate registered office where we have our legal department which can answer all the related questions.

3. You have jumped into the conclusion about the cheques as the cheques were genuine, but if you see the instruments the manupulation is clearly visible by the naked eyes and being a public limited company no company will give cheques with minimum 2 corrections in all the pdcs which was produced for clearance.

4. Bank have the orignial letters in writing for the acceptance of his mistake and for the reversal in favour of the bank.

5. Axis bank which is known for their services he is putting blame on them for the threatening, no banker will act untill and unless they have a clear proof in writing.

6. Also please read his own complaint very carefully, you will observe the different statements which is not matching with each other.

My humble request to you all that please dont encourage such elements as such kind of people not only harm the company like us and the bankers like Axis bank but they also harmfull to the society as they can ditch any one.

Thanking you,

Roopesh Verma
Thanking you Mr Kapil for your transperency and comments over the matter.

I have gone Mr Roopesh verma reply and his e mailed to Mr Kapil.

As i didnt give any kind of acceptence letter to anyone, he is just making false statements to protect his company.

I have all the original agreements with me, and whatever norm and condition are mentioned on it, very shortly i will download all on internet for public views.

Mr roopesh please go through axis bank and your company complain column, yoou will find out how good services AXIS bank and your company give to his customesr?

I will be thankful to Mr Roopesh, if he take any legal action on this matter, as till of now he is just showing his "GUNDA RAAJ".which is not tolerable by any means.
Mr Roopesh Kumar Verma,

Answer these questions-

1- You say you have tie-ups with swiss cabs, but its never visible on your website
2- Your Car fleet section on the website is under construction from the very first day of your website
3- You do not have a resort of your own and you have resort plans for customers
4- Why dont you declare where have you purchased the land or how many cars do you have in total?
I m observing Mr Roopesh attitude the first day of Mr bansal lodged his complain.

1. i m agree with Mr Jagdish, if his company has taken any contract with swiss cabs that means his company is giving customers vehicle to swiss cab as per their requirment and he has purchased all vehicles by investors name. he cant put up investors money directly to swiss cab. he is supposed to buy a car either investor owned or company owned, because his company is asking money from investors for vehicles ownership. and the same concept he has published in daily news papers and on his website.

2- He makes false statement to all that they have taken land for vehicle parking at mahipalpur, i have visited many times over that site, but i never saw his car fleet markable area ever.

3. He has declare only 10 lac rupees authorised capital in ROC (Registrar of company) for SHREE OM SAI NATH CAR ON RENT company, also he has opened another pvt limited company for infrastructure with authorised capital of Rs 1 Lac. his first car on rent company balance sheet is notyet declare online, he has opened his company branches in chennai, banglore, pune, mumbai, lucknow and many more... that means he is not following right norm and conditions in registrar of company, The funda to convert his company into limited and low authorised capital is, to minimise his liablites after lighting off his bussiness like other companies in mumbai.
4. He said that he kept Mr Bansal all the original documents in mumbai head office, I called his Mumbai office for the same clarification and i used my mumbai cell number i said that i m calling from mumbai and want see the document of Mr Bansal, can you belive what they replied, they said "Sir from where you come to know by all, and that all concern paper we have send to delhi for further legal action as this matter happend in delhi, that means if delhi investor want to know the facts, he has to visit his mumbai branch and same if Mumabi investor want to see the same he will be directed to delhi for same to know the facts, Mr roopesh knows very well that no one has time to go mumbai, Delhi or accordingly for the same, so whatever he will state to individual he has to admit over the statement. and he will be free to make fools to all of investor.

5. we have forwarded our report to Ministry of Corporate, Ministry of finance, Law and Registrar of Company to take this matter accordingly.


I have invested my money in this company for car rental scheme, as they promised to buy a car for this money, but they didnt till of date, i make understand myself, that my concern is only for my monthly income, whatever and how they are doing its their own matter. but now they have taken everything as granted, company staff attitude is very negative, they think they are paying monthly profit by his own pocket to investors. even they didnt respond on telephonically, and when visit to his office, they dont care.

When i speak to one of the employee through phone to Mr Vijay of shree om sainath of mumbai branch he is not able to solve my queries.when i asked that how many customers hv invested then he told me 5000 customers from mumbai.I asked for give any of customers ph no to knw the background of company & wheather they are satisfied or not then he told we cant give the personel details of customers.he is saying that u hv to visit our office at kandivli.It means they are fraud & making foolish to whoever going to invest in the company plz dont invest.I wanna say that if any one customer is happy with this company then plz reply for this msg.Becoz still i dint rcvd any msg.
hello sir i know the planning of cars as i know all terms and condition o
respected customers,
plz guide me that whether shree resorts is good or bad to invest, has the company made any fraud cases with the customers.
plz mail me about this on my id: [protected]
respected customers,
plz guide me that whether shree om sainath and swiss cabs are good or bad to invest, has the companies made any fraud cases with the customers.
plz mail me about this on my id: [protected]

thank you
Hello All,

I have invested and benefited in this co,

mr rajeev dhar i give u my mobile no-[protected]. please contact me.i promissed u to solve out yr problem. i m also an investor like u. i[censored] have problem then cal me .
Submit all your proofs here instead of mailing to individually.
We need all the transactions you have made against bansal.
Why bansal is not satisfied...?

Ram Verma
hi all
its been one and half year to invest in this co..i have never faced any problem regarding their return to us...but this is fact that they are not registering cars on our name...but they are giving, returns till date..
i have invested in you plane in delhi.I have invested in 5 plane, i am verry much intersted in companeys grouth.but i am affrited of maney scandle.pls reply me.
i am happy. i have no problem with the company.

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