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[Resolved]  Shree Om Sai Nath Car On Rent — Latest Updates

Hello All,

Today I went to bangalore office and the people there assured me that the payment will be done by 26th or 28th of this month.

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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
Dec 18, 2014
luckyy's response
plz inform me about om sai nath car on rent
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If 1st complainaint has arrested by naval police than whats the link up for this with your company, there is some internal departmental problems and 4 your kind information Mr bansal himself logged a complaint to naval police for your fraudant and when naval police has investigated the matter of your company they found that your company has fraud with him. even though all the investigations proff has gone against your company. i m the person of indian navy, and was available while these investigations was carriying out. even though he didnt found any other involvent in any such fraud cases. so my humble request to all consumer fourm readers not to believe SHREE OM SAI NATH. Indian navy has black listed this company and passed a circullar to all unit that NOT TO INVEST AND INVOLVE with SHREE OM SAI NATH "
Respected members of the forum,

This is to inform you that the first person who made complaint against the company baseless had been arrested by the navy police for doing fraud with many not only with shree om sainath.

Roopesh Verma
I have just now read it! Please refer to my email sent a while ago.
Dear all,
I have first time read all the complaints regarding company.Iam also a investor in this company.I want to know that if the company has been blacklisted by a authority like indian navy, and circulars are also passed, then how is it operational in so many regions of india till date.why is it not sealed by the competent authorities till date.
I am getting returns on my investment since more than one year, till date i have not faced any problem.
But i would also like to know that the people who are blaming the company, have they gonethrough any fraud by the company or they are just assuming the things.
I would also request Mr.Roopesh verma to clarify the statements /questions which the investors are asking for and justify the same so that the investors do not panic.
regards to all,
Hi All,

i have invested in this company since feb 2007 and i have got what they have promised even i am interested in there old schemes(CAR) but they dont have it any more...

i have already got 70% above of wht i invested and i feel safe invesing in this company again.
After about two months I posted my comments on the issue, I have again gone through the issues made out by different people/investors. As far as I am concerned, TILL DATE we have not faced any difficulty in getting the payments on due dates. One thing is clear from the reading of different views and that of the complainant: the post dated cheques were got encashed by tampering with the year/month of the date on the cheques, which were not legitimately due when encashed. This could only benefit the holder of the cheques in question. How it happened is a moot point to notice. It is rather impossible for any bank to check each individual cheque, particularly when these are presented in bulk. Of course the use of force, if any, by the company is not justifiable! They could have legal recourse rather than force.
Hi all!

I learnt about this company over internet. I called up their office and enquired about the schemes.
Learnt that car scheme is closed and they are offering a resort scheme. As i have hard earned money with me and the offer looks very attractive but reading through all these complaints i am confused whether this company is really promising what it is or its a fraud. Is the concept of paying old invsetors from the money of fresh investors valid or the blames of hawala involvement true??
The company, "Shree resort" ( a unit of shree om sainath) under which this scheme is operationa has a regn no U63040MH2006PLC162892 and claims its an ISO:9001:2001 company. Can we verify the credentials of this company...
Till Oct'9 there was no problem with payments. But some problem has surfaced in November payments! Only CMD should be able to clarify. I expect Mr Verma to respond quickly in overall interest. I am separately sending email/sms to him giving some details. There is no point creating panic in view of what has happened to City Limouzines investors!DS Rautela
i am very afraid..., and m very worried about my invest.. in om sai nath...only 10% i've earned, , somebody tell dat company is in profit or loss
Hi, i have invested in OM SAI NATH in May 2009. since then i got 4 cheque cashed. but for the month of DEC 09 my cheque was dishonoured. It seems that this company is a FRAAAAAAUD. Be ware of investing in it.
yes guys, even i am suffering from dishonour, please dont invest in om sai nath, join the eow and fight
I have read all the old complaints related to Shree Om Sai Nath Car On Rent Ltd./Shree Resorts.

I just want to draw attention of Mr Roopesh Verma, the problem of not clearing cheques for the month of Dec 2009 is still there. This is also related with those investor, who are calling to your office for getting some information related to the matter, no body is picking up phones from your side in any of your offices at all places.

If the company has some problem with the Lajpat Nagar branch of Axis Bank Ltd then the company should publish some kind of notice in leading newspapers and also publish same info in your websites.

The investor needs only information which will help them to sort out there problems.
May be your company can publish the solution for the problems which investor are facing right now so that they can further proceeds the way your company wants to materialize the matter.

I personally hope that the company will abide by the principles of "Customer Satisfaction" and "Long Term Association".

Nothing can be said till the money is credited no matter how much they assure
the police have taken him on remaind for 7 days. he must be going through intense police interrogation. if he was clean he would have got bail on that day itself. police must have produced some solid evidences against him in the court and was able to get his remand for 7 days. i have come to know that one of his brothers mohit verma is running jaipur office and another amit verma is a samajwadi MP from UP. what about the stories of opening of delhi office under police protection? investors of delhi are clueless. no one is picking phone in delhi. another question is why has the axis bank not responded to the allegations made by roopesh verma? just because of some irrgularities in one of its branches in delhi the whole company cannot come down like this. aren't roopesh verma and his brothers worried about companies reputation? what is taking so long (a period more than one month) to complete ECS work. why cann't the ECS work be completed without roopesh verma out of police custody? i have also come to know from someone that the company was planning to bring IPO.

i would be grateful if mr. hari will be able to get answer to these question and share with us.

I also fully agree with Mr. Suresh, we must have some answer for this.

As I have come to know, the office was supposed to be open but on the behest of police only the Delhi office has been kept closed as per normal procedure. If Mr Rupesh gets the bail he will also get the permission to open office. I believe he will surly run SOSN as he can earn crores from SOSN.
I have personally seen all cheques, photocopied documents submitted for ECS was neatly filed and verification & authentication was on in delhi till the people made mountain out of the mole. Fortunately other SOSN offices have completed the process (unconfirmed reports says ECS has already started for them & also new schemes launched in which people are investing money).
Someone told that his brothers and his family have already met him and an employee in pune have told that they have already done the needful to make payment through ECS and they are waiting for Mr. Rupesh to come out. Even other companies in same field are ready to help Mr. Rupesh. It is good for the car/resort rental industry & every investor.
Moreever they are not dependent on Delhi office to run SOSN, Delhi/NCR people themselves have invited problem now everyone has to wait & keep patience.
Axis bank people are also keeping mum & trying to solve the problem with SOSN they are avoiding any direct.indirect response to the issue.
Mr. Suresh is right the ECS should be done ASAP. Anybody if can help please come forward.
I fail to understand how you all people can be soooo optimistic ... Baba .. SOSN is gone for good .. SHUT down .. no one will get your money now .. Please forget your hard earned money .. Havent you heard of AIM limouzines, , City limouzined city realcom .. Aurum enterprises .. all work on same line .. and all have closed down .. You were greedy .. you knew no one can afford to give such high returns .. PS im am not an investor of SOSN ... i am an investor of City realcom where i lost 65 thousand
To The General Public; Interested/ concerned investors of Shree Om Sainath Car On Rent Ltd.
Sub: apni chamdi ko bachane ke liye doosra bada bawal khada kiya
The situation is saddening because we hear that Shri Roopesh Verma, the managing director of Shree Om Sainath Car On Rent Ltd. has not been granted bail on 26th and that the court has extended the date. I do not know the details but, specifically state that Adv. Ramesh Gupta had said the truth when he appeared for Shri Roopesh Verma;
"No purpose would be served by sending the accused behind bars as the company was capable in paying back the dues of its investors.
" THE WORLD IS NOT SHORT OF FRAUDESTERS. I'm sure "HE" is not one of them.
I have closely seen these circumstances (while visiting there) being an investor at the Mumbai office of the Co. I confidently state that Mr. Roopesh Verma is being framed for ulterior motives. Its a situation like "apni chamdi ko bachane ke liye kisine doosra aur bada bawal khada karne ka prayas kiya hai" (it is 'obvious' - who is doing it. Kyonki, Shayad is 'obvious' ka astitva khatreme hai).
There are so many people involved in and doing the same type of business. In any case the situation appears bleak for the investors (we have to understand that as per the directive of the court, pending the investigation in progress, the accounts are seized; the company can not do anything even if the other directors attempt to comply, in the absence of Mr. Roopesh Verma, with the procedure of ECS by NEFT and also because the probability exists that vested (probably unethical) interests are manupulating/ playing with the system and that "HE" has become a victim; surely.
I want to believe that the judiciary in our country works ethically.
Finally, Delhi walo, aapne sanyam se aur samjhdari ka upyog kiya hota to yeh paristithi hi nahi aati, kyonki mujhe aastha aur bharosa hai ki akhiri mein sab ke saamne yeh baat aajayegi ki SAI BABA ki chatra chaya ke neeche koi galat kaam kar hi nahi sakta. MR. ROOPESH VERMA IS A PUCCA SAI BAKT.
~Vinaymaroo from Shirdi - the Land where SAI BABA gave birth to universal faith.
Email: [protected]
P.S. Read 'obvious" as AXIS Bank, The AXIS Bank which is an international entity would have taken out the " FROM THE " of the person claiming even a little bit of what Mr. Roopesh Verma has said about their doing/ undoing, again I SAY, if there was anything wrong.
Hi All,
I visted Janakpuri Office on 29th Dec. and i found it closed. i also enquired about the SOSN company and its staff from other offices of the same floor. Everybody gave me the same answers -
1- they all ran away.
2- Nobody came after 10th Dec.
3- Between 10th-12th Dec somebody from SOSN staff came in night and they took all the computers and other things from the office.
4- Also they didn't pay the monthly Office rent to their landlord.

I read other entries also about SOSN in other sites like,,

I can understand its difficult to track all the activities of the company and its staff because it may require money, time and other sources (like detective agency, manpower etc). But still people who can afford and invested large amount of money in SOSN are really doing their best to solve this matter asap.

Till today there has not been even a single case of fraud by SOSN. Also I didn't find anything about those 2 ladies who slap Mr. Roopesh. So may be this whole issue is baseless or it would be preset by some other sources who want to hamper the company image.

I am requesting everybody to please do their BEST instead of worrying about their part of money or fighting with each other. Please update your blogs with any latest information about company activites they find and please try to help others who are really doing their best to solve this matter.

Lets hope for the best.


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