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[Resolved]  Sigma Courier — no delivery

This is javed from mumbai i have account in icici bank . Icici bank send me debit card from sigma courier but this courier have no proper website which i can't track my shipment proper and if i calling in customer service they will not response me properly .

And Icici bank send shipment on26/10/09 unless i will not get anyresult.

so, very very poor service

javed habib shiakh

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

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[Jun 25, 2014] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I am regularly facing the same problem for receiving cheque books and other documents from ICICI Bank due to the poor service of Sigma courier.
Very Poor service

I have a ICICI A/c they have send the cheque book and i did not able to trace.

Poor customer care and Poor online service.
Very true. They came for a delivery on Saturday evening and we were out. So they left a chit to call them back. I have been trying for the last 3 days. First day (16th Nov) after repeated attempts, I got through to the customer care lady who was speaking to three people at the same time and was quite rude in responding. Though she said that she will arrange the delivery, it is yet to happen. Further, my attempts to call them for the last 2 days have resulted in no one picking up the phone!!

This is what happens when you do rampant cost cutting!
Yes indeed. this courier service is not customer friendly at all. Absolutely no service at all. I wonder why Icici Bank keeps them. They refuse to deliver after 6 pm.
Copletely agree. I had requested for a cheque book which was sent on November 23 by ICICI bank. I am yet to receive it. ICICI customer care gave me 2 numbers for SIGMA courier. One is always busy and other is a wron number. Further, why they would take so long to deliver in Mumbai (cheque book is dispatched from Mumbai only).

Why Can't SIGMA have a website where people can track or at least a customer care no. (which actually cares for customer)
Yes the same problem, why does icici bank love sigma courier so much god knows. They are sending me the card from last 2 weeks. There is no contact details or website where i can track my consignment. Sigma Couriers Pathetic :(
I am Michael, requested ICICI Bank for cheque book. As per ICICI Bank, they hadned over the consignment to Sigma Courier on 7th Decmember 09. Till Dec 12th, the consignment was not delivered. I contacted following phone numbers of Sigma given by ICICI for which I have faced problems mentioned against the numbers.
1. [protected] - Temporarily unable to reach
2. [protected] - Temporarily unable to reach
3.[protected] Temporarily disconnected
4.[protected] Number disconnected
5.[protected] Number disconnected
6.[protected] Number is registered in the name of an individual
7.[protected] No response
8.[protected] Able to contact a lady and gave me other nos. 42017000 and [protected]
9. [protected] - Contacted on said number after verification he informed that, he will deliver on 14th Dec.
When I insisited to collect personally., he said he will deliver at my address. I am surprised, why the consignment of 7th Dec takes more than 4 days to deliver. Will ICICI Bank investigate in to the matter and take remedial action to save the hardship to its customer.

very very bad service in mumbai, couriers company ke nama pe dabba hai, icici bnk ne chq book dispatch kiya 1 weeks ago till now i have not rec and all the numbers r wrong, i will launch a complaint in consumer court if by tomm i dont rec my chq book remember my words iwll contact all the cst of sigma couriers and will do better for u sigma courier to improve ur service other wise only god can save u...very very irresponsible service company and the executive r useless not talking with polietly ...
Extremely pathetic service in mumbai.Document sent by ICICI Bank on 14th Dec 09 and still did not receive the same
very very bad service, the number given by ICICI customer care was wrong
[protected] : not exists
[protected] : Temporarily disconnected

How come ICICI bank are sending customer's confidential thing through this irresponsible courier. We all should raised a concern to the managment of ICICI.

Sigma Courier — not getting deliveries

I am a credit card holder of ICICI bank and ICICI bank sends me credit card statement by Sigma courier. But I don't get the deliveries at all. If I call to customer care of ICICI, they don't respond properly and don't tell the courier details.
they were supposed to send me returned checks by sigma courier he did not ring bell or any thing i am stil waiting
Me also facing the same problem for receiving Debit card.I had lost it 3 weeks before I also wonder why does icici bank love sigma courier so much, god knows how their business relationship is. They are sending me the card from last 2 weeks. There is no contact details or website where i can track my consignment. Sigma Courier is Pathetic !!!
It is very irresponsible of the ICICI Bank, that they use services of such an irresponsible Courier.
ICICI Bank avails services of Sigma Courier to dispatch Bank Cards, Passwords etc to its customers in Bombay. It is my experience Sigma Courier returns the packet back to ICICI bank without visiting the addressee. I was expecting a Cheque Book. Bank informed it was dispatched on 30 January 2010 vide consignment number is: AWB: 5076213. On inquiring, Sigma says the courier visited my address. I did not find any visit slip or information left behind by the courier to inform if he ever visited, as is a normal practice with all other courier services. The same had happened a few week ago as well when the bank sent me a new password. I had booked complaint with both ICICI Bank and Sigma Courier, but there appears no improvement of service
Call[protected] so that they can guide you.
Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bad Service ... Why ICICI wants to lose customers by hiring such careless irresponsible Courier Service Just open your eyes ICICI
A very poor and extrelemely unaccepatable servcie. i diidnt rcv my check for 10 days. I called for foue times, but no response. Gos knows when i would recieve the cheque book. I dont understand, a bank like ICICI has such a sloggy courier partners. hellllooooooooooo ICICI BANKS, Please listen to our problems, orelse i doucbt i would like to have any banking with u guys.
I am regularly facing the same problem for receiving cheque books and other documents from ICICI Bank due to the poor service of Sigma courier.
Hi. I have been totally frustrated over the last three days because of the attitude of both sigma and icici. I Had requested for the chequebook to be delivered to my office as I urgently required the cheques. In spite of calling sigma and informing them about my contact details in advance, their delivery boy left without even trying to find me in office. Now when you are in an office you cannot be expected to sit in one place all day long. This is why we carry cellphones. Sigma apparently has no policy to intimate customers on their cellphones. On offering to visit sigma and collect the courier from their office, I was rudely refused even the address of the office. When I called Icici they refused to even acknowledge this complaint properly. I have been harassed by icici over the last two years. Even the smallest of banking issues turns into a nightmare with this bank. It is the most useless, customer unfriendly bank in the country. I will be shifting to hdfc next week. I hope icici officials can somehow read this.
Recently i have faced the same problem for receiving cheque books and other documents from ICICI Bank due to the poor service of Sigma courier. If house is locked, why don't they drop visit slip with courier ref & contact person for collecting the same fr their office ? I wonder why Icici Bank still bank on sigma courier.

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