[Resolved]  Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad — High fees and lack of proper infrastructure

We have heard much about Sunrise hospital so we decided to go there to get a change from our regular small hospital and doctor. Also most doctors from this small hospital can now be found in Sunrise hospital.

Ok, on entry, the hospital looks impressive. Then starts the problems. In spite of being a multifloor hospital there is only ONE functional lift. Highly pathetic. Seemati has more lifts per floor even though it does not have as many floors.

To see a dentist, it costs Rs 125, and to see pediatrician, it costs Rs 100. So in one day visit, we were poorer by Rs 225.

At the reception, we dint get bill or new patient card, why coz both printers are not working!!

Today we are going again to see the developmental pediatrician there Dr. Nina who is a UK returned doctor. My son is high functioning autistic.

Due to lack of proper facilites and medical treatment is Kochi, n number of people are making money for this, but is my son benefitting?? NO!! O yeah our pockets are getting lighter. Lets see by how much we are going to get poorer today.

India has the knowledge and money for development and becoming a better country than US. But people who have the money and can make a difference are eating the money and bettering their own lifes.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Im sorry Ms Biju, but i completely disagree with u in your views..
As a matter of fact there are atleast two lifts at Sunrise of which im aware of... One lift is where u mentioned..rite at the entrance.. the other is at the left side of the hospital... Plus.. the lift u mentioned has a capacity of more than 15 people.. and its superfast as to my knowledge.. so i dont think it matters that people dont know of a second lift!

As far as costs at sunrise go... you should remember, Sunrise is a super specialty hospital and one of its kind in kerala... there are n number of specialty doctors who cater to your special needs... So i[censored] need just regular treatments for your son... u mite as well choose any regular hospital... but i[censored] need treatment that is required for him u will have to pay a small price... dont u think 125rs is an EXTREMELY SMALL PRICE to pay i[censored]r sons condition can be reformed!???

I[censored] accidently cut ur arm off and u wanted to stitch them back together, would u say its expensive and so id rather not have an arm or would u just care less about the money and get ur arm back on?? really... please think before u make complaints like this...

It is very easy to tarnish somebodys reputation... but ask your conscience if money matters when it comes to matters of health...

P.S: Tell me which reputed hospital is cheaper in kochi?? Even the so called charity hospital at Amritha charges an arm and a leg, unless u can prove u ARE REALLY poor! No service is free service!! But i[censored] can change ur attitude and spend a little more..and if god wills... things will be better for your son at sunrise itself! May god bless him!!

P.P.S: And!! please Printers are machines!! it was ur bad luck that the printers chose not to work the day u came... how can u blame the hospital for [email protected]#%

Dr. Phillips family dentistry — non-delivery

I have posted by EMS speed post some important doccuments
(E L[protected] IN) from Calicut on 1/9/08 at 14.54 to Parivattom 682025 Cochi.
Till now it is not delivered to the addressee. To my complaint they could only say it was despached from Calicut, afterwhich they could not trace it.It has not reached palarivattom or vennalla post office.Thevara speed post office is still looking for it.
Most irresponsible way of handling the office. This has caused me a lot of financial and other inconveniences.
I will never recommend any one to try speed post.
i completely disagree with this complaint

sunrise is one of best hospital we have in Cochin and the matter of lift is just rubbish...
the service and care of the staffs were best in the hospitals in Cochin of course the behavior of reception is excellent..
the doctors are the best we can get here ...
and the matter of money...
oh i think the no of patients increasing per day says that...
This is one of the few hospitals in India where gynecology cancer surgeries are successfully done laparoscopically by Dr Hafeez Rahman Padyath - Laparoscopic Gynecology surgeon. This facility is still not available in major cancer hospitals in the metros of Mumbai and Delhi.
My wife had some pregnancy related issues and admitted to sunrise hosptial for surgery. She had premature surgery and the baby was taken to NICU for the neonatal care. After surgery, my wife was taken to the topmost floor. From the very next day after surgery she has to come to NICU to feed the baby. It was very difficult for my wife to come from the room to NICU to feed the baby since she had severe pain. And most of the time their lift was not working at all. After complaining to the PRO so many times, we didnt find any solution for this. I really fed up seeing this. How can they bring the operated patients every two hours to the NICU to feed the baby? Do anybody think this is safe? Whether sunrise is caring the patients? Also the nurses were not at all skilled. When they were giving trip to my wife, the blood was coming out like a stream. This is what i experienced from sunrise.
Ms biju,
Its so unbeknown to compare a Hospital with seematti. Gigy the problem is just the angle of view just try to be a bit optimistic. Although your pocket's may get lighter, you will never get poor, rather get richer. I do agree about the fees, but TAJ dosen't serve pot coffee less than Rs150, thank god visiting a dentist is less than that.
After watching some stories about bad treatment at Sunrise hospital in Indian Vision channel couple of days back, I thought sharing some common complaints around so that people can know about it and Hospital people if they want can correct. Complaining to hospital management directly not going to help, as many had similar experiences, they are busy with their only job of making money, not doing the service which expected from a hospital.
A very good hospital in Kakkanad area was a dream for people around, But Sunrise Hospital is NOT serving the purpose even though people expected a lot. You can get this feedback from majority around the hospital.
The charges are very high compared to other hospital around, but nursing as well as administrative service is really bad. The worst thing is the pharmacy.
Majority of the consultant doctors there are really good. But due to the administrative issues people are not getting good service there.
It is your responsibility to check the prescription by the doctor and actual medicines given by the pharmacy. There are more chances of mistakes; I have clearly seen people creating issues there in the pharmacy for this. Sometimes pharmacy staff gives medicines prescribed by the doctor couple of days or months back, instead of giving medicines of current prescription date, this is because their hospital record prescription file organising pattern is different.
You can expect waiting time of 10 minutes to one hour at pharmacy even with couple of patients waiting there. Same at reception also. PR staffs are not pleasant, especially if you raised any complaints earlier.
If you happen to be admitted there for couple of days you can feel how dissatisfied some of the staff there are. They are low paid, even though we are charged much more compared to others around. This is why the staffs there are changing every time. Sometimes they show their frustration to you.
The charges for Xray 150 rupees while the cost is 75-100 rupees in other hospitals. The reason they say is the X –Ray is digitised, They won’t give the XRay film to you, but later after couple of months if the doctor want to review it again, they won’t be having it, they will say it is in backup, tedious procedure to recover. So you may have to take is again. BTW Their staff itself asked me to raise complaints against the higher cost of X-ray.
They won’t give the copies of the scanning reports etc, sometimes they won’t file it properly.
For Gynaecology department if any of your relative happen to admit there for Uterus related surgery where cost mentioned less and in couple of thousands, And if admitted patient is above 45-50 surely you can expect doctor calling you during surgery and saying that the Uterus to be removed. At that critical stage you will agree for it, But you can expect the trap when you get the bill of more than 50000/- . If the removal was required they could have told this earlier itself after seeing the scanning report!!
Till we fix up appointment the famous doctor(mentioned in one of above post) will be very friendly, but after surgery you won’t see the doctor. He won’t visit patients after surgery, but hospital bill will have his room visit charges too. If you ask the account s department, they will say it was a mistake from nurse.
For a surgery of more than 50000/- you can even have to pay 500/- for DVD video of surgery. It will be in your bill even if you are not asking for it.
Sometimes you can expect bill even much more than 50000 for actual amount of less than 20000, but if you ask for detailed bill they may be reluctant first, but later they may come with detailed bill of less than 20000/- and will blame for mistake by their computer. But this happened to many people.
These are real experiences of people with whom I have contacts, and some are from my experiences also. In every industry and society ETHICS has to be kept important.

Dr.Hafeez is a talented surgeon who has honed his skills by indiscriminately performing his so called 'Harmonic Hysterectomies' - Any Postmenopausal lady who steps into Sunrise returns without her Uterus! So, the saying goes. And Dr.Padmakumar is by any standards, an average surgeon. They call the hospital Superspeciality but the two main surgeons there do not have any Superspeciality Degree i.e M.Ch. Sunrise is yet another Money Spinner!!!
In 5 star hotels is costlier than a small tea shop smae here in sunrise its like a 5 star hospital, if you dont have money go to some small hospital who charges you less. you need executive treatment and you are not ready to pay. . running cost of a hospital is too high in kerala because of government policies, taxes . staff salary. if you dont have money go to small hospital. treatment is every where same. dont blame the hospital if you cant afford. patients want good care and not ready to spend money but got enough money for luxury.if you go to TAJ or LEELA can you get tea for 10 rupees?? . medical treatment is not service anymore its money, just money. you need money to live on. no money you are a begger. beg and live.if you cant spend go to government hospital. .its easy to blame hospital management. its very difficult to run a hospital in kerala.mamangement cant take responsibility for paramedical staff behaviour. peoeple behave what way they behave in their family. cant change
The previous post clearly reflects the attitude of their management.
Nobody has any objection that Taj and Leela hotels service is expected to be much better than small coffee shop, since they charged more. But same is expected at the hospital too. Since people are paying more they expect better service. People coming to Sunrise know that the cost there is high, and expect better service, but when they are exploited they will react to it. People won’t pay five star charges for low quality service. The customer should know why they are charged more. Just saying that it is five star facility not enough. Service has to reflect that.
If the hospital can’t take responsibility of paramedical staff how can we believe the service of the hospital?
After seeing some of these posts, thought of reacting to it.
One of the PREVious post says: “medical treatment is not service anymore its money, just money. you need money to live on. no money you are a begger. beg and live.”
Is there any difference between a rich person and poor person? Is there any extra organ for a rich person, which can be benefited for this super speciality hospital? Yeah may be Uterus. Never compare a human being on terms of money. BEGGING AND LIVING is much better than doing day light ROBBERY etc. As people have seen in TV channel asking for more money (to who spent 3.5 lakhs for 50000 rupees surgery due to doctor’s fault) after locking patient in ICU, is against ethics and how is it different from doing robbery?
PREVious post says “running cost of a hospital is too high in kerala because of government policies, taxes . staff salary.”
Organisations around are also run conforming to these statutory norms. Revenue not equal to Profit. Revenue Minus Expense = Profit .
my experience in sunrise was the worst i could expect.The doctor there, who is a famous gyanaec was the reason i visited the hosp.he immediatel advised a surgery for my wife.eventhough the charges were exhorbitant and much above normal, i thought it will be worth.after the surgery my wife was dischrged eventhough she was complaining severe pain.after two days she was diagnoised with internal injury to the small intestine by a nearby hospital.we understood the gravity of the situation and contacte this self styled famous gyanec and he assured immediate action to solve the issue.she was taken back to sunrise.After scanning and x ray the foolish junior doctor administered enima to her eventhough our family doctor requested not to do so..No senior doctors were available in this serious situation.our selfstyled king of gyanec and his 'pipe blower' surgeon arrived next day early morning only.She was having peritonotis which actually required immediate attention and surgery.these people wasted valuable 15 HOURS before doing the second operation.This delay along with the enima proved to be fatal.

Now the second part begins.i understood the professional misshap happened here.i adjusted and requested them to do the best.These people took my silence as an oppertunity to cheat me.After charging arnd 50000 for the first surgery, they started sending bills again.They firmly believe i should pay for their mistake.i never complained but paid up promptly just for the sake of my wife.but soon i understood one thing.these ppl are fooling us.the infection started spreading across her body.every day the doctors will come up with new stories.They even lied to my family doc whenever she called up to enquire the status.THEY WERE REALLY ENJOYING THE FUN OF MILKING US MORE FINANCIALLY.we were treated like nad no care was given to my wife even in ICU.She was complining of the rude attitude of the staff in ICU.i was loosing my cool and lost it finally when they said her heart and lungs are infected.chances of pnuemonia was high.and these people do not know how to manage a post surgery this time they had again taken rs 2 lacs frm me.when other memebers of medical fraternity was consulted they requested me to move her from there to save her life.

These cruel people still tried preventing us from going coz that will affect their name.our superhero gyanec who is aiming guiness record tried to brianwash us again saying he is the best doctor in india and wherever u go she wont get bettter treatment.this guy has lost his common sense completely and is only bothered abt money and money.finally they agreed for discharge, .and again asked me to remit rs 1, 25, 000 as pending bill.when i refused the so called angelic MD locked up my wife her mom and the family doctor in the room attached to icu(this was covered in media) for one hour .i lost my nerves and started shouting.For me it was how they dare to lock upa person whoi is in such a critical stage just for money.Finally when media police and public interfered they let her go after taking 5000 which i gave as alm to the greedy MD madame.

after spending one month in sunrise she was taken to Amrita where she made remarkable progress in the first week itself.the doctors there were much caring and down to earth and not like the arrogant gyanec in she is better but stll have the risk of cardiac issues due to pulmonary thriombosis gifted by our belowd gyanec and his his chamcha surgeon.SHe has to to take life long medicines it seems as per opinion from CMC vellore.

Guys i am settled in bangalore and hence i fell prey to this greedy bunch.Please take multiple opinions especially from experienced doctors in medical colleges and avoid these ppl maximum possible.They have no ethics and dont care for the patient.they charge us high and keep lowly paid staff having nil experience..This is a pure slaughter house.Beware.

with this attiude this hospital is getting nowhere.mistakes do happen from every one.but one should be courageous enough to take the responsibilty and resolve, rather than hiding behind women.and hafiz is by no standards a good doctor but a money minded buthcher who, supported by shemales like dr padmakumar.

And the MD madame should go for some classes which would help her to
understand how to deal with human beings.Also she should understand that' what you sow the same you will reap'.
Dear all friends of Kochi,
All lawyers of High Court,
All Indian citizens,
The above stories are all correct.
The charges are reasonable
Sometimes good treatment can be realised from District Hospitals also.
Our Culture Society and all o[censored]s together created this filthy nature

To become a MD doctor now students have to pay Rs 60 Lakhs (Rs 25-30 for MBBS, Rs 30 lakhs for MD). Then this money has to be returned back either to banks or some other way. Hence doctors will charge.

Pharmas will increase the fees.
People will pay for it.
Lawyers will file suits it is their profession
Judges will rule over Judiciary
Finally Money Power wins

This is the end of story.

We the small fries live with what we have

Sunrise hospital is an investment like anything. Those interested will go there.

Others will go to amritha or medical trust

Even the Ministers will go to 5 star Hospitals not medical colleges would everybody konw?


shop — thereto for life

respect sir,
this is the 8th time giving u complain to u. today the person name yaseen shaike. he had broken the lock of my shop and thrown out my stuff. he has also given life thered to mre kabeer and me. kaber is the socialist of the area. plz sir help me as i stay alone there if some thing happen to my life there u will be responsible.
I was going through all the complaints. Has any one thought why cost of healthcare is going up day by day while in all other industries cost is coming down. For eg. automobile, you can get a car for 1 Lakh, IT cost is coming down day by day. You take any industry cost is declining. But why in healthcare. I asked people whom I meet. They say it healthcare that is why it is going up. But wait a minute. Think deeply. The healthcare is being revolved round a handful of companies. eg. GE, philips, thoshiba etc. These companies increase cost up & up. couple of years ago CT scan machine costs close to a crore. Now it is few lakhs. We need to tackle the exact cause of cost rise like any doctor who orders tests to find out the disease. Healthcare is an industry where all the people in the world are customers from begger to king. While automobile industry the customers are 3-5% of the 20% of the afluent society. India is a big country & it is high time to think aboput alternatives. Recently I come across a Dr who is coming out with a jaundice detection of newborn babies using mobile phone images. I came to know that the available machine is costing thousands of rupees. Why not Indians think alternatively to bring down the cost of helathcare like the Dr who is doing? If you look at laparoscopic surgery, the name itself is 'Minimal invasive surgery'. That means you can be discharged in the same day. Surgery is minimal but cost is prohibitive ( some hospitals charge close to 1Lakh) while it should have been a minimal money surgery. See how healthcare system is being used as a money making tool.

So what shall we do? Have your comments please.
I have appointment in sunrise Kakkanad hospital for a surgery and I have to come from kanyakumari. Someone please guide me how can I arrange my accommodation there in kakkanad for one week. My email is [protected]
Thank yoou
Mr sadees Babu seems to have got some bribes from hospital authorities. All hospitals are just focused on earning money. If i were given power i will just sack all the doctors. they are devils. About sunrise hospital they are the most useless hospitals ever seen. The doctors are under qualified or have fake degrees specially Dr Hafeez Rahman . They lack the minimum knowledge for surgery. I feel the roadside hospital doctors have better knowledge about surgery. so I request all never trust any doctor from sunrise hospital.
My experience with sunrise is very bad. I took my 2. 7 Year old (as per a dictor's suggestion) with just a simple speech delay and they convienced me that he has got autistic traits. Asked me to take so many tests worth 36, 000/-. Also asked me to join for Occupational Therapy (Costs 650/ Session and speech therapy (350/Session). Thank god i decided to go for a second Opinion. Within one week, without any Externel help, my child started talking new words and after one month he is now talking normally. I found all the doctors, nurses, therapists to be very keen in scaring us as they know very well tgat in the matter of a 2. 7 year old nobody would take risk. Even business instutions would follow some ethics. Here this is a high degree service sector!
I think the infertility ward of sunrise hospital is really bad because of Dr. Aby Koshy.
He is a pervert and incomptetent person.
Please dont go to him.

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