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I, Peeyush Jain, s/o Late Dr. Usha Jain, have been using Vodafone Essar mobile services vide the postpaid connection number [protected] since last 3-4 years. I make monthly payments using their Cash Kiosk options due to my working in night shifts, which limit my ability to make visits to Vodafore Shops in daytime.

When on 15th. September, 2010 my services got affected due to my delay in making the payment, I made an emergency stop on route to my office to make Cash payment of Rs. 2000 at Vodafone Kiosk located at Shop No. 42, Gaur Gravity Mall, Gaur Green City, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201010. I made cash payment using four five-hundred rupee notes, and got a printed reciept from the machine containing Transaction code of HSIP[protected] and Recipet no. KHSIP[protected]. The reciept contains date/time stamp of 15-Sept-2010 11:14 pm.

I used this Kiosk location for the first time to make my payment, earlier I had made payments using Kiosks located at M2K, Rohini, New Delhi and West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, and sometimes in Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon, Near South Extension. Previously I have never had any major hiccups in payment updation, but this month's payment made at Indirapuram Kiosk mentioned above, never got updated in Vodafone's systems. The tell-tale sign is non-delivery of a confirmation SMS which I used to receive everytime I made a Kiosk payment in the past. I then called Vodafone Customer Care at 111 to inform them of my payment, and got my services activated.

The next day I started getting calls about non-payment of my bills. Most calls came in daytime during the week, when I was asleep as I work night-shift between 8pm evening to 5:30am in the morning. I could not attend all calls, but on every call I did attend, I explained patiently about my payment, giving them details of the transaction from the reciept I had from the Kiosk machine. The customer care staff sternly refused to believe the transaction/reciept numbers, refused to check their server records, and told me to present them a copy of my reciept. On every call I told them about my night shifts, my limitation of not being able to visit a Vodafone store in their daytime hours, and offered to hand over copy of the reciept if a Vodafone executive come to collect it from my home/office locations.

On 17-Sept-2010 I was told an executive would arrive next day between 4-5 pm, but no one came next day which was 18th. So on 18-Sept-2010 I called Vodafone Customer Care at 111, told them about my entire plight, gave them transaction and reciept numbers again, and asked them to update my payment in Vodafone system. I was given Request number [protected], and was promised my payment would be updated in 48 hours. However, 30 mins. after this promise I got another call once again insisting that I visit a Vodafone store and show the reciept I have. I sternly refused since I was unable to make such a visit during weekdays, and told them check and update their servers using the transaction and reciept numbers as a reference. I was not given any concrete assurance it would be done, and the Vodafone staff on the phone kept the phone down saying that he will call back. However I received no immediate callback.

Then on 19th. September 2010 my services were barred for second time. I immediately called Vodafone Customer Care at 111 , told them about the payment details, gave transaction and reciept numbers again. This time I was given another request number [protected] to enable my outgoing services, which indeed got fulfilled in due time. I was sceptical but satisfied that I have made full cash payment at a legitatimate Vodafone Kiosk, and surely now they would update my payment and there would be no more harassment.

However, on 22-Sept-2010 I found my mobile services completely suspended, this time both incoming as well as outgoing. I now wanted to log a complaint, so tried to call their Toll-Free number 198, but found that Vodafone has barred me from making calls to that number as well. I then called Vodafone Customer Care at 111 again, gave them my plight, this time the customer care agent sternly refused any help, citing various vague reasons and kept on telling me that my services have been suspended due to non-payment of bills. I tried to explain a lot that this a fault in Vodafone servers and it must be investigated at their end, but my plight fell on deaf years. After much coaxing, all i got is a promised call back next day around 8am. But I got no such callback, which is not very surprising as my incoming has been barred as well.

On 23-Sept-2010, I sent scanned copy of my reciept to vodafonecare.[protected]@vodafone.com, and then forwarded that email to Sushma Khanna, their Nodal Officer at her email id given on their site (http://www.vodafone.in/existingusers/hns/pages/got_a_problem.aspx?cid=del) which is Sushma.[protected]@vodafone.com.

Then on 24-Sept-2010, which is today, I used a colleague's Vodafone phone to dial 198 which is their complaint number, but after reciting my entire situation, the shift supervisor told me that I have no "genuine" cause for complaint, and he would not lodge a complaint from my side. He asked me to wait indefinitely until my payments details are being updated in the system. I have not received replies from either of the emails.

I find myself in a fix, and resorting to legal solution, I want to file a legal complaint in Consumer forums of Govt. Of India, so that not only my services are restored, but I am compensated for the enormous time, efforts and energies I am investing for no fault of mine. Quite simply put, Vodafone is not honoring its commitement time of four hours for payment updation for cash payments made at their Kiosk machines. Please help.

Services disconnection after full payment of bill
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Vodafone India Customer Care's response, Mar 19, 2012
Hello Jagatpani,

Thanks for writing to us. Please be assured that we are working on your concern and we'll get back to you in 48 working hours. For any assistance in the meanwhile, please write to us at vodafonecare.[protected]@vodafone.com Happy to help!

Kind Regards,
Vodafone Customer Care, Orissa
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Vodafone Mobile Service — Payment Not Updated after week time

I have made payment for intrim payment on 22nd September at Mumbai ATS Machine thru Cash for amount of INR 650.00.though they have Disconnected my services incoming / Outgoing when i tried to contact custoner care they ask me it takes min. 3 Days to activared again i have a made a payment on 27th Sep at Mumbai ATS Machine thru cash amount of INR 2100.00 provided the details of payments several times to customer care with all details finally om 29th i asled for my first payment updation of INR 650.00 which i have made on 22nd this time executive told me that it takes min. 15 days to update payment if someone making payment outside the home state it takes min. 15 days, i really confuse whom to count as my phome was not in servive till almost 7/8 days i suffered a lot for this issue after reaching in my home state on 1st of October my sevice got activated .
I dont know why these customer care executive not giving true information ? Vodafon No.[protected]
he is right, i have experienced the same.....

VODAFONE ESSAR LIMITED — Incoming Barred while Outgoing working

Dear Sir,

This is Third time, My incoming calls are barred, while outgoing call s are working. Last time I had to change my mobile number after 2 months of frustation.
Now I have validity up to 30st Jan 08. I tried to call to customer care up to 3 days, but nobody attanded my call.
After 2 days i went to Vodafone center at sec 18, Noida and meet a executive. He replied me that only if you convert your service to PostPaid than we (Vodafone) will activate your account, Otherwise you have to purchase another number.

But how can i change my no. I have given that no. to many companies, my resume, Business contacts, friend and relatives etc.
I have also mailed to [protected]@vodafone.in the only email id I could arrange. But that email was Bounced.

MY details are follows -
Name - Shahzad Khan
Mobile no - [protected]
Address - B-168, Ist Floor, Sec - 20, Noida -201301

Kindly look into the matter and do the needful at the earliest.

Vodafone — Payment updation and disconnection of services

Hi, my name is manoj thakur and I am a vodafone subscriber ([protected]). I made the payment through my Debit Card on 12th Jan.08 in the Corporate Office (Exec Name: Jagruti Mistry, Peninsula Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai) since I was out of town on an official trip. the payment debited from my account on 13th Jan. But still the payment has not been updated. Till now, my phone services have been barred 4 times without any intimation to me. When I called up their customer care, I got to know the payment has not been updated and thats the reason its happening. Every executive assuring me that services wont get disturbed hencrforth but thats been happening every now and then. I visited Vodafone Store in okhla and provided the copy of the receipt on 29th Jan.. Gopika - the exec. has collected the receipt but still the payment is not updated. I really dont know whats wrong with Vodafone. They are not ready to pass on our requests to their seniors. I am being harassed for the last 18 days. Every alternate day I am getting calls from Vodafone and am wasting 30 min. every time to give them the details. Is there any solution to this problem or should I go to court for this???
I have been using the vodafone no. [protected] since Sep 2007 but for last ten days I am facing a problem that the fone indicates INSERT SIM SIM REJECTED and this goes on throught the day during night it works fine .This is something not understandable. I have lodged several complaints on your customer care no. 111. but to no avail. Can you help you poor consumer by rectifying this problem.

hi! in vijender wants to complaint against your dealer, i want his dealership to be taken back by vodafone, he told me pay Rs.190 and you will get Rs.173 as calling value but when i called the customer care they told me it was for validity
of 1 year, but i already have 1 year valitidy on my number, so i want action to taken against him!
As i am not happy with your service, please disconnect my vodafone no [protected]

VODAFONE ESSAR LIMITED — Outgoing calls barred

I have purchased a vodaphone prepaid conection from a retail store on 18/09/2008.Iwas asked to deposit certain ID proof. I submitted a xerox copy of my driving license. As such, my connection was activted instantly. Now after almost a 10 days my outgoing calls are barred and on contact the vodafone customer care says that certain documents are required for the activation of the connection and I fail to understand why was the connection activated on the first instance. Hence, I have to visit the Vodafone store. I am totally perturbed and am not willing to use the connection anyore. I need my money refunded immediately. I am made to suffer for no fault of mine which is creating some unhealthy social feelings within me.

Kindly have the matter resolved else I will be forced to act unsocially.

Thanks & regards

Shamsher Singh

Vodafone Essar — Dissconnection of services

Dear Sir/ Maam,

I am a valued customer of Vodafone Essar Company Limited, Today; I am forced to write this email cause of the unsatisfactory services provided by your company. My Vodafone number from the past year and half is [protected]. This was a post paid connection, but due to unsatisfactory services I filed an application for conversion from Postpaid to prepaid on 19th January 2009.

Now I would like to bring to your notice the events in the chronological manner for your reference and the account o[censored]nsatisfactory manner of handling my problem,

19th January 2009 – submitted all the necessary documents for the migration plan from postpaid to prepaid at Vodafone Store – Hyper City. (i.e relevant proofs and outstation declaration).

19th January 2009 to 21st January 2009 –Number activated as prepaid

22nd January 2009 – Connection deactivated. On further inquiry I was informed that the service was deactivated due to non submission of outstation declaration.

24th January 2009 – Resubmitted all the documents with reference to conversation with customer care. In addition I also provided a NOC from my Uncle Mr. Vinod Surana ( a Mumbai resident ) alongwith his Pan card copy and electricity bill copy for reference. I also provided my identity proof as well as address proof with outstation declaration from. This time I asked for receipt from the Vodafone store. However, I was informed that the store does not provide receipt of any sort.

24th January 2009 to 26th January 2009 – Service momentarily connected.

26th January 2009 to 1st March 2009 – I was in New York on a business visit.

During the above period I got to know that my number was not working due to non-availability of enough balance (as informed by the customer care). Here I would like to bring to your attention that I had asked for international roaming while I was in India. But on reaching New York I realized that there was no network, inspite of having a balance of more than Rs. 125.

Note that due to non connectivity I was not able to communicate with my clients missed some very important business meetings which caused me innumerable losses. If I have to measure the losses than it would be anywhere between 2000 – 3000 US Dollar (on the lower side) and to top it all the mental harassment that this caused to make ends meet.

2nd March 2009 to 7th March – Again contacted Vodafone customer care. To my dismay I was informed that my number was not working because of non- submission of documents, contrary to what I was told when I was in New York.

I was really annoyed when on further inquiry, the customer care executive answered that “You should ask this to Govt. of India (TRAI) because Vodafone do send all document to TRAI and that my document were rejected by TRAI.” This is a very unprofessional reply from the so called professional executives that you have.

On verification of the answer with TRAI, I was astonished to discover the false pretext of the so called “customer care” executive.

8th March – Re-Resubmitted the documents (Third time). This time around I gave the address proof of my brother in law Mr. Manoj Kajanchi at Vodafone Store-Hyper City, The new contact information was provided after consultation with the consulting with the executive. (i.e. relevant proofs and outstation declaration).

This time I also requested the Vodafone Store to return my documents submitted on 19th January 2009. I still have to receive these documents as of today.

9th March-10th March - Service momentarily connected.

11th March – 16th March - Connection deactivated. Again on inquiry I was informed that the service was deactivated due to non submission of outstation declaration. (How many times do I need to submit my outstation declaration? Is there a proper procedure??) This is the height of harassment.

17th March - Again gave a written complain and miraculously my number was temporarily activated. I was again told to re-submit my document. I was furious as I had submitted my documents so many times. This time I just asked them to written all my documents. But how can Vodafone be helpful, and I didn’t receive any of my documents..

18th March to 27th May – I was out of town on some client projects and my number stayed deactivated during this period.

29th May – On my return, when I visited Vodafone Store – Hyper City and I found a new TWIST. The present executive very kindly informed me that my number is permanently disconnected due to non submission of document with in the 30 day period and this number will be available only on postpaid connection.(New connection for which of course I would have to pay extra MONEY).

When I inquired about the documents submitted by me on earlier days, the executive told me that she would be calling me with in 48 hours. (Still awaiting to hear from Vodafone)

So to summaries, the above fall of events has highly affected my good opinion about Vodafone and its executive. The executives are not professionally trained to handle the queries and complaints and their replies are very irrelevant and in some cases very pathetic. Finally I would say that it is their duty to arrange a call to nodal office then to the appellate authority, but they didn't do it.

I would really appreciate if you could look into this and give me the prepaid connection with my original number [protected]. I am right now not even asking you to compensate me for the loss of business that I suffered due to the mishandling by Vodafone.

Vodafone — Non Disconnection

I am Vodafone Service user for last 6-7 years. I have bought one number from Vodaphone 8 months back and asked for the disconnection of my number +[protected]. Since then despite several request & reminders and personal visits too my number is still not disconnected. And moreover I am asked to pay the bill also for the same. And I was warned, failing which my other number will also get disconnected. I am sick of this hassrassment and request you to kindly look into the matter and do the needful. Thanks.

Vodafone Essar — outgoing not activated

Outgoing discontinued in prepiad
Dear Sir,

Recently I took a new vodaqfone prepaid conncetion. And I have submitted my indian identitycard & photograph as identity proof.
Today (05.06.2010) onwards they have discontinued my outgoing. I can receive incoming. I talked to the Vodafone customer care. Thay said there are some problem in document filling up. As my address proff is accurate.

Please tell me where is my fault. I am suffrering. Even not able to contact anyone. As my phone is dicontinued by the vodafone.

Worst part is that they even did not informed me regarding this discontinuation.
I am realy unsatisfy in this problem
My vodafone number is [protected].

Please do something.

by major singh
i paid my bill via online payment (Axis Bank) till date not credited to my account

Mobile No. :- [protected]
Payment Id:- MCIT[protected]
Date & Time:- 27/7/10 @ 17:11:29
Bill Amount :- 220/-

Vodafone Essar Mobile Services — ID calling Barred

Vodafone's management has taken a decision that those clients that have not RESUBMITTED documentation the caller ID is & outgoing service is barred.

1] Why bar caller ID? It put's the client at risk. There are also lost opportunities due to ID not recognized.
This decision is a harassment to the client for no fault of theirs. It's OK to bar outgoing services in such circumstances. Please discontinue the barring of ID in the interest of self security and respect.

It is reported in the press that over 60 % of the mobile users have given incorrect/false documentation. Why was the service commenced without following the proper norms of spot verification? The balance 40% are also suffering due to lapses of Vodafone.

2] Clients must visit the store and give fresh documents. The store is not open on SUNDAY. Working people have no option but to take leave/off from work to do the needful. No effort has been made to extend working hours or work on holidays to clear the mess created by them.

3] Help line 198 ( Specially created to deal with such problems) is not any help. The only ask you to visit their store and find out why your documents have not been forwarded. The store gives an assurance that full service will be resumed by the end of the day. The help line gives the impression to you that you are at fault. You are pushed from one to the other.

4] No compensation/ reimbursement of expenses incurred for visiting the store for resubmit ion of documentation is given. On the contrary it is point blankly refused. Verification and collection of required mandatory documents is the function of the service provider they must compensate the clients.

All along the staff attitude is not the most ideal. No apology is offered. You are just bossed around. If you want the service do as they ask and hope to see your mobile services resumed however long/short it takes.

By the Way emails sent to the corporate care are not responded to except for a computer generated " Will revert Shortly.

Vodafone Essar Mobile Services — not availing internet schemes

I beg to state that i rajan chadha purchased a USB stick from vodafone essar mobile services no [protected] sim no [protected] the services were for only two days and my services were terminated after two days when i call the company i was told to visit vodafone store . i went there at vodafone store and my services started again and the next day it was again terminated. so please help me to get my deposite of rs 1950 bcs i am not satisfied with the services and policies of this company.
name : rajan chadha
adress:expressions f -14 kamla nagar delhi 1100007.

Vodafone — Service & non disconnection after full payment of bill

I had taken 2 numbers of vodafone in orissa circle...The numbers are [protected] & [protected]. I've already ported [protected] & since many months not using [protected]. Vodafone orissa circle has a pathetic service, i have paid all my bills to disconnect [protected] & bought in writing for the disconnection from the Vodafone store.

Now they have send me a new bill no. [protected]. I am herewith scanning the copy of the receipt & deactivation note from Vodafone store. As my number is been suspended i have no usage & i want to deactivate the number asap.

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