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When you receive an email from indiatoday bookclub or bagittoday.com, pl avoid reponding to that. Otherwise, they will trap you to become one more victim of theirs. I never expected to be duped by an organization bagittoday.com which is part of Indiatoday & Living media group.

I used to receive lot of emails from bagittoday.com for a long period and I used to just delete them. I don’t know how they got my email id. Few days back I received an attractive offer to order below books for Rs.803. Since I wanted to buy these books, I placed an order on www.bagittoday.com.
1) The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho
2) Survival of the Sickest by Dr.Sharon Moalem
3) The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO by Robin Sharma
4) Why Mars & Venus collide by John Gray
5) The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
6) Memories of midnight / The Naked Face by Sydney Sheldon
7) Numero Uno Sunglasses

I wanted to read above books and that was the reason I ordered above items. I thought www.bagittoday.com as a reputed company under India Today umbrella. But to my surprise instead of above items, I received following items from them after one week. The other shocking thing was that all the books were not original but fake scanned duplicate pirated books.
I really don’t understand being a leading publishing house of India, how India Today can sell duplicate, fake and scanned copies of books. I always avoid purchasing such pirated books which are available on any of the footpaths in major cities. I could have picked up such books from such vendors instead of ordering on prestigeous publishing house like India Today / Living Media.Also, I never wanted above books - item 1,2 & 4. Also they have sent Watch instead of Sunglasses? Even a small child will tell the difference between these two items.

When I sent several emails, there was no reponse at all from www.bagittoday.com. When I called their customer care, the response was pathetic. They wanted to me call following day. When I called the following day, I was told they will not be able to take consider my complaint as their system is down. I told them to connect me to their Manager, who can take a decision. I was kept on hold for 5mins to test my patience & to try whether I disconnect. Later, I was told that all their managers are busy and I need to call again the following day! I got really upset and told them not to cheat customers and sell cheap pirated books under their banner. I was told they will call me that very day by 6:30pm. Even after one week after that I haven’t heard anything from them.

Also,there is no entry of this order in bagittoday.com website when I log in with my credentials.

I repeat - I never expected to get cheated by a prestigeous India Today publishing house Living media. Being in the industry for such a long, how can they sell pirated books? Isn’t it against corporate ethics?

I used to read India Today regularly. This experience has made me to stop reading the magazine since they don’t have ethics to reply to customers. This is a great lesson for me not to go with the "brand" and stop all online shopping with immediate effect. It is better to walk down to nearest shop to buy items instead of these "attractive offers of fraud companies".

I request everyone not to respond to any "attractive offers" by fraud company like India Today bookclub or www.bagittoday.com
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India Today Book Club — did not receive books

please refer to my previous e.mail. till date i have not response. my no. is itbc 00086406.I have not received my book club issue from aug.07. ihave already renewed my membershipbut to my surprise their is no response from you. my one order is also pending with you . i request you to the needful as early as possible.
Even I received an offer through IRCTC, placed order for 2 CDs and a Bag (Order#MITBC-WEB[protected], but never received.. if you you phone them each time you get a different story to hear.

I think these guys are making us fool..

India today book — books not yet received

Ihave subscribed iIndiatoday from jan 08, i have not received aii the february and march issues. Please kindly send or extend subscription period. with regards V.Sivasankaran SUB.NO. ITE/8/3640
My order no. 0GA[protected] I have recd. three cds but two of them not installing (Nature and Space)
what is the processor of free gift.

ITBC — improper ways of selling


Please cancel the order MITBCWEB[protected].

And please dont make any calls or send messages.

India Today Book Club — Hi

I had placed an order on ITBC against the promotional offer, message for which was received in my email ID, for devotional CDs pack worth Rs2500/- alongwhich free airtravel worth Rs7000/- and free stay in hotel/resort for 3 days was offered.My order no. is MITBC-WEB-0103626. I have received the CDs however, after great interaction I have been forwarded a message by M/s Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd., PO Box no. 5042 Bangalore-1, on their behalf asking me to send a form duly filled in and DD worth Rs7000/- to them towards airport taxes and fuel charges, in the name of the company, by 15/2/09. This is an absolute case of cheating and fraud on behalf of ITBC as nothing was mentioned earlier any they were to issue ticket limiting the expenditure of Rs7000/-. Also although I have got prelimany formalities completed for the free stay, which were also quite cumbersom, nothing has been advised till date although almost two months have passed. This has to be taken up with the firm suitably as it is case of cheating.
I ordered some books and CDs and made online payment. It is about six months old.

I have not heard anything from them. I did not remember the club number etc. It was

based on a colleague's recommendations.

I think the entrie thing is a sham business on net!

Thanks & regards

India Today Book Club — Unsolicited communication

I have purchased some items from India Today Book club and I did receive the material too. After this, ITBC kept on sending me messages through my email, sms and newsletter at my residence. I unsubscribed the email, but sms and newsletter continued. After some time I again started receiving the emails. I sent them a mail requesting to remove my email address, mobile no and residence address from their mailing list and I was promised it would be done in near future. I also told them if they do not stop I would initiate legal action against them. However, it never stopped. After almost two months of correspondence, they told me that there server has got some serious issues thats why they are unable to do so, I found this reasoning very ridiculous andtold them this is not acceptable. I was again promised that my contact details would be removed, but till today the same has not been done. I continue to receive sms till today. My requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Is there any way to stop these people from harrassing the consumers?

Indiatoday Book Club/Five Books — Non Receipt of Free Gift

I am supposed to receive a free gift i.e. Reebok Classic Watch Free against my purchase made in Aug 2009. My Order ID is MITBC-WEB[protected]. After holding the Customer Care call for half an hour on STD what you listen from Customer Care Executives is to send a complaint on [protected]@indiatodaybookclub.com. You never receive a reply from this Id. I don’t know whether anybody has really received the free gift or it is just an eye wash. Let us all be careful before purchasing anything from ITBC. Our phone bill for follow-ups with ITBC may exceed than the Cost of free gift….Can someone please help…

R Mahajan
I have received a mail from ITBC that due to some technical proble my free gift request has not been processed (so nice of you) & I have to wait for one more week for resolution. Hope, like other complainants, I might not have to wait for couple of months... hope...
Can someone pls guide me how should i proceed? I am geting no response from Complaints. Call waiting at Customer care exceeds 15-20minutes...& they are saying to re-send a complaint at feedback @...
Though I had to follow up a lot...but I have, finally, received the free Gift i.e.Reebok Classic Watch.
Thanx a lot. Had they professionally handed over the case since start there would not have been any bad feelings overall. Anyways, thanks a lot & hope you finally resolute the problems of other members also earn a good name for the Company i.e. ITBC...

India Today Book Club — Books never received and money was taken

I had purchased 5 books from India Today book club by paying Rs. 574.00 through my credit card in October 2008. Its been more than a year that I have not received the books. I lodged complaint many times with them but each time they said that books will be delivered to me. after about 8 months I told them not to send the books but to refund my money, Its been almost 18 months that I have nt even received my money back from them..They shud be put behind bars for cheating customers in this manner...If anyone is going to purchase anything through ITBC, be cautioned that THEY NEVER SEND THE PRODUCT TO CUSTOMER.

India Today Book Club — They only bluff to sell

Hello Sir,

I had a very bad experience with India times books club, they siphoned Rs 15000 by making false commitments.
It started approximately 4 months back when one person called from India Times Book club and told me I am among top 6 in their 60,00,000 Sweeptaker contest and I will surely win something in the list of items as listed below.
1. 8 L cash.
2. Maruti SX4
3. 2 person 3 L each and
4. 2 person 1 L each.

That means bare minimum I am going to get is 1 L.
And then he told to ensure some credential and identity I need to choose an item from a list of 3 , I choose Philips home theater system costing Rs- 7598 (Membership number - ITBC[protected].

Then he never turned back.

After 4~5 days I got another call and the person said that Now I am among top 3 and surely will win something more that 3 L rupees. But to strenthen my chances I need to buy something and that's all I am not going to get any more call from the company.

He offered me a Samsung mobile 2G and touch screen, I also told I dont need it as I already have the latest verson of Samsung with me(the mobile is still pached and unused) and his response was if I think of the assures award I am going to get it is nothing. So was really stupid enough to buy that too (Membership number - ITBC[protected].

But then there was no communication from their side and after 10 day another person called up and started same old story of top 3 and 2 , by that time I was totally frustrated and went after him and he admitted that there is no assured got I may get something or may not.

Now I have all the documents and I am planning to lodge a complaint in consumer coart, as I believe they record calls.

Also they offer n number of gifts and you end up getting the worst designed watch Adidas manufacture ONLY.

So please please do not fall in this fraud game and do not buy anything from them...

For any details mail me at [protected]@gmail.com

www.BagItToday.com — Possible fraud


There are several complaints been seen online about Bagittoday.com and it has been informed that this is part of TimesGroup.

Would like clarity on the entire situation.



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kya bakwas he !
is INDIA TODAY GROUP SE BACHO O0R Apni mehnat ka paisa bachao !
consumer savdhan !

India Today — Stay Away From Bagittoday/India Today

I have being duped and cheated by two of India Today employees with the name Ragav (Mobile : [protected]) and Ramanpreet. At the time of promotion and sales execution I was promissed apple I pod and bag including five other benefits on my mail but there is absolutely no response from their end regarding the same post execution of the sale one month back.
This type of practice was never expected from a brand like India Today. These people have become almost def&dum and are not responding at all.

Following are my Order ID's [protected] ,[protected]
Till today i dont receive my booking matarials.

Booking id[protected]
Order no[protected]

So, Please do needful as soon as possible.

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