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 vemulapalli sankar

I used hathway internet 3 years back which is a prepaid connection. I requested to disconnect the service while i was shifting my house in jan 2016. However no response from hathway. I requested to shift the connection to newly shifted house later through phone on feb 2016. However as hathway is not available in new shifted place, there is no chance to shift the connection. So i requested to close the connection and they said ok. However i keep on receiving bills every month over email and every month i raised a support case over email and there was no reponse from them. Finally i got a message as below today:

Legal notice has been sent to user xxxxxxxxx for hathway broadband a/c no.[protected] plz pay immediately rs6031.56 to avoid further legal action. For any query cont legal team [protected], [protected]

Why should i pay the amount if i had not used the service at all. I complained to stop commection and it was the failure of hathway support to stop connection irrespective of multiple reminders to stop connection and hathway send the legal notice to me now?. I had proofs of all emails in my mail box which i had requested to stop the connection. I am not ready to pay amount as i had not used the service. Moreover my connection was prepaid.
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[Jul 01, 2018] Hathway customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Hathway Customer Care's response Jul 13, 2018
Dear vemulapalli sankar,

We have forwarded your concern to our team, an executive will get in touch with you.

Hathway Broadband
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Im getting same calls for legal notice and all, they are asking for settlement amount and when I call customer care they are saying ignore this kind of call. What to do in this case?
pj0708's reply, Dec 8, 2018
Is this issue resolved?
Currently I am facing the exact same issue and customer care representative also replied me with the exact same reply and advised me to ignore such calls
I also got the same message.. and these people are not helping at all..
I am also getting the same calls and messages...They are not helping at all..They charged me for extra month after my connection is removed ..I have all the proof documents with me .
I I'm also sailing I. The same boat
Receiving gbills
What have you done further??
They made me pay 1260 last month blackmailing legal notice and I paid
Now new bill has come
Even i[censored] payto avoid legal notice and ask them to close account.. They continue the same cheap way of extracting money..
How do we tackle this??
Yes I received same call from the person [protected], and said you have to pay 10792 RS, although I closed the account in last year, else Hathway will send legal notice for Fraud case, for penalty of 30, 000 with 3 month Jail,

Please suggest me what should I do.
We are facing same issue. We had pre-paid connection 2 and half years back. Now out of the blue they are asking us to pay 30, 000. I don't understand how they don't know the concept of pre paid. Their Pune phone number listed in their site is not working. Any suggestions or guidance will be appreciated.
I requested to disconnect the prepaid broadband service 1 year back. Recently I got call that 420 complaint going to file by hathway. When I talked to Hathway customer service, they are asked me to pay 780 RS which is showing as outstanding in account.
I paid 780 RS. later account is showing 640 RS as outstanding and account is active.
No response from customer service.
I'm scaring what happens.
Is this resolved now?
I also got the similar message today. Despite of paying charges in advance and at the time of closing connection communicated over email as an proof that no amount is due. After 2 years they are calling me fmand saying some 2 k amount is pending and threatening with legal notice.
Hello all

I also had similar issue, where some amount has been demanded and legal messages are sent..
It's all fraud.. Check the numbers on True caller, you will find them under Spam..
Until you receive an actual physical copy of the legal notice at your doorsteps, do not worry
I have received same kind of msg from legal Delhi. Asking for pending 6057 rs. I had Hathway connection in 2016 at Pune n then I got shifted to odisha. I had settled my bill and submitted my modem to their centre at Chinchwad. The guy said your bill settled account closing will take some time due to some software updating issue but don't worry you won't receive any bill. But now in 2018 sept I am getting legal msg. And some arrogant lady shouting over phone. I am surprised their head OFC is in Mumbai why getting legal notice from delhi? Is it real of some Fake call n msgs from Delhi??
Hi All,

I also received the exact same message, shouldn't we all need to take some action on this to stop this kind of fraud. I am surprised at this kind of behaviour. At the time of disconnection I called their executives and they also came to my home and collected the device. Whats all this non-sense after 2 years ?
Hi All,

I have also received the call and messages that the legal notice is generated against you for outstanding balance. Though I have deactivated and made all the due payments and returned the router in 2016.
Spoke to their call center and they clearly told your account was deactivated and apologies for that. But you have to visit Hathway office to inform them .
I think let's file a defamation case against Hathway so that they will stop this kind of fraud and the advocate who are calling should get the legal notice.
same issue here, they were ignorant for 3 years when i placed a disconnection request and now legal threats from them is unacceptable, Please let me know how can we file a defamation case against them ### !
Same here, For two years they called every few weeks to start their connection again, even after I told them that the place where I relocated doesn't have their service. And now getting legal issue about not returning modem, whereas I have already informed the team to collect the modem from me. They asked for a place and time, have provided the same, but still they kept on going via the legal team.

I think they are trying to do the same thing against everyone to extract more money and cause more inconvenience.

I am all in for a harassment and defamation case.
Hathway Customer Care's response, Nov 3, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Mukesh Meher,

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please share your Hathway account number and location. We’ll get back to you.

Hathway Broadband

I am facing the same issue from hathway. I was using the prepaid connection 2 years back, later i changed my house loaction and stopped hathway connection informing conserned peoples as well paying all outstanding bills

Now, after 1 and half year they send me sms saying 'legal action will be taken as you have not submitted modem'.

This is clear case of harrashment and Iooks like their business is dying due to their poor services.

I believe its a time to pull them in consumer court as well as find seperate defamation case against hathway.
Hathway Customer Care's response, Nov 17, 2018
Verified Support

Dear Vvs Teja,

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please share your Hathway account number and location. We’ll get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Today I have received the message from hathway company legal department for not surrendering the modem/router of Hathway. For the same, I have raised the complaint/SR number.

I want to understand, why legal notice message was sent on this? I have requested for connection to be disconnected and is it not hathway's responsibility to collect all the assets on the same?

Hathway personnel called me several times to reactivate my account, but, I have denied for that and requested the person who called me to take back the modem or let me know the procedure to surrender that. But, none gave the information related to that.

Now, all of a sudden, I got a message from hathway legal team stating that "a legal notice has been sent to me for non surrendering of Hathway modem".

Have you ever to tried to contact me for this issue any time? NO... and now you are sending a message on my mobile that "legal notice has been sent". Not fair at all...

I do not want to hold any others assets.

Please have some common sense before sending any such legal notices and make sure you have done all followups from your end before any legal action notice been sent.

Please collect the asset belongs to Hathway i.e. Modem > Technicolor brand as soon as possible.

I am all set to goto police station to logde a complaint of threatening over phone, harrassment and defamation case tomorrow against hathway.

I have just received the same message of surrendering of modem.

Had stopped using their services for more than a year and had asked them to collect the modem and refund a deposit of 1000 Rupees paid against that.

They assured hat they would but sooner or later would get a call pleading to resume services.

I am very keen on being part of taking legal action against unprofessional and unethical practices of an organisation.

I also highly suggest that in the meantime of procuring the legal solutions also bombard this issue over all our social media accounts, so that there is an highlighting and awareness of this event.
I think they have done bulk legal filing for all. I had purchased the modem during my plan activation and as per their practice manual, if we have purchased the modem we don't have to return it.

Now, this legal notice just came out of the blue. My A/C number is [protected].

I am also in for any legal action towards them.

Same thing has happend with me today morning. I had requested to disconnect the service and asked them to collect the modem in Feb 2018.
After these many months, suddenly I got this text. Upon calling on the numbers mentioned in the sms, the guy introduced himself as consumer court representative in Delhi and asked me to pay ₹2500 regarding this issue and then he would close this case.
On contacting customer care regarding this, the representative said that its all fake. In the system it shows that my account is terminated and I dont need to do anything in this matter.
This kind of behavior from Hathway is tormenting and needs to be checked.

pj0708's reply, Dec 8, 2018
Update- 2:45 pm 8th Dec
Sandeep Sharma- 8448060858
Asked me to pay ₹2500. I told him that I will talk to Hathway and if they give me this in writing only then i will pay. Upon this Sandeep sharma said pagal- fir ho jao tayaar ₹50000 ka fine bharne!

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